Former President and Commander-In-Chief: America Is No Longer a Democracy

And Says Snowden’s Revelations are “Helpful”

One of Germany’s biggest newspapers – Spiegel – reports:

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter … in the wake of the NSA spying scandal criticized the American political system. “America has no functioning democracy,” Carter said Tuesday at a meeting of the “Atlantic Bridge” in Atlanta.

Many other high-level U.S. officials have also warned that the U.S. is no longer a democracy.

Carter also said that the moral authority of of the U.S. has sharply declined due to excessive restriction of civil rights.

And – like many other top American officials – Carter also said that Edward Snowden’s revelations do not harm our national security, but are “useful”.

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  • di is in los angeles

    What’s Cater doing at an Atlantic Bridge meeting? That’s ALEC

  • Eric Hodgdon

    The federal government of the USA is not legitimate.

    • Tonto

      Come, come now. How does the relevancy of the federal government’s legitimacy come into play? The question posed is, are we a democracy? Governments do not have to be legitimate. They merely have to rule. And the federal government rules the world.

      Being a democracy has never been part of the equation. We didn’t win WWII as a democracy. We didn’t break the will of King George III as a democracy. We didn’t fight the Civil War as a democracy. We are a republic. And we are the last superpower on the face of the earth. Not another country even comes close to the U.S. in terms of economic or military might.

      The time has come for Americans, and the country’s bankers in particular, to decide, are we going to continue to rule the world? Or are we going to entrust ruling the world to some other sovereign power?

      That’s what everyone is arguing about here all the way up and down this comment board. And really the question is moot, unless one of you rebellious clowns can point to the country that you would rather have run the world. And should you choose such a country, then go live there as the second class citizens you will be seen to be.

      How many of you clowns are learning Chinese? LoL!

      • jo

        wow, what a silly comment. rule the world? how about come together. just get all the liars and deceivers out off the way and you will find out that all humans just want to be free to live their lives. you have been brainwashed into believing in nationalism. the rothchilds created socialism, communism, zionism to divide people. wake up man.

        • jo6pac

          There is no chance of t waking up it’s all about him

          • Tonto

            Those of you who spend your young lives fleshing-out an imaginary world where the Zeitgeist (the collective mind) is a real thing, will all too soon find yourselves old, having wasted your precious lives. You are an individual. There is no collective mind. The collective mind concept was created to force you into a mold where you can be played, like a chess piece.

            Those who waste their lives believing in the collective mind of humanity are but pawns in the greater scheme of things. And as pawns, those deluded individuals will find their lives are sacrificed to the greater gain of other more conscious individuals who comprehend the importance of gauging the infinite complexity of reality, and then using that knowledge for their own personal gain.

            Altruism is a wholly delusional state of consciousness.

        • theblues77

          Your statment is commendable and I am not agreeing with the original comment. Please face the fact of humanity, though. When you say “just get all the liars and deceivers out off the way” you are saying there is evil in this world. Exactly. There is no utopia. How do you plan to do this? Aggressively, democraticly, or in just self-defence?

          Freedom minded, honest, and loving people still have to defend themselves against evil as always has been. The only way to do this is by a sovereign, national country with a government that defends its people. I am not talking world domination.

          Having a “lets all get along, ban every self defense weapon, no boarders” theory is just not reality. Soon an evil world government will emerge leaving no self identity or way to defend yourself. Not a pleasant situation.

      • Brady2600

        Not allowing one to be ruled by their closer tyrants is not the same thing as deciding to be ruled by distant tyrants. We have seen both situations handled effectively, simultaneously, and we’ve also seen a series of proceeding social revolutions into greater levels of self determination. The trajectory of humanity over time has been self rule. It was once radical to reject being ruled by a sovereign king, but after we rejected that, everything changed. Once men were owned by slavemasters, and when we rejected that, everything changed. Once women were not allowed to vote, Once parents arranged their children’s marriage, once people tried to socially or religiously pressure gay people not to be gay.

        Don’t be so fearful that individualism will fail, and perhaps you should be more mindful of how government fails every single day. No one anticipated the mechanisation of cotton picking before the slaves were freemen, and just as many were afraid America would never function without a proper king to rule. Observance of the innate freedom for humans to express their will freely has greater creative and productive capacity than any simple-minded tyranny can ever posses. Dissolving the federal government is not a decision to fail, its a decision to not fail the way in which rome failed. Its a decision to try another way, and to not ignore what inevitably happens to imperialistic, service based economies.

      • J Johnson

        I know Mandarin, and you are a piece of shit. Is the question moot? We shall see about that.

  • Richard Fontaine

    Wow, I tought this guy was totally off the rails years ago, and all the time he was just lost in the leftist morass of BS. Now finally he sees the truth and has the guts to say it publically. Well small miracles are still welcome regardless of who they come from.

  • buffalocalzone

    This country has been taken over by Foreign Banks, the Rockefellers, JP Morgans TRAITOROUS SCUM Like Bernanke, the DHS, TSA, IRS “””NONE”” of who give a Flying $$it about WE THE PEOPLE- its is LONG OVERDUE for a rEVOLution!!!! it IS Coming……………………..Prepare yourself- I am

    • “We the People….” and you can add “…and not you the government” cause there are 2 veterans walking across America in support of the U.S. Constitution.
      Check them out cause they started in San Diego & are going to D.C. while carrying the American flag with each step & passing out U.S. Constitution pamphlets.
      Finally!! Someone is doing something so I support them. True Grit to walk dangerous highways, but once again our veterans defending our freedoms. Cool!!

