You Won’t BELIEVE What’s Going On with Government Spying on Americans

New Revelations Are Breaking Every Day

Revelations about the breathtaking scope of government spying are coming so fast that it’s time for an updated roundup:

  • Each violation could have resulted in many Americans being spied upon.  The ACLU notes, “some of these incidents seem to have implicated the privacy of thousands or millions of innocent people
  • EFF points out:  “The thousands of violations only include the NSA’s main office in Maryland—not the other—potentially hundreds—of other NSA offices across the country. And even more importantly, the documents published by the Post reveal violations increasing every year”
  • NSA whistleblowers say that the NSA collects all of our conversations word-for-word
  • While the government initially claimed that mass surveillance on Americans prevented more than 50 terror attacks, the NSA’s deputy director John Inglis walked that position back all the way to saying that – at the mostone (1) plot might have been disrupted by the bulk phone records collection alone.  In other words, the NSA can’t prove that stopped any terror attacks. The government greatly exaggerated an alleged recent terror plot for political purposes (and promoted the fearmongering of serial liars).  The argument that recent terror warnings show that NSA spying is necessary is so weak that American counter-terrorism experts have slammed it as “crazy pants”

  • The feds are considering prosecuting the owner of a private email company – who shut down his business rather than turning over records to the NSA – for refusing to fork over the information and keep quiet.  This is a little like trying to throw someone in jail because he’s died and is no longer paying taxes
  • Mass spying . Indeed, the Pentagon now sees the collection of “big data” as a “national security threat” … but the NSA is the biggest data collector on the planet, and thus provides a tempting mother lode of information for foreign hackers
  • IT and security professionals are quite concerned about government spying
  • Congress members are getting an earful from their constituents about mass surveillance
  • Only 11% of Americans trust Obama to actually do anything to rein in spying
  • A Congressman noted that – even if a mass surveillance program is started for good purposes – it will inevitably turn into a witch hunt
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  • Tonto

    I am going to insist again, this is all about what some individuals did. Which individuals? Well, from my understanding of human nature, it is the computer and telecommunications scientists that in order to make a profit, with great skill, made all these illegal things possible.

    These computer and telecommunications scientists are ultimately completely culpable. They knew what they were doing was both illegal and immoral. They made a profit doing it. This is where RICO comes in.

    If demands for prosecutions focused on these individuals as a cadre of organized criminals selling their illegal wares to complicit government, this problem would be solved. We would have complete exposure of the crimes that were committed. And scientists of every ilk would be well-warned, -WATCH YOU STEP-.

    Science is not above the law.

    • dissentist

      Yeah? I guess bullet manufacturers better watch out too if that’s the line of reasoning we’re using, because they’re the ones that make it possible to murder someone with a gun. They did it with great skill, to make a profit even!

      • Tonto

        Yes. Your argument is morally cogent concerning bullet manufacturers. I can agree with it 100% as an argument.

        Still, we must recognize, it may be unpopular among this crowd to advocate prosecution of bullet manufacturers. But bullet manufacturers too have scientifically created something immoral, and something that has not effectively made this a better world. It should be easy to envision prosecuting manufacturers of hollow point bullets however.

        Still, we cannot immediately flip a switch and revert back to a time before there were bullets. We can begin to reel in these scientists who continue creating inventions and building knowledge sets that are heinous in their effect. Such prosecutions are a species-survival-necessity at this point in human history.

        Some of the things scientists are creating are absolutely immoral, atomic energy, genetic engineering, biological weapons, and nanotechnology -just to name a few.

        There is no need for any of these technologies, if we examine the notion of progress which seems to prompt their necessity at this time in history. That notion of progress is a fraud. It’s a suicidal fantasy to continue down that path.

        Prosecuting these computer and telecommunications scientists that had to know the spy-tools they were creating for the government were not only for illegal activities, but that these creations are clearly leaning toward a crime against humanity.

        The most dangerous possibility to come out of this development, is the prosecutorial ammunition such surveillance gives law enforcement. This is especially true given that law enforcement is corrupt and well known to fabricate evidence. This is just human nature. Dossier evidence accumulated by these techniques can far too easily be manipulated, and, misinterpreted.

