Stop Watching Us

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  • Tonto

    Stop watching us? Come on, people. Don’t you realize that -the only reason- a lot of high tech, search engine, social networking and communication companies are profitable is because they are collecting and selling data on their users? You’re asking these companies to throw away a very large source of their revenues. And times are tough.

    Information collectors are not just peddling the information they have on you to the NSA. They’re peddling it to advertisers, spammers and con-artists too. Americans have one value. What is it they can sell you?

    Just try searching Lasik surgery. Or mention it in an email to one of your friends. You’ll both start getting bombarded with messages about Lasik surgery. Crap will even come in the mail!

    That’s just how things work now. So, either learn from your mistakes, and drop out of the consumer rat race, or become another statistic in scientific society’s race to run you through the consumer turbine as many times as is possible during a short lifetime. The new iPhones are fetching! You’re not an individual any more. You’re just another consumer.

    No one is looking for terrorists. Terrorism is actually good for the economy. It’s big business now! There’s a whole scientific industry being built-up around terrorism. We can’t shut that down.

  • Does anyone else see the irony in titling a video “Stop Watching Us”?