    • John F. Hendry

      True….but if we try to use force rather than our brains who do you think will win? That only gives them an excuse to create the answer they want. The real problem is you could not get people to agree what to put in pot to boil water and by the time they decided it will have evaporated as we see happening with our Civil Rights.

    • David Zuniga

      Hogswallop; revolution never won lasting liberty. Our war for independence was NOT a ‘revolution’ in the classic sense of that word; it was rebellion against unlawful actions amounting to protracted tyranny.

      We The People have NEVER — not once in 224 years — actually *enforced* the U.S. Constitution. Until we try that, nobody has any business demanding ‘revolution’, or as John Hendry comments below, YOU become part of the problem.

      You want America back? You want the Constitution to actually have the force of law against D.C. organized crime? Then stop talking like a damned Nicaraguan, and get to work doing the duty that belongs to ALL of us, as Americans. Learn about it here:

  • dusel1

    This former United States of America stopped functioning as a constitutional republic on January 20, 2009, under the dictatorship of an illegal alien from Kenya, with the complicity of Congressional Cowards, a Spineless Supreme Court, and brain-dead voters.


      That probably would not have happened but after 8 years of lies about Iraq and identifying Valerie Plame as a CIA operative to the entire world we all had enough of Bush/Cheney and Republican liars.

      • FireUrEngine

        Both are right, because both Bush dynasty and Obama are members of the Council on Foreign Relations. Henry Kissinger, the man responsible for population control, took under it’s wing the Kenyan born Manchurian Candidate to destroy our Nation. As Hip Hop legend, KRS-One stated in the documentary “Obama Deception,” Obama is the face of the New World Order. The last real president we had was John F. Kennedy, he got wiped out by George H.W. Bush minions, when Kennedy threaten to stop CIA drug flow through Zapata Oil platforms *. *Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper, the same person who predicted 9/11 3 months before it happened on his radio show.

    • David Zuniga

      Baloney; it stopped functioning as a constitutional republic when the Butcher of Illinois, Dishonest Abe Lincoln, trumped up a war as a diversion from Congress’ launch of earth’s longest-running counterfeiting operation; 151 years so far.

      Lincoln, with his ‘greenbacks’ ploy, joined the crime immediately. When the bankers got U.S. Grant to seat their two new justices on the SCOTUS in 1871, that body joined in, to make D.C. organized crime unanimous — then the SCOTUS doubled down in 1884 with their *Juilliard v. Greenman* ruling, openly flaunting its violation of the Constitution for good measure.

      I believe the exact opposite from the position of the anonymous ‘dusel1’ above. I believe that Barack Hussein Obama is history’s perfect porcelain-monkey bookend for Dishonest Abe — Karl Marx’s system finally gone to Hell, where it belongs.

      Now comes time to enforce our rule of law, as we have never done before. It is up to We The People, who are the highest sovereigns over American government. (See the FAQ page at AmericaAgainNow, to see how we will take our republic back).

      To see that Karl Marx was the darling of New York liberals way back in the 1850s — and that Lincoln and Marx were bosom buddies — read this article and the linked article within it:

  • Chassit

    The US has never been a Democracy. Try constitutional republic.

    • What’s a constitutional republic? The word “republic” is from Latin res publica meaning “public thing or matters.” In other words, it has no particular form to it. The American republic bears almost no resemblance to the archetypal Roman republic. And the “constitution” isn’t and has never been worth the parchment it’s written on. That’s because structurally, the people who stand to gain by violating it are the same who are entrusted to follow it…

      The US would have been much better off in the long run as a constitutional democracy. In classical democracy, there are no politicians, no elections and no political class. All office holders are selected by sortition (by lottery). This is how democracy was practiced in ancient Athens – never to be seen since because the political establishment cannot tolerate it. The same was true for the early American aristocracy who drafted the constitution to ensure they would possess power in the new nation.

      • Chassit

        OK, I see no reason to argue with you on any of this. I was not aware of sortition either. Appreciate the enlightenment.

        • govtrumbull

          See a different view above.

          • Chassit

            I was indeed aware of some of this, but I do appreciate your chiming in (esp since “some” is the operative here). This is very good information and EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE THIS! Thank you again!

          • govtrumbull

            Chassit: You are welcome, and thank you for the positive reply. Some people would get upset at another view on the subject. If you are interested, there is a great course on the constitution written by W. Cleon Skousen called the “Miracle of America.” It is very detailed and explains all of the aspects of the Founders “Freedom Formula.” It is thirteen hours of detail on the problems America is facing, where the Founders got their great ideas, the War of Independence, problems with the Articles of Confederation, and the Constitutional Convention. Just google W. Cleon Skousen and you will be directed to the site. The cost the last time I looked was $49.95. I paid $69.95 for my copy when it was released! It also has a disc that has a workbook on it that you can print out and follow along with the lectures.
            The nice thing about it is that Skousen was a master teacher and he makes the subject very enjoyable and not a chore like some other courses do. If you try it, I’m sure you will like it and will want to share it with family and friends.