        We do not see these spy-tools being used against the real criminals in our society. These spy tools are being used to reinforce an evil and corrupt status quo.

        As for prosecuting Einstein, well, he’s dead. But now and again, posthumously hanging Albert would probably be a good idea.

        • XmasKlaus

          It’s not the bullet manufacturers responsibility to protect you from being shot and it’s not the scientific industry’s responsibility to protect you from technology. When you pay your taxes? That money goes directly into the hands of the individuals who are responsible. You might be thinking at this point: how do I return this product or service for a full refund?

          • Tonto

            The bullet manufacturers WOULD clearly be liable, were they manufacturing bullets for what they knew to be some illegal purpose. That is the crux of their limited defense for liability. They can claim they manufacture their munitions for legal endeavors.

            The vast majority of the computer and telecom industry scientists that developed this spy capability knew, -they absolutely knew-, what they were doing in providing the tools to spy on Americans was completely illegal. There can be no defense for this sort of scientific endeavor.

            These computer and telecom industry scientists are nothing less than career criminals. These scientists should be dealt with as such, or the problem will persist and expand. It is expanding as you read this. And it is expanding because these very same computer and telecom industry scientists are getting handsomely paid to provide more and better tools for illegal spying.

            These spying tools are only used for criminal endeavors. The scientists that develop these tools know this. In some cases it is these very same scientists who are collecting the vast databases for the information that are used to spy on every American. This is illegal activity. There is no way to defend it.

          • XmasKlaus

            “These spying tools are only used for criminal endeavors.”

            Yeah, sure they are. You just keep telling yourself that; the question is, “What criminal endeavors are they being used for?”

            Before you jump to any illusionary conclusions, you should read this:


          • allah_speaking

            Tonto speak with forked liberal tongue.

      • allah_speaking

        People have been killing people sign the dawn of history… Bad analogy from an idiot.

    • jadan

      Prosecute Einstein!

  • John Aaron

    So now, all of you who are for the NSA, now what have you got to say? Is this what you want, T-Y-R-A–N-N-Y? There’s no other word for it!

  • One TOO small person

    Why? You’re asking why Sauron’s Eye hasn’t turned to the banksters and rooted them out? That would be like turning the eye inside Mordor!
    I want someone here to say it “out loud”–so I’ll say it: The Eye of Sauron, the NSA/surveillance grid, is in fact, the Banksters’ eye, and it serves them. Their dominion is what it protects, and it seeks to find the “little person” who would destroy the ring that binds the others: secrecy… secrecy of action, secrecy of intent, secrecy of ownership through the other rings: corrupted government, transnational industry wherein the company becomes the “nation” and is beholden only to the “nation” company that owns it and thus it is disnational industry (not so much trans national), hidden or disguised ideology, corrupted press, corrupted administration of justice, corrupted law enforcement, corrupted military.
    Sauron: saur, reptilian. Archon.
    Heh, does that say it all?

  • gozounlimited


    Cyber Attack Spikes Report of Collusion Between Scientists, Industry, and Government ….

    TSA on the Lookout for Breast Bombs ….

  • Manny

    Jesus Christ on a pogo stick this is really frightening..If you open your mouth in the wrong place at the wrong time and wrong people they can railroad your behind to levinworth..or harass you till you blow your brains out…The congress needs to meet entirely and ask who is being black mailed give em immunity….then vote to put a leash on this monster..other wise they will never have the votes..

  • Svein Magnussen

    Remember the “good old times” with people like senator McCarthy?…What did it all lead to? Try to remember and learn…..Then thousands of Americans were spyed on, and charged with unamerican activities wether or not they actually were….Same as in the Soviet Union…So, are we going to have this all over again in the US?

    • Rowdy

      No dipstick, it will be much worse. McCarthy was spot on. He knew exactly what was happening. Yes he had people on the list that would have eventually proven they were loyal Americans. But the communists would have been removed from our Government. The communists convinced everyone that he was crazy and out of control and he got shut down. Now look what we wound up with, that he was trying his best to stop. So I guess what I am saying is that Svein must be part of the elitest establishment, or at least very supportive of their cause to make a comment like this.

