Prominent Liberal Unearths Evidence of New World Order

The Congressional Record Reveals the Truth

Conservatives such as Alex Jones have for many years gathered quotes from prominent world leaders about a “New World Order”:

Liberals have tended to write off this claim.

But now prominent liberal blogger Matt Stoller has unearthed fascinating evidence for a new world order of sorts.

Stoller’s entire article at Salon is a must-read. Here are the highlights:

Western elites in America and Western Europe after World War II made a serious effort to get rid of nations altogether, and combine all “freedom-loving peoples” into one giant “Atlantic Union,” a federal state built on top of the NATO military alliance.As odd as it sounds, the documentary evidence is clear. This movement did manage to create a “European Union,” which came from the same ideological wellspring as the “Atlantic Union.” Once we recognize that the Cold War saw the construction of a powerful international regime that explicitly sought to get rid of sovereign nations, these broad security architectures revealed by the Syria situation and the NSA spying revelations make a lot more sense.

The strange story of Atlantica

The effort to unite Europe and the U.S. started in 1939, with the publication of a book by an influential journalist, Clarence Streit … a New York Times journalist assigned to cover the League of Nations, which led him to the conclusion that the only way to prevent American isolationism and European fascism was for political and economic integration of the major “freedom-loving” peoples, which he described as America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and most of Western Europe. The Five Eyes surveillance architecture was created just a few years later, as was the international monetary regime concocted at Bretton Woods.


Streit’s argument, that the West needed to combine its strength to fight totalitarianism everywhere, was a powerful draw. The youth of the 1930s — those who read Streit’s book — became the political and diplomatic leaders of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, and many of them went on to craft the multilateral institutions and international policies of the Cold War.

Indeed, the congressional record is peppered with resolutions and hearings from the late 1940s to the 1970s pushing for Atlantic Union. For example, in 1971, the Foreign Affairs Committee in the House of Representatives convened a hearing to discuss the prospect of combining the United States of America and Western Europe into one country. This “Atlantic Union” would be a federal union, very similar to the the one described in United States Constitution. Existing countries would become states under a federalist system, with the larger federal system having its own currency, military, interstate commerce regulation and foreign relations apparatus.

That day in 1971, the committee was discussing a specific piece of legislation, a resolution — House Concurrent Resolution 163 — to create an “Atlantic Union Delegation,” a committee of 18 “eminent citizens” to join with other NATO country delegations and negotiate a plan to unite. The subcommittee chairman presiding over the hearing, congressman Donald Fraser of Minnesota, described the specific goal of the legislation as convening an “international convention to explore the possibility of agreement on a declaration to transform the present Atlantic alliance into a federal union, set a timetable for transition to this goal and to prescribe democratic institutions under which the goal would be achieved.” It was to be a Constitutional Convention.

Similar legislation, he noted, “was considered by the full House Committee on Foreign Affairs in 1960, 1966, and 1968, with favorable reports in 1960 and 1968.” Congress even passed the resolution in 1960, and spent money to send a delegation to Paris for such a convention (though John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson ignored the delegation’s recommendations).

This proposal had a great deal of elite support. Nearly every presidential candidate from the 1950s to the 1970s supported it, as did hundreds of legislators in the U.S. and Western Europe.


A large multilateral military force formed of allied governments and millions of soldiers of all nationalities had recently defeated the fascist powers on three continents. Millions had an experience of international comity in the defeat of the Axis Powers — so the concept of political union was not so far-fetched.

Moreover, the specter of the failed diplomatic and monetary initiatives of the 1930s haunted postwar leaders, and caused them to think deeply and act decisively to weave together a system whose core was the economic, military and political interdependence of sovereign allies. The Depression was seen as a phenomenon borne of a failed international system based on short-sited nationalist objectives. Streit, the president of the International Movement for Atlantic Union, breathlessly advocated for a union lest history be repeated. A lack of a union would lead to a monetary crash, and then crushing poverty. As circumstances changed, Streit’s testimonials to Congress changed. Just after World War II, he noted that Hitler’s appeal came from fascists arguing for political totalitarianism under the slogan “you can’t eat freedom.” He argued, consistent with the anti-communism of the time, that such a union was the only way to beat the Soviet threat. Later, he pointed out that union was important because with nuclear weapons at hand, the world could not afford a repeat of pre-World War II foreign policy mistakes. Then, as Bretton Woods began breaking down in the 1960s, he argued that a 1930s-style financial crash was inevitable without union.