          • mike360000

            Thank you very much for your post. I agree 100% with every last word you wrote. I was intending on writing another post covering some of the things you stated until I read your post. You’ve done a better job responding and educating people than I could have. Again I thank you.

            Michael– Deo Vindicabamur

          • Except that his post is 100% incorrect.

          • mike360000

            And that depends on where a person places his faith, what a person believes within themselves. I can no more make you see (understand) than you can me. And that is why the country is composed of two main opposing mindsets of people when it comes to government and politics. And one could even include religion. From your statement of denial it would become obvious that you do not believe in the strict and literal interpretation of the US Constitution, but rather a more loose interpretation such as it being a Living Document. This being so, it would make you a humanist. Of which humanists loves the thoughts of democracies and people rule. Or should I say mob rule? All of which actually says you despise the US Constitution and any type of Republican (Rule of Law) Government. So yeah, I could easily see you or other humanists disagreeing with govtrumbull’s posts.

            Michael– Deo Vindicabamur

          • It’s not a question of interpretation but historical fact.

            >> From your statement of denial it would become obvious that you do not believe in the strict and literal interpretation of the US Constitution, but rather a more loose interpretation such as it being a Living Document.

            Actually I prefer a literal interpretation of the Constitution and do not see it as a “living” document. But it doesn’t matter what I think because I have no political power. The political arrangement of ELECTING politicians doomed the Constitution. The people getting elected and obtain political power choose to ignore it and are allowed to do so. It is a failed system.

            >> Or should I say mob rule?

            Democracy is not mob rule. You just show your ignorance. Ochlocracy is mob or majoritarian rule. Do you know what sortition is? If you don’t, you don’t know what democracy is…

          • mike360000

            I can mostly agree with one thing you said.
            “But it doesn’t matter what I think because I have no political power.
            The political arrangement of ELECTING politicians doomed the
            Constitution. The people getting elected and obtain political power
            choose to ignore it and are allowed to do so. It is a failed system.”

            Although what we see in elections today more closely resembles a democratic process than a republican one. I personally do not vote because I too know it is a failed system. However the real mistake from the Founding Fathers was their belief and hope that a good, moral and just people would keep the US Constitution and government mostly clear of those who sought to undermine and corrupt it. They placed too much importance upon the people in doing the right things in caring for their government. That seems to be the opposite of what you insist upon.

            The way it stands today the liberal or humanist side would dominate the conservative side in straight up elections, and for many reasons. This would be akin to having 2 foxes and chicken voting on what’s for dinner. And that is the short of democracy. It’s point blank humanism at its’ core…

            Michael– Deo Vindicabamur

          • >> Although what we see in elections today more closely resembles a democratic process than a republican one.

            There are NO general elections in actual democracy. In a democracy, public officials are selected by LOTTERY (or sortition) – not by election. Read this article

            >> However the real mistake from the Founding Fathers was their belief and hope that a good, moral and just people would keep the US Constitution and government mostly clear of those who sought to undermine and corrupt it.

            None of them ever believed such a thing. That’s why Jefferson argued in favor of nullification as a last measure against federal tyranny. It took all of President no. 2, John Adams, to violate the Constitution with the Alien and Sedition Acts in 1798. The Consitution never was the document the rhetoric of Hamilton and Madison claimed it would be. It was a trojan horse to usurp power from the states and Lincoln finished the job with his treasonous war against the south.

            >> The way it stands today the liberal or humanist side would dominate the conservative side in straight up elections…

            The elections are fake. You are given a choice between two PRE-APPROVED choices. The left-right drama is just that… political kabuki theater to keep the nation divided. The Dems and GOP politicians play for the same side… the oligarchs. Their job is to maintain a patina of official legitimacy and keep the plebians (you and me) distracted but they are no more “adversaries” than are professional wrestlers.

          • David Zuniga

            I agree with 75% of this anonymous person’s comments, the other 25% being his position that “the Constitution failed”, on which thesis see Robert Owens’ delightful, wall-eyed, eponymous book.

            In my Amazon review of that book, I posited what I will reiterate to this anonymous ‘plenarchist’: you confuse cause for effect, and vise-versa.

            We The People are the apex sovereigns in this constitutional republic; the supreme Law of the Land that (in our name) gave existence to our federal creature, also stipulated severe limits on its powers.

            Alas, We The People never have enforced it. Not once in 224 years! No law can be effective on its creature(s) if it has never been enforced by its creators. So this ‘plenarchist’ (like the countless, ever-increasing horde of ‘-archists’) blames the law, instead of US — the lawgivers.

            The Constitution has not failed; if it was enforced in every particular beginning today, we would have the soundest, most peaceful, most robust civilization in history within a generation, perhaps less.

            We would have, for instance, lawful money (gold and silver coin, and ONLY such paper bill receipts for such coin as can be certified in vaults by regular audit, perhaps daily).

            We would, for another instance, have ONLY a U.S. Navy and NO full-time, paid professional “U.S. Army”, but the Citizen Militias (that means YOU and ME, fellow citizen) stipulated in Article I, Section 8, Clause 15 to “execute the laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections, and repel Invasions”, NOT to traipse all over the earth plundering foreign resources under war hoaxes.

