JFK assassinated by US 1% War Criminals: 4 powerful learning resources

Dark Legacy documentary trailer

Eight months after President Kennedy’s assassination, the US 1% staged the “false flag” (and here) Gulf of Tonkin incident to escalate invasion and unlawful War of Aggression on Vietnam. This lie-started US 1% War of Aggression war-murdered over three million human beings, including the treasonous murder of ~58,000 Americans lied-into an unlawful foreign invasion.

This history is a pattern of US 1% lie-started illegal Wars of Aggression any educated American must know to be a competent citizen of the present. These 1% war lies continue today. The 1% crimes are only possible with a 1% corporate media lying to cover these crimes. The easiest solution is public demand for arrests of these OBVIOUS criminals.

President Kennedy issued US Treasury money, not requiring our current Federal Reserve system of creating what we use for money as debt. This action opened consideration of known historical solutions to pay the national debt without inflation, have full-employment, the best infrastructure we can imagine, and overall greater buying power. Don’t believe anyone: look for yourself and see the power of debt-free money, public credit, and its known history that excited Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison to make these ideas public knowledge.

The following are resources for anyone to see the facts of President Kennedy’s assassination. The facts lead to the conclusion that JFK was murdered by the US 1% with media criminal complicity. Any refutation of this conservative conclusion based on the comprehensive evidence requires an accounting and explanation how the principal areas of evidence are somehow false and/or not convincing beyond a reasonable doubt.

I have never found anyone informed of the facts who could refute them, nor am I aware of any publication that honestly accounts for these facts that even attempts to refute them.

The best example of public consideration of similar evidence is the King Family civil lawsuit victory finding the US 1% guilty of the assassination of Martin King. A similar competent examination of the evidence would find the US 1% guilty of the assassination of President Kennedy, and his brother Robert Kennedy, when he was poised to win the 1968 presidential election.

Resources to see for yourself:

Jim Marrs: best-selling author on this topic (Crossfire) in public talks walking an audience through the evidence (one example).

Dark Legacy, a documentary from John Hankey (one example).

John F. Kennedy assassination facts, theories, from wanttoknow.info

Assassination Science

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  • BuelahMan

    Marrs is wrong about the Silver Certificate Executive Order. It actually did the opposite of what he claimed.

    • Carl_Herman

      Nope, BuelahMan; you’re wrong in both fact and to assert a fact without explanation and documentation. This order allows the creation of debt-free money, unless you can show me how this understanding is not correct both from the wording and the fact that these Treasury notes were issued.

      You have to read Kennedy’s short executive order to see for yourself: http://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/ws/?pid=59049

      “The authority vested in the President by paragraph (b) of section 43 of the Act of May 12,1933, as amended (31 U.S.C.821(b)), to issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in the Treasury not then held for redemption of any outstanding silver certificates, to prescribe the denomination of such silver certificates, and to coin standard silver dollars and subsidiary silver currency for their redemption”

      This amended this executive order: http://www.archives.gov/federal-register/codification/executive-order/10289.html

      • BuelahMan

        Of course I have read the EO. Jim Marrs started all of this in his book. But he’s wrong.

        Bill Still (and plenty of others) have thoroughly debunked this theory:


        • Carl_Herman

          This is why I ask people to read for themselves, use the text as stated, and history of the money created that you’ll note does not state the 1963 bills are redeemable for silver (look at the images I provide to see for yourself). This is a big deal. Debt-free fiat money. It’s right there to see with your own eyes.

          Bill, who I know, work with, and admire, simply states: “The order does the opposite” and points to a paper: http://www.publiceye.org/conspire/flaherty/flaherty9.html

          The paper ignores the strongest facts of Jim Marrs book demonstrating the government involvement and cover-up to assassinate JFK. How could an honest examination of his ground-breaking book miss that??? The paper DOES NOT MENTION THESE BILLS ARE NOT REDEEMABLE FOR SILVER. How can you miss that???

          Finally: the paper misses the point of monetary reform. How in the world could it be an honest paper stating it knows something about the Federal Reserve and miss that???

          I say it can’t .

          I say the point is exactly what I state.

          The paper is part of a website (http://www.publiceye.org/conspire/) that portrays “conspiratism” as:

          “Conspiracism is a narrative form of scapegoating that portrays an enemy as part of a vast insidious plot against the common good. Conspiracism assigns tiny cabals of evildoers a superhuman power to control events, frames social conflict as part of a transcendent struggle between Good and Evil, and makes leaps of logic, such as guilt by association, in analyzing evidence. Conspiracists often employ common fallacies of logic in analyzing factual evidence to assert connections, causality, and intent that are frequently unlikely or nonexistent. As a distinct narrative form of scapegoating, conspiracism uses demonization to justify constructing the scapegoats as wholly evil while reconstructing the scapegoater as a hero.”

