Asst. Secretary of Treasury: ‘Ignored reality wiping out human race’

“The Federal Reserve could not care less about the US population. The Fed was established for the purpose of protecting and aiding banks. Currently, the Fed, as if America were a Banana Republic which America appears to be becoming, is printing one thousand billion dollars per year in order to support the banks and to finance the federal deficit.”

In an article honestly titled, Ignored reality is going to wipe out the human race, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Paul Craig Roberts states that the 99% will take one of two paths:

  1. Ignore reality, and be weakened or killed by 1%-created “projects.”
  2. Embrace reality, and enact solutions.

Dr. Roberts explains and provides links to three 1%-created “projects” (search here, here for additional documentation):

  • economic controlled demolition;
  • intentional environmental poisoning that include Corexit in the Gulf, continual Fukushima radiation, GMO “foods,” chemtrails, and weather manipulation;
  • corporate media lying that lure the 99% to debt-slavery and literal death.

Dr. Roberts is being as direct as possible. He explains, documents, and asserts claims in academic and professional prima facie good faith. If one were to disagree with the conclusions, that person has the burden of proof to explain how Dr. Roberts’ information is wrong.

Dr. Roberts expresses the limitations of his expertise outside of economics, war, and police state topics. He knows enough to be highly concerned, and point to what he’s found as reliable information in other crucial areas.

I am also being as direct as possible: a 1% oligarchy commit massive crimes centering in war and money, with “coverage” by corporate media to hide those crimes. I have professional confidence the following objective facts are explained, documented and proved:

  • US wars are not even close to lawful; in fact, my colleagues and I are unaware of any published argument to support legality, and welcome any attempts. Importantly, all “reasons” for these wars were known to be false as they were told, following a long history of official war lies sold to Americans and our soldiers. The closest crime to describe causing unlawful attacks on our military is treason.
  • What we use for money is debt (and here) created almost exclusively by privately-owned banks. This “debt supply” can only increase aggregate debt, and can never be repaid without destroying what we use for money. Government commits massive fraud by failing to fully disclose central facts and options about money. The good news is that technical solutions are abundant, beginning with Ben Franklin’s documentation almost 300 years ago how colonial Pennsylvania operated its government through public credit and no taxes.
  • Corporate media, including our textbook publishers, “cover” these crimes through lies of omission and commission. With just a little attention, their “reporting” and “history” are easily seen as propaganda for oligarchs to obfuscate how they annually kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions.

I also know enough to point to reliable sources for ~100 areas of equal importance where I am not professionally expert, yet highly concerned from my good faith understanding of the facts.

My expertise in the above areas is sufficient to demand arrests of obvious criminals enacting those policies, and to demand independent analysis and reporting of the ~100 other areas experts document as criminal and crucial.


  • How are you using your expertise to build a brighter future?
  • How are you using your citizen skills to have justice?
  • Will you be proud of yourself if the two endgame paths Dr. Roberts describes is accurate???
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  • Tonto

    As always long on reality-disconnect ,closing your typically scant article with, “Will you be proud of yourself if the two endgame paths Dr. Roberts describes is accurate???” I’m glad you’re not claiming to have been an English major at Harvard, Carl. “Two” is plural, and “is” is singular, even using the new Harvard math. Do three question marks equal anything significant ???

    Your knowledge of history is scant at best, and probably massively tilted toward some strange interpretative scheme abounding in socialist and humanitarian fantasies. Paul Craig Roberts is a commonplace phenomenon in history. He’s a stuffy, monkey-suited seventy-five year old academic and onetime a political adviser to Ronald Reagan for a year and a half. He’s a man with too much education who never really got his career off the ground, despite having been a lifelong hanger-on in academic circles. He’s never run a business. Roberts’ rants (on his blog) clearly indicate he is crying about the fact that his personal knowledge cannot support, or even rationalize the reality behind today’s events as they are unfolding, day after day, day in and day out, without predicting the end of the human race… Roberts’ predictions of doom and gloom have run for decades.