            We would have over 75% of the present-day, illegal agencies, bureaus, departments, programs, and regulations under which we all struggle — gone, de-funded. Shut down for lack of legal existence.

            You get the picture. It’s the same Constitution we’ve always had — but ENFORCED by us, such of the American People that care to participate in the popular sovereignty we already enjoy in theory and in law.

            So. Enough theory; how do we DO this thing? See here, and spread the word…


          • disqus_7JyEl075PJ

            Could you suggest some books to read on this subject further?? Really enlightening what you’re saying.

          • StygianAgenda


            Sounds pretty accurate according to the article I’ve linked.

          • David Zuniga

            That is hogswallop, sir.

          • govtrumbull

            Explain how I am incorrect. Seven words as a rebuttal does not suffice. I agree with you that what is needed is a “strict interpretation” of the constitution; e.g., the “Founders Freedom Formula.” There are a number of phrases that are used to describe our constitutional system. Some call it a “democracy,” which it isn’t. Some call it a “republic,” which isn’t totally accurate either. What we have been given by the Founders is a “Constitutional Republic,” with parts of a “representative democracy” included to round it out. This portion of the constitution is represented by the House of Representatives, which was originally meant to be elected by the popular, or majority vote, of the constituents in a district.

            The Senate was to be chosen by the State Legislatures, two from each State. The Senate was designed to protect the rights and interests of the individual States, thus making the States equal in power and influence no matter what the size of the State was. This formula has been destroyed by the “Direct Election of Senators.”

            The President was to be chosen by a combination of the popular vote which chose “electors” to the “Electoral College,” which then in turn were to meet and discuss the qualifications, abilities, and background of the candidates for the Presidency. This plan has been “democratized” by individual “electors” simply being given to a specific candidate by the popular vote. There is no longer any type of consideration as to the individual candidates qualifications, abilities, and background. If the system was working by the Founder’s “Original Intent,” we most likely wouldn’t have ever had Obama in the pilot’s seat in the first place.

          • From your previous post, you wrote:

            >> It is a fact that “Democracies” always degenerate into dictatorships,

            This is factually incorrect since there has only been one democracy in recorded history – Athens from 500 BC to 322 BC. And the Athenians restored their democracy twice after insurrections. What people call democracy isn’t. Democracy is based on sortition. If public officials are selected in any other way, it isn’t a democracy.

            The Athenian democracy did have flaws but not what people might suppose. Unless you take time to understand their form of government in its historical context (which was very sophisticated and based on a constitution), don’t have an opinion on it.

            >> The problem with democracies are numerous. However the main problem with a democracy is that everyone is supposed to participate in making laws.

            That’s not how Athenian democracy worked. It’s true that the citizens voted on the law AFTER it went through their deliberative legislative process.

            >> Our constitution has been systematically dismantled to turn it from a “republican;”…

            “Republic” is an empty word. It does not refer to any particular kind of government other than it not being a monarchy or a democracy. The archetypal Roman republic was VERY different from American republic. The word is from Latin “res publica” meaning public matters. The word “democracy” is from Greek meaning “the people rule” and this is only possible with sortition. Democracy *is* sortition.

            >> In a subverted way, Jimmy Carter is correct, “America is no longer a democracy,”…

            It never was because public officials are not selected by sortition.

            >> American politicians in all of our three Branches of government; the Executive, Legislative and Judicial; have removed the key components of the constitution…

            Which they began to do in 1798. The USC was *designed* to produce a political class that would undermine and nullify the law. That’s what politicians do. Democracy doesn’t have politicians because there are *no* elections in democracy.

            >> It is obvious that the American experiment with democracy…

            Calling a turd a rose doesn’t make it a rose. The US is not and has not ever been a democracy. Without sortition – it can’t be called a democracy. The US is an oligarchy exactly as Aristotle argued any government based on elections would be. The Founders knew this…

            So, one last time… there are NO elections in democracy. Period.

          • I’ll just add that the Athenian democracy was conquered by Philip of Macedon – it did NOT degenerate into a dictatorship. The Roman republic DID and the US republic IS…

            So the thesis here really should be that “republics degenerate into dictatorship.” Aristotle pointed this out in Politics. That’s because aristocracy turns into oligarchy which turns into tyranny.

          • govtrumbull

            Not quite “100% incorrect.”When the well known story of the lady who asked Franklin, “What kind of government have you given us Sir,?” Franklin replied: “A Republic Madam, if you can keep it.”

            I admit that I am not a scholar on Ancient Civilizations, therefore I am not going to argue about the fine points of the Athenian Democracy. I tend to focus more on pre-American English History, American Colonization, Colonial History, the Period preceding 1760, the War o Independence and through the Constitutional Convention. When I hit the Civil War, I don’t like to study anything about it because it was such a waste of Human life on both sides, and it came so close to dividing the nation into two parts.

            My interest in American History starts again after Wilson’s Inauguration in 1910. The story of his rise to the Presidency is equally as interesting as Barack “Barry Sotoro” Obama.