          • Carl_Herman

            And, BuelahMan, I appreciate your pointing to Bill Stills’ outstanding contributions to the history and solutions. His 1995 “The Money Masters” documentary was and is a game-changer on monetary reform.

            The history is not so important as the fact that monetary reform is as easy as creating debt-free money.

            The history is also vital to see that JFK was assassinated by an earlier version of the same psychopaths who rule us today. They are War Criminals, banksters, and liars who control corporate media.

            I provide resources for interested readers to see monetary reform, banking reform, and the facts of JFK’s assassination.

            While I’m fascinated by the history, too, we need to keep our eyes on the big picture and move toward the solutions we need today. Millions of lives, perhaps billions, and trillions of our dollars are the stakes in this game.

            I know you’re playing to win this game with us, BuelahMan 🙂

          • BuelahMan


            I believe we are “playing to win this game” together. I suspect that if you understood who I believe are the real culprits of this murder, we might not agree.

            It boils down to what I see in the EO: a transferal of power designated to whom can make the decision to have these certificates printed. I thought Bill did a much better explanation than I could ever give.

            I believe Piper’s book, Final Judgement does a great job in dismantling this Marrs myth. And according to recent interviews I listened to of Piper, he claims that Marrs so much as admitted this to him.

            Personally, I wish it were true, for I believe that it would hurry any change from the privatized monetary/usury system that has a choke hold on this nation. But I don’t see it as the catalyst for his death.

            I also believe that Kennedy DID want to end the Fed, but to do so during the lead up to his second term election was not the most prudent way to go forward.

            Believe me: I am not protecting the Fed or its tainted usurious system of oppression.

            I just want to make sure that we address the real reasons he was killed.

          • Carl_Herman

            Hey BuelahMan,
            Yes, we have enough evidence for arrests and convictions at the top levels of government and media. There are real culprits and a real story that arrests will allow whistle-blowers to help us discover all the details. Whatever people believe is not very important because that level of speculation is really only an invitation for the work of factual discovery.

            Belief does not meet any professional or academic burden of proof to state what happened. I welcome freedom of thinking/brainstorming/connections at that level of inquiry, and don’t find much value to agree or disagree until we have substantial factual (independently verifiable) evidence.

            If I had to bet, the real masters of the assassination are orchestrating events far above what we imagine the “1%” to be. But we’ll never know without the 99% stating “emperor has no clothes” OBVIOUS facts to begin arrests and start that discovery together.

            So, again, the major points I see is to use the most OBVIOUS cases of 1% crimes to arrest our “leaders” and open the floodgates for whistle-blowers to safely choose the 99%’s side of truth and justice.

            Until that happens, the 1% will continue their wars, looting, and assassinations.

  • colinjames71

    Not that David Corn at MoJo didn’t do his best to propose the lone gunman Oswald/JFK-conspiracy theorists-are-deluded (and spawned a conspiracy culture that is, of course, detrimental to rational discourse) meme, actually having the balls to couch it in an EMBRACE of another, “legitimate” kind of conspiracy, which I couldn’t get to after his initial regurgitation of conspiracy-killing half-truths forced me to stop reading and call him out on his obvious gatekeeping. I’m sure there’s another dozen or so articles or more littered throughout quasi-alternative media and worse in MSM. You can tell TPTB are nervous by the sheer volume of anti-conspiracy theory articles of late.

  • Zenobia van Dongen

    It is crudely ahistorical to say that the One Per Cent killed President Kennedy, because the One Per Cent had not yet been born in 1963. At that time income and wealth were much more equally distributed in the US than they are now, so that the top 1% probably then owned only 20% or so [I’m guessing] of the national wealth instead of the current monstrous figure.

    • Carl_Herman

      If you believe that, look here: http://www.activistpost.com/2012/02/federal-reserve-national-debt-nearly.html

      The “Business Plot” was before this era, and with the Bush family, to concentrate power in a US fascist state. Kennedy was killed as a step back toward fascism.

      It’s not the “1%” but a few hundred families who are not under ordinary laws, including tax laws.

  • The Truth

    The movies Executive Order and JFK are the best movies that well ever exist on the subject. The only movies that dared to challenge the government’s official ‘story’ that has been proven so full of holes it would not hold up in a court of law anymore. But since the government or its agencies are so afraid of being connected it some way, their complicity in merely covering up evidence, whether or not directly or indirectly involved still involves them in crime. And that would forever change how Americans view their government.

    And what do we have now? No President dares challenge the status quo or military industry as more unlawful wars, more degradation of law and Constitution has occured since that time. JFK had an awakening of his conscious, despite being dipped into the ‘cold war’ fervor and saw exactly what Eisenhower warned us about.

    We also will never see movies like Executive Order or JFK again challenging or potential implication of government provocateurs. The Pentagon now controls how the government or its agencies are portrayed by Hollywood.