The Stunning Truth About Inequality In America

Cheat Sheet on Inequality

Talk about inequality has been in the news recently, but you won’t believe what’s really happening in America today:

  • It’s the highest level of inequality ever recorded in the U.S.
  • Staggering inequality in America has become permanent
  • The middle class has more or less been destroyed
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  • jadan

    The private banking system is directly responsible for inequality. The failure of government to provide protection against corporate predation plays a part, but the WMD called usury is the chief culprit. The owners of capital use it to create debt peonage. A public banking system could eliminate inequality and restore health to this economy in a matter of months. FDR & the New Deal proved economic stimulus is the way out. Public banking would be a permanent stimulus to defeat the chronic deflation created by the 1%. The privatization crowd has demonstrated their solution is pure bullshit.

    • ralph

      I believe the current FDR/New Deal
      situation could be better described as chronic inflation. If public banking is needed to reverse what you call chronic deflation then how much inflation is just right.

  • HS

    “Bush was horrible, but income inequality has increased even more under Obama than under Bush”

    It should be apparent now, to even the avid Dancing with the Stars fan, that the only difference between Bush and Obama is the bullshit that they spewed to the teevee. The US government no longer represents those with a net worth less than $100 million.

    • jadan

      I beg to differ. If you have $10 million you can expect a good boot licking in the House, if not in the Senate.

      • HS

        That’s likely true so long as you don’t want something that the wealthy don’t.

  • Honest Harry’s Used Cars

    Come on people. We just read “57% of incoming freshmen not ready for college.”

    But the education lobby has been able to convince these dullards they have to go to college. In the process these misdirected young people then run up on average, $20k in debt their first year. Why? Because the education lobby has the government loaning these kids all this wasted money, money that is then handed-over to colleges and universities all over the country, while the schools provide ZERO vocational-progress results for these victimized kids.

    And the colleges and universities are where these kids are being introduced to drugs and venereal disease that is quite often passed onto them by their pedophile college instructors. This is just sickening.

    Just imagine the wealth effect this $20k in education-debt, this increased drug use, and these serious medical afflictions have on young people just starting out, young people who aren’t the brightest candle on anyone’s cake. There’s the best reason for the growing wealth disparity in the country. These kids are being victimized. Kids are being sent out into the world ill-prepared, saddled with enormous education-debt that is crippling their financial futures, with bad drug habits and sexually transmitted diseases common to the sort of communal living that festers on college campuses. Kids are quite literally being taught to fail financially, to use dope, and they are put at risk of being infected with Hepatitis, Herpes and AIDS. All of these social maladies lead to increased wealth disparity in society.

    Blame everyone else all you want. The reason for the increase in wealth disparity in this country, is the misguided and poorly-focused educational system funding mechanisms that are treated as the education-lobby’s own personal cash cows. The ongoing and self-perpetuating orgy that is college education in this country is destroying the middle class. After just one year of college and these kids are coming home incapable of ever regaining a normal life.

    • WC

      How sad. I hope you get better someday and good luck on getting a date.

  • WC

    …and who makes money by taking the short position in the market when the government shuts down? Could it be the Koch brothers? Hmmm.