Actual Video Footage of Syrian REBELS Launching Chemical Weapons?

World Net Daily describes the video as follows:

A video posted on YouTube, embedded below, shows Free Syrian Army, or FSA, rebel forces launching a Sarin gas attack on a Syrian village.

Another video posted on YouTube shows what appears to be Syrian rebel forces loading a canister of nerve gas on a rocket to fire presumably at civilians and possibly government forces.

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  • James

    Funny, Those Sarin Gas “bombs” look dubiously like blue freon cans with MIG welded rings and fins. They certainly don’t look like anything made in a factory, and I guarantee that no one is stupid enough to weld directly on a can full of sarin gas.

    I suppose Sarin could come in cans like that, or they could have made the cans out of used gas canisters and transferred the sarin to them. If so, it’s probably no doubt the rebels doing it as it’s a low budget operation.

    • Blaze

      Or it could be Syrian army dressed as rebels.

      • James

        I doubt it.

        First look at the scene where the guy “arms” the weapon after it’s placed on the gun.

        He’s obviously the one who has all the knowledge of the weapon – all of the others are helping him. He does not appear to be nervous handling the device.

        Notice the gun has been modified with some sort of tracks on the outside of the barrel for the weapon to fit over. In this grainy video, I cannot tell how the tracks were made, but I suspect some sort of rod material has been welded to the barrel of the gun and there is corresponding angle iron on the weapon that guides over it. Notice also the gun has two different tires on it – indicating it is somewhat cobbled together itself.

        Now take a look at the scene where the “arming guy” drops one of the weapons off in a room with a couple of similar weapons present. Notice that each one of the weapons is constructed slightly differently – the one closest to the wall is made of bar stock rather than angle iron – indicating this is a prototype from before they added the tracks to the outside of the gun. It also has very little weld overlapping the canister.

        The other one is a little more advanced than that one. With the third one having the tracks and is likely the one seen being armed in the video.

        I also wonder who “Westernized” the video with the dramatic music. That didn’t come from Syria.

        No doubt the CIA and the NSA have much smarter people than me looking at the video – or perhaps they are too stupid to notice what some casual observer like me can see in one view of the video.

        • Culebra

          Perhaps the CIA are the ones behind the chemical attack. Obama wants regime change and Assad is winning. This whole thing was staged with the blessing of the White House

        • ah s

          Unless they made the video ;) ….joke, your observations are good, the ‘prototype’ could be use whatever is @ hand? a thought.
          The words @ bottom of vid, “launching a Sarin gas attack” and “nerve gas”….we still are not sure what was used? Via UN anyway, I would think medics would know. A large canister of sarin, would take out how many ppl? Some of these are in the low ug, 25ug for death. Which says a teaspoon would take out a village, so was the ingredient what was last fit into bomb end, the rest delivery? excuse the lack of knowledge, limited to taking out GI Joe as a kid-not in any small way, I like inanimate overkill to be heard for a mile…wish I could again, great fun-now, terrorism.

      • Impeach Obama

        One looked like your dad.. idiot

      • dave777

        Or CIA. Heck, no war no profit and less debt.

    • toutatis

      so u think it couldn’t be welded before it was charged?

    • Impeach Obama

      . Sarin has to be mixed prior to use. The canisters were made. THEN they add sarin mixtures. Is shelf life is very short when mixed and has to be used as soon as possible after.

      Now go look up the machine shops making Rocket, Mortars, Mortar tubes, and other weapons for Syrian rebels.. Hence why it looks homemade.. Because it is!
      Russia even said that the shells used were not military made..
      They should know.. They made Assad’s weapons back in the mid 70’s and 80s

  • luckylongshot

    After America gave Iraq chemical weapons to use against Iran their moral authority to condemn other countries for using chemical weapons vanished. The American position shows them advancing a Zionist Agenda in defiance of the wishes of both the American People as well as the countries that hold most of their debt. Even if this does not become a world war they look set to lose.

    • dlsmit1

      How is backing al Qaeda & al Qaeda affiliated groups throughout the Arab Spring a Zionist agenda when al Qaeda lothes Israel? I keep seeing people posting this kind of nonsense but in reality it doesn’t add up when our Potus is backing some of Israel’s biggest enemies.

      • ah s

        In fighting and chaos. Not up on the Zionist Agenda, but age old tactic to have your enemies, or regions you want to take, killing one another. Thus weakening and depleting resources of war. You can be the hero/savior and place puppet gov….wait, have we done this?

        • ah s

          Plus they are all military gear customers-a build up, as they decline.

      • luckylongshot

        You really need to do more homework before making comments like this. For example if you look into who is behind and funding the Al Queda Group in Syria and you will find Saudi Arabia, the USs number 1 supporter in the gulf. There is a recent (friday) report on Zero Hedge titled ” Dont Show Obama this report about who is really behind the Srian attacks” you can read to inform yourself. The world in reality is quite different to how the western media portrays it but you can dig to the truth if you try..

    • ah s

      Zionist Agenda removed from your post would garner more reads. I stopped @ phrase. Explained I may even see merit in your position but, smaks of racism. Zionist, does this exclude the bulk of jewish population? If not, ridiculous-if so, maybe ‘select groups’

      • luckylongshot

        I think you have confused zionist with Jewish. They are very different as 99% of Jews are not zionists. What I am referring to is the small group of private bankers who currently control the west and are advancing what could only be called an evil agenda against the general public. If you want to see proof of their power Vitali, Glattfelder and Battiston identify them and that they control 80% of the worlds wealth. There is also a very good YouTube that covers this topic quite well as it identifies how they have played a part in killing over 100 million people. here is the link

  • mac7692

    Only have one thing to say. The legitimate Syrian government or alqueda backed syrian rebels. Now lets see… alqueda attacks us. We are in a war against their terror tactics, but we supported ( alqueda and muslim brotherhood) them in libya, egypt, now syria. Why the hades are we aiding and abetting enemies of the USA? Why would we suppport them? To unify the arab world against us? Instead of slught destabilization to keep them othgerwis occupied.

  • dave777

    Funny how major media is such a propaganda puppet without any real journalism any more. But fact is media knows our governments are corrupt, and that capitulation can hurt. As the fact is Obama is supporting Sunni UAE backed al Qaeda/911 types in Syria. And no one is asking for a concrete reason why Obama would do this knowing what happened in 911.

  • Ld Elon

    Zionists, nor Jews, are a race.. now if you was to say fourth kin, then yeh, they fourth kin, but race, ??? they are a mix of races.. of 3, making one. note the 3 kins, and chrst, the fourth kin. / the SON of MAN.

    Judaism is a cultural thing.. plus, Judea and Israel are two different kingdoms..
    same exhaust inspector inspects >>>

  • Ld Elon

    ‘He is brewed, of Man.’

  • felix1999

    This is nonsense. You can NOT tell with CERTAINTY who is doing this!

  • felix1999

    You can NOT tell WHAT is being shot through what looks like a modern day canon.
    You can NOT tell WHO is firing this thing. There is NO TALKING. It has exciting music and all you see is a few guys loading this thing and firing it off. For all we know these could be EMPTY shells and MOOSLIMES firing it. This is CRAZY!

  • Lee James

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  • Ann

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