Richard Nixon in 1966 supported the “Atlantic Union resolution” as a “forward-looking proposal which acknowledges the depth and breadth of incredible change which is going on in the world around us.” President Dwight Eisenhower, upon leaving office, thought such a trans-Atlantic union was inevitable, and argued it could cut massive Cold War defense costs by half. Eugene McCarthy, just before entering the presidential primary race against Lyndon Johnson (who did not support the measure), cosponsored the resolution in the Senate. Bobby Kennedy, George McGovern and Estes Kefauver were ardent believers. Even Barry Goldwater supported it; Ronald Reagan was the only major national figure in the Republican Party who opposed it, and Lyndon Johnson was a significant opponent in the Democratic Party.


The question of Atlantic Union, proposed in 1939, percolated as a catch-all answer to Western foreign policy problems, until the 1970s.


American support for the now-existing European Union came from the same intellectual and political tradition.


As one New Left-influenced witness in the 1971 hearing put it, “The 1960′s revolution of political consciousness within the United States means the rejection of Atlantic Union ideas or alliance structures such as NATO in the seventies.”


[These strands of thought continue today.] Consider Larry Summers, who in 2000 as treasury secretary argued for allowing cheap Chinese goods into the U.S. as a way of establishing “a fifth column for openness” in that country. Failure to integrate China in the global system with trade concessions, he said, would not only cut the average American’s paycheck, but would “make it more likely his son will be in a war in Asia.” This Thomas Friedman-esque “The World Is Flat” argument owes an intellectual debt to Streit. Integrate, the case goes, or perish.

***The institutional framework of a world government composed of Western European and American states remains far more potent than we like to imagine, even beyond the security apparatus revealed by Snowden’s documents. For example, in every major free trade agreement since NAFTA, U.S. courts have been subordinated to international tribunals, which operate according to rules laid out either by the World Trade Organization, a division of the World Bank, or by a division of the United Nations known as UNCITRAL (the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law). These tribunals rule on consumer, labor, and environmental questions – not just trade. And they are trans-national, much as the supply chains of Apple, Ford, Toyota, or any other multi-national corporation are, or the technology that Google, Microsoft, or IBM promote all over the world. [Indeed, the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership would largely destroy America’s national sovereignty.]

There are other deep links. The Basil banking accords seek international harmonization of capital standards. Why? It’s not clear what the benefits are of having global standards for what banks should do. But the global elites push onward, regardless, towards a one world solution. And lest one think this is just theoretical, the Federal Reserve supported the European Central Bank with unlimited swap lines during the financial crisis, lending as much as $500B to the ECB in 2008 and 2009. European and other foreign banks drew liberally from the New York Federal Reserve’s discount window. The Fed became the central banker to the world. [Indeed.]

Questions of sovereignty still exists – as just one of many examples, the U.S. still refuses to sign the Law of the Sea Treaty, which is a nod to the Liberty League. But the history and reflexive embrace of globalism is far more complicated than we want to admit. And it’s time to begin grappling with the international architecture that we have. This means recognizing that the Cold War involved constructing a “deep state” to partially subordinate national sovereignty, and therefore, voting populations, to transnational elites.


Streit never achieved his goal of having a formal “Atlantic Union.” But with an international “intelligence community,” globalized supply chains, increasingly global free trade agreements that subordinate national court systems, and globalized private and central banks, all couched under the rubric of promoting “freedom,” he has as much claim to being the true animating force behind what we’re facing today as anyone else.


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  • tom munds

    Matt, you are amazing even as a liberal! See you aren’t even a “right wing terrorist” and see it and now hopefully you see we aren’t as bad as the libs think we are!! We have always been about exposing global enslavement and corruption thorough the increase of government! Nice Job and thanks Washingtons blog for the post!!


