Recognizing 9/11 as an evil US CRIMINAL war lie: a factual analogy

A rogue US 1% renew threats of war on Iran, including US Secretary of State John Kerry lying to pretend Iran is hostile. The US 1% wars and criminal threats of more wars continue a history of US lies and War Crimes on Iran, Iraq, and other nations since 9/11 that most Americans know aspects of, but do not see clearly and comprehensively apart from constant political spin.

These “Big Lies” may be more easily recognized, exposed, and ended through analogy; a story of the US, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran all within the US, and with populations of 100,000 each to compare casualties. This story is in absolute harmony with today’s conservative history (and here). Documentation also listed below; I wrote this ~four years ago:

Once upon a time, you live your life in United City with a population of 100,000. On September 11, 2001, a reported “suicide” car driver downtown kills one person and injures two. Media and your mayor, Dick Tator, blame a “terrorist” planner who resides in Afghan City, and demand extradition. The mayor of Afghan City expresses condolences, and agrees upon presentment of due process evidence to arrest anyone of the crime of 9/11, or any other crime. The FBI claim jurisdiction, and order cooperation for factual discovery of all involved in this crime for arrest and prosecution. Dick Tator violates the FBI order with the following actions against Afghan City, nearby Tigres City, and Tehrangeles:

Bombs and invades Afghan City. The bombing and invasion affects everyone, with at least 100 killed and 150 wounded. Resultant poverty now kills one in ten children. Dick Tator and his soldiers killed 100 times more Afghan civilians than died from 9/11, and in OBVIOUS violation of law.

Bombs and invades Tigres City. The bombing and invasion cause  ~4,500 deaths and injure over 25,000. Dick Tater targeted and destroyed Tigres City’s water treatment plants, electricity, and key bridges. Tigres City had nothing to do with the one person killed on 9/11. Of course, this is also an OBVIOUS crime.

Threatens to attack Tehrangeles: Dick Tator and his media lie that their mayor is a “threat to peace.” The FBI regularly inspect the alleged threat and find no evidence. Dick Tator and his media take a speech by Tehrangeles’ mayor for rule of law in another city, and lie that the Tehrangeles is threatening to wipe their neighbors “off the map.” Dick Tator threatens to use a nuclear weapon as a first strike because Tehrangeles is a “threat to peace.” And yes, these threats are more OBVIOUS crimes.

Costs to United City: The unlawful attacks and occupations cost United City residents long-term ~$20,000 per resident, ~$80,000 for a family of four. Few soldiers have died, but 30 have been injured and many severely for a “suicide” car crash that killed one United citizen and injured two. Other cities hope that enough of United’s citizens and soldiers recognize Dick Tator’s War Crimes, war embezzlement, and propaganda to arrest the criminals and end the crimes.

If the above acts once upon a time took place where citizens took the law seriously, the first attack upon Afghan City would have ignited outrage and immediate FBI arrest of Dick Tator and the murder-enabling lying media.


And those arrests would be the first step to end our story happily ever after.


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  • amerikagulag

    Very little about the driving force behind all this madness : ISRAEL
    Israel did 911!

    • No RNC

      Hey get up to speed, those aware know 911 WAS AN INSIDE JOB! NeoCons & Jews did it!

  • gozounlimited

    US Government invades Mid West ….. Altogether, The Weather Channel recorded 40 reports of tornadoes: 16 in Indiana, 14 in Illinois, eight in Kentucky and one each in Missouri and Ohio. There were more than 250 reports of wind damage or high winds across eight states. The Weather Channel predicted that the storm would diminish as it moved east through Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey, but high winds could reach as far as New York on Monday morning. Geoenginners removed the geoengineered block over Greenland allowing the swift storm to move East and out…..

    Weather Channel continues to watch the United States Government attack various chosen sites around America and the world and won’t say a word. Well sure they described the phoney jet stream created by aerosols and microwave heat, and the lifting air caused by shoving the storm backwards with geoengineering over Greenland. But they think your too stupid to figure it out. Once the Gov realized the jig was up yesterday….the perpetual cat was out of the bag…. they couldn’t dial it back without doing dramatic damage to their name sake…..Britain. Poor Rahm missed his chance… the mac-daddy blew it…..

