Syria War “Coalition” Dissolves: Britain, France, Canada and Most Other Countries Say NO to Syrian Attack

U.S. Is Isolated

Britain, France, Canada, Nato, Israel, Italy, Jordan and the rest of the world have said no to a Syrian attack.

The Arab League – which backed the war against Libya – has also  said no to an attack on Syria.

After it was revealed that U.S. claims that the Syrian government carried out recent the chemical weapons attack are wholly unsubstantiated, the U.S. has become isolated.

World opinion is firmly against war.

Congressman Grayson argues that  nobody wants a war except the military-industrial complex.

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  • harryk300

    Hallelujah to peace and the end of wars.

  • Rogoraeck

    “Dammit, dammit, dammit, dammit, DAMMIT!” — Official White Horse Souse

    “Dammit, dammit, dammit, dammit, DAMMIT!” — Nodding Yahoo

  • Dr. Pitchfork

    So how did this happen? Was it the anonymous intelligence officials who talked to the AP about “not a slam dunk”? Was it because so many of us got off our a$$es and called Congress? (It took me about 10 tries to get through to Elizabeth Warren, so her phone was busy at least.) I’m skeptical that it happened because of a sudden outbreak of reason and sanity. But maybe.

    • Dred Dormammu

      Russia, China, G-20 Countries ready to dump dollar as reserve currency, and lastly popular opinion, to varying degrees

  • Chicago-Black Crack Baby

    Those countries are just racist countries. That’s why Obama isn’t getting their support to invade Syria. They don’t like our black President just because he’s black. Bush got their support! But because Obama is black, those countries are not going to let him wage war on Syria. Racists! They’re nothing but a bunch of European white-boy racists! Show ’em who’s boss, Barack. We got the money and we got the bomb! No more riding in the back of the bus for this war monger!

    • Rogoraeck

      Yeahhhhh! You Rock Crack!! USA! USA! USA!

      • nocensorship

        Obama (Hussein Barak) smokes crack.

  • Rogoraeck

    We know Assad did gas it’s own people!
    we have the proof! Can’t show them to you. Classified Top Secret!
    Trust me! Would I lie to you people? USA! USA! USA! USA!

    White House.
    The Schwarza Mamzer

    • We know Team 6 killed Bin Laden, we have video & pics but can’t show you.
      We know what hit the Pentagon on 911, we have video but can’t show you.

  • Ignorance Is A Choice

    Praise God! Human common sense and intelligence prevails! Down with the lies and propaganda! Down with Tyranny and Oppression! Down with wars of aggression and Imperialism!

  • Kubrickian

    Yeah, lets make those prophecies on the Georgia guidestones come true and go it alone with no gain to the average American taxpayer. Add that to the five other wars Obama’s zionist owners have going.

  • Fred

    It was always wrong. There was never 100% proof that chemical weapons had been used by Assad (in my opinion, following my research, they hadn’t). I simply hope the USA take note of this and respect the fact that the world is changing and that constant war is not the way to make progress.

  • nocensorship

    Let’s hope the Syrians can find some Russian made yakhount rockets and sink the US carrier.

    That – indeed would make my day.

    • chrism12743

      Let’s not get stupid, there are Americans on board those ships, 90% of whom are also against this war, what we the people want to stop is the Entire obama administration.

  • Cin

    Wow wait a minute why are you (Washington Blog) posting that….
    “The Arab League – which backed the war against Libya – has also said no to an attack on Syria.”

    The only thing they backed was a “no fly zone” over Libya; no military intervention!
    You should correct this asap… there’s enough misinformation out there from the MSM as it is 🙂

  • kill them all

    kill all the sand Nigers.
    war is needed..population control
    they always start war the arabs …they hate each other and the only time they get along is when its against us

  • eric swan

    Brezinsky, (won,t even try to spell it) said that the people of the world are more politically aware than at any other time in history. I think that the net has a lot to do with that and may save us from a fate worse than death! And to think that the net was a defense department project. Had they only known…

  • chrism12743

    Now we just need to get America to say no to obama, once and for all, remove this pariah by any means necessary, this man is just plain dangerous for our continued survival!

  • Tyler

    Actually France,Israel,Australia, and David Cameron not the uk parliament support it. France has stated the will attack Syria if the us does.

  • Cam

    The chemical attacks in Syria is a blatant false flag operation to give an excuse for US intervention, The weapon was used by the US backed National Syrian Coalition. Its a tactic to begin a war with Iran as Iran has a defence treaty with Syria AND Russia. The results will be catastrophic, we’ve seen this is WW1 and WW2 where tens of millions of people lost their lives based on lies. Syria is an independent country with no US backed central back to enslave its people so it doesn’t fit the US model.

    Do NOT support this blatant false flag operation.

  • my5kids

    Why all the outrage?!?!? Is anyone surprised he is doing what he wants?!?!?! After all, “we” voted for him! OMG, I am just filled with hope and change!