      • Svein Magnussen

        You’re wrong, I’m not at all what you think…I’ve had my share of east-europe propaganda, and hardships at times. I think the NSA is a dangerous org. much like the Stasi was. The Gøbbles propaganda works well at many tim and places, needs little re-writing to serve a purpose, That to monitor every move of it’s citizens…(and for that matter the citizens of the world. I think that purpose is not so much to avoid terrorism, as it is to control certain interests.

        • Rowdy

          That is rather strange sir. These last two post you have right above here are diametrically opposed. In the first post you sound like a left wing, socialist pig, In the next most of what you say I agree with completely. Well except the east-europe propaganda. That concerns me in the light of the first post.

          • Svein Magnussen

            Well…maybe the world is not all B&W, but has shades…read between the lines, or the irony of things…..

      • VINCERO

        hey 5 watt bulb for a brain….stop watching fox news and get from behind your bed there are no communists running anything now or during mccarthys witch hunt against innocent people.

        • Rowdy

          Well then “vincero” dimbulb. It would appear that you are a part of the problem. If you don’t recognize socialism when you see it, then you are one. Do not bother me with your stupidity. When this crap gets straightened out I sincerely hope that everyone that thinks like you do is found out and exiled from our country. There is no room in a free country for those that accept their own demise so readily. Communism, fascism, Marxism, call it what ever name you want but it all comes out the same. It all came about when America won the war and wanted the technology the German scientists were working on. They brought thousands of them here, and they wound up as the core of the CIA. Can’t imagine how come the CIA became so powerful, secretive, controlling and tyrannical. The CIA is now running our country, exactly the same way Hitler and his crew ran Germany.What is happening here now is dictatorial socialism, same thing as any one of those other names. It all has to do with the evil domination and control over all people. Have a ball ignoring what is happening. I won’t be, and hopefully I may run across you when the cleanup is taking place. Stupid Jerk.

          • Multiple Miggs

            You’re an idiot. You make so many assumptions about socialism, that you don’t stop to think that, maybe, actually, socialism could be the way to go. You’ve been told that socialism IS communism, which is un-American. You don’t even question that.

            Do you think that the NSA is really securing your well-being? Get your head out of the sand. Dictatorial socialism is wrong, sure. But socialism as a broad, stripped down ideology fights for equality for all. Do you think all humans are equal, or are you a gay-bashing, misogynistic jerk?

            The clean up? Get lost. All people have the capacity to be nurtured into compassionate and caring beings. Open your eyes, and understand that all is not well.

            You were born to be free, so be free. And let others be free. Work with your brothers and sisters to help one another find freedom. Wake up.

          • Rowdy

            Wow: I have rarely seen such stuignorance all in one post before.

            An idiot huh. Well let’s see about that. “I make assumptions about socialism” WRONG, “I don’t even question socialism, or communism”. Wrong I question everything, “I think the NSA is securing my well being”, very wrong again. The NSA is simply an outreached arm of the CIA that is the shadow government that is forcing socialism on our country. Which according to you is a good thing that brings equality to all. The rest of that paragraph I won’t even bring to the level of deserving a response. “All is not well” NO S – – T. Why do you think I spend my time trying to bring a few clear thoughts into the minds of lost souls like you. “Wake up” Pardner I would be willing to bet I have been awake to what is happening in this world longer than you have been alive. Anyone and everyone (in our country) is free to enjoy and I encourage them to embrace their freedom. The thing is when their freedom starts to destroy MY freedom their freedom is no longer freedom but oppression.

