Arrest 1% criminals or have 1 million children poverty-murdered every month

The number of children poverty-murdered through intentional policy is so large, these lives are hard to imagine.

We owe our young brothers and sisters a moment to do just that.

Helpless human beings are sacrificed by 1% “elite’s” worship of money and power. These war-mongers, looters, and media-liars lord over ~$30 trillion dollars in tax-free accounts while imposing gruesomely slow, agonizing deaths upon a million children every month. The total investment to save these lives is ~$1 trillion.

Those of us who grew the citizen’s lobby to end domestic and global poverty, RESULTS, helped cause two UN Summits for heads of state. All we’ve ever received from both US parties’ “leaderships” since the 1990 World Summit for Children is empty rhetoric, every public and private promise reneged, and corporate media lies of omission and commission to “cover” these poverty-murders from public recognition (for a stunning example, see what the NY Times chose to “report”).

Since 9/11, US reneged promises to end poverty have killed over 100 million children, twice the number of children enrolled in pre-kindergarten to 12th grade in the US.

Since the 1%’s reneged promises from our second UN Summit, on microcredit in 1997, the total deaths from preventable poverty is conservatively greater than from all wars, revolutions, murders, accidents, and suicides in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Since the 1990 World Summit for Children where the promise to end poverty was again sincerely pledged, total deaths from poverty eclipse all the above categories of death in all known human history.*

Please read the preceding three paragraphs a second time, and feel the impact of the 1%’s murderous “leadership” and lies.

The leverage point to remove the 1% is for those among the 99% with arrest authority to exercise it for “emperor has no clothes” obvious ongoing crimes; perhaps the most obvious as War Crimes and murders of US soldiers who were lied-into unlawful wars, bankster looting of trillions, and media lying sacks of spin as required accomplices to hide these OBVIOUS crimes.

It’s either arrest the 1% psychopaths who smile as they lie and kill, or suffer all the consequences of allowing these poverty-murders to continue, month after month, million after million.

Of course, we welcome the 1%’s “Scrooge conversions” to reclaim their hearts and join us as heroes.

*Assuming 16 years of poverty deaths totaling 225 million and 23 years at 400 million (poverty deaths have decreased over the past 20 years) compared to the estimates of 160 million war deaths from Scaruffi, P., Wars and Casualties of the 20th and 21st Centuries, and 230 million from Leitenberg, M, Deaths in Wars and Conflicts in the 20th Century, (along with the relatively smaller numbers for murders, accidents, and suicides). Total global deaths in recorded history is probably a safe estimate given a global population of ~1.6 billion in 1900. My assignment for high school students on ending poverty with all of the documentation: The Economics of Ending PovertyDespite the investment to save a million children’s lives each month from preventable poverty being just 0.7% of our gross national income, despite that every historical case of ending poverty reduces population growth rates, and despite US promises to make that investment at global summits, the 1% “leadership” in government and corporate media renege and ignore all promises to end this crushing torture, these excruciating and prolonged deaths of children.

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  • Tonto

    These claims of a limited total investment to save “these lives” are preposterous. None of “these lives” would be “saved”. Their sure demise resulting from their impoverished (and often arid) environment might be delayed a time, while these peoples continued to reproduce, creating an even bigger humanitarian disaster in the future, but, “these lives” are going to succumb when the money runs out under any plan ever envisioned. And meanwhile, the poorly thought out humanitarian solution just makes the humanitarian disaster get bigger.

    Screaming “Horrors! Children are dying!” is a platitude for the gullible. I suppose everyone has to believe in something though. I see kids every day right in my home town, whose lives are obviously stunted and going to go to ruin. There are too many of them.

    Too many human women are just like breeding sows. Too many men are life breeding boars. They will breed with anyone willing to share conjugal relationships. Their children are simply going to die, because their mothers and fathers don’t have enough respect for the opportunity that life represents.

    So, stop thinking of “these lives” as children, and start thinking of them as the reproductive result of generations of men and women whose breeding sense is so non-existent their children die like flies.

    In other words, this is a systemic problem. It is not a problem with logistics or wealth sharing. And the systemic problems of this world go far beyond over-breeding in the human race. Though dealing with the over-breeding is clearly a good place to start dealing with all the systemic problems. Plans to feed children thinking it’s going to be possible to correct their inherited behavior later, on the other hand, is laughably short-sighted. But as I said, I suppose everyone has to believe in something.

    Carl here believes he’s a journalist, and another savior of mankind. But honestly, if the world listened Carl for their sermons, the disasters he claims to have solutions for, would all get much worse in very short order.