    From such a failed academic personality, you derive inspiration? Why? Because Roberts is a credit economist? Because Roberts’ mind only works in the failed empirical mode? Because like you, Carl, Roberts’ thinks it is possible to extoll the masses to act in a conscionable and clever manner?

    Paul Craig Roberts is as much of a Peter Pan as you are, Carl. He don’t wanna grow up.

    • Carl_Herman

      Thank you, as always, for providing such an interesting choice between what you choose to say and the topics of my article.

      Again, while you’re welcome to your self-expression, tonto: your focus on rude personality characterizations and unsupported attacks without addressing the issues would have you removed from any serious meeting considering the immensely important topics raised by Dr. Roberts and me.

      • Tonto

        Yeah sure, Carl. Your pat response is again a typically incoherent dodge. You are not intellectually honest. You and the scatter-brained Paul Craig Roberts claim to have the whole world figured out, everything from 9-11 to the war on drugs, right? Roberts’ biggest claim to fame is that for a year-and-a-half he cleaned up the octogenarian, Reagan’s vomit when he nodded off and soiled himself as his large frame shuddered in apoplectic convulsions.

        What about Bigfoot? Rude personality characterizations… You said it. I’m saying the two of you are as consistently flaky any Elvis impersonator. You and Roberts have consistently made predictions that have not come true, and you and he keep making those predictions even though there is still literally zero chance of these endless predictions coming true. You both latch onto half-truths, and make those delusional conceptions guideposts in a cherry-picked and flaky-bizarro view of reality that supports a literally insane personal ideology you each hold as part of your God-given souls. The arguments both you and Roberts put forth, do little more than provide obfuscating cover for what really needs to be addressed, (the slow deconstruction of the empirical view of reality -because it leads to a suicidal result) by creating mountains out of molehills howling about humanitarian atrocities, the 1%, or the 99%, all the while the gravest humanitarian atrocity is the phony focus on these cherry-picked empirical (scientific-humanitarianism) meme-campaigns, the effects of which are destroying the planet piecemeal, while you save just one child for a day or two.

        You want an example? Both you and Roberts cite Fukushima as evidence for your brand of empirical shamanry. But neither one of you can bring yourself to discover why Fukushima is what it is, in our world TODAY. That’s because both you and Roberts are clanking empirical thinkers. You both think the scientific view of reality can be made to work, IF THE WORLD WOULD JUST LET YOU RUN THE SHOW! You simply cannot bring yourself to understand that is it scientific-humanitarian thinkers, thinkers that think like you and Roberts, who came up with the views that led to Fukushima and Mutually Assured Destruction too.

        How’s all that working out, Carl?

        This economic depression, Carl, is not evidence of the unsoundness of the Federal Reserve system. This depression is evidence of the unsoundness of the scientific credit economy, an economy where credit is increasingly required for everything, because that’s always the end result of any kind of credit economy. (Young people today buy things like sofas, engagement rings and refrigerators with credit, Carl. I remember during the last recession, hearing a young woman speak, who claimed to be a Columbia MBA. She was howling to a news reporter about being reduced to such poverty after being laid off, that she was making payments on her condo and buying food with her American Express credit card! That’s a well-educated empirical thinker, Carl. Duh?)

        Credit economists, like your pal Ellen Brown, are today’s fruitcake alchemists who are still merely trying to make gold from lead, the same as alchemists have always been trying to make gold from lead… The end result will be the same, lead poisoning and the unstable, delusional personality that goes along with the affliction. Why?

        Because credit economics is inherently unstable and entirely illogical. And more importantly because all empirical thinkers are mentally unstable and completely incapable of logical thought. Empirical thinkers don’t have the slightest clue as to how to go about thinking logically.

