Why Doesn’t the Government Use Its Mass Surveillance to Bust the Big Criminals … the Banksters?

If the Government Is Going to Spy … Why Doesn’t It Do Something Useful?

The big banks have committed massive crimes and manipulated virtually every market.

The failure to prosecute fraud is preventing a sustainable economic recovery.

As such, prosecuting Wall Street fraud is arguably an issue of national security.

The government is collecting everything … and spying on just about everything we do.

We are passionately opposed to mass surveillance.  But – if the government is doing so – why can’t it gather info on the crimes of the big banks … so we can prosecute them?

You might assume that spying is only used to stop terrorism.

But the government has – in fact – often invoked national security powers in regards to the financial system.  For example, Business Week reported on May 23, 2006:

President George W. Bush has bestowed on his intelligence czar, John Negroponte, broad authority, in the name of national security, to excuse publicly traded companies from their usual accounting and securities-disclosure obligations.

Reuters noted in 2010:

U.S. securities regulators originally treated the New York Federal Reserve’s bid to keep secret many of the details of the American International Group bailout like a request to protect matters of national security, according to emails obtained by Reuters.

This is especially true given that some of the biggest banks have been caught actively assisting terrorists.

Unfortunately, spying is being used to crush dissent … and specifically to protect the banks and target those who are trying to hold the banks accountable.

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  • Troy Ounce

    A corpocracy will most probably concentrate on getting secret information on their international competitors, not what terrorists are doing.

    This also means that non-US companies might lose “unexpectedly” tenders or deals against US competitors.

    Send that email to you strategy department and your company is fucked.


    • Joshua Roberts

      Niccolò was actually a satirist- predicting precisely such an eventuality.

      • D


      • adbj102

        And I thought that he was a frustrated bureaucrat, who hitched his wagon to the wrong star?

  • boring

    brilliant! SPREAD THE WORD. post this everywhere.

  • Dean

    This may explain the lack of bankster prosecutions after their companies melted down financially…there was no criminal or civil malfeasance because they were exempt from financial reporting laws.

  • Rich Cream

    Historically, politicians use spying powers to get insider info on businesses and to spy on political opposition. Never for crime prevention or prosecution. To be honest, they use the spying powers to further even more illegal activity.

  • gozounlimited

    Abolish NSA mass surveillance and the DHS……. On Friday, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano resigned to take up a post running California’s university system. With her departure, there are now 15 vacant positions at the top of the department. That suggests it would be a particularly humane moment to shut the whole thing down…… http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2013-07-15/the-case-for-abolishing-the-dhs#r=rss

    • gozounlimited

      Bob Dylan – Series Of Dreams…… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgqGUBP3Cx0

    • buck

      yes, and they have rouned up hugh supplies of ammo while we in the heartland have got to scrape to find it ! get rid of HLS now ! yes I know nsa, your watching so shove it where the sun does not shine !

  • Ryan

    They have to much money and power. We are the ones who give them there money? I don’t get what your trying to say. It’s not gonna happen as long as everyone keeps giving them there money.

  • Joshua Roberts

    all western governments are hijacked by NWO, why would you report on your coworkers?

  • One-Eyed Willie

    Government = Banksters

  • asdfasdf

    Two wrongs don’t make a right. Our right to privacy should be protected across the board, regardless. The rules can’t just be applied to whomever we see fit.

  • asdfasdf

    Two wrongs don’t make a right. Our right to privacy should be protected across the board, regardless. The rules can’t just be applied to whomever we see fit.

  • asdfasdf

    Two wrongs don’t make a right. Our right to privacy should be protected across the board, regardless. The rules can’t just be applied to whomever we see fit.