    • Carl_Herman

      You don’t ever read the links to explain how ending poverty is simply the path developed nations have taken, adapted to their own environments, tonto.

      You argue from ignorance; you literally have no idea what you’re talking about other than referencing your beliefs.

      Your beliefs are refuted with history and all understanding of research and project results. Your position has zero agreement; I’ve provided the links to show how relatively easy it is to end poverty from a mechanical/technical position.

      But hey, tonto, go ahead and try to find support for your unsubstantiated views.

      I have a college degree focused in this area, and spent 18 years working with experts. I’ll provide links for all my claims. You’ve got nothing but beliefs and unsupported claims, tonto.

      • Excellent, and indeed very well sourced article Carl. Thank you. Hard hitting, painful but truth is truth. Thanks again and thank you for such an eloquent response to the above poster. Well said Sir, well said.

      • gozounlimited

        Tonto is a member of society under corporate technological militarized control and surveillance. How can any genuine massive civil-disturbance protest against militarization, standing armies and the war economy occur within the United States whether on college campuses or anywhere when every waking moment individuals are attached to machines such as I-Phones, I-Pads, headphones, that function as time eating, attention stealing devices deliberately designed to infest their minds
        with corporate military commercialized brainwash and stifle and kill free thought as a form of pacification and electronic soft counter-insurgency against genuine antiwar anti-militarized sentiment?

        Understanding the problem doesn’t necessarily necessitate having the solution. The
        structural controls are so daunting that the false consciousness of the majority of the population cannot perceive the mass societal manipulation. They don’t see the dead bodies piled up by the CIA, U.S. Army, Marines, private mercenaries and JSOC nor do they see the millions killed in Iraq from 1991 during the Bagdhad Amman Highway of death U.S. air hunt of fleeing Iraqi civilians or the present day sectarian warfare slaughter caused by the brutal U.S. occupation.

        This is a conspiracy that separates the powers that be from the rest of the people. If only they knew and were awakened perhaps this cognitively disturbing information would spark the indignation of the depoliticized, indignant American masses whose tax dollars pay for slaughter……. Read More:

      • Tonto

        This is what I said, and I stand by it. “Carl here believes he’s a journalist, and another savior of mankind.
        But honestly, if the world listened Carl for their sermons, the
        disasters he claims to have solutions for, would all get much worse in
        very short order.”

        Carl Herman claims he can end poverty. That was the focus of LBJ’s war on poverty, lots of legislation that hurled poverty in the U.S. upward by leaps and bounds year after year and generation after generation. These efforts to end poverty have created an underclass of Americans who are growing up retarded, ill with a myriad of congenital diseases, violent and dying younger. These same Americans require more laws and more law enforcement to keep them corralled in their inner city slum-cages. These same Americans fester in a stew of generational welfarism, drug addiction, criminal gangs and violence.

        And I’m telling everyone, black Americans had a better standard of living under pre-Civil War slavery conditions than they have today. Look at the rates of incarceration. Look at the rates of extreme poverty. Look at the rate of extreme violence. Look at the rate of death by communicable disease. Look at the rate of death by drug addiction.

        LBJ’s war on poverty has made living in America like living in an armed camp, with the haves on one side of a well-guarded fence, and the have-nots living on the other side, black, white, Hispanic and Asian.

        Carl Herman’s so-called “education” is the very same education that has brought this country to its knees. Carl Herman is nothing more than another empirical messiah claiming he has all the solutions to the world’s problems. In fact, it is countless numbers of empirical Carl Herman’s who throughout our American history have led the country to then shit-house, into which its head has been thrust in the name of doing the humanitarian thing according to reams of phony empirical research.

        All empirical research is skewed and worthless. People cite empirical research to prove all kinds of things that are nothing more than boldface lies. Empirical research recently has been used to prove that due to global warming, sea levels will rise by several meters, there will be no snow left by this year, no Polar Bears will be left in the arctic, and no sea ice anywhere! Bullshit, Carl Herman.

        This is the very nature of academia, from whence Carl Herman’s common knowledge base has been spawned along the lines of his communist, kook-brained, Harvard professors. These empirical people from academia are not just liars, they are fakes and fools tinkering with our world and making it worse at every turn.

        Show me one place where poverty has been brought to heel, Carl Herman. Show me just one such place!

        • Carl_Herman

          tonto rants and “sermonizes” while refusing to read or discuss what the serious people working to end poverty have discovered and documented.

          tonto pretends this is somehow just me, rather than a global network of non-governmental and governmental organizations, with a rich history of work.