            As for socialism, you are correct, it does have a broad spectrum of ideologies, almost all of which have proven to be complete failures. Socialism has been around since long before there were words to define it. And Yes in certain contexts it does work quite well. But that context is specifically defined and limited by it’s very definition. Do you actually know the meaning and or the functioning mechanism of socialism. I seriously doubt it or you would not say the things that you do. Socialism is the function of people in a society helping to take care of those that can not or have failed to take care of them selves. It works great as long as it is voluntary and has been a functioning part of the American society all through our history. However the key issue is that socialism will only work if it is voluntary. I voluntarily help another person that is down and out, or a church does the same for anyone in need. That is the key. It helps the person in need and the people helping, feel good about what they have done. The person that was in need maybe has another chance to succeed, The people that helped are even more diligent in their efforts to achieve even more because they feel good about what they have done and wish to be able to do more. But the do have control over how much help they give, ensuring themselves that they will continue to survive so that they can continue to help others. On the other hand in most cases of socialism as we see it today it is far from voluntary. Example: What you see taking place in America today is much the same as socialism has been in every instance where the government of a country becomes the administrator of the social function of a society. It will not work. It has been proven over and over and over again. Karl Marx (as far as most are concerned) was the first to actually incorporate socialism into his governmental system. Of course it has been tried many times since and all with different names applied, but the same results in the end. As soon as it stops being voluntary it becomes a burden on the people. Call it marxism, communism, fascism, progressivism, liberalism, or just Forward. The results are always the same. Complete and rapid failure of the entire system. Look what is happening right now in this country. We have been being slowly and carefully converted to a system of forced socialism. The proof that it won’t work, They haven’t even got it partially implemented and our country is going down the crapper faster than a lead turd. Why? Simple as soon as the government starts forcefully taking away from those that work hard and achieve, and give it to those that have failed to achieve then those that are receiving the bogus assistance cease to try to achieve. And those that were achieving no longer have any incentive to achieve because they know that it will just be taken away from them and given to those that have now become so lazy and dependent that there is no end to the taking. So in EVERY case when socialism is enacted as a policy, immediate failure of the system takes place. Just as what is happening to us now.

            So YOU wake up

            I assure you I will be FREE.
            Good Advice, don’t try to interfere with me or mine being FREE.

          • Multiple Miggs

            You think that you’re living in a socialist society??? Open your eyes. You’re clearly clued up, so I don’t need to tell you that the ultimate goal of socialism is ‘utopia’. Now, we both know that even the concept of utopia doesn’t exist, and if it did it would be, without doubt, impossible to achieve; children are always going to fight and shout and scream. But socialism strives for at least a manner of equality.

            Some people are born with a knack for mathematics, and they go onto College, get a ‘great job’ and earn lots of money. Some people don’t have this ‘knack’, and have to use their hands and their physical advantages. They will, perhaps, become builders; not everyone can become a pro-footballer.

            The point is, the mathematician is clearly going to earn way more money, when the builder is also doing his bit for the so-called society. He is getting by day by day, whilst the mathematician is earning lots and lots of $$$$$. This isn’t fair. Both are using their God-given gifts (if your beliefs are so inclined) for the good of society. So why does the mathematician earn more? The builder probably works longer hours etc. I don’t need to take this point much further, as I’m sure you can see where I’m taking it. But the point is this: socialism doesn’t necessarily have to be dictatorial. It can just be, simply, equality. As long as the educational system does it’s job and teaches children about equality from a young age (if you think they are doing this, then you’re deluded); feminism, multiculturalism etc.

            As for the lazy, over-reliant scoundrels you discussed, we won’t simply ‘throw them a fish’, we will demolish the obstacles that are stopping them from becoming so dependent. Psychological help (whether you like it or not, 99.999% of these kind of issues stem from psychological issues).

            This being said, there should be no definition of what is ‘normal’. You’ll know about the idea that the cure for cancer could be hidden in the mind of a child in a council home who can’t afford an education. To find the cure for cancer in that mind, the child will require the FREEDOM to let his imagination go wild. Unfortunately, due to the economy, not all children have that luxury (socialist society? Yeah right). The economy serves one purpose, and that is to benefit the fatcats.

            If you believe in God, you will believe that all humans have the capacity to love, and if you do not follow religion, then you will probably believe in people being nurtured, and affected by every experience they’ve ever had. Either way, we’re all capable of love and compassion. So you need to have more faith in your brothers and sisters.

            The world of men took a terrible turn hundreds of years ago, and since then we have been walking in the wrong direction (as a race in general). People are consumed by the commodity, and they are more interested in Miley Cyrus’ underwear than they are worried that the world could well be at war again within the next 20 years. People need to be woken up, not ‘cleaned up’.

