Actual Video of UN Weapons Inspectors Examining Syrian Chemical Weapon Rockets

The Obama administration tried to prevent UN inspections of the chemical attack. It failed, although the weapons inspectors were forced to leave a day early.

The real question is whether the U.S. will wait for the results of the tests, which could take weeks.

As can be seen below, the rockets used in the attacks are certainly non-standard, and much less sophisticated even then a Scud missile.

Here are UN weapons inspectors examining rockets which allegedly delivered chemical weapons in Syria:


And here are additional videos of the UN inspectors investigating the attacks:



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  • Randa

    Oh I pray with all my heart that this attack will not take place. My family is from Syria and I spent my childhood summers in Damascus, but this is not the reason. The reason is because of where this attack will lead. It will turn this planet into a flaming ball of horror. Humanity does not deserve this. The coming war will be between the cloned monsters governing our world and the human beings they want to destroy.

    Humanity deserves to be loved, in spite of the rhetoric we have been fed all our lives about how awful we are.

  • Randa

    God bless Bashar Assad and the Syrian people. May God protect them from harm in the coming days.

  • Tonto

    There is some credible talk that Saudi Prince Bandar (a Sunni eager to rout Assad who is a Shiite) is behind the chemical attacks in Syria. It is said that Price Bandar’s support of the Syrian “rebels” included introducing these chemical munitions into the region.

    This is about a long-plotted regime change. It is not about chemical weapons at all. The evidence is far too flimsy and phony looking to make any justification for bombing Syria back into the Stone Age. And no one in the Obama Administration is saying, “If Prince Bandar is behind these chemical weapons, then we shall have to invade Saudi Arabia.”

    This is all about the long-planned destruction of another Mideast Muslim country, just like what happened in Libya.

    I want Obama to justify what was done to Libya. There is no justification for it except “empire”.

    • gozounlimited

      Who Is Really Behind the Syrian War?…

    • Mo Raf

      I agree with everything you said except the statement about Bandar being sunni. The ruling members of the sons of Abdul Aziz may be Arabs but they are not muslim by any definition, in fact they hate Islaam. As for Assad, his is from a particular group who are “one-r” in that they accept the imaamate of Ali but they do not follow the imaamate beyond him, unlike the twelvers who follow imaamate through the descendants of Ali to their twelth imaam. There are several types of one-ers, three-ers, seven-ers and twelvers today. Throughout history there have been many more. The point is that any hostility between Suaid and Syria is absolutely not religion based, but is purely political and financial.

  • jadan

    Be sure to have a look at Paul Craig Roberts’ commentary on Obama’s dilemma and the imperial presidency. Obama finds himself exposed for the hollow creature he is. The buck stopped at his desk and he tried to sweep it away, but it stuck to his finger and he can’t shake it loose.

  • gozounlimited

    Our corp/gov has a hard time discerning their own propaganda from reality.

    Another example…..
    BBC News environment analyst Roger Harrabin is as much a blatant LIAR as our own warmongers!!!!!! Mr. Harrabin wants you to believe that one of the biggest canyons in the world was found by accident beneath the ice sheet in Greenland while researching climate change. Of course, climate change research requires mapping Greenland’s bedrock by radar in order to measure the increase in Arctic greenhouse gases caused by oil and gas drilling. They sought the answer with myriad aerial flights using chemtrails and HAARP (radar) to bounce signals back off the bedrock underneath. Ice is transparent to radio waves at certain HAARP frequencies….


    Ice-Breaking: U.S. Oil Drilling Starts as Nations Mull Changed Arctic…..

    Militarization of Arctic Consistent With Deployment Chemtrails as “Exotic Weapon”…..


    Back in 2004…… WASHINGTON – Rising global temperatures will melt areas of the Arctic this century, making them more accessible for oil and natural gas drilling, a report prepared by the United States and seven other nations said on Monday…… How Convenient.

    Are Brits just stupid people? What’s their problem?

  • Rehmat

    Barack Obama needs to attack Syria after failing to bring a regime change as desired by Israel and its Jewish cousins, the Saudi royals. It’s also needed to support Obama’s stupid “red line” against Syria and Iran.

    On Friday, Pepi Escobar claimed at RT’s “Cross Talk” that Obama is being pushed by Israel and Bandar Bush (Saudi intelligence chief, prince Bandar bin Sultan) to take Damascus out of Hizbullah-Iran equation. Once it’s achieved, Israel will attack Lebanon followed by a US invasion of Iran.

  • James Lawler

    “This is amazing. How did the US get evidence that the UN did not get? What did the UN find? Very convenient to be able to get results back from a war zone, where we have no troops on the ground. This is absurd. The attack was Aug 21st, 10 days ago and the US has received lab results from samples taken at the scene? How is this possible? Kerry stated it was independent of the UN inspections. Well who collected it, when and how? If this evidence was being collected separate from the UN team why put them at risk and send them in? Holy setup Batman.”

  • rpdiplock

    And … when the lies of the warmongers (NATO allies, FUKUSrael, etc.) are exposed for the frauds – which they are – who will punish them? The UN? Nah! The fraudsters control the UN. So, who? Mr Nobody, that’s who. Hence the reason they can continue to lie, ad-nauseum – about this, that, or other … because there are no consequences. The lying sociopaths are in control of the levers of what passes for international jurisprudence. Consequently, they appear to be able to do as they jolly well please. Pity …

  • yougesh

    As translate english to german can be seen below, the rockets used in the attacks are certainly nontranslate english to italianstandard, and much less sophisticated even then a Scud missile. translate english to french