World Opinion Opposed to War Against Syria

Majorities In UK, Germany, US and Elsewhere Oppose Strike

Everyone knows that the American public is overwhelmingly opposed to war against Syria.

But Americans are not alone.

A new poll by The Sun shows that Brits oppose a missile strike against Syria by a factor of 2-to-1.

A new poll in Germany shows that 69% of the German people were against a military strike on Syria.

A Pew poll from May – after the previous chemical weapon attack – found:

Eight-in-ten Germans (82%) opposed such assistance, as did more than two-thirds of the French (69%) and a majority of the British (57%). Even the Turks (65%), who share a border with Syria and now house 300,000 refugees from the civil war, oppose military aid to the rebels.

Publics in the Middle East are even less supportive of the West getting involved. In five of the six countries that were surveyed in March in the region – Lebanon (80%), Turkey (68%), Tunisia (60%), Egypt (59%) and the Palestinian territories (63%) – publics opposed Americans or Europeans supplying the Syrian rebels with weapons.

Unfortunately, governments tend to do what they want and ignore the wishes of their people … all over the world.   So – without massive protest – the Syrian War will be launched soon.

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  • gozounlimited

    Confirmed: US Claims Against Syria – There is no Evidence
    The Wall Street Journal has confirmed what many suspected, that the West’s so-called “evidence” of the latest alleged “chemical attacks” in Syria, pinned on the Syrian government are fabrications spun up from the West’s own dubious intelligence agencies…..

  • rmw301
  • Charles Swift

    Please do not start another war that leads to nowhere – we have failed in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and in time Syria – why do our leaders continue to be blind and think their view is correct? The one person who understood was Lady Thatcher, sovereignty was one thing to fight for – she proved this in the Falklands and Kuwait BUT to meddle in internal matters will always end in trouble because in the end the people will turn on the liberator (as in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan) this is because a foreign liberator can never live up to the expectations they themselves promote. Life is bad under the current Syrian regime but will the American democracy actually work quickly enough to actually make the people on the ground feel better?! History tells us no and when half the states around Syria are less than democratic do Washington believe they should take them all on? If they do then Obama has become more hawkish than Reagan which as someone who saw Obama as a beacon of hope I find sad. I do hope that we step back from the obis and take breath.
    If anyone wants a good read may I suggest a book called I am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes – it’s very thought provoking and sadly a little close near to the bone.

    • hoyeru

      It’s not even about a “war” it’s about feeding the fat cats who are running the military-industrial-entertainment complex. simple as that, really. Everything else is a secondary sde effect.

  • DeWayne

    Concerning the sophisticated manufacture of weapons grade Virus, Chemical, and weapons of all type, the entire world including most Americans are aware the greatest quantity are the product of the US “Military Industrial Complex.”
    Concerning the “War Economy” of America, most from the evidence of Afghan, Iran/Iraq, Libya, Palestine, Egypt, and now Syria… are quite aware of the Empire ‘Foreign Policies’ of the US Corp-Government, that no longer answers to the demands of the citizens of America.
    I believe China and Russia are waiting for the US-Empire to over extend militarily throughout the world, and when entering Syria (to get at Iran), will close their trap… called WWIII… and you can bet not a nation in the world will support or come to the defense of America.

  • DeWayne

    The “TARGET” is not Syria, it is “IRAN”, Syria is a set up….

  • Scottar

    It’s all about implementing the NWO through disorder. It’s a page taken from the Leninist- Marxists who use the same tactics.