  • PeopleB4Profit

    When CEOs(Bankers too), Senators, Congressional Representatives, Supreme Court Justices, Governors, Lobbyist, Lawyers and the chosen are the guest of a few of the wealthiest citizens, meet in secret behind maximum security to discuss the course of our nation’s future with no regard for the Citizens US best interest or the approval of said Citizens US, why would our government spying on US surprise you? Who do you think they’re spying for??? This is about the impending marshal law, slave labor, depression, and tyranny that can’t hide anymore. This is not a partisan issue. This is the only thing those horrible bought politicians in our government agree on. How’s that make ya feel? What are WE going to do about it? This is the ONLY thing we should all be talking about. Turn off the TV, unplug for a few hours, and Talk to your neighbors, we need to start uniting. At the grocery store, stop and introduce yourself to a stranger and ask them how they feel about this. You will be quite surprised. Remember over 5,000,000 dead Jews had nothing to hide! gmt

  • johnnyboy

    because the government is ran by big criminals and banksters you fu#3n morons.

    • Postman

      seriously, the title of this article is redundant.

  • Jack Menendez

    The banks are the government

  • robert rogers



    The NSA purpose of spying is to use that data and information to control rich people and to blackmail them.

    Like Army Intelligence use of spying in the early 20th century to monitor the white robber baron elite connected Black American Bourgeois because groups like the Klu Klux Klan, which was used to control the Black Masses, were too poor and couldn’t not get anywhere near that class, the National Security Agency has in our borderless world, the responsibility to watch the various networks of money people.

    Why haven’t Congress voted against GMOs? Police Brutality? Bankster Global Theft? Child Sexual Slavery? Because the minute an Elliot Spitzer tries to get a case against a Warren Buffet, the former gets their prostitution purchasing past discovered and put out into the media to prevent it.

  • johnsmith9875

    Politicians run on money and who has the money, the banks.

  • jeannonkralj

    This is crystal clear succinct article with excellent set of hyperlinks. Save this article. The problem is the banksters and the nonenforcement of of our deliberately weakened laws against the banksters’ criminal behavior. Not only does our whole monetary and financial system need to be fundamentally changed, but there must be immediate CRIMINAL, not civil, prosecution of the CEOs and other top personnel of all of these major banks. I think the top officiers and administrators of the Federal Reserve Banks as well as the SEC and other financial regulatory agencies should be CRIMINALLY prosecuted as well. The sentences need to involve life imprisonment, not laughable petty financial penalties. (Of course, hefty fines as well on all of these theives.)
    Until the banksters and others are imprisoned for life without chance for parole, the continued annihilation of the USA will continue. Really there is no difference between the government and the banksters these days. It is all one evil pot of stew for self financial aggrandizement and one world death and slavery system for all.
    I hold a “theory” that it is the same group of “banksters” who are stirring up every kind of contention and strife in the USA to get us all killing each other off to save them the trouble of directly doing it. Now that is true Machiavellianism! I am a Christian so that makes me a “conservative” but I do not belong to the left / right scam, something also being imposed on us by the “banksters.” All the ruination of the family and of society and individual lives is carefully and consistently engineered and perpetrated by the banksters as well.
    Just take care of your own body and soul and that of those who have truly cared about you in your life.
    There is no hope for America, because the banksters we will always have with us.

  • Solidus1

    An excellent post posing the questions that must be answered. I do not wish to forgive the spying within for any reason. I want the government accountable and law enforcement to do its job the old fashioned way. Enough of the casting of nets over the entire US population to reel in criminals, citizens, banksters, or others. Internal surveillance is a political tool to stamp out dissenting opinion. It is not good for any US citizen. http://coldwarwarrior.com/

  • AffinityNetNews


    There is NO GOVERNMENT. There is ONLY a banking Cartel.

    The Amendatory Act to The Trading With the Enemy Act of Oct., 1917 namely the Emergency Banking Relief Act March 9, 1933, defined the American people as enemies-of-the-state after the bankruptcy of the Republic in 1933.

    After going into default and receivership, the Republic (our government) was turned-over to the International Federal Reserve Banking System the management of the “government” which is now owned and controlled by the Empire of the Crown Inc., domiciled within the Financial District of London City, England.

    There is no longer a common law Republic nor is there a functioning Constitution of 1776. The Act of 1871, destroyed, usurped, altered the organic Constitution to become a private business charter for the foreign invading corporate shareholders, and only protects, and represents them and NOT the 50 state Republic which is economically enslaved as bondservants, federal citizens, chattel, or human resource, as soulless commercial units to be traded on the NYSE through your Birth Certificates (as a bond) as collateral to pay-off all war debts and any future loans for the banking cartel to infinity.

