Recognizing absolute US CRIMINAL evil on Iran: a factual analogy

A rogue US 1% renew threats of war on Iran, including US Secretary of State John Kerry lying to pretend Iran is hostile. The US 1% criminal threat of war continues a history of US lies and War Crimes on Iran that most Americans know aspects of, but do not see clearly and comprehensively apart from constant political spin.

These “Big Lies” may be more easily recognized, exposed, and ended through analogy; a story written from American perspective as victim of what conservative history reveals the US has done to Iran (documentation also listed below). I wrote this about four years ago:

Once upon a time in 1953, the CIA (China Intelligence Agency) overthrew the US Eisenhower administration, installing a vicious dictator, Dick Tator, who lorded over us until we finally deposed him in 1979. Ike had been elected in our democracy, and had the brass to demand renegotiation of oil contracts to increase American share of oil profits above the 15% we were receiving for our own oil. The Chinese helped develop the Texas oil fields from their occupation during the last world war. Ike’s threat of nationalizing US oil fields “inspired” China for their CIA-staged Operation Ajax to end US democracy. They put Ike in prison until 1956, and then under house arrest until his death.

The CIA-installed puppet, “President” Tator, was welcome in Beijing, with the Chinese people not perceiving the irony and hypocrisy of their Cold War for “freedom and democracy” while supporting a dictator destroying democracy in our country. The CIA helped train Dick Tator’s secret service, who imprisoned and executed hundreds of thousands of Americans who opposed Tator’s dicts in any way. When Tator developed cancer and fled the US in 1979, he received medical treatment in China. The new US government demanded extradition back to the US for mass murder against his own citizens. China refused.

In protest, Americans stormed the Chinese embassy in Washington DC, taking 53 hostages. China demanded their immediate release; but with refusal to extradite Tator to stand trial, the US refused. The US de facto leader, minister Billy Bible (who Tator exiled in 1964) said China had no right to complain, as they held our entire nation hostage since 1953. Americans rallied behind Bible, and the motto he developed while in exile: “We’ll be back. This regime will be terminated.”

China imposed economic sanctions on the US and then supported their puppet-dictator in Mexico, Señor Saddam, to invade the US in 1980. Behind-the-scenes negotiations led to the hostages’ release in January, 1981 (a devious story in itself), but China escalated their support of Mexico in their invasion. They didn’t lift a finger for international law to stop Mexico’s War of Aggression against us.

Over a million Americans were killed in the war until 1988.

Along with Chinese attacks destroying US oil platforms and installations in the Gulf of Mexico in 1988, China also shot down American commercial airliner 655, flying in American airspace, killing all 293 on board. China’s vice-president said he would never apologize for China, no matter what the facts were.

In 1990, China invaded Mexico but kept their dictator in power. China imposed harsh sanctions on Mexico, resulting in about a million civilian deaths, mostly children. Their secretary of state said the deaths of children were “regrettable but worth the cost.” They invaded again in 2003 for “regime change” after Mexico began accepting other currencies than China’s for oil export. This followed China’s 2001 invasion of Canada and occupation.

Americans realized we were surrounded by China and feared the worst, as history had demonstrated. We were right.

Beginning in 2003, China escalated rhetoric that the US, a non-nuclear power, was developing nuclear weapons in secret locations and that we were a government run by religious zealots (perhaps true, yes). The US began selling Texas oil exports for currency other than China’s in fear of devaluation of the Yuan from their government’s extensive borrowing and increased debt. In 2005 the US president delivered a speech in defense of Palestinian rights. He used the exact same phrase as our revolutionary hero, Billy Bible: “Palestine will be back. The Israeli regime will be terminated.”

China snapped. Their political leaders and press claimed that the US is threatening to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. Israel demanded the US be tried for crimes against humanity, said we were threatening another Holocaust (despite our large Jewish population), and requested our expulsion from the UN. China and Israel began to participate in war games. They openly discuss war with the US, including the use of nuclear weapons  on the US with “first strike” use. This is all in blatant violation of the UN Charter to keep peaceful relations.

