How to Specify Start and Stop Times In New Youtube Embed Code

Why Did My Embed Code Stop Working?

Youtube recently changed its code for embedding videos.

Previously you could type something like this at the end of the url within your embed code:


This would start the video at 310 seconds into the video.

That no longer works …

The new youtube code for the start time looks like this:


And the new code for end time is like this:


So if you want to start your youtube video at 310 seconds in and end it at the 320 second mark,  you would type this at the end of your url:


So your final embed code would look like this:  

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  • Joshua Roberts

    you sir. you.

  • ikarusweb

    thx for the post man

  • pogo

    The font ruins the last sentence in the blog!

    should be ?start=310&end=320

    • pogo

      Well…that didn’t work. But you get the point!

      • Saleh al-Salman

        That was 2 years ago.

        I tried it now and it did not work.

        What is the new one?

  • Salamander Calamander

    Doesn’t work when used in a URL. How do I create a URL with a specific start and end time?

  • Dig

    Youtube has changed something again, Right now this works:

  • YouTube link writer/tester enter Stop and Start times from the video. It converts those times to total seconds. Enter the YouTube file name then writes a link for full screen viewing which is displayed at the bottom. Then Test the link.

  • Aks Shah

    I found this simple tool for customising the start & end time of any youtube videos..
    Simply go to the below link
    & the generated link can also be shared with your friends or embedded in your website.
    Absolutely no need for calculations & all that. Simple as 1,2,3.