Credibility Means Following the People’s Will and the Rule of Law … Not Bombing Some Third-Rate Country

Any Tin-Pot Tyrant Can Carry Through On His Threats Of Brutal Violence; But a Country Worthy of Respect Will Honor Its Constitution and Respect The Will Of Its People

The administration says we have to bomb Syria to “maintain credibility”,  because Obama talked about a “red line” … and to show Iran we mean business.

But credibility comes from a government following its people’s desires.  And following the rule of law.

Not in bombing a third-rate military power with cruise missiles.

Indeed, the U.S. government has lost tremendous credibility in the eyes of the American people – and the world community – because it lied about Iraq possessing WMDs (and then tried to cover it up), spies on everyone (and lies about it), and lets the big banks do whatever they want (and lies about it).

Any tin-pot tyrant can carry through on his threats of brutal violence.   But only a credible country honors its constitution and respects the will of its people.

Which are we?

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  • jadan

    What we call democracy today, the will of the majority of the people, was known as “mob rule” by our founders. The republic was designed to keep the mob out of politics. Yes, we have no democracy. But we do have a constitution and the rule of law, though both are dysfunctional. If this president and his crew launch a war against the will of congress, it’s time for a bill of impeachment. Maybe this controversy, combined with the growing outrage against the national security state surveillance, will lead to a mass uprising that could change this non-functional republic into something more democratic.

    • Yury

      Americans are indeed a bunch of stupid animals easy to manipulate and subdue; in fact, these slobs are extremely gullible and incapable to think for themselves (trained not to think).

      All of you stupid mules, instead of giving attention to Infowars -andmainstream media by extension- should better read the contents of the War Powers Resolution (50 USC §1541-1548).

      In legal terms the United States of America is currently in a State of War, thus the Executive branch (President Obama and his cabinet) has extraordinary powers above Congress and the Supreme Court to start conducting military operations against other states that may be
      considered a threat to National Security or to quell dissent within US territories and possessions as well.

  • Christina Svensson

    I hope USA stays out of Syria so WW3 does not get started.

  • ShankyS


  • gozounlimited

    Our British CNN HB1 newsman (because Americans won’t do his dirty job) on “Around The World” just can’t wrap his head around Dennis Rodman’s success in North Korea….. maybe he should take his ignorance and get a job that fits his false reality at home.

    Dennis Rodman, speaking to President Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton: Come talk to me, I know things …