Stages for justice: 1) Truth, 2) Non-compliance, 3) 1%’s arrests

StormCloudsGathering’s 16-minute video, Revolution: An Instruction Manual, explains three historical steps to revolve/revolution (literally from the Latin, revolutio, to turn-around) from an unlawful rogue government; a failed state:

  1. Citizen leaders create their own media to communicate facts until the 1%’s propaganda is recognized for what it is.
  2. Remove compliance from lying criminal government.
  3. Arrest the 1% criminals when law-enforcement/military reach critical mass to reject OBVIOUS unlawful orders.

The US government is such a rogue, failed state because its 1% “leadership” has:

  1. reneged on almost all Constitutional promises (and here),
  2. devolved into Wars of Aggression that has war-murdered more innocent people than Hitler’s Nazis,
  3. engages in official looting/embezzlement (peculation) in the trillions every year; included proved through their own Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs),
  4. partnered with complicit 1%/oligarchic looting in banking/finance,
  5. partnered with complicit 1%/oligarchic media (and here) to systematically lie to its 99% by “covering” these obvious crimes.

The foundation of the United States is citizen leadership to expose unlawful acts by its own government. For examples, fundamental crimes of our own government at the Founding of the US:

  1. Violation of no standing military, costing taxpayers while only existing to terrorize/brutalize those very taxpayers.
  2. Violation of seizing US guns and weapons for self-defense and defense against unlawful government.
  3. Violation of colonial governors and British Parliament agreeing to systematically remove American rights for dictatorial decrees. Benjamin Franklin helped expose this criminality, and was slandered as a traitor by his government.

We are calling for enforcement of basic laws, a turn-around from OBVIOUS crimes centering in war, money, and media lies. We do not call for any criminal acts, but for the end of OBVIOUS criminal acts. The facts explained, documented, and proved as prima facia OBVIOUS in the above links are objective and independently verifiable.

War law is just as clear in OBVIOUS violation as sports “law.” For example, if a baseball pitcher delivers a pitch ten feet over the batter’s head, and the umpire and media call that a “strike,” anyone who can read the rules can state with absolute confidence that the game’s “government” and media are lying to violate the most fundamental rules of fair play.

The 99% will arrest the 1% criminals when enough of us trust our own eyes, our intellectual integrity, and have sufficient moral courage. I provide three areas of OBVIOUS  crimes in war, money, and media; there are perhaps 100 areas of similar importance.  I encourage your citizenship to factually command at least three.

As Mohan Gandhi is attributed to conclude from his work for justice against a lying, criminal, parasitical British government: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then you win.”

And from Mohan and Martin King:

“One thing we have endeavoured to observe most scrupulously, namely, never to depart from the strictest facts and, in dealing with the difficult questions that have arisen during the year, we hope that we have used the utmost moderation possible under the circumstances. Our duty is very simple and plain. We want to serve the community, and in our own humble way to serve the Empire. We believe in the righteousness of the cause, which it is our privilege to espouse. We have an abiding faith in the mercy of the Almighty God, and we have firm faith in the British Constitution. That being so, we should fail in our duty if we wrote anything with a view to hurt. Facts we would always place before our readers, whether they are palatable or not, and it is by placing them constantly before the public in their nakedness that the misunderstanding… can be removed.” –  Mohandas K. Gandhi, Indian Opinion(1 October 1903)

“‘A time comes when silence is betrayal.’ That time has come for us.

The truth of these words is beyond doubt but the mission to which they call us is a most difficult one. Even when pressed by the demands of inner truth, men do not easily assume the task of opposing their government’s policy, especially in time of war. Nor does the human spirit move without great difficulty against all the apathy of conformist thought within one’s own bosom and in the surrounding world.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, “Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence.”

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  • Tonto

    And the author of this incoherent rant is a history teacher, folks. So, he should know!

    One of the most important societal functions to shutter through non-compliance are the educational institutions in this country, shutter them from top to bottom. Yes, ObamaCare, Obama and even Yellen should go. Print no more god-damned money! But so should your local history teacher go too. These people do not teach the truth. Educators are more commonly pedophiles plotting to smoke dope with and rape your kid than they are trying to impart the truth about the reality just outside their classroom doors.

