Q: Have a better response than arrests to 1%’s War Crimes, bank looting, constant lies?

Do you have a better citizen response than demand for arrests of OBVIOUS crimes of US “leadership” centering in war and money?

Now’s the time to voice it, if you care to participate in upgrading a human condition of endless wars, debt, and lies.

Russell Brand interviews and writes for “revolution” in response to a corruptly coordinated political system where it doesn’t matter if the Left or Right arm of one fascist body is elected. He calls for “genuine alternatives,” such as Bucky Fuller’s engineering options for a world that works for everyone with no-one left out (and consider resource-based economics).

Almost three years ago, I wrote Open proposal for US revolution: end unlawful wars, criminal economics, for Americans to lawfully revolve/turn from OBVIOUS crimes of US “leadership” centering in war and money. I reframed this in early 2012 to Why Occupy? A government/economics teacher explains.

My contributions to our lawful turn from 1% crimes focus on three areas:

  1. Explain, document, and easily prove how US wars are not even close to lawful; in fact, my colleagues and I are unaware of any published argument to support legality, and welcome any attempts. Importantly, all “reasons” for these wars were known to be false as they were told, following a long history of official war lies sold to Americans and our soldiers. The closest crime to describe causing unlawful attacks on our military is treason.
  2. Explain, document, and easily prove that what we use for money is debt (and here) created almost exclusively by privately-owned banks. This “debt supply” can only increase aggregate debt, and can never be repaid without destroying what we use for money. Government commits massive fraud by failing to fully disclose central facts and options about money. The good news is that technical solutions are abundant, beginning with Ben Franklin’s documentation almost 300 years ago how colonial Pennsylvania operated its government through public credit and no taxes.
  3. Corporate media, including our textbook publishers, “cover” these crimes through lies of omission and commission. With just a little attention, their “reporting” and “history” are easily seen as propaganda for oligarchs who annually kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions.

To end these OBVIOUS crimes and lies, I propose that obvious criminal leaders be arrested (and here), whistleblowers brought forward under a Truth & Reconciliation process, and solutions for peace and prosperity initiated.

The arrests will happen after sufficient public “emperor has no clothes” recognition of these crimes and lies. Those in military and law enforcement will quickly enact legal authority to arrest obvious criminals in “leadership” because it’s only ~1% of humanity who reject ideals of truth and justice.

Question: Do you have a better solution than arrests to end OBVIOUS crimes centering in war and money?

If you do, now’s the time for your voice.

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  • Tonto

    Yes, I have a better response to the things you (and others) are generally imagining and complain about incessantly, as if all the poorly directed complaining is doing some good. What’s the alternative, you ask? Everyone should very slowly and continually inspect their lives and question what it is they are doing and what they are tacitly endorsing by what they are doing. And then stop endorsing those things they do not support. There’s the real power. Vote with your wallet. Vote with they way your perceive the world.

    It’s obvious our American world is suffering from too many human beings being fed by the scientifically driven welfare state. Face it, as a culture, as a nation, and as a society, we’re all part of the welfare state. Americans like the writer here, Carl Herman, have so much time on their hands, and so little cogent understanding of the world around them, that they endlessly dream up conspiratorial analysis and spread their ranting manias all over the Internet. If one fruitcake is listening to them, they believe they have the ear of the nation, which just opens their mouths wider and ads lubricant to their vocal cords that are used to call for revolution. That’s just part of the territory here. Stop supporting this lunacy that is so common on the Internet.

    There are delusional fruitcakes on the Internet who believe they have the solution for everything from poverty, and, war, to the Grand Unifying Theory of the Universe, and, where Atlantis lies beneath the waves! There are fruitcakes on the Internet who will tell us, they know who killed JFK, and where the Lindbergh baby is buried. There are people on the Internet that think they should be advising BOTH Bernanke and Obama, and perhaps the Pope and the Dali Lama too.

