Happy Thanksgiving!

We at Washington’s Blog give thanks for our community of intelligent and passionate writers, commenters, tipsters, readers and donors!

Happy thanksgiving from us and ours to you and yours ….

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  • Let’s keep rocking and spreading this information outward. We need new journalism and this is a foundation and a bed rock of the type we need in the future. Long live Washington’s Blog!!

  • Carl_Herman

    Blessings and thanks to you, GW, for your leadership in building a brighter future. Onwards in good faith self-expression 🙂

  • jo6pac

    Yes, Thanks to all that post here and most commenters;)

  • Tonto

    I think the decision is still out on whether this site is a impetus for good, or, a place where mostly like-minded individuals come to waste their lives away in shameful commiseration about things that they have no control over, or, no real ambition to take into their own hands to reshape.

    There is good that can be done in this world. The best of that involves not doing the same thing over and over again, the pragmatic approach that has clearly come up short in the past. Buying into the promise of solutions based on more blind experiments is historically, clearly only making matters worse. There are far too many geniuses in this world with far too many bad ideas that are already being implemented to the detriment of our humanity. It’s time to stop these ambitious, immoral, scientific fools. Their self-supposed scientific genius is the only real danger to mankind.

    If anything, let’s have a good competition of ideas about the promises of life we will all leave to those who will come in the future. They will either despise us for out foibles, or praise us for a new found restraint. If we are to be praised, it will only come because we successfully stifled the all too commonly ignorant writers’ impulse to suggest humanity try to make the world better with a multitude of gambles that can historically be shown only to endanger the future.

    We live in such a damaged and diminished future today. The infinite complexity of reality has defeated human genius at every turn. Let us turn back from this selfish and unrealistic path, and find a moral course that values the future over all our own pressing needs.