Robots Becoming Incredibly Lifelike

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  • kimyo

    mish is always on about the robots taking the jobs. but, until the chefbot that prepares your meal can tell if the salmon is spoiled or that there’s a giant bug in with the pasta i’m pretty skeptical.

    when the roomba becomes smart enough to realize it’s tracking dog shit all over the house, then we’re getting somewhere.

  • Michael Deloatch

    I immediately thought of off-label applications for the dental robot, sick old guy that I am.

    Having watched the clip and seen its creepiness, it occurs to me the students can’t really feel they’re working on an actual person. Accordingly, I am certain in Asia there must be an ample supply of dissident prisoners from China and North Korea etc. available for very reasonable prices to Japan.

  • Alex

    Robert doesn’t belong here. That was undeniably faked.

  • Tonto

    And this is good news? The people doing this are immoral devils.

  • jadan

    Well…OK. That’s amazing. For all the technical wizardry on display here, do you suppose the Japanese, at least, could make a robot immune to ionizing radiation? Could we please clean up the mess in Fukushima?