The Grim Facts About Global Nuclear Stockpiles

The Grim Facts About Global Nuclear Stockpiles
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  • Tonto

    The government strongly encourages an educational curriculum based on the scientific approach to knowledge.

    And while nuclear bombs are a sure threat, there are a thousand other sciences with the same ability to harm human beings, each of them manned by scientists eager and encouraged to make that next breakthrough that will make them rich and famous.

    Nothing about science is either logical or true. It is not logical to pursue knowledge that will destroy mankind. And neither is anything ever inferred by science, categorically true. In our infinitely complex reality, there are always anomalies. In fact, the only thing that is absolutely predictable about any scientific venture, is that anomalies will occur.

    Reality is infinitely complex. Scientists should not be messing with it. Science has not made the world “better”. Scientists are immoral devils, and they should be stopped. Pass the word. Scientists are sick individuals who believe they have the right to play God.

    Scientific apologists have the gall to call science, “amoral”. Go back and look at the graphs in the article. Do you see anything amoral about what these graphs represent? I don’t.

    • Yulek

      We create gods, so we actually are above gods. The question is, are we doing it wisely or foolishly. I would say, that we, as a collective, do it foolishly. People hide inconvenient results from other simply because they would loose a few tokens known as money. All you need to check is history of Fukushima disaster, to at least see, that we are fools.

      • Tonto

        “We create gods, so we actually are above gods.”

        Some imagine gods, so in their imagination they are above gods?

        Yours, is a delusion squared. Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Cuckoo!

        As for your -retrospective- analysis, that Fukushima was foolish, well… All I can say is, brilliant! But what good does that sort of analysis do anyone when the result is extinction?

        I think you should stick with what you know, which is nothing. So keep your mouth shut.

  • Scottar

    If I got a dynamite stick bundle and the other guy has the same, then neither are likely to use the bundle against the other as destruction is mutual. But if you dismantle your dynamite bundle then the other guy has more cause to use their bundle on you.

    All parties have to neutralize their nuclear weapon or a neutralizer has to be developed.

    But I have heard there are all kinds of new weapons like nano bots that can be targeted for selective targets. No mass destruction just a clean death to the opponents, cleaner then bio weapons.

    The race goes on.