            The following is an official description of an Ochlocracy, as provided in:
            “Cyclopædia of Political Science, Political Economy, and the Political History of the United States,” Edited by: Lalor, John J.; (?-1899).



            OCHLOCRACY. The rule of the multitude. Polybius was the first to use the term. The good governments, according to him, are royalty, aristocracy and democracy; the bad ones monarchy, oligarchy and ochlocracy. Barthélemy St. Hilaire does not consider this definition to be very exact. It is not correct so far as royalty is concerned, which is only one of the forms of monarchy; but the denomination ochlocracy is perfectly correct, much more correct than the word demagogy, which only indicates a means of popular government, and not that government itself. Aristotle calls democracy what Polybius calls ochlocracy. “Aristotle,” says Barthélemy St. Hilaire, “always uses the word demos to designate the most numerous part of the political body. Whenever the word people is found in Aristotle, it must be understood to mean, not the totality or majority of the nation, which would include the slaves, but only the lowest class of the political body, that which prevailed at Athens, but which, in the greater part of the Greek republics, played only a secondary rôle.” It seems to us that demos, in the political language of the Greeks, does not signify the lowest class of the people, nor even the mass of the inhabitants, including the slaves: demos (populus and not plebs) meant what is known in France as the commune, or, what amounted to the same among the Greeks, the nation.


            —Ochlocracy is the rule of the poorest and least enlightened part of the nation, which is ordinarily the most numerous. But, although superior in numbers, as it can not represent the general will, it is at bottom only a government of the minority. The despotism of the greater number, like the despotism of a single individual, is established rather by usurpation than by consent. Who would freely conclude such contract? It is needless to say that these two forms of government are as often turned to individual advantage by officials (demagogues and viziers) as they are exercised by those whose power they proclaim.


            —Ochlocracy is almost never provided for in constitutions. Was it an ochlocracy which the government established at Rome, when the lex hortensia gave the force of law to the plebiscita? Who does not see that the patricians had always the right to sit in the comitia by tribes? According to all appearances, it is true, their voice could be neutralized by the force of numbers; but it is so in every pure democracy. In Florence, in 1282, the lords were declared inadmissible to public offices, unless they disnobled themselves by causing their names to be inscribed on the registers of some trades-guild. Lastly, we have the law against the nobility during the reign of terror in the French revolution. At Athens ochlocracy was established under the favor of the law. Men of merit were then excluded, on account of their wealth or their birth, from all part in public affairs; the philosophers were persecuted, the allied cities oppressed or destroyed. But this Athen an ochlocracy had a great love of liberty, great political good sense, a taste for the arts, and sometimes even moderation. Athens and Florence are almost the only two examples of the direct power of the majority legally established. Most frequently this despotism of the multitude follows in the wake of a revolution which overthrows the power of kings or of nobles; it establishes itself arbitrarily, without rule, and without any regard for the general interest or the interest of all whose will it does not represent, or for individual interests, the most sacred of which are the rights of man, and which the author of the Contrat Social justly regards as independent of the general will. “In fact,” says he, (book ii., chap. 4). “so soon as there is question of an individual right, upon a point which has not been regulated by general and anterior agreement, that right becomes a bone of contention. It is a case in which the individuals interested are one of the parties and the public the other, but in which I can neither see the law which is to be followed, nor the judge who is to declare it. It would be ridiculous, then, to leave the question to an express decision of the general will, which can only be the conclusion of one of the parties, and which for the other, consequently, is only a strange individual will, inclined to injustice and subject to error.” If such be the character of the omnipotence of the state over the individual, such must be the omnipotence of one part of the nation over the other, and if “the life and liberty of a private person are naturally independent of the public person” (book ii., chap. 5), there is a much stronger reason why the life and liberty of a private person should be independent of a collection of private persons, like an oligarchy or an ochlocracy.


            —The history of the Paris commune, in 1871, presents a good example of what an oligarchy is. Whatever was the latitude allowed its leaders, they were obliged to satisfy the general will of their soldiers: a power impersonal, diffuse, arbitrarily transferable, and which at a given moment resides entirely in the hands of a national guard as well as of a delegate (minister). The reason of this is, I think, that this kind of government, having the habit of legislating on all things in an absolute manner by exhausting at one stroke all legal sanctions, makes everything an affair of state. Besides, such a government is essentially military, both on account, of the incapacity of the people to conceive any other political organization than an army, and because of the violent circumstances which give it birth, and which drive it to extremes.


            As ou can see, the definition of an Ochlocracy is far more complex than you have included in your post and it does not fit our current situation.

          • Ochlocracy is majoritarianism which is not democracy. You can have democracy without a popular vote on laws.

            What makes democracy democratic is that ALL magisterial offices are held by citizens selected by lottery and not by election – i.e. regular people run the government.

            That’s it. That’s democracy. Regular people run the government. That’s the only way to achieve Aristotle’s description of democracy, “rule and be ruled in turn.”

            When people say things like “democracy is mob rule” they’re wrong. Ochlocracy from Greek literally means “mob rule.” It would be ochlocracy if a country enacts legislation where a crowd proposes a new law and votes on it. And that’s what people seem to think democracy is about.

            You could take the US Constitution as written but change “election” to “selection by lot” and turn the US from a republic into a democracy. That’s it.

