Real justice, love, technology only possible after 1% arrests for OBVIOUS Crimes


Q: Hey, Herman, when will you shut-up about arrests of criminals?

A: When arrests or surrender of 1% OBVIOUS criminals centering in war and money have been accomplished.

Americans cannot imagine real justice because they are dominated by 1% “leaders” in government, banking/finance, and media who:

  1. Blatantly violate war law, war-murdering more than WW2 Nazis (~30 million since WW2).
  2. Blatantly defraud Americans by trillions of dollars every year by lying that a “debt system” is a “monetary system.”
  3. Blatantly lie through media that war-murders protect “our freedoms” while hiding all “reasons” for war were known to be false as they were told. They hide that all American freedoms under the Constitution have been destroyed by our own government.

Americans cannot imagine real love because they are dictated by 1% “leaders” in government, banking/finance, and media who:

  1. Blatantly violate Jesus’ one commandment of love as they pretend to be Christians in order to war-murder millions.
  2. Blatantly steal trillions of dollars from hard-working Americans every year; now estimated at ~$30 trillion in off-shore tax-havens.
  3. Blatantly lie through media to poverty-murder the “least of my brothers and sisters;” a million children every month.

Americans cannot imagine real technology because they are crippled by 1% “leaders” in government, banking/finance, and media who:

  1. Keep us overpaying oil oligarchs as they suppress genuine energy breakthroughs.
  2. Overtax the public by trillions, then hide our own money that prevents even known infrastructure breakthroughs (and here).
  3. Stupefy the public through media lies that never present solutions or even address our real problems. For example, corporate media hide/omit economic solutions that provide full-employment, end deficits and debt, and cause falling prices.

The above facts are now easily verifiable as objectively accurate with just a little attention. History (and here) will thank those with the intellectual integrity and moral courage to stand for these facts now.

An“emperor has no clothes” moment will come and go in a moment; then all will be judged on their intellectual integrity and moral courage during the time before.

How do you choose to be recognized?

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  • Tonto

    –An“emperor has no clothes” moment will come and go in a moment; then all will be judged on their intellectual integrity and moral courage during the time before.

    How do you choose to be recognized?– Carl Herman

    Come, Come, Carl… Intellectual integrity? And by whom will anyone be recognized? Jesus? HS!

    You are clearly a bright enough young lad to recognize “intellectual integrity” cannot be the measure of a man. In regards to intellectual integrity, all men are not born equal. You must know this. And the proportion of those that have anything like intellectual integrity, feigned, imagined or authentic, is small enough that they have been fictionalized numerous times as being not just a class above, but evolving into a separate species. Right? What kind of elitist snake oil are your selling here today then, Carl?

    You have an abhorrent tendency to draw apocalyptic scenarios when you write, Carl. How can you possibly fail to realize, the apocalyptic vision you are obsessed with is one-off, or minimally, extremely rare in history. As a result of your endlessly faulty prognostications, which here is not unlike the endless predictions of the Second Coming of Christ, you lose more credibility, and fall further into your self-made chasm of non-intellectual integrity every time you write.

    Step back from the dark side. You still have a chance to make a difference in an otherwise insane world mostly occupied by our fellow human idiots and morons you so idly preach to.

    • Carl_Herman

      Tonto: the above arguments I make of massive crimes centering in war and money are explained in the links and easily verified with the applied intellectual outcome of a high school education.

      That’s all the intellectual integrity and moral courage I invite.

      Thank you, once again, for providing a well-articulated choice between whether arrests for obvious crimes is reasonable, or whether what you write in response is the better and more reasonable recommendation.

      You help people choose; I appreciate that contribution.

      • Tonto

        I want to share this with you, Carl. I do so, so you can see just how depraved are the players in the online world of the alternative media. It’s very easy to get caught up in all the reckless popularity seemingly expressed by so many on the net. It almost looks like the tide has turned at times. But, beware. Nothing is as it seems anywhere in this world. I share this with you, because you have increasingly become more honest with me, even if not so much in the immediately previous post in which you simply went over the top again.

        The following link is to a site very frequently given top-billing over at What Really Happened. This site is obviously a stooge site, set up to make lots of people look incredibly stupid fro believing anything read in the alternative media. Well, they’ve succeeded again.

        Based on my analysis, fully half the sites out there in the so-called alternative media are being run by stooges who are playing a similar game. Rense is the big one. But, there’s also Alex Jones and scores of smaller sites trying to garner enough readership, to make a dent in the “truth” anyone can believe in, on the net.

        Misplaced credulity has a bitter taste. Once burned, most people will never trust again. Try to be more careful with what you write. Populism is a dangerous sword to wield. It is -often- better for the effect to have readers making hateful comments about what one writes, because then at least we can know as writers, that they are really reading and thinking.