Arrest 1% criminals or have stupefying 1% media lies, and no solutions

“Corporate media” are six corporations that “cover” OBVIOUS crimes centering in war and money by a 1% US oligarchy. They lie by commission and omission (full explanation and documentation here, here, here), with propaganda techniques obvious upon inspection.

These crimes are only possible through lies and propaganda.

The 99% reject such psychopathic viciousness when educated, and will demand arrests of lying sacks of spin media “leaders” complicit in annually war-murdering millions, harming billions, and looting trillions.

When the US prosecuted Nazis for violating the Kellogg-Briand Treaty by Wars of Aggression, we also prosecuted the Nazis’ chief media propagandist, and hanged him.

Media liars today have a choice: embrace “Scrooge Conversions” now, or face the consequences as OBVIOUS criminal accomplices.

Want Truth from media, or ongoing stupefying and distracting lies?

For Truth, you’ll need to think, speak, and act for arrests of the 1% OBVIOUS criminals, or YOU WILL NEVER HAVE ANYTHING BUT MORE LIES, DEBT, AND DEATH.

US economic history and US war history show you this.

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  • Weapons of Mass Deception: best documentary ever along these lines, by Danny Schechter:

  • gozounlimited

    Top Scientists Slam and Ridicule The 1% UN IPCC Climate Report ….. . “We need to put down the IPCC as soon as possible — not to protect the patient who seems to be thriving in its own little cocoon, but for the sake of the rest of us whom it is trying to infect with its disease. Fortunately much of the population seems to be immune, but some governments seem highly susceptible to the disease. However, the precautionary principle demands that we not take any risks here, and
    hence the IPCC should be put down.” ….

    The 1% criminal weather modification enterprise (IPCC) reports the radical notion that carbon dioxide, an essential gas exhaled by all humans but relentlessly demonized by the UN and many governments — can be considered “pollution”. The IPCC claims that it is more certain than ever that humanity is
    causing global warming. A draconian global “carbon budget” for humanity administered by the UN, the IPCC alleges, is urgently needed to stave off catastrophic global warming. The radical plan to empower the dictator-dominated planetary body would devastate the world economy while doing virtually nothing for the climate, according to analysts. That would make it even harder to adapt to natural climate changes that can and will occur in the future.

    But the NIPCC scientists point out that the gas is not only not harmful, it is largely beneficial. “CO2 is ‘the gas of life,’” said NIPCC contributing author Dr. Tom Segalstad, associate professor of resource and environmental geology and geochemistry at the University of Oslo. “The more CO2, the more life. More CO2 means we can feed more people on Earth. CO2is contributing very little to the ‘greenhouse effect.’ Clouds have much more influence on temperature.” NIPCC lead author and meteorologistDr. Madhav Khandekar, who worked with the IPCC until becoming outraged
    by its lack of interest in proper scientific review, also pointed out that human-added CO2 is not destabilizing the climate.

    Despite the lack of warming that has demolished the credibility of supposed “climate models” trumpeted by the climate-hysteria industry andthe UN, the global body’s panel claimed to be 95 percent sure that humans are at fault. Five years ago, they claimed to be 90 percent certain, apparently arbitrary and unscientific numbers developed mostly for PR purposes. As expected, the latest report also proposed a draconian planetary regime to reduce carbon dioxide known as a “carbon budget” for humanity. Analysts, even in the establishment media, pointed out that one of the key purposes of the report is to help provide a semblance of public support for the anti-CO2 regulatory scheme sought by would-be global authorities.

    If adopted, nobody disputes the fact that the “carbon budget” would grant unprecedented powers over people, businesses, and governments to planetary bureaucrats. The multi-trillion dollar scheme would also wreakhavoc on the global economy — virtually every human activity, including breathing, releases carbon dioxide, a gas that is essential to plant life. On top of that, experts say the plan would have virtually no effect on the climate. Human emissions of the essential gas, which the UN and its lackeys in much of the establishment media continue to ludicrously demonize as “pollution,” make up just a fraction of one percent of the greenhouse gases present naturally in the atmosphere.

    To enforce its vision, the UN and its allies hope to finally secure a planetary treaty creating the carbon regime by 2015. Despite the best efforts of international bureaucrats and more than a few national
    governments, previous attempts at foisting the UN-run scheme on humanity have failed. However, even as the latest IPCC report is attacked by top scientists as “hilarious” and even “dangerous,” it has become clear that the UN climate establishment does not plan to give up on its machinations just

    The top UN “climate” bureaucrat, Christiana Figueres, for instance, claimed the most recent IPCC report underscored the need for “urgent action” to restrict carbon in the fight against supposed “global warming.” “To steer humanity out of the high danger zone, governments must step up immediate climate action and craft an agreement in 2015 that helps to scale up and speed up the global response,” she demanded without mentioning the lack of warming or the spectacular implosion of UN climate models and theories.

    Obama’s radical science czar John Holdren, who proposed forced abortions and secretly drugging the water supply to deal with a supposed population crisis, echoed Kerry’s alarmism. In comments about the IPCC’s claim of being more certain than ever that humans are to blame for alleged warming — even though 100 percent of its climate models were wrong — he said, “the kinds of harm already being experienced from climate change will continue to worsen unless and until comprehensive and vigorous action to reduce emissions is undertaken worldwide.”

    The new Australian government is currently reining in the climate bureaucracy after voters delivered a brutal rebuke against carbon taxes, but the Obama administration will hardly be alone in pushing for a planetary carbon regime. European Union “Climate Commissioner” Connie Hedegaard, another prominent alarmist, demanded that the UN’s “carbon budget” for humanity be taken into account during the 2015 UN summit……