            The reason this is an important difference though is that regular people are political amateurs and likely will try to be dutiful and serve responsibly while politicians are conniving sociopaths who seek to enrich themselves and their friends at the expense of everyone else and nation be damned.

            Democracy means honest amateurs and reluctant rulers have power while republic means power-lusting Machiavellian sociopaths do.

          • govtrumbull

            Are you saying that the Founders were “conniving ‘power-lusting Machiavellian sociopaths,” because they created a Constitutional Republic? I understand that you are very good in the art of argument, but exactly what kind of solution’s to our Nation’s problems do you propose. All of this deep, philosophical argument for the sake of argument may be interesting, but how would you apply this knowledge to our present lack of common sense that is being exhibited in Washington, D.C., “while politicians are conniving… to enrich themselves and their friends at the expense of everyone else and nation be damned?”

          • Some of the Founders were Machiavellian. Certainly Hamilton and “His Rotundity” were IMO. Many of the Federalists wanted to create the Hobbesian Leviathan (even with a king) but had to sell federalism to reticent state governments with deception. I’m on the fence with Madison. He was inconsistent. Jefferson is really the only Founder I admire.

            As far as what can be done, that’s not so simple. In France, there is a reform movement to write a new constitution turning France into a *socialist* constitutional democracy (I don’t like the socialist direction of it but they are French after all…). I have added a link below to an Etienne Chouard talk on sortition (with English subtitles) if you are interested.

            One thing I’m doing to change the world is posting on this thread. The first step to change is enlightenment and raised awareness. If I have gotten you to think differently about democracy, I’ve done something useful IMO. If everyone at some point understands democracy means sortition that will be an important moment. First understanding then the will to change follows.

            But I’m not actually advocating for democracy here per se (personally, I’m an isocrat). For now, I’m satisfied if I can get some people to understand that democracy is sortition and not mob rule or elective government. The Establishment has for generations brainwashed people to think democracy is about elections and voting which ensures they stay in power. Elections are UNdemocratic – even honest ones… like that ever happens.

            So when people say we’re fighting wars for democracy and freedom, you know it’s more lies. Every war the US has fought beginning with the War of 1812 has been OFFENSIVE (even WWII). We go to war to further the interests of the oligarchs (usually after some form of false-flag contrived event ie Tonkin, Pearl Harbor, the Main, the Lusitania, and on and on because the American people believe in defensive war). Our nation’s young men murder and get murdered or maimed for the cause of filling bank accounts of oligarchs and their henchmen (like Cheney and W) – not for democracy or freedom. Makes my blood boil.

            But now in this age of the Internet, there’s no excuse for people to not learn the truth about democracy even in spite of our public (mis)education system.


          • I agree to a point.

            >> It is a fact that “Democracies” always degenerate into dictatorships, Oligarchies, Fascist States, or mob rule.

            So do republics. The American republic went from aristocracy at its inception to oligarchy after the great usurper Lincoln. What the US becomes next, who knows…

            >> The Founding Fathers recognized this and went to great lengths to set up a system of checks and balances in our constitution to prevent our new Republic from being subverted into a democracy; small “d”.

            Not true. If you read Federalist No. 10 where there is the only discussion of democracy, Madison argues against “direct democracy” – not classical democracy and for a reason. In classical democracy, public officials are selected by lottery. None of the federalists wanted that because they wanted power for themselves. Madison and Hamilton and the others knew they could control elections. Aristotle described elective government as oligarchic because only the wealthiest or those sponsored by the wealthy can afford to run for office. Madison knew this but chose not to include sortition.

            >> The problem with democracies are numerous. However the main problem with a democracy is that everyone is supposed to participate in making laws.

            Not true. The Athenians had a very deliberative process of law making. The general assembly of the citizenry only voted up or down after this process. Don’t confuse so-called “direct democracy” with classical democracy. Not the same.

            >> In this system’s pure form in can work in small groups such as “tribes,” but in larger populations the system becomes “top heavy” and are easily manipulated by tyrants and demagogues.

            Not true. The defining characteristic of democracy is sortition. There is demagoguery under any form of political system. Do you ever watch CSPAN?

            >> It is obvious that the American experiment with democracy isn’t working.

            It isn’t democracy. No sortition – no democracy. Democracy hasn’t existed since the time of Aristotle.

          • David Zuniga

            Being an anonymous plenarchist is consistent with sortition and classical (Athenian) democracy — but it has no application today. Not in this republic, at any rate.

            The system of popular sovereignty practiced for a few decades around Athens — where the largest quorum was 6,000 people (the population of one small American town) — will never replace the longest-standing written constitution in history, that limits and defines government to SERVE, not rule, 312 million+ people in 50 culturally disparate States.

            The ‘archist’ horde, like many other warring factions in today’s American zoo, can make a few excellent points. They can posit theory from here to Uranus. But we have a Constitution that, if enforced, will still produce the best known human government. I agree that in the breach, “our system is rotten” in the same way that organized crime is always rotten. Athens has nothing to do with it.


          • Democracy lasted around 200 years in ancient Athens – not “a few decades.” And it ended due to conquest by Philip of Macedon – not because it was somehow unworkable. The Athenians restored their democracy twice after overthrowing insurrections so they must have liked it.

