Modern Man’s Shrinking Brain

We’ve repeatedly noted that our brains are smaller than our ancestors.

This graphic summarizes some of the most interesting information:

Shrinking Brain


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  • LeftoverHuman

    HomoCellphonious or H.Cell…leads the current decline in this “Brain Size” issue. Marked by the distinctive crooked right arm held to the right ear, these degenerate humans know next to nothing about their surroundings, but rather wander aimlessly about in a World of their own while talking when no one is there.

  • Starlarvae

    There is hope for re-encephalization in moderns, but it will require re-location:

  • gozounlimited

    Can’t get dumber than this……

    I don’t think any glaring lie about the ongoing global geoengineering programs has enraged me so much as the criminal lies contained in the total propaganda site posted below put out by NASA. The attempt to
    completely brainwash our beautiful children has reached a new pinnacle of criminality.

    What sort of spineless corrupt bastards does it take to organize a program with the sole purpose of making our innocent children believe that the chemical trails they see in the sky are just “water vapor”?
    What kind of demented morally depraved psychopaths does it take to tell our children what they see in the sky is harmless even though the spraying is the very reason so many of our beautiful little beings have ADD, autism, asthma, and so many other ailments?…..

  • kimyo

    let’s see, what happened 10,000 years ago? agriculture, ie: grains.

    how anyone could take the time to compile that graphic and not include nutrition as a possible cause is beyond me.

    plus, we’re more aggressive today, not less (it’s grains, ie: stored food which allow for armies to be provisioned.)

    wheat – linked to diabetes and therefore alzheimers, auto-immune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder. it’s not human food. yet, every american, every day, toast, bagel, donut, sandwich, pizza, pretzels, pasta.

    quote from ‘wheat belly’ by dr davis about new guinea:
    “Prior to the introduction of Western influence, schizophrenia was virtually unknown, diagnosed in only 2 of 65,000 inhabitants. As Western eating habits infiltrated the New Guinean population and cultivated wheat products, beer made from barley, and corn were introduced, Dr. Dohan watched the incidence of schizophrenia skyrocket sixty-five-fold.’