Is the U.S. Trying to Torpedo Syria Peace Talks?

Demands Syrian Government Be Blamed for Something that Hasn’t Been Proven

Yesterday was a roller coaster. First, the U.S., Syria and Russia agreed to avoid war if Syria placed control over its chemical weapons under international control.

Then, the State Department backed away from a deal, and we worried that the U.S. was still going to attack.

When Obama said he’d accept a negotiated diplomatic settlement, things looked good.

But now, the United Nations resolution being drafted by the Senate would say that the Syrian government was responsible for the August 21st chemical weapons attack.

Syria would never agree to such a UN resolution. And Russia has already said it would veto the resolution.

Please remember:

  • Congress members who have seen the classified intelligence from the U.S. government are not impressed, and top chemical weapons experts are skeptical

But the U.S. is attempting to do an end-run around the lack of evidence by having the UN assign guilt to the Syrian government … or to torpedo peace talks entirely.

Moreover, the U.S. is sending mixed signals – even now – about attacking Syria.

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  • gozounlimited

    JewishnotIrish kerry….. is just blowing foul gas out of his glory hole….. Satan can’t wait to get him in Hell. And we get to watch what happens…. enjoy!

  • hvaiallverden

    The war will come, sepite the reasent settbacks, and following rows of drivel, the war will come.
    I know it in my hart.
    The ONLY force that can alter anything, is we the people.
    There will be a rude awakening, when the slaughter begins.

    I would say that the dices are cast and roling.
    Even the Arabs are silent, I cant hear anything, see anything, feel anything.
    They dont seem to even bother, only as in Libya, the prospects of robbing their own nabours are what they a awaiting, thats it, and like Libya, the people brought it on them selfs, with their inability to unite and fight back. And now they pay the price and I havet waited a calory on their behalf, the Libyans deserv every bitt of their selfimposed desteny.
    To do Nothing, is the wurst thing you can do, everything you do have consequencess, remeber that Arabs, everything, doing nothing, is the wurst of them all.

    Some come open, as the AIPAC, whom blinded by their arogance and utter ignorance is exposed to the world, and NOW its eveywhere, and the “zionsit” have highjacked the “jewish” world, and as I have tryed to even spell it to the “brightes and most intellegent” people, the danger of the AIPAC/a.s.o., its like pissing into the pasific.

    And even more stunning is the MSM, I watched CNN/BBC/SKY a.s.o. and was stunned, the hypocracy is skyhigh, the plain lies and above all the non exsting counter agrugemnts from the reporters are even more stunning. Not once did someone ask anything critical, the one sided ness is hilarious, at best, downright evil and war propaganda at wurst.
    How can a UssA senator behave like that, to lie and desive, to babbel about Humanistarianism and helping people in need, to protect the inocent and at the same breath, doesnt hesitate to slaughter millions more, for some drivel about Morale and their obligations to intervin.

    Despite the fact that a day ago, the drones slaughtered 4 children and 4 women, how come they never ask the question on issues like that, and Iraq, Afganistan, Pakistan, Yemen; Libya; Mali.
    Not once did they bother to ask, not once.
    They talk about Cemicals and how hidious it is, while They have gassed, phsoporised, filled land after land with depleted uranium with an halfd itme of 2.4 million years.
    And this is the short list.
    And stil the santors and the MSM are babbeling on with an straith face, despite the fact we all know they are lying, all the time.

    To justify millions more slaughtered, with the notion of humanitarian help, this isnt Orwelian talk, this is drulig babbel from lunatics, and I can see they know they are lying all the time.
    The MSM is getting incrasingly tetached from reality and wandrerd into insanity, and they dont give a shitt about it, thats the real deal about this War mongreling.

    People dont gett it, the war is a hart beat away, and everybody is waiting for the exuse.
    And it will come, I dont doubth that for a second.
    When that False flagg comes, it will be to late.
    The present “stalment” is not a victory, no, no, no, the next one will lead to direct involvment and ful scale war.
    We are not even close to “victory”, not even close, the barking mad f… in Israel is planning and They will probably execute this False flagg.

    And of course, the “jews” will propably slaughter their own, as before, to gain the upper hand on this, and we all know that THEN they will gett what they want, because of the eternal victim, of course.

    Even in my country the are salviating on the prospects of ever more wars, and the politicians dont give a shitt about what the people wants, also in my land.d
    And Nazism is pimped all over the Ziotube.