    I personally have not seen a doctor in 35 years. I don’t support their common kind of insanity. And I get along fine enough without them, even at 64. I bring that up to point out to everyone here, you too can start culling the ideas upon which your mind labors and your industry is focused. Our culture is literally littered with lunacy. It may all be lunacy. But clearly, the only thing that will keep any of us sane is not to question all, but to deny most of it a place in the body of our own existence.

    I have come to despise science. I know I am not joining in with the chorus of the majority in this view. But, I am not going to give science anything but my adamant denial of the value of its existence.

    I have never had a loan or a credit card in my life either. The credit economy is in far too much of a hurry to destroy the planet for my tastes. So, I never even consider it. For me the truth can only be expressed in terms that do not include the continuance of the credit economy. For me, people who are in debt are less than human. They’re feeble minded cretins, and they deserve to suffer. And suffer they do too. I hope they all end up starving to death due to their stupidity. I wretch to hear it when I read the government is in the business of bailing out debtors.

    I do not think the government is one-tenth as powerful as anyone in the alternative media makes it out to be. You make your own reality for the most part. And if you allow the government to be some monster, then for you, that is what it will be. No one has exactly the same conception of the government as anyone else. The government is 99% a mirage.

    Make your own reality. And try to keep it within the realm of sanity. That’s the best anyone can do. I’ve given everyone here a few common sense pointers I feel have helped me in my lifetime. I try to shape the future, by refusing to let the ninnies of this world throw everyone off a cliff, yet again! That’s been the history of humanity since the Enlightenment.

    My effectiveness is not measured in the number of revolutions I might spawn. My effectiveness is the amount of common sense I can provide to others who will listen. STAY OUT OF DEBT! STAY AWAY FROM DOCTORS! AND MOST OF ALL, DENY THESE PEOPLE WHO CLAIM THEY HAVE THINGS ALL FIGURED OUT A PLACE IN THE REAL WORLD YOU MOSTLY CREATE FOR YOURSELF.

    Life is too short to spend it listening to ninnies explain their latest theory about how things work.

    • jo6pac

      Thanks for stopping by I always feel so much better after I read what you have to say. Its all about me.

      • Tonto

        Jo6pac- You’re right it’s all about you and me too. Your own individual understanding is all we have. The notion of the Zeitgeist, referenced further above, is a Hegel-ism that has absolutely no possibility of being part of reality. Why? Because society is not a conscious entity.

        And DM, immediately above, is finding fault with my answering the article’s plaintiff question about a better way. What I am saying is, we cannot know the truth. But we certainly can know what is untrue. And Carl Herman is an intentional ideological fountain of untruth. That is the point of my measured response. Paying attention to anyone on the Internet, lending misguided credulity to their lofty abstract Zeitgeist arguments is not going to serve anyone well.

        Again, your own understanding is all you have. Do not pollute it (your own understanding) by innocently believing the populist writings on the Internet that are loaded with assumption-inducing jargon like “1%” and “war crimes”. Carl is full of it, every time he writes. Except in the bizarrely abstract, none of us can know what this top-heavy and loaded jargon means in the reality we share.

        I once before asked Carl to list the top one-hundred 1%-ters and their crimes. He responded that I was making a straw-man argument. Huh? So, I responded that he just was talking his usual socialist rubbish -yet again-.

        That’s what we have here. Carl is calling for revolution. How so? Because no “arrests” will result from his call for them. So, he is calling for someone to make a citizen’s arrest, which is tantamount to a call for an assassination, as in -wanted dead or alive- for -war crimes-. Of course, Carl would deny that. But that is what the effect of his call for the arrest of the unnamed 1% reduces to, when some poor misguided soul realizes, no one is going to arrest anyone based on Carl’s incessant rabble rousing, -their choices are few, if they decide they must act.

        None of Carl’s argument is real anyway. It’s all coming from his inner ideological self that sees humanitarian harm resulting from things not going as Carl thinks they should. Carl thinks he has found the fountain of truth, (in his own jumbled head!). He makes propagandist claims all the time about being able to end poverty and war. Carl is little more than a loose lone-nut on the Internet, someone trying to incite riots and revolution in the hope of tearing down what he refers to as the 1%. Huh?