A second line of China-Israeli propaganda is over US pursuit of nuclear energy. China was in contract with the US and fully supported US nuclear energy when their puppet-President Tator was in charge, but after the 1979 revolution they reneged on all contracts, never refunding billions we paid for equipment. Both China and Israel state a military strike against the US is “on the table.”

The US tries to distinguish our legal nuclear energy development that allows full inspections from IAEA from illegal nuclear weapons. It doesn’t matter that IAEA confirms all US nuclear material is fully accounted for in legal energy and medicine use. It does not matter that all the facts support that the US is fully within our legal rights for nuclear energy and to save lives with medical isotopes.

China and their controlled media relentlessly use the ambiguous phrasing of the US “nuclear program,” and broadcast fear of what might happen if we develop a nuclear weapon. China ignores and won’t discuss the terms of the Non-Proliferation Treaty where the US is allowed to develop nuclear energy, choosing to conflate nuclear energy and nuclear weapons in the minds of their citizens. Chinese news programs show the world a new 30,000 pound bomb to penetrate US underground targets.

While “officially” China says Christianity is a respectable religion, their media stoke fears that Christian extremists are in charge of the US. Many Chinese view Christians with fear, thinking we want to convert the world because we think any other religion leads to hell. They point to the Crusades, hundreds of year of religious wars, and the Spanish Inquisition as evidence that Christianity is a religion that has been and can again be extremely violent. They say Americans are brutal and dishonest as a culture; citing genocide against American Natives and constant treaty violation to steal their land, and Americans lying their way into a war to steal half of Mexico. They say Americans are so unstable we had a civil war because so many of us wanted slavery and were willing to kill for it.

They say that the US has always been a place of violence, and Americans are a violent people.

They publish government papers citing US human rights abuses; never mentioning their own (jumping back to reality, consider this).

Many of their media pundits explain that Chinese troops cannot leave Mexico and Canada because Christian extremists will take over and it’ll be a safe-haven for Christian terrorists committed to get to China and kill their civilians in terrorist attacks.

One of China’s top reporters with a history of documenting Chinese war crimes and broke the torture scandal against Mexican detainees reports China is actively engaged with their CIA to overthrow our government again.

China also insists their “Surge” in Mexico has decreased Mexican terrorism, but they accuse Americans and the US government of covertly aiding Mexican and Palestinian “terrorists.” They spin their invasion that Mexico and the world is better off, and China will increase troop presence in Canada during 2009 to defeat the “Maple Leaf” terrorist cells, who are a threat to Chinese national security. They increasingly use drone attacks against Canada and across the sea-border into northern Scotland, an apparently ungovernable part of the UK, a nuclear power.

The Chinese public is increasing aware of the facts, using the Internet and alternative media for communication. The Chinese government threatens to close the Internet for “national security” needs, should they arise.

As of now at the end of 2013, the US has not yet been attacked by China and/or Israel, but the drums of war continue to beat against us, accompanied by China’s slick “mainstream media.” We hope and pray that the Chinese public and the world will understand that Americans don’t want war with anyone.

We want cooperation, dignity, justice under law, and freedom.

Because all of China’s political leaders (except one who is attacked and marginalized in their media) repeat the lie that Billy Bible’s phrase means a threat to Israel, that we want to somehow commit suicide by attacking a nation without cause that has over 400 nuclear weapons and the world’s most sophisticated hardware to deliver them, and this lie is SO EASILY refuted, we know that China’s president and henchmen do not want peace under the law with us. This is so evil, and should be apparent after the reasons China gave to invade Mexico and Canada were exposed by their own government documentation as known lies as they were being told.

And China wonders why so many of us turn to religion for solace.

After a million civilian deaths from China’s invasion of Mexico we know our fate will be similar if they attack us.