            What gives democracy integrity over a so-called “republic” is sortition. Regular people will be more honest and dutiful than scheming politicians. A constitutional democracy (and ancient Athens did have a constitution), will maintain the integrity of the law because ordinary people hold public office – not politicreeps. Aristotle described elective government as oligarchical because only the wealthy can afford to run for office or support those who do.

            And the oldest current republic (and constitution) is San Marino dating from around 1600.

          • David Zuniga

            See? There you go again…first comparing the Athenian democracy (of 250,000 people with a quorum of no more than 6,000) to the American republic of 50 disparate States, any one of which dwarfs ancient Athens…now bringing in San Marino — population maybe 30,000.
            Incidentally, the *Statuti comunali* of San Marino dates to something like 1306 A.D. if memory serves, not 1600 A.D.; my point was that the U.S. Constitution is the oldest extant constitution of a country — not of a town. San Marino is a city-state; a glorified town not in its jurisdictional autonomy perhaps, but in the logistical challenges and intricacies of human interaction/governance.
            All of that is immaterial to your thesis, which I do not believe is realistic, even if it is perfectly rational…which American history suggests it is not.

        • Dietzman

          Chassit here is the reason to argue with the one above … this explains the difference .. and why our forefathers set it up as a Constitutional Republic … we just need to get rid/prosecute those who do not FOLLOW it !

      • Former President Jimmy Carter is just saying what we all know is true. We bring “democracy” to other nations with the barrel of a gun because we covet their natural resources. American has a bad case of totalitarianism, and the whole would is being made to suffer for it. The solution is simple, decentralize everything starting with money. Peer-to-peer technology (like Bitcoin) is pointing us in the direction we should go.

        Another former President knew this would happen someday. In fact, after he drafted our Constitution and sat back with pride, he still believed in his heart that every generation would need a new revolution. New Hampshire is one of several states that recognizes a right to revolution within their state constitution because many of our nation’s founder understood what Jefferson did when said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure. Our Convention has been too much impressed by the insurrection of Massachusets: and in the spur of the moment they are setting up a kite to keep the hen yard in order”

        Our founders knew democracy would lead to tyranny, and so they gave us a Constitutional Republic in hopes that a Supreme Law of the Land would “chain down” the mischief of men for a time. They knew it would not last for ever, but this was their best effort to stop or at least retard that inevitable tyranny. We may disagree how well It has worked over the past 200 years, but now even our living ex-Presidents must admit the obvious. We are just flying a red, white and blue kite called “democracy” while the fascist foxes rule the hen house.

        When it comes to a persons individual health, as we all know, prevention is the best cure. In the same way, our Founders knew the best cure for tyranny was prevention. When the undue influence of a financial oligarchy uses their false authority to corrupt the political process, we must admit there is no real democracy. When a government becomes corrupted by the forces of greed, corporatism becomes fascism. This is what has happened to us. Our ideal of a “Democratic Republic” (i.e., representative form of government) has become a cruel joke that looks more and more like George Orwell’s 1984.

        We need a new revolution, but this time technology can be used to “chain down” the mischief of men who would otherwise use technology to create a Stasi-like police state (and indeed, have done so). The peer-to-peer technology that keeps Bitcoin a decentralized money system could be used to reform the democratic process (how we vote) as well as our republican form of government (how our leaders spend our tax dollars). It is within our means to reinvent government but first and foremost this means decentralizing the creation of money. Just as our Founders saw the wisdom in separating church and state, we must see the wisdom in separating money and state. Those to understand bitcon know this already.

        If you want honest government demand honest money.

        • >> Former President Jimmy Carter is just saying what we all know is true. We bring “democracy” to other nations with the barrel of a gun because we covet their natural resources.

          There is NO democracy in the world today. Without sortition, you can’t have democracy. Elective government is oligarchy. Whether everyone votes or no one votes, if power is controlled by a few people or class of people, that is oligarchy. All governments in the world are either oligarchies or monarchies (kings and dictators).

          Democracy hasn’t existed in 2300 years. And it did work in Athens. Only with the conquest by Philip of Macedon was the “experiment” in democracy snuffed out never to be seen since.

      • Alan D Smith

        Actually, in ancient Greece most of the people were slaves. Democracy is a theoretical form of government designed to define and fulfill the true will of the people. Earth has never seen one, yet: only tiny degrees of it. The banksters call their demockery democracy to vilify it in the mind of mankind, because our unity is their worst nightmare. They want people to think, “We’ve tried democracy and it failed miserably.” when we’ve never tried it at all.

        Nothing will EVER change for human benefit until we begin to routinely define the true will of the People for all to know. Then, paradise ~ Our true will ~ will automatically begin to manifest, because that’s what our vast majority wants. Nothing was ever accomplished before it was defined for all involved to know. And we all damn well know the banksters intend to keep us divided and conquered. So, Our unity ~ real democracy ~ should be everyone’s top priority.

        And before you start repeating bankster propaganda, democracy is NOT two wolves and a sheep deciding what’s for dinner. It will be millions of peaceful sheep deciding what to do with the few wolves in sheep’s clothing who have kept them enslaved forever ~ in their spare time from their easy chairs. And, if We are the mob, it’s high time the mob ruled, because only We will always have Our best interests at heart.