        What I am saying is, there is another way to make for a more stable world. That is to stop following all these Carl-fruitcakes who have all the foolish ideas about their having found the truth in a Cracker Jacks box of similarly-fruitcake writers who really have no idea what they are talking about, and are people just like themselves. No one is going to stop war or end poverty. Both result from human nature. Any attempt to stop war and end poverty would require and dictatorship so onerous, as to require a jackboot on every neck. Carl doesn’t understand that, or that, -that- is the problem in the world today. The jackboots are everywhere.

        • usurykills

          Tonto has many beliefs.
          Truth does not care about Tonto’s beliefs.
          Tonto in big trouble, Kimosabe!

          I have a t-shirt that reads, “Have they arrested Dick Cheney, yet?”

    • DM

      Some of what you say is good common sense, and some just unwarranted vitriol. Example:

      “Everyone should very slowly and continually inspect their lives and question what it is they are doing and what they are tacitly endorsing by what they are doing. And then stop endorsing those things they do not support. There’s the real power”

      Great. But what a pity it is preceded by this: “I have a better response to the things you (and others) are generally imagining and complain about incessantly, as if all the poorly directed complaining is doing some good.”

      Perhaps writing is one of the ways Carl examines his life and the world we live in. Whether his descriptions and theories are very accurate or not is almost irrelevant – he is countering the indoctrinated views that are forced down our throats most of our lives. This is the important function of his writing for others. You may consider some (or all) of his stuff lunacy, but no-one is immune from making assumptions, guesses, and creating world views that do not match reality, including you.

      Try constructive criticism rather than troll-like caustic comments, otherwise you’ll continue to turn people off to your ideas and succeed only in inflating your own arrogance. Are you actually interested in helping someone’s understanding through sharing your own experiences or thoughts, or just aggrandizing your ego?

  • Charlie Primero

    The author proposes to have the government arrest government bosses. Indeed.

    Zeitgeist kiddies are so mind-poisoned with mommy abandonment issues it’s tragic.

    • Carl_Herman

      Yeah, that’s right, pal: I propose the strong among us (is that you?) in military and law enforcement actually do the job they swore upon their honor to do: uphold the law.

      You got a better answer, citizen? I’m asking, and all you’ve done is ignore among your mom’s best advice to not say anything when you’ve got nothing to say.

      What have you got better, Charlie? I know you have more game than helpless whining and insults.

  • Putting grenades to good use

    I have always thought it a great shame that the tradition of ‘fragging’ was not bought back home from Vietnam. If at least a few lying war mongering politicians met with such justice (as there is no law that deals with genocide instigating scum posing as ‘commanders-in-chief’) a possible ‘death consequence’ might dissuade future ‘leaders’ from echoing their predecessors war cries. My thoughts turn to the 529,000 Iraqi kids sanctioned to death, no justice there either. Shame on our corrupt system for the adulation of war criminal ‘leaders’ that instigate monstrous conflicts, wars that terrorize and massacre innocents under the banner / smokescreen of ‘colateral damage’.

  • shaun

    What-ever has occurred for humanity to arrive at this point of “re-cognition” is our joint responsibility, we the people have also played a part by chasing the $, career or whatever and letting this corrupt system to emerge, it didn’t appear overnight. That been said, moving forward and forward vision is VITAL at this juncture. Yes this needs be reconciled, yes there needs to be accounting and joint responsibility. The 1% need to be striped of aII authority and power, total wealth confiscation and placed into work situations that they can re-connect primarily to Nature, working on farms, and human development projects..get them reconnected, they were all part in-parcel of getting humanities consciousness to finally awaken, despite all the hardship.

    That may be hard for some to see but we are all in this journey together for better for worse, we are now as a group (humanity) woken and or waking up, we need to take the high ground and move forward, no vision no future.