    Count on it. Nothing real or important is being taught in schools today. It’s all about the teachers, and what they want. Teachers universally have custodians empty their trash cans now, because they’re too busy being dope-smoking, child-fondling educators. So, they can’t do humiliating menial work! Young female teachers are encouraged to dress like a slut, and, young male teachers are coming to class looking like a stud from the farm…

    We used to call them, the teacher’s pet. Little did any of us realize then, the teacher’s pet was being vicariously raped ten times a day. And none too few of them end up in the clutches of these perverts who are drawn to get close to the little kids as educators.

    They’re called, pedophiles. And education always has had a way of covering up their sex crimes committed with the youth of this country. Revolution? What revolution? These teachers just want to get into some little kid’s pants. People who advocate for revolution are in effect saying, they know better than the rest of society. Do they?

    Carl Herman here, he works in a profession that is just loaded with pedophiles. Does he go after them? Lord, no! Educators are doing God’s work, screwing the little kids. And Carl is too busy singling out the 1% and breeding revolution. Carl thinks of himself as some sort of a Bonaparte, ready to write endless reams of edicts for all humanity. Thou shall not make a profit from the ignorance of your fellow man!

    Well, hell, Carl… Isn’t that what you do?

    • Carl_Herman

      wow, tonto: so you libel a whole group of some of our best Americans with yet more unsubstantiated rude opinions, and then defend the real criminals by saying I’m “singling out the 1%.”

      Again, and obvious to those of us with serious jobs: you’d be removed from any serious discussion. I won’t take any more of my time with you other than pointing out your baseless distractions from this discussion on a very real problem.

      • Tonto

        Unlike the populist rabble-rousing of the perennial socialists, truth isn’t exactly a popularity contest, Carl Herman. And though some would contend otherwise, I would always accept truth as a defense against libel. People need to know, don’t they?

        Pedophilia in education isn’t a real problem? The sex crime cover-ups in education aren’t a real problem? Gimmie a break, teach. You are dissing my message, because you don’t want anyone detracting from your recurrent rant about arresting the 1%

        As long as you’re at it, Carl, why not tabulate a list of the 100 MOST-WANTED among the so-called 1% noting the most heinous crime of each. You want them arrested, right? Well then, let’s narrow down the charges, Carl.

      • White Eagle Roars Like Tapioca

        Tonto have serious problem with teachers. Probably stem from childhood rejection or other blunt trauma to emotions. Tonto have us believe that vast majority of teachers are vicarious pedophiles.

        Think Tonto may be projecting fantasies and hope he not teach. He speak with forked brain.

  • Myth Buster

    “The 99% will arrest the 1% criminals when enough of us trust our own
    eyes, our intellectual integrity, and have sufficient moral courage.”

    Hogwash. This is a myth.

    First off, there is no “99%”. The country and it’s people are seriously divided. They are not at all on the same page. Many of us are disenfranchised, cheated, held hostage and so forth, but there is no unity. There never will be any unity. This is easy to demonstrate to any astute observer. Just visit the comments, blogs, forums and read the responses from various groups. They do not agree on much of anything other than protected their own vested interests.

    The 99% myth needs to die. It attempts to represent something that does not exist.

    We do not need 99%. No country ever has required a majority to change it’s government.

    It is also a myth that the “1%” will be arrested. Dream on. The globalist elite will simply never be punished. And even by some magical reason that could happen – it would not change anything. The token punishments we’ve seen in this country are a clear example of how ineffectucal this is. This is another myth that needs to die, it’s factually false.

    The mass-movement that is sought by the myth-makers is false. Countries do not change as a result of mass movements, they have already been within changed when (and if) that happens.

    There is never going to be a 99% – or the time to educate them, train them, equip them or do anything at all with them. This is a utterly false idea. Better to work with a small cadre that can be properly supported in key positions. That is how it’s done.

    • Carl_Herman

      You say that the people are somehow too divided to perceive obvious crimes centering in war, money, and media lies?

      I disagree. I see this as the unifying conclusion.

      You argue for a “small cadre in key positions.” Then what? I also see the conclusions of massively illegal behavior catching like fire once its begun, because the crimes are so obvious.

      Take the best path you see, and we’ll see what develops.

  • I will join any credible attempt to return the federal government to its original Constitutional boundaries. It has become an enemy of the Constitution and the People. But from what I can gather only a handful are motivated to do so, the so-called three percent. Most are Sheeple, probably only 20 percent are able to give a shit anymore.