    Everybody is sitting and waiting.
    And so do I, the moment it comes, we are done.
    And WW3 is a fact.

    wake up


  • Washington76
  • Washington76
    • colinjames71

      That’s funny, i just suggested that to Zen above. Glad you put in the link.

      • Washington76


  • Zen

    It is refreshing to read in depth analysis providing an alternative point of view to mainstream media. While the real narrative seems to not be a desire to remove chem weapons for moral reasons, why is the US, UK and France pushing so hard for strikes? Is it to weaken Iran? If so, why? Or as suggested in a previous post ‘to clean up Soviet States’ why bother? I thought the Cold War was over? I am a neophyte in politics and political history so please be patient.


    • colinjames71

      You may be a neophyte, but keep that open mind, intense curiosity, and desire to know the truth and you’ll be just fine. You’re certainly on the right path coming here.

      The first thing you need to understand is that nearly all of major US media is a propaganda vehicle for the govt, and even a large portion of what appear to be “alternative” sites are compromised to some degree. For the most part, it all comes down to who funds the site. Independent sites- like this- are free from any corporate agenda, and often present info you won’t find anywhere else.

      That said, don’t take anyone’s word for gospel, including mine. Especially mine.

      Know your history.

      Be prepared to learn things that may completely shock you, and alter your worldview permanently. Two documentaries that helped me see the light, as i see it- from Adam Curtis via BBC, ‘The Power of Nightmares’ and ‘Century of the Self’. Basically they prepared me for the revelations to come, I might have never believed some of the things I learned had I not taken that first step.

      My suggestions for other independent sites and/or journalists covering current events and often provide historical context, mostly covering US foreign policy, homeland security and current events focusing on the Middle East/ Central Asia – but not limited to those topics by any means: (Sibel Edmonds) (James Corbett)

      landdestroyer.blogspot (Tony Cartalucci) (Eric Draitser)

      Pepe Escobar (

      Paul Craig Roberts

      You’ll find a fair bit of the above cross-posted on each others’ sites and collaborating directly quite often or even regularly They all depend on reader donations, and are all credible, brutally honest people imho. They all have a distinct point of view of the US- while not being ideologues- so I’ve given you a pretty one-sided take. Thing is, it took me ten years of following politics for come to the conclusion that they’re all correct about pretty much everything, and be able to discern between truly alternative and pseudo-alternative voices, and why that matters. I hope to spare you that process. There’s tons more good journos and sites around the world, depending on the topic, and even the occasional great story in the worst of the MSM- but, please, always decide for yourself. Good luck.

  • Clothcap

    Hi illustrious one, can you do this as an article? MSM, except the Telegraph is refusing to publish my comments on it:

    Russia says the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) has confirmed that the videos and photos purporting to show the victims of a chemical attack near the Syrian capital, Damascus, were fabricated.
    The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a Tuesday statement that international experts as well as Syrian public and religious leaders presented their evidence to the 24th session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on September 9.
    It also said evidence provided by numerous witnesses confirms that militants fighting against the Syrian government used chemical weapons in the Damascus suburb of western Ghouta last month.
    More & video
    Put that together with the report of Piccinin and Quirico, “It’s a moral duty that we have, Domenico and myself, to say it was not the government of Bashar Assad that used sarin gas or other nerve agent, in the Damascene suburb of Ghouta. We are certain about this, it’s a [skype] conversation that we captured, even if it pains me to say it; I ferociously support the Free Syrian Army, and its fair struggle for democracy.”
    Vid (French)

    Meantime the Turkish leader has been accused of gassing Kurds.
    Erdogan Accused of Gassing Kurds German lawyers have accused Erdogan of war crimes German
    lawyers from Hamburg Britta Eder (Britta Eder) and Heinz Jurgen Schneider (Heinz Juergen Schneider) filed a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office on the Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and the Minister of Defense of the same country Vecdi Gonul (Vecdi Goenuel), his predecessor Sabahattin Chakmakoglu (Sabahattin Cakmakoglu) and several high-ranking military officials. Lawyers accuse them of war crimes during the Turkish-Kurdish conflict since 2003,
    reports DAPD agency.
    Hamburg attorneys represent the interests of the relatives Kurds killed in the confrontation with the Turks. In a statement, they list the ten cases of unlawful killings, killing of prisoners, torture, and the use of chemical weapons against Kurdish rebels.