American Nuclear Industry Suffers a Meltdown

American Nuclear Power Fizzles

Even though the American government has done everything possible to encourage nuclear power – by wholly subsidizing nuclear power, reducing safety standards after Fukushima, forcing Japan to re-start its nuclear program, covering up the severity of the Fukushima accident, raising acceptable radiation limits and agreeing to buy radioactive Japanese seafood – the so-called “nuclear renaissance” is over in the U.S. (and worldwide).

Duke Energy charged its ratepayers $1.5 billion dollars to build a nuclear power plant in Florida, and then pulled the plug … and refused to refund the money to its ratepayers.

An attempt to secretly ramp up production at the San Onofre plant in California caused massive problems at the plant.  An internal letter reveals that the plant operator knew of defects at the crippled reactors … but misled federal regulators to get and expedited license.  A judge has now permanently shut down the plant.

Virtually all other American nuclear rectors have suffered problem after problem, and plans for new plans have been mothballed.

The problem is that America’s nuclear reactors are old … and are falling apart piece by piece.

But – even after the Fukushima meltdown – regulators have reduced safety standards.

The Nuclear Regulator Commission say that the risk of a major meltdown at U.S. nuclear reactors is much higher than it was at Fukushima (and Fukushima is worse than ever.)

And an accident in the U.S. could be a lot larger than in Japan … partly because our nuclear plants hold a lot more radioactive material.

Indeed, nuclear is expensive and bad for the environment.  Nuclear is wholly subsidized by the government … and would never survive in a free market…. and it doesn’t really reduce global warming.

And it’s not helping inspire confidence in the our ability to safely handle radioactive materials that the former governor of Washington said that the Hanford Nuclear reservation is leaking 1,000 gallons a year, and that there is “no available technology to plug the leaks”.  And see this.   60 of the 177 underground tanks have already leaked and all of the tanks are at risk, which threatens the Columbia River.   There is a chance that the place may explode.

And it’s not helping that a “mass release of floating radioactive particles in metro St. Louis” may be released by the inferno at a landfill containing 8,700 tons of nuclear waste (and all efforts to stop it have failed so far).

Nuclear energy can be cheap, or it can be safe … but it can’t be both. If we want safe nuclear plants, we have to demand that the plant operators spend real money to maintain their reactors, and prevent easy-to-prevent risks.

And – instead of staying with an archaic design chosen solely because it helps to make nuclear bombs – we must decentralize, to more economical and environmentally friendly energy sources … nuclear or otherwise.

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  • gozounlimited

    Nuclear Nightmare – JAPAN IN CRISIS – full documentary……

  • Tonto

    The question isn’t any longer, just whether the populace gets it about the inherently insurmountable dangers of nuclear energy in an infinitely complex reality no one really fully comprehends in all its varied dangers and endless surprises. Clean, safe, nuclear energy has been conclusively proved to be an obscene fraud framed by some in the common scientific community who were too eager for fame and fortune. Fukushima conclusively demonstrates this human nature problem beyond any reasonable doubt. And given the fatal dimension of the problem that has evolved in the nuclear industry, Fukushima is clearly not a singular event. Neither is nuclear power is a singular industry advanced by scientists more eager for fame and fortune than they were eager to maintain a legitimate moral place in the seemingly waning history of mankind.

    The question before us, is forcing the government to shut the monsters down. The government responds to money. There is -big money- behind the scientists that gave us the nuclear power industry devil that threatens all humanity with extinction.

    Criminalization of the nuclear atrocities being committed is not a question of passing new laws. There are plenty of laws on the books now to handle these criminals. Every state in the union has laws about dumping nuclear waste and endangering the public safety. But not one has acted, -yet.

    If the democratic impetus behind our Republic really means anything in the vast menagerie of checks and balances intended by those who set up this country, it’s high time to see if this obscenely immoral industry can be closed down. There is no excuse for keeping the nuclear power industry operating anywhere in the world. Is America a world leader, or not? The dangers, and indeed our current circumstances are simply too dire to ignore the continuing threat. We are looking at the end of the world due to what nuclear power gave us with “clean, safe nuclear energy”.