    PDS local stormchase.. Central Illinois Nov 17, 2013 …..

    “Weather Modification 101” …..

    • gozounlimited

      Looking like the Philippine Government may have been complicit in their own demise. This is what was going on in the Philippines right before being hit by five, six typhoons?

      How NGOs siphoned lawmakers’ pork barrel funds ….

      pork barrel scandal in the philippines NAPOLES NGO SCANDAL 090 ….

      In pork barrel issue, legit NGOs become collateral damage ….

      COA 2012 report says 5 senators gave pork barrel to Napoles NGO ….

      Pork barrel scam probe by NBI implicates 28 members of Philippine Congress ….

      Remember billions are pouring into NGO’s around the world including the Phillipines in response to the geoengineered attack on the islands. We have already observed how professionally Obama’s NGO government website functions….. no so for his health exchange.
      Not by accident (taker) but by choice (not a giver).

      • gozounlimited

        Obama’s Warning and Threat For You….. Mid West Was Warned

        President Obama has signed a climate change executive order that critics say amounts to a dramatic executive branch overreach in authority that could impact property rights and states’ rights.

        Opponents of the plan say it paved the way for side-stepping Congressional oversight on environmental issues and once again diminished states’ rights. The president’s executive order created a task force to advise his administration on the proper way to respond to wildfires, severe storms, droughts and other natural disasters allegedly brought on by climate change (AKA Geoengineering).

        The guiding group created by the executive order included seven Democratic governors and the Republican governor of GUAM. Hand-picked mayors from 14 cities and two other local leaders round out the list of climate change advisors. The task force includes California Governor Jerry Brown, Washington Governor Jay Inslee, Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie, Delaware Governor Jack Markell, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin and Illinois Governor Pat Quinn.

        The climate change executive order task force will review how federal money is spent on bridges, roads, flood control projects and other infrastructure programs which President Obama believes are impacted by global warming…
        Read More:

        Can’t you just see Rohm’s puss face….. he’s pissed.

        • gozounlimited

          Don’t Miss This Video….. Explains EVERTHING!…….”Weather Modification 101″ Response to Dr. Mahar Lagmay and ABS-CBN News (ANC) Concerning Geoengineered Typhoon Hiyan in the Phillipines and recent Mid West Tornadoes….

          • gozounlimited

            NEW RULE……. NEW LINK……. that hasn’t been taken down by barry government….. “Weather Modification 101” = Dutchsinse video response to Dr. Mahar Lagmay and ABS-CBN News….… Don’t Miss It!!!!!!

  • Tonto

    You’re on a roll, Carl. But it’s a poor literary device nonetheless.

    Still, of course 9-11 was an inside job. Just follow the lies right to the doorstep of the real perpetrators of 9-11, the United States government. And, the government is still making up lies about 9-11.

    Those people who want to lay the blame exclusively with Israel are tarnishing the truth with blatant bigotry. Yes, some Israelis and dual-nationals were instrumental. But the show script was written in Hollywood and approved in Washington D.C.

    EVERYONE in Washington D.C. knows 9-11 was an inside job. For the most part, they all knew it was an inside job on 9-11. It’s called a bureaucracy, and these people didn’t rise in the bureaucracy by rocking the boat. They’re all just sitting back proclaiming that the Emperor’s clothes are the most beautiful fashion creation ever made, even though he’s stark naked.

    Help change the future, Carl. Here’s another article about how the pharmaceutical companies are conducting a rapacious opium war on American kids. Getting rid of the pharmaceutical companies is critical in order to not let the future get any worse than where it is already headed right now. The dope business has to stop. I’m not talking about arresting anyone. I am saying all pharmaceuticals are categorically immoral. Read the article to understand why. The pharmaceutical company lies are endlessly used to justify more opium war rapacity. Stop buying everything from the pharmaceutical companies.

    I am 64 and haven’t seen a doctor in 34 years. I have pledged to myself that I will never see a doctor as long as I live. It’s all just plain immoral. I can die without seeing a doctor. I’ve done it several times already.