Are Spy Agencies Once Again Lying … this Time to Justify War Against Syria?

Congressman With Top-Secret Briefing Isn’t Impressed with Syrian War Claims

Antiwar argues:

The only reason the whole allegation [that the Syrian government used chemical weapons] hasn’t been dismissed out of hand is the administration’s repeated claims that they have better, secret intelligence that they’re just not showing anyone, or occasionally are letting already pro-war Congressmen get a glimpse of.

But – as the Weekly Standard reports – some Congressmen who have gotten a classified briefing aren’t impressed:

“I have just attended a classified Congressional briefing on Syria that quite frankly raised more questions than it answered. I found the evidence presented by Administration officials to be circumstantial” …. liberal Democrat Tom Harkin says in a statement released after today’s classified Capitol Hill briefing.

The Guardian reports:

As members of Congress emerged from the briefing, it was clear that the Obama administration could not be sure of the outcome of the president’s high-risk strategy. In particular, Obama could not count on his own party to deliver the votes. “I don’t know if every member of Congress is there yet,” said Representative Janice Hahn, a California Democrat who said she would vote no on authorising a military strike. “The room was sceptical,” said Jim Himes, a Connecticut Democrat.

The U.S. government’s main “classified” claims is that it intercepted communications from the Syrian government both before and after the chemical weapons attack which implicate at least some people in Assad’s government. For example, the Washington Post notes:

Unknown to Syrian officials, U.S. spy agencies recorded each step in the alleged chemical attack, from the extensive preparations to the launching of rockets to the after-action assessments by Syrian officials. Those records and intercepts would become the core of the Obama administration’s evidentiary case linking the Syrian government to what one official called an “indiscriminate, inconceivable horror” — the use of outlawed toxins to kill nearly 1,500 civilians, including at least 426 children.

Who would have intercepted those communications?

You guessed it … likely the National Security Agency, the American agency tasked with intercepting foreign communications.

The NSA has consistently been caught lying about  what it is and isn’t doing.

Former British ambassador Craig Murray argues that the U.S. claim is hogwash:

It is therefore very strange, to say the least, that John Kerry claims to have access to communications intercepts of Syrian military and officials organising chemical weapons attacks, which intercepts were not available to the British Joint Intelligence Committee.

On one level the explanation is simple.  The intercept evidence was provided to the USA by Mossad, according to my own well  placed source in the Washington intelligence community.  Intelligence provided by a third party is not automatically shared with the UK, and indeed Israel specifies it should not be.

But the inescapable question is this.  Mossad have nothing comparable to the Troodos operation [Britain’s top spying facility].  The reported content of the conversations fits exactly with key tasking for Troodos, and would have tripped all the triggers.  How can Troodos have missed this if Mossad got it?  The only remote possibility is that all the conversations went on a purely landline route, on which Mossad have a physical wire tap, but that is very unlikely in a number of ways – not least nowadays the purely landline route.


Israel has now provided “intelligence” to the United States designed to allow the United States to join in with Israel’s bombing and missile campaign.

The answer to the Troodos Conundrum is simple.  Troodos did not pick up the intercepts because they do not exist.  Mossad fabricated them.  John Kerry’s “evidence” is the shabbiest of tricks.

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  • Tonto

    Of course it is the shabbiest of (logical) tricks. Reality is infinitely complex.

    For such a claim (as is noted in the article) to be in the least bit credible, it is -of course- absolutely necessary to have access to all the communications intercepts from which this one is purported to have been pulled. This is necessary for any judge to determine if it is possible that such an intercept could have taken place, was likely to have taken place, and to determine that this intercept is not merely just another common fabrication. Those who are being accused also need necessarily be allowed to deny or explain the context of these intercepts others are claiming are their words with some intended meaning.

    Such logical tricks are commonplace in our world.

    Here is another example of such a logical trick. DNA experts commonly ask for a DNA sample from a suspect. However, in order to justify such a request as anything more than attempt to frame the suspect, those requesting the sample should be required -in advance- to state specifically what DNA marker it is they are looking for in the suspect’s DNA. The common reverse of this procedure has no logical basis whatsoever. It is a fishing expedition, if it is not an outright attempt to frame a suspect.

    Those who understand how infinitely complex reality really is, can always use this complexity to baffle the uninitiated. This is the most important lesson that can be learned in the study of logic. The empiricists’ “preponderance of evidence” is subject to wholesale fraud at every turn. And human nature will take advantage of this loophole just as often.

  • gozounlimited


  • gozounlimited

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  • Bruce

    “Unknown to Syrian officials, U.S. spy agencies recorded each step in the alleged chemical attack, from the extensive preparations to the launching of rockets to the after-action assessments by Syrian officials.”
    HogWashington FucKerry! The ObamaAssassins KNEW beforehand and took no action to Even WARN, much less protect the “innocents”? Criminal negligence at worse and Genocidal COMPLICITY At WORST. OR their usual Serial DEM LYING!