May God help us all.

Or perhaps China’s own law enforcement and/or military to arrest their lying psychopathic War Criminal “leaders” is the real help that we need.


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  • Tonto

    Your attempt at political buffoonery is never going to work until you get your own perception of the world around you into better order, Carl.

    For one thing, since World War II China has killed ten times more people -its own people- than can be laid at the feet of the American Empire during the same time span despite its endless war, ten times as many!

    China is also so massively corrupt, -massively corrupt-, our American corruption pales by comparison.

    Ultimately China is doomed to fail in its efforts to remain intact long enough to unseat American predominance around the world. That is due in some small part because, China is a filthy, rotten, polluted, corrupt place with little moral sense, unworthy of anyone’s trust or admiration -except- the real despots of the world.

    Everyone should pity the Chinese people. China is a living hell on earth. Read the papers, Carl. Try reading a book or two, too. There’s a more committed emphasis on truth, generally, in books than online.

    • gozounlimited

      The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter his house of wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind.

      Khalil Gibran

      • Tonto

        Everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the face.

        Mike Tyson

        • gozounlimited

          Why cocaine exists……

          • Tonto

            You’re watching too much Jeopardy.

          • gozounlimited

            And you hit the Daily Double……

    • Carl_Herman

      Thank you, tonto, for your ad hominem and then topic-change attempt to discuss China rather than the US War Crimes on Iran.

      Readers can decide for themselves if they’d prefer the article’s chosen topic, or your constant attacks on the messenger and discussing China.

      • Tonto


      • Readers

        We choose the constant attacks on the messenger, because the messenger is a child molesting, illiterate moron who is of dubious mental stability.

        • Carl_Herman

          You up the ad hominem from “buffoonery” and “disordered perception” of the world to “child molesting,” “illiterate,” “moron” and questioning “mental stability.”

          Wow! That’s showing us how to throw away any pretense of explanation and just bring-on the personal attacks!

          Pal: justice is always active. You will receive what you earn. The energy you generate creates effects with you at the center. If you choose to respond to War Crimes with what we read here, good luck with those effects, bro.

  • gozounlimited

    Dead Are My People

    Gone are my people, but I exist yet,
    Lamenting them in my solitude…
    Dead are my friends, and in their Death my life is naught but great

    The knolls of my country are submerged
    By tears and blood, for my people and
    My beloved are gone, and I am here
    Living as I did when my people and my
    Beloved were enjoying life and the
    Bounty of life, and when the hills of
    My country were blessed and engulfed
    By the light of the sun.

    My people died from hunger, and he who
    Did not perish from starvation was
    Butchered with the sword; and I am
    Here in this distant land, roaming
    Amongst a joyful people who sleep
    Upon soft beds, and smile at the days
    While the days smile upon them.

    My people died a painful and shameful
    Death, and here am I living in plenty
    And in peace…This is deep tragedy
    Ever-enacted upon the stage of my
    Heart; few would care to witness this
    Drama, for my people are as birds with
    Broken wings, left behind the flock.
    If I were hungry and living amid my
    Famished people, and persecuted among
    My oppressed countrymen, the burden
    Of the black days would be lighter
    Upon my restless dreams, and the
    Obscurity of the night would be less
    Dark before my hollow eyes and my
    Crying heart and my wounded soul.
    For he who shares with his people
    Their sorrow and agony will feel a
    Supreme comfort created only by
    Suffering in sacrifice. And he will
    Be at peace with himself when he dies
    Innocent with his fellow innocents.

    But I am not living with my hungry
    And persecuted people who are walking
    In the procession of death toward
    Martyrdom…I am here beyond the
    Broad seas living in the shadow of
    Tranquillity, and in the sunshine of
    Peace…I am afar from the pitiful
    Arena and the distressed, and cannot
    Be proud of ought, not even of my own

    What can an exiled son do for his
    Starving people, and of what value
    Unto them is the lamentation of an
    Absent poet?

