Government shutdown? Duh, we could run government with debt-free money

The 1% leaders of US government, finance/banking, and media are asset-hole lying sacks of spin because none inform the 99% of obvious solutions: including government directly paying for all public goods and services with debt-free money created by government (and here).

Several models (and here) of cost-free government are known, beginning with Benjamin Franklin’s pamphlet on colonial Pennsylvania operating its government without taxes to Thomas Edison explaining debt-free money with Henry Ford in a 1921 summer media tour.

In fact, government could (and should) be the employer of last resort for infrastructure (hard – like roads, and soft – like health care, education). Such a structure would provide full-employment, the best infrastructure we can imagine, and falling prices because infrastructure creates more economic output than the infrastructure investment cost (documentation here, here, here).

Want these solutions realized?

Then you’ll need to think, speak, and act for arrests of the 1% OBVIOUS War Criminals and banksters, or YOU WILL NEVER HAVE ANYTHING BUT MORE WAR, FEAR/HATE-MONGERING AND LIES.

History shows you this.

Learn it or repeat it.

With all respect: duh.

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  • Tonto

    More than a half century Henry Wallace said, all wealth comes from the ground. You seem to be saying, all wealth may come from the ground, but we have to have infrastructure to get out onto the ground to reap that wealth.

    I am not so sure, loosening up more wealth from the ground is going to make a difference when the real problems are the scientific approach, like derivatives, over-fed populations and Fukushima. I think we should be writing our Congress-creeps to tell them to stay shut down, because if they open back up, ObamaCare is going to continue on, Syria is going to be bombed back into the Stone Age just like Libya was, 9-11 and Fukushima criminals will remain free, and things are just plain, going to continue to get worse at an accelerating pace.

    We don’t need government spending money on any of that.

    • Carl_Herman

      Dude: then why not call for arrests of these obvious criminals centering in war, money, and media?

      • Tonto

        Why not? Because there is little doubt those who would replace them would be exactly the same sort of hand-picked fiend. That’s the nature our national history, and every other nation throughout history too. That’s human nature.

        Name one politician whose fond legacy is a reality? Even the Sun King was a warring despot who had people put to death with a wave of his finger as he looked askance at something less trivial (to him). You’re arguing for the impossible, that some sort of super-confucian-monarch, or some sort of super-George-Washington could run the country like a Utopia. It’ll never happen that way. When the money is printed, it goes to the usury crooks every time, no matter who is printing the money.

        Such entirely unrealistic fantasies are what create all the wide-open opportunity for all the brutal despots of the world that are financed by the usury crooks of the world. And they are all brutal depots, to the very last one. They are all financed by the usury crooks of the world too.

        The EFFECT of your argument is only to apologize for a stronger, more invasive government, one that prints money to fill all the budget holes, and one that keeps the usury crooks in business. Government budgets are systematically and systemically plundered every time. That’s the nature of government spending. You know that.

        Inflation is the most regressive form of taxation, Carl Herman. Stop advocating printing more money. Printing money causes inflation, whether that money is used to save children, cure cancer, pay pensions, go to the moon, open new libraries, fix the infrastructure or wage war. You are not advocating a solution.

        You are advocating printing more money, again. You are advocating making the existing problem of widespread insolvency, much worse. You are arguing, that printing more money is within the realm of reasonably responsible government. It is not.

        Inflation is the most regressive form of taxation. Printing money destroys existing wealth, everything everyone has worked for, and saved. Printing money destroys the value of your paycheck and your retirement funds. Printing money always represents a huge transfer wealth from the poor and middle class to the usury crooks that accumulate the money being printed up. There is no exception to this rule, because the poor, middle class and even the rich people in this country spend every penny that passes into their hands. They are in all debt up to their ears.

        Both inflation and money printing are facilitators of government corruption, usury and crony capitalism. The usury crooks love it every time you advocated printing more money. You are advocating making their parasitic existence that much easier. The truth is, the people simply cannot pay back all they have been tricked into borrowing by the usury crooks.

