Syria War Crisis Has Just Been Diffused

Did the Parties Just Back Away from War?

The U.S., Russia and Syria all agree to put Syria’s chemical weapons under international control.

The momentum towards war has just been diffused.

Will the Syrian rebels also give up chemical weapons which they possess?

And will the U.S. and Russia comply with the Chemical Weapons Convention and destroy their chemical weapons stockpiles?

And will the U.S. and Britain stop using chemical weapons?

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  • gozounlimited

    Resolved for Syria … but how about US???? We are being sprayed with huge amounts of aluminum, strontium, and barium, among with other health-wreaking chemicals against our will, and without our consent…..

    The government continues to lie to us about the existence of weather-ownership via geo-engineering, but Congress is planning to legalize Bills like Senate Bill 1807 and U.S. House Bill 3445, along
    with the Climate Security Act (Also known as the Lieberman-Warner bill, bill number S. 2191 )
    which was not passed in 2007 when it was introduced, but is up for a vote again. On the surface it looks smart and snappy – a greenhouse gas reduction bill to reduce emissions to below 2005 levels, however, Rosalind Peterson explains the true malicious intent behind these bills:

    “These bills are designed to sell out the health and welfare of the people of the United States in order to establish a national and international Cap & Trade Money Market Scheme, and under Section 6E, “…initiate programs to “mitigate” the impacts of any unavoidable global climate change…” These bills have nothing to do with “Climate Security”. They are designed to fleece the American people out
    of billions of their tax dollars to support a questionable “market scheme of carbon trading” by selling “emission allowances” to polluters to allow them to pollute more in the future.”

  • Tonto

    Fifty ways to leave your lover. More than one way to skin a cat. The high road and the low road.

    Syria will be bombed back into the Stone Age. Russia has merely arranged (at CIA request) to have the supposed chemical weapons of Assad neutralized before the invasion of American troops on the ground.

    Be sure and vote for these veterans when they come home from this mismatched bloodbath.

    Oh, yes, and God Bless America!

  • James

    Putin just played Oblama and Kerry like a violin.

    By getting Assad to agree to give up the weapons, Oblama has to back off – when the chemical weapons was just a lie to allow the US to bomb, so the CIA and Al Queada can go in and overthrow Assad.

    But now they can’t. In fact, Putin is going to end-run the whole thing by participating in the removal of the weapons along with the UN – and wiping out the effectiveness of the CIA and the Al Queada rebels in the process.

    They’ll have no choice but to invent new lies to keep advancing the agenda – all the while Putin is putting in his Nobel Peace Prize application.

    Kerry and Oblama look like a pair of high school ballers taking on Michael Jordan and Scotty Pippen in a game of 2 on 2.

  • Simon Rolleston

    Without a core set of values and an ability to use reason in organising ‘problem solving’,the amount of time spent wasted on ‘tail-chasing’ and ‘navel-gazing’ is astronomical.John Kerry’s affirmative actions hopefully aren’t about to be circumscribed by second-guessing.