Americans Strongly Oppose U.S. Intervention In Syria’s Civil War and Believe Washington Should Stay Out of the Conflict EVEN IF Reports That Syria’s Government Used Deadly Chemicals to Attack Civilians Are Confirmed

The Gruesome Pictures Out of Syria May Actually Be Hardening Many Americans’ Resolve Not To Get Involved In Another Conflict In the Middle East

A new Reuters/Ipsos poll finds:

Americans strongly oppose U.S. intervention in Syria’s civil war and believe Washington should stay out of the conflict even if reports that Syria’s government used deadly chemicals to attack civilians are confirmed….

About 60 percent of Americans surveyed said the United States should not intervene in Syria’s civil war, while just 9 percent thought President Barack Obama should act.


[Only] 25 percent of Americans would support U.S. intervention if Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces used chemicals to attack civilians, while 46 percent would oppose it.


The polls suggest that so far, the growing crisis in Syria, and the emotionally wrenching pictures from an alleged chemical attack in a Damascus suburb this week, may actually be hardening many Americans’ resolve not to get involved in another conflict in the Middle East.

The results – and Reuters/Ipsos polling on the use-of-chemicals question since early June – suggest that if Obama decides to undertake military action against Assad’s regime, he will do so in the face of steady opposition from an American public wary after more than a decade of war in Iraq and Afghanistan.


In this week’s Reuters/Ipsos survey of 1,448 people, just 27 percent said they supported his decision to send arms to some Syrian rebels; 47 percent were opposed.


The most popular option among Americans: not intervening in Syria at all. That option is backed by 37 percent of Americans, according to the poll.

In other words, Americans might finally be souring on the whole idea of “humanitarian war”.

Given the substantial doubt among experts regarding the claims that the Syrian government used chemical weapons on its own people, and the desire of the American people to stay out of another war even if Syria did use such weapons, the U.S. government’s saber rattling appears to be further alienating a population already skeptical due to the NSA spying scandal and Iraq war.

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  • Bill Pahnelas

    september is right around the corner, so the time will be right for the government to launch its next marketing campaign: selling the war with syria to the fat, lazy and stupid US citizenry. no matter what the polls say today, they’ll use the NYT and sunday talk shows to talk up the utter necessity of kinetic action against this latest threat to our way of life… besides, in the prelude to the Iraq invasion, the largest public demonstrations in history worldwide did nothing to forestall or even delay the planned invasion. we have no reason to think it would be otherwise today…

  • Tonto

    These poll numbers are no reflection upon the wisdom of waging a widening world war at this stage in our history. Instead these numbers reflect the credibility of this President and this government. These results are not surprising. Keep in mind though, another President, one with more charisma and leadership ability, could have Americans whipped up into a frenzy of war fever.

    Both Obama and Congress are clearly flailing desperately with their plastic light sabres of phony, almost corny, war propaganda that is whistling endlessly through the airwaves of every one of our propagandist main stream media news outlets. Read Bloomberg. Read MSN. It’s absolutely laughable, were it not all so deadly serious when foreign agent provocateurs are surreptitiously gassing Syrians in an effect to engender some support for widening this world war, while blaming Assad for their dirty work. -Shameful- seems a poor choice of words, but none other come to mind as I think of Chuck Hagel, John Kerry and a coalition of influential Republicans looking to widen fronts of the current world-war, yet again.

    Americans are rightly aghast at how they are now so routinely ignored. There has never been a government so willing to flout the popular opinion of American voters. The American experiment in self-governance has turned out very badly on more than one count recently. It used to be when a president tried to pull a stunt like this, someone would throw a net over him.

    But being a superpower, and the world’s only remaining superpower, has left the world, including the American people, at the mercy of a seemingly endless stream megalomaniacs, each one made more insane and more threatening by the scientific industrial complex that is wantonly destroying the habitability of the world. Caligula had nothing on these guys.

    • johna650

      Good point about Caligula whose reign was brought to an quick end by his own Praetorian Guards. Perhaps, the same fate is in store for our current crop of psychopaths? The world would already be engulfed in war had it not been for the unparalleled bravery of Manning and Snowden. Perhaps, the Secret Service has a similar hero among its ranks? Too much to hope for I imagine.

    • David L. Wrightsman

      What an awesome take of the situation. Nicely articulated Tonto. I would only add that there are a couple of other superpowers. China and Russia.