        If no money is printed, then the usury crooks will fail and cease to exist. This is why everyone was so adamantly against TARP and all the other bank bailouts. The usury crooks have made a bad bet, and they should lose what they have bet, which is everything. All the too big to fails, should have failed. And they can fail yet, were it not for all those like you who keep the idea alive, that money printing is some sort of cornucopia.

        It is not. Money printing is a direct transfer of wealth from everyone, to the too big to fail banks. Demand the money printing be stopped. It is theft.

        • Carl_Herman

          Let’s allow the public to look:
          1. Arresting the criminals and ripping-open a safe domain for all whistleblowers and insiders to disclose, including media, allows truth to exist openly.
          2. Criminals are recognized, whether old or new, and removed from the playing field. The domain of law, when ethical, is as clean as umpires running a fair baseball game.
          3. Creating money out of nothing for infrastructure investment that produces more economic output than investment cost is uncontested in the research and conservative academic/real-world conclusion to result in falling prices.

          TARP was a criminal fraud response to criminal banksters: all of those should be arrested and removed from our economic playing field.

          The logistics of the arrests is challenging: removing the top crooks first and then allowing Truth & Reconciliation might work most smoothly.

          • Tonto

            Sure, had we the ability to make such things happen. But we do not. Not even 95% of the American people (who adamantly opposed it) could stop TARP. Some people who write here honestly believe that they can stop the bombing of Syria? Why?

            One has to do what one can do. What can we do? We can slow the thing down at every turn, until it ceases to function. That is why I say, write your Congress-creeps and tell them, DO NOT open the government back up for business.

            Why not open the government back up? Because it is important to stop everything the government is doing. Government is taking our sovereignty, printing money and stealing not just from you and I. The government is stealing money from the future too.

            We should not be looking to ameliorate our government’s wayward ways. We should be looking to shut the government down for an indefinite period of time, and certainly until Obama is gone.

            Shutting the government down is the only way to get people off the dole, dole at the high end (Wall Street), and, dole at the low end, the legions of people who work for government directly and indirectly, and the welfare recipients who voted for Obama because he promised to give them more things for free.

            The free ride is over. There can be no free lunch. It’s theft.

          • ZackForester

            You’re the problem with the country if you think the people that work for the government and provide services for the government don’t do any real work and expect to be paid for nothing and have a problem helping people who can’t provide for themselves. They’re not the ones who are bankrupting the country. The $300 billion we spend annually on debt service and the military security budget(which quadrupled since 2001 and accounts for $1.4 trillion annually in direct payment, debt service, and unfunded liabilities) are what are bankrupting this country and shutting down the government is not the solution to those problems. In 2 months we go back into a recession and businesses will start laying off employees as a result of your ignorance of the consequences of actions you support.

          • Tonto

            Zack- So, you are in favor of continuing on as things have been going, so that the welfare recipients in this country don’t have to go without? Really???

            Well, let me be the first to tell you, Zack, there are now 50 million Americans receiving food stamps. The food stamp slop bucket is the only source of income for an increasing percentage of Americans. This is all due to the policy of continuing on as things have been going, exactly what you are recommending.

            The money printing is nothing but theft. The boat is sinking under the weight of so much money printing. The government is stealing from literally everyone to keep things going as they have been going (downhill). And this policy has proven an economy-crumbling idiocy. But you howl like a retarded humanitarian, saying, those without cannot do without!

            Well, Zack, EVERYONE is increasingly without on this path you have chosen. So, what’s plan “B” then? Carl Herman wants to print more money, which is the path you’re choosing too. Print more money and give it to those who deserve it most, is the cry of the reformers.

            The truth is, no one “deserves” this free money, which is really just stealing from everyone because it causes inflation. Inflation is clearly the most regressive tax. Inflation taxes those who don’t have two cents to their name. So, more people end up on welfare! Where are you going with this, Zack? Carl?

            Tell me again, how I am the problem for objecting to being ripped off by inflation with this money printing scheme.

          • ZackForester

            If you’re in favor of a government shutdown, you’re an anarchist. Please, leave the country or at least never vote ever again.

          • Tonto

            Your pat talking points are laughable. I’m an anarchist, am I? I should leave the country, should I? That’s very funny. But your talking-point-arguments carry no weight.

