Polls: Democratic and Republican Politicians Both Oppose Core American Values … Support Policies Which Help Fatcats While Hurting the Little Guy

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Americans Becoming Increasingly Resentful of Skewed Government Policies

Polls show that – despite President Obama’s rhetorical skills – Americans don’t like his core policies.

This is not a partisan statement … Americans have come to despise both mainstream Democratic and mainstream Republican party policies.

Specifically, Americans:

  • Believe by a 70-30% margin that big banks and corporations – rather than average Americans – have benefited most from Obama’s economic policies.  2 years ago, 74% thought that the bailouts helped Wall Street more than the people

Democrats are realizing that Obama is as bad as Bush. And Republicans are waking up to the fact that the GOP leadership lied to them.

Peoples’ hatred of Congress is so passionate that it’s comical.  And Obama’s patina of wanting to help the American people has worn very thin for everyone other than his most diehard fans.

Indeed, poll after poll shows that both mainstream parties – Democrat and Republican – are deeply unpopular with the American people.

Both conservatives and liberals want to cut the corporate welfare queens off from the public dole.

Americans of all political stripes have awoken to the fact that most  politicians are corrupt, and that big government and big business have become intertwined in a malignant relationship which hurts us little people.

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  • jadan

    Unambiguous evidence that this representative system does not represent the people.

    • Tonto

      The only real question here is, (about representing the people), is whether the current Bernanke policy is winning the economic war that is being waged worldwide. In other words, the great mass of American people intentionally are being kept poor, so they do not go on like the splurging jackasses they became during the 1990’s. Americans bought Chinese made goods that no one had any real need for, and this was helping to fund China’s rise in world power.

      Is this keep-the-American-consumer-poor approach an effective policy to bring China to its knees? If it is, then it can be seen as good for the American Republic. If it is not an effective policy, then it is merely postponing the something more inevitable.

      China is on the brink right now. No, cross that out. China is crumbling from within due to this policy. Their entire economy relied on American consumers buying all the crap their billion+ people produce. And now the American consumer is strapped for cash. China is on the ropes, and gasping for breath.

      Stop whining about the collateral damage of rising poverty in the U.S., which is entirely relative, and laughable in terms of world standards for “poverty”. People are currently still getting their damned food stamps and their section eight vouchers, at least momentarily.

      The U.S. is clearly winning the worldwide economic war. Saying, “We’re number one!” is hardly even necessary given the economic woes being fostered around the world by the Bernanke policy.

      We are not winning the war for survival of the species though. That’s what is important. Keep your eye on the prize. Get your priorities straight.

      The prize is not being able to go out and buy some Chinese piece-of-shit junk at Walmart every week. The prize is capturing the hearts and minds of not just Americans, but of everyone in the world, and teaching them that the consumerism of science is a completely suicidal dead end. The world thirsts for moral leadership. Lift yourself from your squalor by taking pride in what a human being is without all the consumerism that is used to define “poverty” in this country.

      • par4

        Please ride off into the sunset.

        • Tonto

          LoL When you spent way too much time and borrowed money on your KISS-ASS and BROWN-NOSED education, and you’re out of work, or working some dumb-ass schlep-job, the truth really does suck, doesn’t it. You’re going no where, honey. I know most of you sorry-fellas want to wallow in your post-adolescent infatuation with some inane and irrelevant humanitarian-altruism, but honestly, now that being gay is no longer a the mental illness it used to be for your kind of ninny, perhaps, as it was said decades ago, you ought to take a diamond ring and pawn it big!

          Suck hard, honey, swallow and keep sucking, just like they showed you in that college that made you such a classless and clueless pseudo-intellectual. Oh, yes. I read how all you hard-working, liberal porn stars want condoms on every porn-studio set. But honestly, honey, if you don’t do exactly as you are told, and with significant enthusiasm, there are a thousand other potential porn stars out there just dying to take your place at minimum wage.

          Maybe you should have majored in something other than the sociology of the liberal porn industry, Nancy…

          Maybe something that payed a living wage? LoL!

  • joehimself

    I need help with a problem: I need to find someone to
    campaign for in the next round of elections. In the past I have
    sheepishly voted Dem or Repub but never worked for a candidate running
    for office. Now I am finally disturbed to the point of actually trying
    to make a difference. (Better late than never.)

    My Republican Congressman has ran successfully for several terms on a
    platform of helping business (with a spin on creating jobs) and has
    racked up several business related awards to flaunt. His Democratic
    opposition candidate in the last election ran against him on a platform
    of helping business! My Congressman’s responses to my emails regarding
    returning our nation to a rule of law were very unsatisfying. He
    basically avoided the issue by discussing his own agenda.

    My perfunctory research on the Libertarian and Constitutional parties
    included some platform planks that would make it difficult for me to
    support. The “Ten Key Values” of the Green Party sound promising but
    there is no organizational structure for them in
    my state. I am considering attending a local Tea Party meeting but, as
    far as I know, they have no candidate to support. I’m all dressed up
    with no place to go!

  • GTodd1955

    Fat chance of finding a decent honest republican or democrat. Just a collection of crooked business people and lawyers, no leaders amongst them.

  • Afi Keita James

    thank god i’m a libertarian and been since 2007.

  • Fatcats = Wealth addicts, who just like hard-core heroin addicts will throw their own mother under the bus in order to get their next big fix.

    • Larry J

      Let’s get rid of the people that create wealth and get rich.

      Maybe we can get the homeless flooding are streets to get the money together and do the work to build and run successful businesses to create the jobs we need to keep this Country running.