Missing Money

Missing Money
Image compliments of Masters in Accounting Degrees

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  • wunsacon

    Whew! Good thing there’s the 2nd amendment — the amendment that guarantees all the others and which appears to be the only amendment that matters to a significant portion of Americans — otherwise all this theft of the bottom 95%’s purchasing power might have actually happened. /sarcasm-off

  • hungry4food

    This video shows you how extremely perverted the financial system has become and how this missing money is getting through the cracks !!!! And how these Lap Dogs of the Fed are giving them Cover and Luring unsuspected Investors back into the pool of this Perverted Market Scam like theres now worry of Currency Collapse , but the question is How Long does the Foreign suppliers continue to ship us needed supply we don’t build anymore and take our Fake Dollars for it ??? !!!

    Go to frame 4:20 and Listen forward to Ron Insana’s
    Admission that the Equity markets are strong because of the FED Policy and this
    will continue for as Long as It takes … Incredible prospect that says there
    is No Reason for Real Supply Side growth just print that extra cash and inject
    it into the markets and Like magic we have GROWTH , is this real ???


  • gozounlimited
    • jadan

      Thanks for that! One of the great jams!

      • gozounlimited

        Relevant to Tennessee and surrounding states in their Transcendent Now. Exciting…. Real…. Powerful …..with allot of soulful experience behind it.

  • Eric H.

    I remember hearing Rummy on 9/10/2001. Then Flight 77 bypasses all other targets of opportunity in D.C. and hits the exact place in the Pentagon where they’re working to find the missing $2.3 trillion. Then WTC 7, which would have been hard to hit directly with an airliner at 400+ knots, collapses taking with it the records of umpteen financial investigations. But the simplest explanation was that the attack was carried out by Bin Laden and Al Qaeda.

    It’s a good thing we have people like Penn and Teller to make fun of us when we’re stupid enough to raise questions.

    • Jay R.

      Good point Eric. It is very convenient that it hit right there.

      My speculation is that some of the people that were helping make 9/11 happen were in wtc 7 and the pentagon where it was hit. And if you talk about those people you will be next.

    • jo6pac

      Yes rummy is when the money went missing and he no longer allowed Govt Accountants in the building saying they didn’t have clearance. Amazing and here is where some other money went. I always loved the pallet of cash story, there was a General that complained that is co-workers (other generals) were buying villas with it but have never been able to find it again on the net.


      Great work, Thanks.

      • Eric H.

        Yeah, the pallets of cash thing is pretty wild, as if there weren’t any banks in Iraq or in the region to wire the money to. Actually, whenever the U.S. invades a country, the banking interest rate of that country goes through the roof. If you can find a reasonably secure bank, you can rake in 15-20% at the low, low cost of a few thousand American kids.

  • nosohappy

    I can affirm this happens at the contractor level as well. I worked for a very large one in the 80s and 90s. One project – that was a bottoms up “TQM” effort – was to do cost accounting on a big-budget project, which means you try to figure out what things REALLY cost. It turns out that for the same project, money came in from the Air Force and the DOD from about six different sources! I wasn’t done digging up new funnels of funds when management found out about the project and shut it down pronto. I knew from experience that much of the funds went towards paying people who were idle because management couldn’t figure out which way was up (management in the defense industry is beyond incompetent). It was outright fraud on many levels, and anyone and everyone, including legal, did their utmost to keep it normalized as business as usual.
    When defense workers refer to *themselves* as being recipients of “white collar welfare”, there’s something to that.

  • Tonto

    If the money was stolen, then it went into pockets, tax free.

    Adjusting the facts for human nature and the momentum of money, we should suspect the people that stole this money have had such a difficult time sleeping at night, they dropped most of it into the donation box at their favorite charity (where it would be stolen yet again).

  • Conspiracy Theorist

    A globelist secret gameplan, see this scary new video


  • jadan

    The kleptocracy was formally invested when the Manhattan Project set the stage for the emergence of the national security state. The government had a compelling reason to override the Constitution and lie to the people. When the National Security Act of 1947 became the law of the land and spooks with their black budgets were created, there was no turning back. A new type of human being began to slither and crawl and lurk menacingly in the capital shadows. No one dared mention their names. America became Amerika and no one dared talk about the Iron Curtain that had fallen over this land, too. A peculiar type of personality, a J. Edgar Hoover/Michael Hayden type of personality, began to proliferate. Today, this fascist faggotry is the rule. No men of honor serve the national security state. The sacrifice of personal honor leaves an individual in a paranoid condition of perpetual insecurity with an insatiable hunger to compensate for the loss of one’s soul through the accumulation of wealth. Hence, the kleptocracy.

  • poptoy1949

    Eric H. just told the exact truth. I remember 9/10/01 and Rumsfeld did indeed say that. It is past time that people ask themselves who in the hell Al Qaeda really is. Then next ask you are the globalist? I don’t think you really want the answers or better yet you will not believe the answers.

  • JaeStClair

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