          Technical solutions for clean water, access to land, basic infrastructure, basic health care, basic shelter, basic education, basic security are well-documented. Poverty has been “brought to heel” in the US with access to land and work, and not when land and work are “controlled” by oligarchies. Poverty is addressed with microcredit that allows people to work their way out of poverty all over the world.

          tonto rather displaces the topic and solutions to other issues, cries, “bullshit,” and attacks messengers rather than proactive solutions. Tonto is correct that academia and government are controlled areas that ultimately lie to protect oligarchic power. Tonto is foolish to lump those of us working for a better future into the same mold as those causing the problems.

          I only invest the time to point this out because such propaganda as tonto’s might discourage readers. Rather, allow it to isolate such nonsense. In the real world, as we all know, such ranting would have tonto removed from the room of people seriously considering and discussing issues and paths of solutions.

          • Tonto

            Carl Herman responds, “I only invest the time to point this out because such propaganda as tonto’s might discourage readers. […]”

            More Carl Herman bullshit leaks onto the page. Carl Herman responds as he does because his delusional pride wouldn’t let my pointed question end this thread. Watch Carl’s blase rhetorical gimmickry again! The question, again, Carl, was-

            —>>> Show me one place where poverty has been brought to heel, Carl Herman. Show me just one such place! <<<—

          • Carl_Herman

            You don’t read, tonto.

            Anywhere that poverty has been ended is a combination of access to land and work. Microcredit has saved ~100 million human lives from poverty-related death. Ask those who benefit whether “poverty has been brought to heel”:

            Go ahead: argue for the deaths of those human beings in prolonged, gruesome suffering rather than the profit-making microcredit. Go ahead, argue against basic economic infrastructure design and history of developed areas.

            Go ahead: argue for inaction, whining without solutions, and attacking those willing to bring together heads of states for action.

            Go ahead: make the choice clear for all readers which side they prefer to think, speak, and act for.

            As always, I thank you for helping the public be clear about choices.

          • Tonto

            —>>> Show me one place where poverty has been brought to
            heel, Carl Herman. Show me just one such place! <<<—

          • Carl_Herman

            Read the microcredit link, and see how over 175 million human families have brought poverty to heel.

            Care to answer: why do you ignore the documentation rather than address it?

          • Tonto

            Stop paying the shell game with me. Where is your poverty-less Utopia?

            —>>> Show me one place where poverty has been brought to
            heel, Carl Herman. Show me just one such place! <<<—

          • Carl_Herman

            Strawman argument, tonto, that we all see. Go ahead and argue that nobody should be helped because the 1% keep poverty as their policy.

            Argue that millions should die because some “utopia” is blocked by oligarchs.

          • Tonto

            So, there is no place where poverty has been eradicated by this scheme of yours and Ellen’s. Well, surprise, surprise. And you accuse me of a straw man argument. You get more honest with each passing day, Carl. Thank you.

            BTW, I am not an oligarch. And I don’t want you and Ellen printing money, not even with your empty promises about the supposedly well-documented means to end poverty. I like 95% of the American public believe all the money printing schemes do absolutely nothing to improve the economy.

            Inflation is the most regressive form of taxation, Carl. Printing money to save poor people, only creates more poor people, when the resulting inflation takes hold.

    • Patrick Grimes
  • gozounlimited

    “There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul”, Nelson Mandela says, “than the way in which it treats its children”.

    Who would disagree?

    Yet today children may be assaulted, diseased, or killed by
    pervasive corporate drugs, junk-foods and beverages, perverted by
    mindless violence in multiple modes, deployed as dead-end labour with no
    benefits, and then dumped into a corporate future of debt enslavement
    and meaningless work. How could this increasing systematic abuse be
    publicly licensed at every level? What kind of society could turn a
    blind eye to its dominant institutions laying waste the lives of the
    young and humanity’s future itself?

    The abuse is built into the system. All rights of child care-givers
    themselves – from parent workers to social life support systems – are
    written out of corporate ‘trade’ treaties which override legislatures to
    guarantee “investor profits” as their sole ruling goal. Children
    are at the bottom, and most dispossessed by the life-blind global
    system. The excuse of “more competitive conditions” means, in fact, a
    race to the bottom of wages and benefits for families, social security,
    debt-free higher education, and protections against toxic environments
    to which the young are most vulnerable. At the same time, escalating
    sales of junk foods, malnutrition, and cultural debasement propel the
    sole growth achieved – ever more money demand at the top….. Read More: