Recognizing oil as an absolute evil US CRIMINAL empire: a factual analogy

A rogue US 1% renew threats of war on Iran, including US Secretary of State John Kerry lying to pretend Iran is hostile. The US 1% criminal threat of war continues a history of US lies and War Crimes on Iran and Iraq that most Americans know aspects of, but do not see clearly and comprehensively apart from constant political spin.

These “Big Lies” may be more easily recognized, exposed, and ended through analogy; a story of US relations with Iraq and Iran in absolute harmony with today’s conservative history (and here). Documentation also listed below; I wrote this ~four years ago:

Once upon a time, “Uncle” Sam had a Machiavellian business partnership with 40 years of history with Saddam; a history that included transactions worth billions in profits. Sam helped Saddam attack his neighbor Mahmoud from 1980-1988 after Mahmoud refused Sam’s control over his area of the business. Sam overthrew Mahmoud’s control over business from 1953-1979, making billions. After further complex history between Sam and Saddam, Saddam began selling product for currencies other than Sam’s.

In response, Sam used his media partners to claim Saddam had deadly weapons with intent to use them on innocent people. Saddam had a previous conviction, was forbidden to possess weapons, and was subject to regular police searches. After Sam made public statements that “someone” should assassinate Saddam, and Sam wanted his own agents with the police to “search” Saddam’s living quarters, Saddam stopped cooperating with searches. When Sam threatened to attack Saddam no matter what the police said or did, Saddam agreed to a full police search.

While the police were searching Saddam, with no weapons found and the search almost complete, Sam shot and killed Saddam.

Sam’s story for shooting Saddam is “legal self-defense.” He explains that the law allows the police to shoot dangerous people with weapons. Sam says that because he had “credible intelligence” Saddam had weapons he was certain to use, Sam was justified in killing Saddam in “pre-emptive self-defense” to “make the world a safer place.”

The facts that Saddam was being searched by the police, that the police have the authority to do the shooting and not Sam (unless Sam was under imminent threat of Saddam shooting, which Sam admits was not the case), and that the police explicitly reminded Sam that the law was a “cease-fire” that only the police have authority to manage, are all somehow immaterial in Sam’s argument.

In fact, Sam insists people like Saddam simply hate freedom.

And yes, after police silence and refusal to stop Sam and Saddam from attacking Mahmoud for 8 years, refusing to arrest Sam for killing Saddam, you should conclude police interests are different from law enforcement. And yes, because Sam’s media continues lying to protect Sam’s crimes, you should conclude Sam’s media interests are different from reporting facts.

In 2004, Mahmoud began selling product for multiple currencies rather than only Sam’s. Sam began threatening Mahmoud again, with claims Mahmoud has secret deadly weapons with intent to use them on innocent people. Mahmoud voluntarily agrees to police searches, and no evidence of any weapon has ever been found. Sam claims Mahmoud threatens his friend, Benjamin, to “wipe him off the map.” The source of the accusation is a speech Mahmoud made protesting Benjamin’s attacks on his neighbor, with the transcript proving Sam and Ben are lying.

Despite the facts, Sam and Benjamin continue saying that Mahmoud is the dangerous one, that his part of the business needs “regime change,” and the time for talk is coming to an end. Benjamin has about 400 of these deadly weapons Mahmoud is being searched for. Sam admits to having over 5,000 that he continuously upgrades, despite his legally-binding promise to get rid of all the weapons.

The police and Sam’s media never point-out that Benjamin and Sam refuse to be inspected, Sam is in violation of the law for improving rather than eliminating his weapons, and the bottom-line is that all evidence shows Mahmoud is within the law and cooperating to be searched to show he has no weapons.

Police and Sam’s media never point-out the history that Sam criminally took-over Mahmoud’s business from 1953-1979, and from 1980-1988 helped Saddam attack Mahmoud while doing nothing to stop the continuous attacks.

Police and Sam’s media are setting-up Mahmoud just as they did with Saddam, of course.

Police officially report that while there is no evidence Mahmoud has weapons, one never can tell if he has them hidden somewhere, or is planning to make them, or will make them sometime in the future. Sam’s media attempts to fear-monger about Mahmoud being a threat to peace, while remaining silent about Sam and Benjamin’s obvious lies and crimes.

One wonders… will the communities suffering under Sam’s gangster violence behind paper-thin propaganda finally rise-up and demand Sam’s arrest for OBVIOUS crimes???

Maybe. Just maybe…


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  • Tonto

    Only Carl Herman would write something that begins, “Once upon a time”, and then cite 16 Internet articles, as “documentation” of a fairy tale.

    Get real, Carl. You are unnecessarily flailing away. In the process, you are raising enough dust to create opacity and confusion. No one has a clue what you’re talking about anymore. Even fewer could care. Are you dissing the petro-dollar? Or are you building up to some grand scheme to eradicate poverty, old age and the common stench of flatulence?

    Raise your hand , Carl. There’s a call out for volunteers to shovel more manure at all the morons.

    • Carl_Herman

      tonto: your argument consists of ad hominem, admission that you either don’t check the documented history or that you don’t understand it, and then attempting to speak for the audience.

      I’ll leave the public to decide for themselves is they find your “argument” more compelling than the documentation and analogy I provide.

      As always, tonto: awesome job providing the gold standard for quality of refutation we receive.

      • Tonto

        Carl, we’re very close in our objectives. You want to work toward making a better future.

        I am just a little more jaded, and from my perspective, realistic. I am working toward not letting the future get any worse, which clearly has been the trend only made possible by those who peddle, the making of a better future.

        I’d settle for the past. But that obviously is not possible. So into the future we will tumble. All I am asking of you, and everyone else, is that you remember these discourses. And determine for yourself if those who are arguing for a better future, have ended up condemning it only to more of the same incremental degrading erosion history has shown us is the result of those who demand a better future.

        Remember from your history books, the war to end all wars?

        We all need stop demanding the impossible better future, and, demand things do not get any worse for the future. In that sense, I am entirely insensitive to selfish humanitarian motivations that focus on those living today, while ignoring the more paramount concern of those who will be living tomorrow.

        Were our predecessors so inclined, think how much more wonderful our world would be today. They could have stopped nuclear energy’s fraud. They could have stopped offshore oil drilling. And they could have stopped feeding the poor so that they did not multiply beyond their natural bounds.

        Those who want more and cheaper energy are not considering the future at all.

        Those who want to outlaw war and redistribute wealth, ignoring the Malthusian problem; they too are not considering the future.

        Those who howl about welfare cuts, are not thinking about the future. They are merely doing populist humanitarian acrobatics, in an effort to say something against the way things are getting worse, without really having any introspection about how -they- might be making things worse.

        You’re not stupid, Carl. If you were stupid, I wouldn’t waste my time addressing you and those who read your articles.

        You’re not stupid. You’re just too sure you have things figured out already.

        But trust me, when I say. Just like all the other reformers, you are not going to inspire a single change that will make the world better. You are only inspiring a justification for a future world where things continue to get worse at the hands of misguided reformers. You can though, begin to convince others to work toward not letting things get any worse.

        Such a compulsion takes patience, and humility, Carl.

        • Carl_Herman

          Tonto: I did “reform” work for 18 years that assisted in two UN Summits for heads of state. I fully understand and feel that US political leadership and corporate media only lie in key issues to power. “Leadership” of both parties reneged on every promise (public and private) to end poverty.

          I agree reform is impossible.

          That’s why I want arrests and full transparency moving forward.

          After helping organize NGOs, academics, and political power at the level of heads of state for 18 years, I think my voice regarding what we’re dealing with in power and media deserves just a little respect and consideration.

          We ( probably helped save over 100 million lives. Nice, yes, AND it won’t matter until the war-mongers and liars are removed from power, and whistleblowers are safe to tell us everything they know of importance. That’s my take on “reform” in the present.

          With all respect, I’m as jaded and realistic as you’ll ever come across.

          If it helps, I’ve already documented that the “war to end all wars” was just more lying propaganda of my grandfathers’ 1%.

          • Tonto

            Might I suggest, recognizing one’s own limitations is laudable.

            If you’re advocating arresting the 1%, you’re not being realistic. If you’re trying to educate all people, that the 1% should be arrested, I believe you’re only further empowering those you despise by these actions, giving them further reason to bolster their publicly-funded security apparatus.

            You seem to want to take a public stance that by engaging those whose role in society you find fault with (the 1% for example), that you have some chance of controlling them. Your efforts probably only push them further into the corner of their bad habits.

            I would suggest we both take a different tact, and advise everyone to disengage entirely from those facets of our society with which we find fault.

            Disengagement from the debt-and-tax-based economy, by getting out of debt and avoiding taxes is already a growing trend among segments of our society. The sentiment should be expanded. Real estate/property taxes are wholly negating any residual wealth in urban property. Like what is happening in Detroit as well as many urban areas, properties should be abandoned. These are, counter-intuitively, positive social movements.

            Disengagement from reformers of every ilk is another educational goal that can have huge effect. These reform movements are the trap by which a great portion of the populace is re-enslaved. It happens every four years in the White House.

            Disengagement from urban and suburban regions is also variable methodology to help bring an end to increasing corruption. Everywhere is corrupt. But, generally the greater the population of a locale, the greater the corruption that exists. Agrarian (rural) economies do not provide the commonly vast illusion of greater monetary reward, but they surely provide the reward of a higher standard of living, and the possibility of a more rewarding moral conduct.

            Telling people what is important, really important, is a the only laudable goal. What is important?

            Your health. Not your access to health care.

            Your wealth. Not your income, but your account balance.

            Your mental state. Not the extent to which one might be enraged by their personal knowledge.

            It is not enough to say our perspective on the future is positive. We should disengage ourselves from the future, recognizing, it is the future alone that we should be positive about. And the only way to do that is to focus on not letting our present make the future any worse than it already appears it will become.

            What will make the future worse? Delusions about what can be accomplished, delusions like clean, safe nuclear energy… Delusions like a national health care system… Delusions are the source of our enslavement and calamity. Let’s not let our current popular delusions harm and enslave the future.

  • Rob Bauer

    Tonto, you are a lame apologist for war criminals.
    Are you perchance related to the Smiths of Tel Aviv?

  • gozounlimited

    Recognizing geoengineering as an absolute evil US CRIMINAL empire….. Tornado confirmed; storm warnings, watches in effect in Chicago area, Bears game delayed, evacuations…..

    See map redaction area over Greenland …. geoengineering blocking the swift moving storm from leaving the area……

    See dry air map. Orange color signifies chemtrailed warm air creating the jet stream that created the dangerous storm. Notice dry air rising up from Pacific… not a normal phenomenon……