        The empirical thinkers’ world view is made up of the preponderance of evidence, which is held up as the lowest common denominator, the God-idea-confirmation, of everything that exists. Carl, the preponderance of evidence that is constantly being compiled and re-compiled by empirical thinkers is the biggest reality-conception fraud since feathered rattles and bear-tooth necklaces.

        • fej

          hey tonto :
          you talk about logic. Can you say ” building seven”
          there are none so blind.

          • Tonto

            Hey fej :

            I don’t need to say, “building seven.” All I need to do is ask who told the most lies on 9-11, and, who has continued telling the most lies about 9-11 ever since and the fake bogie man Osama bin Laden? And where’d the Anthrax come from? It came from a U.S. Army research lab. We know that. It did not come from Afghanistan, not any more than the “hijackers” came from Afghanistan.

            In other words, Mohammed Atta’s passport supposedly found in the street is enough evidence for me. Where’s the guy who found it? He’s long since gotten away. But -that- spook, and plenty of others, could tell quite a tale I’m sure, were -they- waterboarded and slowly half-flayed with a propane torch beginning with the end of their penis.

            But none of this substantiates anything concerning the Libertarian ideological bent of either Paul Craig Roberts, or, the priest-like humanitarian-socialist ideological bent of Carl Herman. Each of these common alternative media mouthpieces throws out so much disconnected preponderance-of-the-evidence goo, that their words are next to being meaningless, except for the propaganda efforts they blindly make. It is all this and similar static-in-the-air on the Internet that allows people like Roberts and Herman to be used as an obfuscating shield against anyone discovering what has really been happening to the planet and humanity.

            This is not about the Bill of Rights. This is about the right to leave this planet reasonably habitable for the future. Fuck the Bill of Rights, which is used to justify destroying the planet by leaps and bounds. You want rights? Then buy a gun and lots of ammo while you still can.

            And when you’re gunned down by the robo-cops, the planet will be better off for the absence of your extended gut to fill.

            I hope everyone noticed today the notice on the What Really Happened site that, John Stadtmiller, over at RBN has been stiffing Michael Rivero. Stadtmiller is a rough and tumble, thieving greaser-hood from Southfield, Michigan, where the kids grew up with knives in their pockets, and they used them too. Stadtmiller frequently laments how Southfield is all blacks now.

            Rivero is playing out of his league with a hood like Stadtmiller. And Stadtmiller just loves Paul Craig Roberts, because he’s controversial, and because Roberts’ brand of kooky Libertarianism appeals to Stadtmiller’s crowd of drunken hillbillies and cowboys that listen to RBN. They’re all flaky sovereign Constitutionalists over there. Stadtmiller is just a fleecing capitalist though. He sells gold to the fools that think gold is money. He sells gold for dollars. There’s money to be made selling gold for dollars. And Stadtmiller is about making money by cheating every fool that comes along…

    • Carl_Herman

      Thank you, as always, for providing such an interesting choice between what you choose to say and the topics of my article.

      Again, while you’re welcome to your self-expression, tonto: your focus on rude personality characterizations and unsupported attacks without addressing the issues would have you removed from any serious meeting considering the immensely important topics raised by Dr. Roberts and me.

    • gingerflower

      By the way, Tonto, since you apparently are so into grammar: “Roberts’ thinks it is possible …” does not require the possessive.

      • Sergio

        He wouldn’t have a clue about that without a google search. He has obviously been well indoctrinated by the public school system.

  • What I use for money is not debt… say hello to bitcoin baby!

  • j christensen

    I’ve been around a few decades and can see with my own eyes what the trend is. and maybe my spelling and grammar sucks too. that doesn’t change the situation. the govt tries to control more and more of my life and limit my freedom. the spending has gone way out of control and more people are worse off than 30-40 years ago. maybe I’m a dumb hillbilly with a 7th grade education. doesn’t change the facts. get a close knit support group of other people and prepare to ride it out. the Govt is for the Govt and will try try to take everything to keep themselves going. attack the messenger, the reality won’t change.