    Please do not expect the so-called legal system to expose this information. The BAR is: British Accredited Registry and is owned by the Empire of the Crown shareholders as well. The gold-fringed flag implies Vice-Admiralty Roman Canon Law Merchant or Uniform Commercial Code and NOT Constitutional common law. This corrupt legal system is based on fascist Roman tyranny called: LEX FORI, of Pontifex Maximus.

    Admiralty law does NOT respect or recognize your Constitutional Rights or the organic Constitution of 1776 or 1789. It presumes you to be a bondservant with only “privileges” and no God-given Rights. Privileges can be recalled at the whim of the totalitarian collectivist corporate police-state at any time.

    We The People of what was once a common law Republic will never be free until this knowledge is wildly known and understood and enforced upon for lawful remedy.

    This and volumes more is documented in Supreme Court cases and US Code. Please research the Act of 1871, and the Banking Acts of 1913, and 1933.

  • Rothschildbane


    Note: This is a collection of links that will attempt to elucidate the
    history of the takeover of the American economy and government by monied
    interests. If a careful student reads just a few of these works, they
    can begin to see the pattern that has emerged in every generation of
    Americans of these monied interests either trying to take control or
    keep control of every human being that they possibly can.

  • cypherpunk

    I always said that mass surveillance is a waste of money and resources and it won’t do anything good

  • BillClinton

    The fact that the banks are not being reigned in with the surveillance state means that this power has been abused since its inception. The NSA has no intention to go after terrorists. They are spending billions if not trillions of dollars for other things. It makes you wonder if the conspiracy theorists are right. We know hundreds of thousands of plastic coffins stacked up like dixie cups have been discovered in this country. We also know that “residential facilties” with double walls of barbed wire pointing in have already been constructed around the country.

  • Tosheba

    Voyeur: An obsessive observer of sordid or sensational subjects.

  • HM

    You ask why? Because gvt is installed and selected with the money of the super criminals. The spying is to keep an eye on those of us who knows what is really happening and to keep us under control…





  • dan becker

    We are a plutocracy heading toward a fascist state. Plutocracy is rule by the wealthy, fascism is


    The Banks, major media, and other large corporations run the country by controlling Congress through payouts, lobbyists, and contributions. Our Congress OWES THEM.

  • Augur Mayson

    Because Z.O.G. rules all. That’s why Verint and Narus, the two companies the NSA pimped out domestic telecom spying to are both Israeli companies. That’s why we haven’t had a nonJewish head of the fed since 1987. That’s why every war in the desert is a war for Israel even though the Z.O.G.-controlled press makes out like it’s a fight for “our” or “their” freedoms. It only results in piles of dead bodies of Israel’s enemies, us spending hundreds of billions or trillions for which we go into debt further to their foreign banksters, they topple regional strongmen and approach their goal of creating “Greater Israel” by hand of man though they will surely claim it is prophecy fulfilled. Sneaky.

  • hommedespoir

    If the politicians tried that stunt, bust the banksters tomorrow…. they’d all be fired, and none of them would get paid after about next Thursday

    Mafiosi would take over by the weekend

  • MrEthiopian

    Another possible side to this story is that the information
    being collected is already being used by American corporations to gain the
    upper hand against competitors; this information could also be used for insider
    trading and a plethora of other devious and illegal ways. The problem with the
    way data gathering is structured today, audits by an impartial third party don’t
    happen and because of this the American people simply don’t trust politician’s
    suggestion that the system is being used legally.

    I sadly voted for President Obama and many of his campaign promises
    turned out to be lies, so how can we trust his statements that the system is being used legally, he has
    lied to us in the past and because of this we the American people need more than just his word.


  • Jerry S.

    Because the NSA only listens to phone calls and internet activity of the Little people.

    All the little people!

  • Fullblad

    Who wrote this? Did they just fail off the turnup truck, or don’t they know who’s in charge and setting all the agenda around the good ol’USA and the rest of the Western world and it’s vassel states????