            I’m am in favor of stopping the government from doing what it is doing. No one voted for any of this. The money printing and the spending is simply theft from everyone. No one voted for that. Obama didn’t run on a campaign saying he would devalue the currency and destroy the economy by printing money to pad the ledgers of the big banks and make payments on welfare checks. No one voted for any of this, and no one supports any of it either.

            Your argument is about as cogent as my saying that if you want to live in a socialist/fascist country with an economy that is totally destroyed, then go live in Cuba or Venezuela.

            Your responses aren’t worth reading, Loser.

          • ZackForester

            No one voted for a quadrupling of the military spending either but that’s still in place and people of your ilk never seem to have a problem with that. If you don’t like the country then leave. If things don’t starting getting better in this country I will leave but it won’t be to Canada or Venezuela though because those are pathetic examples of socialist democracies. When I leave I’ll be going to Australia or Germany and you can have your Laissez-faire corporatocracy that enriches the few while the majority starve.

          • Lori Bozievich

            Iceland for me… they jailed their shyster bankers

          • Lori Bozievich

            Tonto, the problem you are creating is denying there seems to be a huge problem here… I can not afford to live, and save for retirement or a rainy day…. I am in debt in this day. I am 42 intelligent, beautiful but I can not find a job that covers my nut. So now I ride the coattails of Republicans. I appreciate my boss, and his cronies… but they are so out of touch. Welfare/disability…. yes it is taken advantage of, so promote change to system. Don’t starve people who are doing everything in there power to make ends meet. It’s not that easy today. Talk about change instead of the negative solution offered…. which is nothing. So instead of giving welfare, provide places they get a good meal, a place to stay with childcare and financial counseling. Who is watching these children when parents are looking for work that won’t pay the bills anyway? Instead of smacking down every idea…. YOU MUST ACCEPT THERE IS A PROBLEM… AND IT IS THE DELUSION OF PEOPLE WHO THINK EVERYONE EXCEPTS A HANDOUT…. WHEN CORPORATIONS ARE THE BIGGEST RECIPIENTS OF HANDOUTS THEY DON’T NEED.

            and let me say…. the so called conservatives are not so conservative. I see so much waste… it blows my mind seeing precious resources, food, money being washed down the drain because the ones in control have NO IDEA.

            We cannot change anything unless we accept “This is wrong’ “change is needed”

            If you are going to be mad at any scam… there are others places to start that finger pointing. Obama, welfare recipients, the uninsured… isn’t the problem. It’s the mind of people like you that don’t accept we need to end the insanity of the white collar crook. I rather deal with the mafia… they have softer hearts!!!! AND THEY DON’T PRETEND TO HAVE CLEAN HANDS, THEY OWN THEIR FILTH.

            btw good luck reading this, I’m not going to proofread, but its from the heart.

  • DavidC

    This morning, I told my GOP Congressman, Scott Tipton, that I wanted his immediate resignation. I know my one message won’t accomplish anything, but if enough people do the same it will get noticed. I posted a similar message on Yahoo News and all I’m getting in response is abuse.

    • Carl_Herman

      If you explain and document the crimes Mr. Tipton supports, then you’ve covered to either ask him to honor his Oath and end those crimes or resign.

      “Abuse” may be propaganda; I’ve never found anyone to rationally support Wars of Aggression and bankster looting.

      • Honest Harry’s Used Cars

        Or the use of food stamps at the local pizza house. Though, I guess the food stamp recipients and the pizza houses support it.

        “And what will you have to drink with that?”


        “No coke, just Pepsi.”

        “I’ll have a Pepsi then.”

        I guess “doing without” takes on a whole different meaning in that context, doesn’t it.

      • Bev

        Dear Carl, I love that you reference Dennis Kucinich and his monetary bill, HR 2990. I think it is the best and only solution to solving not only our problems with debt money here in the US, but, more imminently the global problem of the danger of Fukushima which requires massive funding (Japan and Tepco have stated that they do not have enough money) and the best, expert engineers to even attempt to fix Fukushima safely, correctly.