            As soon as the world is aware of the many issues that it faces, that’s when we can progress as equal beings, and be free. It’s a huge task, but it’s not impossible. Yet.

            So believe in your fellow man. PLEASE.

          • Rowdy

            OK well try a little different angle to this. What is your opinion on Obamacare.

          • Multiple Miggs

            Well despite having a different political layout, as well as an uncodified constitution, the UK’s society is a practically a microcosm of USA’s, and their NHS works rather well.

            I believe in free health care for all. That goes without saying. However, I’m not sure an NHS is feasible through the eyes of a pragmatic President. I respect Obama for that reason, as he’s fighting for something he believes in (something that can’t be said for most politicians these days). It will cost a lot of money, but in my opinion it is a necessity.

            That being said, it definitely doesn’t fit the system or the economy right now. But I think the system is broken, so that doesn’t mean much at all. And what is going to save the economy?

            Overhaul, please.

          • Rowdy

            I knew it LOOK OUT FOLKS this one has just self labeled. He is

            An OBAMANITE.

            A communist, socialist

            His type is exactly what the problem is in our country today.

            Way too many of these here in the Good Old U.S.A.

            They are trying to turn it into the U.S.S.A.

            Step on them where ever you find them.

          • Multiple Miggs

            Dumb-ass. I’m not an ‘Obamanite’. I’ve voiced my doubts about him since the beginning. He’s a revolutionary in his own right, but he’s no leader.

            Secondly, I’m British. I’ve never stepped foot in the ‘Good Old U.S.A’.

            I admit that I hope to one day soon; Tennessee, to be specific. My reasons will remain concealed, but I am not ‘yankee-basher’ like the majority of Brits.

            A communist socialist? Ha. You’re more ignorant than I thought. I think you need to re-read my posts, and try to understand what I’m saying, because you’ve clearly misunderstood everything I’ve said. Either that, or you don’t know how to differentiate between different political theories.

            Love and peace. XO

          • allah_speaking


          • allah_speaking

            free free free … who pays the doctors? Truly you are an idiot.

          • Multiple Miggs

            See the UK. Anyway, are doctors saving lives because they care about their fellow man, or because they are mercenaries?

            A doctor should become a doctor to do their part for society, not for a white jacket. The same concept applies to any job.

        • allah_speaking

          How does it feel to put words onto a message board and prove that you are a complete idiot?

  • Rowdy

    Oh yeah: “A former U.S. president says that the spying program shows that we no longer have a functioning democracy”. Really, I mean REALLY, a president said this. That is almost as bad as ovomit saying he had visited 57 states and has only 1 to go. You know your really in trouble when the presidents (plural) do not understand our country. This is not a democracy it is a Constitutional Republic. And we have 50 states, not 58 as ovomit says he had visited 57 and had one to go. Most common citizens understand both of these issues. Yet two presidents do not. It is hard to believe that we have let the leadership of this country become so inept and corrupted. Almost makes one think we deserve what we have sewn.

    • Herm

      We are a Democratic Constitutional Republic, always have been. And this is what most “common citizens” clearly understand. Well at least the ones who vote, anyway. Or is that your misunderstanding? You don’t vote, don’t know what voting is, and don’t understand that the vote in our system makes us a Representative Democracy? Your loss, you are only taking away your own power.

      As more of our citizens have become enfranchised from the beginning of our Republic we have only become more Democratic. So to say “this is not a democracy” is completely and thoroughly wrong, and most “common citizens” will laugh at you for suggesting otherwise.

      • Rowdy

        NO dipstick, you are the one so misinformed. This is not a democracy! It is not a representative democracy it is a Constitutional Republic. Yes we do use democratic processes in the operation of our system in some ways, but that does not by far make this any form whatsoever of a democracy. You have fallen prey to the brainwashing of the left. They started this change up a long time ago. First step in converting our thoughts to accept this is a democracy is to start calling it a representative democracy. It is not, Study your history, and the documents of the founding fathers. Maybe start with just reading the constitution, it appears to me that you haven’t even done that.

