Which Is Worse: A Rogue NSA … Or A President Who Gives His Approval And Then Lies About It?

From the Either-Way-It’s-Bad Department

The NSA has been tapping German leader Angela Merkel’s phone for a decade.

German papers say that President Obama approved the spying program.

Obama denies he knew anything about it.

Which is worse:

  • A rogue NSA which doesn’t tell the commander-in-chief that it is going to tap a foreign leader’s private phone?
  • Or a president who approves it … and then lies about it?
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  • gozounlimited

    Or a president who is clueless about what is going on around him cause he ISN’T running the show….

    So then, the enemy is whistleblowers, journalists and anybody who is unhappy with the shadow corporate/government state and won’t shut their piehole. The purpose of the NSA surveillance of everyone and everything is not to keep you safe from terrorists, it is to protect the corporate state from an uprising of the people. They are expecting an uprisingin response to an economic or environmental catastrophe and want to stay on top. If you are still sketchy on this concept, you could watch this interview with Chris Hedges…… http://therealnews.com/t2/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=31&Itemid=74&jumival=10461

    The US government has for years now been developing the technological capacity to monitor and destroy at will anything on the planet – automatically.By the year 2020, the Earth will be surrounded by a triple canopy of drones at various heights to surveil us and deliver sudden death and destruction from above. Heck, they’ve even been working on creating thecapbility to form a robot army, perhaps in case the human army, whose ranks come from the 99%, become unreliable in performing the tasks required by the 1%.

    Why do they need this capacity? Why do the need to be able to watch and/or kill anything at any time? ….. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/07/25/1224208/-The-NSA-Hiding-a-Shadow-Government-Behind-a-Haystack-To-Keep-Us-Safe

    • gozounlimited

      Shadow Government – Puppet Masters Pulling Strings ….. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GX-aEcF8Rjg

      THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT: ITS IDENTIFICATION AND ANALYSIS ….. http://www.bilderberg.org/secret.htm

      “If the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts.” —-George H.W. Bush

      “There’s a secret government, inside the government…and I don’t control it.”…Bill Clinton…

    • Charlie Primero

      I believe your President is well aware of his place in the grand scheme of things.

      • gozounlimited

        And his place is ‘Where’? ‘What’? What is he supposed to be doing? What did he say he would do?

        • Charlie Primero

          He is doing exactly what he was hired to do, talk sweet to idiots while his employers loot the fools. That has been the purpose of government for about three thousand years. It’s just a lot more sophisticated today with electronic screens and pharmaceuticals instead of whips and priests.

          If you desire to witness first-hand how this works, stop sending them money and see what happens. Serious men with guns will show up at your door to take your stuff. If you resist, they will murder you.

          • Bill Boothe

            I couldn’t agree with you more man the state funds all of its activities through the initiation of violence. You should come check out the philosophy community Free Domain radio, you would like it. It is a place where people base their conclusion on reason and evidence instead of propaganda and historical bigotry.

      • gozounlimited

        And his place is ‘Where’? ‘What’? What is he supposed to be doing? What did he say he would do?

    • research on you

      cleuless? he also running the show, where do you think that he came from ? they teached him all he knows from hypnotise talking to be a pro* liar. they teached him everything he needs to know in a secret place where they also train the Elite. if you do research on his birthplace you will know.

  • Question #3: why are foreign leaders acting SURPRISED they’ve been tapped, if it’s been going on for 10 years?

  • james

    Oblama lying??? tell me it isn’t so…

    He just didn’t know…

    He didn’t know about gun running in Mexico.
    He didn’t know about the plans to crush the occupy movement
    He didn’t know about Benghazi
    He didn’t know that the drone strikes kill innocent children
    He didn’t know about IRS targeting
    He didn’t know about tapping the phones of reporters
    He didn’t know about tapping the phones of congressmen
    He didn’t know that the NSA records domestic communications
    He didn’t know that the we were paying Al Quaeda to wage civil war in Syria
    He didn’t know about tapping Merkel’s phone
    He didn’t know about 60 million calls in Spain
    He didn’t know about the costs of Obamacare
    He didn’t know about the website problems

    He apparently forgot to study the US Constitution
    He apparently forgot to study economics

    But he’s willing to run the “most transparent administration ever”… So it’s a good thing he didn’t know about any of that stuff, because he would have had to tell us about it.

    • RotalSnart

      Look above, I saved you a ton of typing!

  • MyFreakinGawd

    What HASN’T the ObowelMovement lied about?

  • ferc_hoff2

    If the ineptitude, the shallowness, the simple mindedness and brain dead and fat useless slavering Americans now number so many that they could without the slightest pause for breath, vote for and actually cheer such a vile evil despicable corrupt lying filthy MFNC and I am sure everyone knows what MF stands and I am sure you can now easily guess what NC stands for, then they deserve all they get.

    That rabid underachieving heap of filthy shite in the whitehouse should be assassinated before he destroys the world..
    Worse than fucking Hitler

    • Eric Hollingsworth

      GW, I think someone is trying to give your site a bad name.

    • John Morgan Poindexter Sanchez

      If you think Barakahnaten was “voted” into office, you have a patent on idiocy!

  • amongoose

    Seems he doesn’t know a lot about anything that is going on in his administration.
    This is beyond plausible deniability, this is at best gross incompetence linked to zero management skills.
    At worst he is a lying, treasonous, America hating communist. Personally it is easier Ion the face of the evidence to make the case for the second option.

  • Mary Brown

    A president that outright lies to not only his own citizens but also heads of other countries should be impeached on the spot.

  • TheTruthWillSetYouFree

    He’ll just be replaced by some other President to serve the interests of shadow government, too big to fall banks, and black budget. He lies because he is controlled and mentored by such treasonous, corrupt, technocrats such as Kissinger and Brzezinski and plenty others. Some people say U.S. failed bureaucratic policies have gone down hill starting with one president or another, but I believe that truly went down hill from LBJ and onwards, each president since has increased the deficit and gone to war overtly or covertly, while intelligence agencies such as the CIA have committed atrocities nearly since its inception. The root of those issues are more or less since the founding of the U.S. where Imperialism was still strong in the minds of the folk and politicians, such as taking over the Philippines and other such illegal Imperialism adventures. Nixon didn’t even think he was a crook, why would Obama?

  • laura91

    obamanation giving approval and blatantly lying about it.

    obamanation would not know how to tell the truth if his own narcissistic pathological sycophantic life depended on it.

    and so I don’t leave you NSA thugs out of the piss party, you know what you can do with all the illegal info you are stealing, shove it

  • Danielle Patton

    The 2ed

  • Justin Case

    This is the reason why this imposter president expose himself… he don’t care one bit he’s breaking protocol that no president should ever dare have a foreign leader sit behind the people’s desk.