    You keep getting closer, but there’s one piece of the puzzle you guys still haven’t discussed. The Amero is real and getting nearer the day it gets thrown upon us. They will work it out to appear the savior of us all. The USD is getting destroyed by Bubbles Bernanke’s print-fest. And it is only backed by the oil trade, the petrodollar we all know about. But the only real proven accessible reserves in north america are in Canada and Mexico. Therein lies the charade about the new-era of US oil production. Smart people know that shale oil wells decline very fast and never produce much even at peak. Smart people have even figured out that the ‘huge reserves’ of the Monterrey shale are vastly over-stated. But somehow, I have not seen anyone put it all together. The US needs to pull the wool over the eyes of the Canadians and the Mexicans if they will join our dying currency. The ‘story’ is deeply crafted and is being perpetuated by the shills in the media. The lie is BIG, and the only reason for the disinformation is to sucker the Canadians and the Mexicans into the AMERO, which is the only way to save the US wealth from the destruction of Bernanke and his Bankster cabal. Wake up folks. Do you think the USD/CAD would be held near parity for so long without a deeper reason? The plan is to weaken the USD and get the Americans on board the bankster plan, then with lies and trickery convince the Canadians and Mexicans that we really all have the same amount of petroleum reserves, so—‘why not join together?’ It’s coming, and the plan is being readied by the Fed’s printers and media shills. Anyone who reads this should research it further. The EU just last month allowed unelected finance ministers to sell their sovereignty to the ECB. Think it ain’t coming to North America? THINK AGAIN AND THINK HARDER — WAKE UP!!!!!

    • Phelony Jones

      And the petro dollar just got the 911 alarm with the Saudi’s sucking up to a bigger customer, China. After the incompetent Obama got his head handed to him by Putin, they know he is weak, unreliable and incompetent. They are going with a winner. We are the losers, but at least health care is “FREE”!

      We already sold ourselves for free shit, they are too late to do more.


        The scam is that the USD only is backed by trading, no real tangible anything. At least when the petrodollar began we had a lot of oil still in the ground here. Now it’s just Enron trading scam artists and banksters trading true fiat confetti. If we can sucker Canada and Mexico to give us their actual oil reserve wealth to back our currency, we can remain hegemonic. Otherwise it is confetti is confetti is confetti. That is why the Fed is printing and the Treasury are issuing so much, so the owners of the confetti will back the plan/scam (China, Japan, etc), otherwise they will lose their USD-denominated ‘wealth’. The scam is deep, as I said. But as an American who has seen what Bankster-filth want (removing all civil liberties and democracy), I want Canadians and Mexicans to become aware of the scam before they give their own nation’s REAL oil wealth away to the US bankster cabal. GW, I hope you are reading this and will take up this story. I don’t have an outlet as you do. Make our North American neighbors aware of the beast. You know the beast, 666, United States Dollar.


        The scam is that the USD only is backed by trading, no real tangible anything. At least when the petrodollar began we had a lot of oil still in the ground here. Now it’s just Enron trading scam artists and banksters trading true fiat confetti. If we can sucker Canada and Mexico to give us their actual oil reserve wealth to back our currency, we can remain hegemonic. Otherwise it is confetti is confetti is confetti. That is why the Fed is printing and the Treasury are issuing so much, so the owners of the confetti will back the plan/scam (China, Japan, etc), otherwise they will lose their USD-denominated ‘wealth’. The scam is deep, as I said. But as an American who has seen what Bankster-filth want (removing all civil liberties and democracy), I want Canadians and Mexicans to become aware of the scam before they give their own nation’s REAL oil wealth away to the US bankster cabal. GW, I hope you are reading this and will take up this story. I don’t have an outlet as you do. Make our North American neighbors aware of the beast. You know the beast, 666, United States Dollar.

    • WrenchMonkey

      Symptoms. You’re trying to cure a disease by putting band aids on the symptoms.

      We are looking at all the “issues” facing us in isolation rather than holistically. We are wasting our time in discussions and argumentation about how to treat the symptoms of the disease that is murdering the planet rather than trying to eliminate the disease.

      Industrialised civilisation is a cancer and it’s killing the world that makes it possible for us exist. A malignant cancer cannot be convinced to stop its spread by entreaty or appeal to reason.

      Industrial civilisation is unsustainable and irredeemable. Its members, both rulers and ruled, will not voluntarily enact the changes needed to transform it to a culture that is rational, sustainable and natural. Therefore, it will collapse.

      It all comes down to this – the longer it takes for civilisation to collapseor the longer we wait to deconstruct it voluntarily, the less viable habitat will remain, the fewer species will survive, the worse the climate disaster will be and, therefore, the harder it will be for any Life that survives through and after the fall.

      I think we must go back before we can go forward.

      The human species, if it is to survive, must return to the natural world, find its proper place there, accept it with humility and resume its interrupted evolutionary journey.

      Just my opinion

  • WrenchMonkey

    I think we need to get beyond all this sociopolitical crap. It’s all got to go.

    This is the patriarchal hierarchy we call “civilisation”.