        Wouldn’t you agree that State banks, post office banks, MMT, and the 2007 undistributed “new” $100. debt based “Note” currency cannot fund Fukushima. I would love to have you on board at the American Monetary Institute to urge the US, Japan and the rest of the world to adopt this best plan–HR 2990. Please.

        More info on your reference to Dennis Kucinich’s thoughtful bill that all countries need to introduce, HR 2990 , to change our money system away from Bankers’ DEBT based money which only profit Banks and require that a society is mal-treated with bankruptcies, fraud and money laundering for this debt system to function (see: ). However, even Bankers should support this bill, because, if we lack money for best engineering efforts to even try to fix Fukushima safely, correctly, and so fail disastrously, then bankers will not profit, and may not survive any better than anyone else. So bankers, what do you say? There is more profit to staying alive by not being irradiated, than profit in a broken, disintegrating debt money system.

        Historical experience has taught us what we need to do:

        1. Put the Federal Reserve System into the U.S. Treasury.

        2. Stop the banking system creating any part of the money supply.

        3. Create new money as needed by spending it on public infrastructure, including human infrastructure, e.g. education and health care.

        These 3 elements must all be done together, and are all in draft legislative form as the proposed American Monetary Act [In September 2011, Congressman Dennis Kucinich introduced the National Emergency Employment Defense (NEED) Act, HR 2990, into Congress. View details here ].

        The correct action is for Congress to fulfil its constitutional responsibilities to furnish the nation with its money by making the American Monetary Act law.

        The correct action for the States is to insist on this Federal action!

        Genuine monetary reform is the solution to the nation’s fiscal problems, and that can only be achieved at the national level.


        We don’t need any more diversions.

        We citizens have only so much energy and time to devote to changing our world for the better. Diverting good people into nonsense condemns us to continue suffering unnecessarily. This time of crisis must be used for real reform, not diversions.

        So what is the solution?

        It’s the monetary system which must be changed to end the fiscal crisis, and State governments cannot do this – it’s a matter for the Federal Government.

        Under present constitutional and legal conventions, the only institutions that can create money without debt are national treasuries and/or central banks. State governments within a federal nation cannot do this – the problem can only be solved at the national level.

        Proposals promoting anything else would require a constitutional amendment, which is not necessary.


        We have a big problem in our economy and society today: too much debt. Banking cannot solve this problem because banking produces debt, which is the problem. It’s incredible that even now the delusion of borrowing ourselves out of debt is still seen as a solution, by anyone, let alone so-called reformers. We’re in a deep hole because we listened to cheerleaders yelling “keep on digging” without thinking. We cannot afford to keep doing this any more.

        Proposing to get governments involved in banking is the complete opposite of a solution, because it keeps the problem in place.

        As American Monetary Institute Chapter Leader, Dick Distelhorst, says:

        “We don’t want to put the government into the banking business – we want to get the banks out of the money creation business!”

        Monetary Experts Modeling of new money system which would provide the money to try to fix Fukushima safely for everyone:

        from Japan, Professor Kaoru Yamaguchi’s Model of HR 2990

        Professor Yamaguchi (Berkeley, Doshisha Universities) shows that Kucinich’s HR
        2990 NEED Act: (1) Provides the funding for infrastructure repair (which solves the unemployment crisis) (2) Pays off the national debt as it comes due (3) Does this without inflation! Click here


        Workings of A Public Money System of Open Macroeconomies
        – Modeling the American Monetary Act Completed –
        (A Revised Version)
        Kaoru Yamaguchi
        Doshisha University

        And from Europe Dr. Michael Kumhof:

        The Chicago Plan Revisited, Michael Kumhof (Deputy Division Chief, Modeling
        Dept., IMF) applies modern computer modeling to the Chicago Plan, which
        support the monetary reforms of HR 2990 and dispel the widespread fears
        of inflation under a government money system.


        The Chicago Plan Revisited
        Jaromir Benes and Michael Kumhof


        And, to add to your statement about war and debt…

        Robert Poteat speaks on
        How A Debt Based Money System Drives Warfare, and then Warfare Drives More Debt


        Carl, the American Monetary Institute could use your help. And, we all need their help to try to fix Fukushima. If we succeed with Fukushima, then this new public/government money system will solve many of our most pressing problems here at home.