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Dangerous Crossroads. A War on Syria, Prelude to a World War III Scenario?

Cross-Posted from Global Research. by Michel Chossudovsky “In order to facilitate the action of liberative (sic) forces, …a special effort should be made to eliminate certain key individuals. …[to] be accomplished early in the course of the uprising and intervention, … Continue reading

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Actual Video of UN Weapons Inspectors Examining Syrian Chemical Weapon Rockets

The Obama administration tried to prevent UN inspections of the chemical attack. It failed, although the weapons inspectors were forced to leave a day early. The real question is whether the U.S. will wait for the results of the tests, … Continue reading

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Reddit Busted Censoring Alternative Media

Redditors Furious It’s bad enough that the government censors and manipulates social media. But Reddit, Facebook, Digg, Youtube and other social media sites have long censored content as well. For example, Facebook pays low-wage foreign workers to delete certain content … Continue reading

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Experts: U.S. Case that Syrian Government Responsible for Chemical Weapons Is Weak

Intelligence Experts Around the Globe Are Sounding the Alarm that the Justification for Intervention Is Far from Established Huffington Post reports: Intelligence experts around the globe are sounding the alarm that the justification for intervention is far from established. *** … Continue reading

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French Oppose War Against Syria

But Government Ignores Them The French people – like the Americans – oppose war against Syria. Agence France-Presse and the Local reported yesterday: On the same day France dispatched a ship towards Syria a survey conducted by IFOP for Le … Continue reading

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If You Like Obama’s Presidency, You’ll Love Hillary’s, But Her Two Foreign-Policy Catastrophes as Sec. of State Suggest There Should Be Dem. Pres. Primaries in 2016

Guest post by Eric Zuesse. The same Wall Street bailout, no-cops-on-the-mega-bank-beat, people who benefited from Barack Obama’s policies, are now moving lockstep behind the rapidly assembling Presidential campaign banner of Hillary Clinton. On August 29th, the Washington Post headlined “Pro-Obama Super PAC Priorities … Continue reading

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U.S. Started Backing Syrian Opposition YEARS BEFORE the Uprising Started

The American Government’s Narrative that “We Must Stop Assad Because He’s Brutally Crushing a Spontaneous Popular Uprising” is False The civil war in Syria started in March 2011. And see this. However, the U.S. has been funding the Syrian opposition … Continue reading

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More than 150 Congress Members Demand Vote on Syria

Is Obama the President … or the “Concluder”? Politico notes: Already Thursday, more than 150 members of Congress have signaled their opposition to airstrikes on Syria without a congressional vote. House members circulated two separate letters circulated that were sent … Continue reading

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