    Any elected official that isn’t talking -right now- about shutting down the nuclear power industry is risking a large segment of the votes that sustain their tenure in office. Our government is not so fractured, there is some excuse for NOT addressing this problem immediately.

    Beyond this question, of whether the democratic impetus really means anything, and whether or not our elected officials will take up the task of shutting down a powerful, monied nuclear industry headed by General Electric, there is taking hold a new awareness that science in every one of its incarnations is conducting immoral experiments, and developing immoral knowledge sets and products, that should NOT be part of the intellectual emphasis in anyone’s knowledge-based repertoire.

    Academic freedom in the sciences cannot ever be taken to mean the unfettered right to develop knowledge sets that threaten humanity. And yet, it seems every scientist on the planet is doing exactly that which seems so obviously against even the most base ethical grain.

    These knowledge sets include many more things than the obvious ones like nuclear power and biological weaponry. Something as seemingly innocuous as modern medicine’s antibiotics are also well out of the realm of human morality, because antibiotics really do not alleviate humanity’s suffering. Antibiotics increase the suffering of humanity.

    How so?

    First, antibiotics add the the problem of overpopulation. At the same time, antibiotics are only available to some in society, those who can afford the seek medical care. And those who cannot afford to seek medical care suffer all the more with their own ailments, because of the increased virulence of the bacteria that evolve due to antibiotic use afforded to others. In fact, everyone in the future will suffer more due to current antibiotic use. How is this moral? It isn’t.

    Here, and increasingly around the world, antibiotics are being used as they were never intended to be used. Antibiotics are being used by the rapacious livestock industry scientists seeking to increase the profits they can obtain by feeding antibiotics to slaughter-animals kept in feedlots. Now, due to this use of antibiotics in animal production, super-bacteria are gaining ground and lethally infecting human populations with bacteria that have an increased resistance to antibiotic treatment, threatening human life all that much more.

    Many have spoken out about ALMOST every scientific endeavor known to man. It is time to heed their words and reel in these immoral scientists and industries. The Enlightenment is over, and we are all much wiser than the Eighteenth Century men who thought science had the answer to every question.

    Science does not create gods.

    As I already said, there are enough laws on the books. These laws merely need to be enforced. Prosecuting nuclear scientists should be a priority right now. Instead of letting scientists use our world as a testing ground for an insanely immoral desire to prove themselves capable and willing to threaten the lives everyone on the planet, the prosecution of nuclear scientists should ONLY be the beginning of a new emphasis placed upon preserving the world for the future of humanity.

    Every one of the scientists who gave us Fukushima is a career criminal. Not one of them should escape the justice society demands. These scientists together may have brought about the end of the world. Only time will tell. If we are going to ensure such a colossal crime never threatens the world again, such an atrocity cannot be viewed as a pardonable crime.

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  • Susanna Garfields


    The government responds to money. There is -big money- behind the
    scientists that gave us the nuclear power industry devil that threatens
    all humanity with extinction.

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  • I guess it would be best to slowly make a turnaround towards more natural sources like the wind. Great article!

  • They have gone through great lengths to promote nuclear power and not in a good way. They shouldn’t force Japan to reopen their nuclear studies or to agree to buy radioactive food.

  • Very informative. I’ve got a little paranoid after reading this, so thank you for bringing this information to us.

  • All of these nuclear power plants should be either removed or improved before another Chernobyl happens. chicago mbas

  • Nuclear plant is very dangerous, look what happened to Japan. They suffered a lot after having a problem on their nuclear power plant. Such a highly informative article.

  • Lindsay Jones

    It is a scary thought knowing that we don’t have the materials to plug the leaks

    • Chloe Young

      yes that is the main problem we all are facing now.