    Were I an ear of corn grown in the earth
    of my country, the hungry child would
    Pluck me and remove with my kernels
    The hand of Death form his soul. Were
    I a ripe fruit in the gardens of my
    Country, the starving women would
    Gather me and sustain life. Were I
    A bird flying the sky of my country,
    My hungry brother would hunt me and
    Remove with the flesh of my body the
    Shadow of the grave from his body.
    But, alas! I am not an ear of corn
    Grown in the plains of Syria, nor a
    Ripe fruit in the valleys of Lebanon;
    This is my disaster, and this is my
    Mute calamity which brings humiliation
    Before my soul and before the phantoms
    Of the night…This is the painful
    Tragedy which tightens my tongue and
    Pinions my arms and arrests me usurped
    Of power and of will and of action.
    This is the curse burned upon my
    Forehead before God and man.

    And oftentimes they say unto me,
    ‘The disaster of your country is
    But naught to calamity of the
    World, and the tears and blood shed
    By your people are as nothing to
    The rivers of blood and tears
    Pouring each day and night in the
    Valleys and plains of the earth…’

    Yes, but the death of my people is
    A silent accusation; it is a crime
    Conceived by the heads of the unseen serpents…
    It is a Sceneless tragedy…And if my
    People had attacked the despots
    And oppressors and died rebels,
    I would have said, ‘Dying for
    Freedom is nobler than living in
    The shadow of weak submission, for
    He who embraces death with the sword
    Of Truth in his hand will eternalize
    With the Eternity of Truth, for Life
    Is weaker than Death and Death is
    Weaker than Truth.

    If my nation had partaken in the war
    Of all nations and had died in the
    Field of battle, I would say that
    The raging tempest had broken with
    Its might the green branches; and
    Strong death under the canopy of
    The tempest is nobler than slow
    Perishment in the arms of senility.
    But there was no rescue from the
    Closing jaws…My people dropped
    And wept with the crying angels.

    If an earthquake had torn my
    Country asunder and the earth had
    Engulfed my people into its bosom,
    I would have said, ‘A great and
    Mysterious law has been moved by
    The will of divine force, and it
    Would be pure madness if we frail
    Mortals endeavoured to probe its
    Deep secrets…’
    But my people did not die as rebels;
    They were not killed in the field
    Of Battle; nor did the earthquake
    Shatter my country and subdue them.
    Death was their only rescuer, and
    Starvation their only spoils.

    My people died on the cross….
    They died while their hands
    stretched toward the East and West,
    While the remnants of their eyes
    Stared at the blackness of the
    Firmament…They died silently,
    For humanity had closed its ears
    To their cry. They died because
    They did not befriend their enemy.
    They died because they loved their
    Neighbours. They died because
    They placed trust in all humanity.
    They died because they did not
    Oppress the oppressors. They died
    Because they were the crushed
    Flowers, and not the crushing feet.
    They died because they were peace
    Makers. They perished from hunger
    In a land rich with milk and honey.
    They died because monsters of
    Hell arose and destroyed all that
    Their fields grew, and devoured the
    Last provisions in their bins….
    They died because the vipers and
    Sons of vipers spat out poison into
    The space where the Holy Cedars and
    The roses and the jasmine breathe
    Their fragrance.

    My people and your people, my Syrian
    Brother, are dead….What can be
    Done for those who are dying? Our
    Lamentations will not satisfy their
    Hunger, and our tears will not quench
    Their thirst; what can we do to save
    Them between the iron paws of
    Hunger? My brother, the kindness
    Which compels you to give a part of
    Your life to any human who is in the
    Shadow of losing his life is the only
    Virtue which makes you worthy of the
    Light of day and the peace of the
    Night….Remember, my brother,
    That the coin which you drop into
    The withered hand stretching toward
    You is the only golden chain that
    Binds your rich heart to the
    Loving heart of God…..

    Khalil Gibran