  • Saw The Light

    With the NFL season and the World Series around the corner it possible that the political establishment would start a war, using sporting events as a distraction.

  • gozounlimited

    John Kerry (Hooch) Says Internet Makes It Harder to Govern — Good!

    Kerry’s (Jewish not Irish) Salad………… “Gosh, these people actually are able to find out what is going on around them. We are not able to spoon-feed them our version of events through the mainstream media like we could twenty-five years ago. We aren’t able to stifle those that want to call us out on our real agenda.We can’t stand the fact that anyone at anytime can fact-check us and reveal the truth, or at least something close to it, without our permission.” …..

    • gozounlimited

      Same Song ….. Fourth Verse….

      • gozounlimited

        While we are standing in our truth…. I want to relieve your concerns about the burning of Stanislaus National Forest. After decades of chemtrail and weather mod activity the forest lost it’s battle to bark beetles. Bark beetles bore into fir, pine and cedar trees, where they lay their
        eggs. Healthy trees can repel the attack by flooding the beetles’ egg
        galleries with pitch, pushing the pests and their larva back out of the
        bark. But trees in distress from lack of moisture caused by the drying out effect of chemtrails cannot spare enough sap
        to expel the pests.

        The Forrest Service has responded by creating small controlled burns in the Stanislaus Forest….but they have barely made a dent in the acreage that needs to burn in order for life to resume. You will notice how fire fighters are protecting homes, water sheds, utilities, Sequoia trees….. but the truth is…. the more acreage that burns the better…..

        Campers and residents need to watch out for refugee animals……. natural, healthy, rebirth has begun.

    • docdave1

      Kerry and Rockefeller think a like….they are both scumbags

    • jo6pac
  • Paul

    Assad isn’t so stupid as to use chemical weapons in Damascus just as the U.N. inspection team arrives. This would give a clear excuse for the west to intervene on the side of the jihadist rebels. Only the rebels would get any benefit from attacking (sacrificing) civilians. They would just chalk it up as martyrs for the cause.

  • goingnowherefast

    I can’t believe the war mongering I’m hearing right now from the so called mainstream press despite the results of this poll. We have no voice. The psychopaths want a world war and will do anything to have it. They are certifiable and need to be locked away. We cannot be as easily rolled as we were with the resistance to the invasion of Iraq. It may take a national strike. So be it.

  • wbonesteel

    This won’t be Kosovo, or even Iraq or Afghanistan. This will be Armageddon on a stick and everyone on earth will get reamed.

  • John Jauregui

    This is all about Iran and US Banksters. US Banksters don’t like Iran selling oil for gold instead of for US dollars. So first Syria gets it first. Followed by Iran. This will be a train wreck for everyone on the planet, except for the US Banksters. They’ll make out.

  • John Jauregui

    Why would Syria attack its own people with nerve gas after the US warned that it would
    attack for such an outrage? Fact: Ambassador Steves was killed in Benghazi while facilitating the movement of captured Libyan weapons to Syrian Al-Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood supported rebels. These weapons included nerve gas and other chemical/biological weapons.

  • johna650

    It will be interesting to see if those new Russian cruise missiles are effective against USN ships, I think they will be deadly accurate and the fallout will be a widening war that may well engulf the world. It will be a war the USA can neither afford or win. 99 years ago the world was profoundly changed in ways that would have been unimaginable a few years earlier. I think we are once again to witness a political and economic earthquake whose consequences we cannot fathom. We live in interesting and perilous times.. I pray we are all here a few years from now to witness the new world.

  • disqus_PAZz5o1Bj8

    It is hard to believe there are still so many journalists either so extremely ignorant of false flag politics, or else completely psychopathically corrupt. Wars are a racket, and false flag events are the easiest way to start them. Shame on the docile and corrupted mainstream journalists!
    Do NOT feed wars with stirring up hatred through lies, with weapons and money for mercenaries (aka rebels).

  • Roo

    Stay out of other country’s business !!!!!!

  • Joe Conners

    The demise of the USA could hinge on our INABILITY to stay out of others’ conflicts. This is Syria’s civil war….both sides in that war are hostile to the USA…let them alone to fight each other. Our entering this would be madness, after lessons [not] learned from Iraq and Afghanistan. Isn’t this supposed to be the anti-war president???!

  • clueupamerica

    we are clearly supporting madmen by putting arms in the rebels hands. anyone who would film themselves cutting out the heart and liver of a fallen opposition soldier, and eating them. he is not the peaceful choice.