        For you’re information JACKWAGON, I teach Constitution classes three days a week and have been an elected delegate to the Republican party for the last three general elections. So I would say I do understand voting and I do Vote. I have not missed voting since I first voted for John F. Kennedy.

        So why don’t you take your stupignorant smart mouth somewhere (like a liberal blog) where people think like you. It would seem that you are a part of the problem.

        • Herm

          No, you are a rightwing whack job. So history is a left wing conspiracy? And our Democratic Republic is really isn’t a Democratic Republic? So what does that make it, some sort of Rightwing loon fascism or whatnot? Everything-these-schizophrenic-rightwing-nutjobs-want-republic? I’m sure you have the real scoop, history as you tell it, and I’m sure that’s what your “real” history will tell us.

          Yeah right you teach Constitution classes. And Bob’s your uncle. You obviously don’t know the first thing about our Constitution, let alone what kind of government you live under. You are just a brain dead lunatic and a slave to your rightwing fantasies. Now go voluntarily commit yourself to the nearest insane asylum before you do what many rightwing psychos do and go on a gun rampage.

          • Rowdy

            Yep I did have an uncle Bob. Of course I had 9 uncles on my mothers side and 6 on my dads side, so the odds of having an uncle bob are pretty good. Yeah I teach Constitution classes sir. I also teach all manner of self defense classes to go along with your constitutional rights. From MMA to night tactical in all manners of firearms, rifle, pistol, shotgun, of about any flavor you want.

            As for our government, it was founded as a Constitutional Republic. Do you understand what that means. It is as anti democracy as you can get. Mason came out of the signing and explained that they had not given them a democracy but instead a Constitutional Republic, if you can keep it. Right now thanks to koolaid drinking fools like you we are in the battle of our lives to keep that republic and keep it from slipping into a democracy which inevitably will slip into a dictatorship or oligarchy, and from there into anarchy. Then once again as the anarchy is brought under control the people again will form some new form of government. I would much prefer to skip all the crap in between and simply restore the CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC that we had, that worked so marvelously for nearly 200 years. Brought this nation from the stone ages to the most productive, and technologically advanced nation that has ever existed on the face of this earth in less than 200 years.

            Since you seem to like to throw vulgar insults “Very typical of a socialist left wing idiot” Just eat my shorts you left wing, socialist pile of dog dung. .

          • Herm

            You cast the first stone, fascist asshole. Of course you are too dim to realize that, even though it has been less than twelve hours since your first pathetic rant.

            Our country will never fall into the hands of the likes of you and your anti-democratic fascist pig friends. It’s a good thing you and your kind are too dumb to understand the first thing about our country and it’s democratic character, otherwise you would be a real threat.

            Well go ahead and keep believing we don’t live in a Democracy. Your craziness has no impact on my life, or the great Democratic country I live in, or State, County, or even City. And your complete and utter serfdom to the Fox and the rest of the rightwing fantasy bubble machine ensures it.

            Face it, you are a fascist pig, but an utterly irrelevant one. Good night, good luck, and enjoy the dream world you inhabit.

          • Rowdy

            Well creep you won’t think me so irrelevant should we meet face to face in the cleanup that is coming to this country. I certainly hope that meeting comes about. delightful moment in my life it would be. I so detest you left wing idiots that are trying to steal our liberty and freedoms.

          • allah_speaking

            Liberal idiot.

          • KCTed

            Question to Ben Franklin, “Are we a monarchy or a republic?”
            Franklin answered,, “A republic,,, if we can keep it”
            A Democracy is 2 wolves and 1 sheep, voting on what to have for dinner (that’s why we are a republic)

          • Rowdy

            A republic is a well armed sheep.

          • allah_speaking

            Resorting to insults… first sign of a liberal moonbat…

          • Herm

            As someone as divorced from reality as you (and I can tell because first you “resort to insults” and then next call me on the mat for “resulting to insults”) , I can see our Democratic Republic is in no danger. Continue to believe that the US Constitution spells of a Fascist Theocracy or whatever it is you schitzoids believe. Your hallucinations are irrelevant.

      • allah_speaking

        Idiot… Technically, we are a representative Republic.

  • Sandy

    you white people should quit jerking off !