    This civilisation is based upon the self-assumed “right” to exploit everyone and everything without limit.

    In the psychopathic culture of civilisation, it is “normal” for those at the top of the hierarchy to exploit, destroy and kill those beneath them.

    Death and destruction are only allowed to move down the hierarchy. This is “progress” and “development”. Any resistance or attempt to send force or even peaceful resistance up the hierarchy is a “crime” at the least and “terrorism” at anything beyond.

    This culture of occupation and extraction is killing the planet that makes it possible for us to survive.

    Industrial “civilisation” is unsustainable. It will collapse. The longer that collapse is delayed, or the longer we wait to bring it down ourselves, the greater the suffering and death for any Life that survives through and after the breakdown.

    Just my opinion.

    • Grandfather John

      Globalism is based on tyranny, erasing and supplanting inalienable rights with civil rights that transfers powers from the home to the state. The first wave of the con-job was when Globalists sold “more equal” equality by way of matriarchy. Women and children are victims of patriarchy in globalist elite memes to bring their hard sell and propaganda to give tyrannical government power over private life. Men and women are different. If you want to rape the power belonging to family government, you divide and conquer natural order, and the consequence is de-civilization – the welfare state of millions of state-dependent sheeple. Women obtain privilige by trading their liberty for bread, housing, foodstamps, health-care and circuses. Globalism elites use false female victimization schemes to enslave a population. It has spurred socialisms enabling power to pillage and destroy anyone who wishes to keep the fruit of their labor in their own home and family. Wrench monkey and her marxist dogma learned well the feminist ideology spoon fed to her.

      • WrenchMonkey

        Tyranny results when the few achieve dominance over the many, when the power of the society is replaced by the power of a few individuals.

        It’s not governments per se that have tyrannical power. Virtually all the ostensible governments today are owned outright by the money power of the international banking cartel.

        Your rant is missing the entire point. You’re only talking about symptoms of the disease called industrial civilisation.

        If you “believe” you can replace one type of hierarchy with any other that is contingent upon the continuation of industrial civilisation , then you don’t comprehend the basic laws of physics. You’re not seeing the big picture. You can’t cure the disease by putting band aids on the symptoms

        I don’t care what “ism” you attach to it, capitalism, socialism, libertarianism?, all of them are dysfunctional and pathological. There can be no “state”.

        Studies have shown that the maximum number of people that can be grouped together while maintaining an egalitarian culture is 150, small enough so that everyone knows each other, allowing the group to be self-regulated. Beyond that number, hierarchies begin to form and social power gives way to individual power and this permits the onset of ponerogenesis, which leads to pathocracy. What you get is what we’ve got.

        Just out of curiosity, whom do you imagine “spoon fed” WrenchMonkey his marxist dogma and feminist ideology? He extracted himself from the “school system” a very long time ago.

        I did and do not advocate either marxism or matriarchy.

        My conclusions, not “beliefs” or ideologies, have been reached only after over fifty years of searching for understanding and critical thinking. Any time I learn something new that proves to my satisfaction that any of my conclusions are erroneous, I will adjust them accordingly. Nobody spoon-feeds me my opinions.

        Like so many others, you are so indoctrinated to the memes of the dominant culture that you cannot see the forest for the trees. You waste your time in reactionary argumentation over symptoms of the disease that is killing the world that allows you to exist. You attack anyone who doesn’t conform to your particular version of the “natural order”, which you evidently believe is patriarchal even though you pay lip service to its criticism.

        I don’t post to these threads in order to proselytise, engage in debate or participate in vitriolic exchanges with ideologues or agents provocateurs. I offer my words as food for thought, as encouragement for those who already see “the big picture” and feel the urgency of the situation. Maybe I can even give a little extra bit of motivation to those who are strong enough, who have the courage, to develop the resistance movement that is so desperately needed if there is to be any chance of long term human survival.

        I’m too old and cowardly to put my Life on the line in such a movement. I can only use my words to motivate those who have the strength and courage I lack.

        You and I will simply have to agree to disagree. It is incumbent upon neither of us to “convert” the other.

        May you fare well upon your journey, whatever road you choose to follow.

  • Phelony Jones

    I’m going to bet that getting rid of the 2nd Amendment was key to this scheme. Disarm as many suckers as possible for the eventual, even if unplanned, then to statism a totalitarianism. Remember, these people all admired Stalin. Some of their fathers admired Hitler.