        • >> Actually, in ancient Greece most of the people were slaves.

          There were a lot of slaves in colonial America. Does that invalidate republicanism? Obviously not. The difference between what we have and democracy is in how political officials are selected. Beyond that, everything else could be the same.

          >> Earth has never seen one, yet: only tiny degrees of it.

          Not true. Ancient Athens was a highly sophisticated state based on democracy where it came into being. Athens produced Socrates, Plato and Aristotle and is regarded the cradle of western civilization. And it was a true democracy.

          >> And before you start repeating bankster propaganda…

          What’s that? The American republic we have suits the banksters just fine. They are part of the oligarchy that owns and runs the US government. The last thing they want is democracy because they wouldn’t be able to control it and many would likely have been put in jail by now.

          I included a link to a web site on this thread that describes Athenian democracy. I recommend you read about it so you can understand what democracy really is – which is not the cartoon system we are taught by the media.

          • David Zuniga

            Cartoon or not, the Athenian democracy was a system of popular sovereignty for about 200,000 people — of which 6,000 at most formed a ruling quorum.

            America’s constitutional republic is 312 MILLION citizens in FIFTY disparate states, which has (despite ourselves) lasted almost eight generations. Put *that* in your Delian League and smoke it!

            To propose radical changes to the longest-lasting written constitution in history, is to play games of theory; not seriously discuss our violated rule of law.

            However politically incorrect it may be to say it, not all people — in ancient Athens or in 18th century or modern America — are fit for popular sovereignty. Our system allows all who will do so, to rule as true sovereigns over the U.S. Constitution, as some cohort of the American citizens always must.

            If you dispute this, support your assertions in disputation.


          • >> Cartoon or not, the Athenian democracy was a system of popular sovereignty for about 200,000 people — of which 6,000 at most formed a ruling quorum.

            That doesn’t matter. The important quality of democracy isn’t vote by the people. But even so, California has “direct democracy” with state-wide propositions and it has a pop. of 38M people.

            But direct voting by the citizens isn’t what is most important to democracy. Sortition is. There are no elections or politicians in a democracy. All public office holders (including juries and judges) are chosen by lottery – not election. It’s possible to (carefully) add qualifications but a democracy should be as inclusive as possible – something the ancient Athenians didn’t do to their detriment.

            >> To propose radical changes to the longest-lasting written constitution in history, is to play games of theory; not seriously discuss our violated rule of law.

            The USC is dead and has been since Lincoln. Even before the ink was dry, politicreeps were violating it. The Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798… it took all of 10 years for the politicreeps to begin the process of shredding the USC.

            It’s not at all a stretch to say that 90% of the USG and federal laws today are unconstitutional and illegal. If you can’t see that, you’re just deluding yourself.

          • David Zuniga

            *Distinguo.* Between political theory and facts of life, a yawning gulf is fixed. If you honestly think you can fundamentally alter our constitutional order and rule of law, be my guest.

            However, human nature is not amendable by human decree. Your distinction between the ‘good common man’ and the ‘evil politician’ either dismisses this fact of life, or is hopelessly naive.

            To put it another way: shortly after taking office, the ‘good common man’ undergoes an amazing transmogrification, to politician. Regardless of the office — school board, town council, state or federal legislator — makes no difference. Power does *actually* corrupt.

            Think about it: within the existing constitutional rule of law, WE THE PEOPLE retain most of the powers in life than can be imagined. The fact that in 224 years, we have not had the sense, virtue, or common sense to exercise those retained powers over our criminogenic servants, says as much about the innate virtue of the common man than a more detailed theory of political economy might do.

            For practical purposes, though, the issue is moot. This is no besmirching of your person, intellect, or character, please. You are anonymous, and I have nothing against you at all. I simply say that you propose that sortition would be more logical/efficacious at rooting out the power-hungry than the present representative electoral system.

            Even if you are 100% right about that, it’s hopelessly naive to think it will ever happen.

            The larger, more polyglot and barbaric the population, the less your thesis holds, in my view.

            Heh…but *my* view doesn’t matter either, on that subject. It won’t ever happen, my anonymous friend.

        • David Zuniga

          Paradise…Our true will? We have a Constitution precisely to ward off this kind of loopyness from becoming the rule for all. There is no Paradise in our fallen world; those who promise it are the most to be feared, of all tyrants and demagogues.

    • IndigoRed

      The ancient Athens democracy failed after 10 years because laws had to passed requiring citizens to participate in the democratic process when they didn’t want to go the damned town meetings that could take all day and all night. The final straw came when Socrates was accused of teaching the youth of Athens they could think for themselves rather than follow the laws that were becoming evermore unreasonable and dictatorial. Democracy in it’s original form is anarchy with rules, mob rule, tyranny by majority, ultimately dropping the pretense in favor of one man dictatorship. The political can’t and doesn’t tolerate it because it doesn’t work.

      The Roman Republic model doesn’t work, either, for similar reasons. The mob is replaced by elected officials who eventually gained permanent offices that were passed down through the family essentially negating any need for citizen participation. The plebians recognized the power structure and followed whoever gave them more free goodies from the public coffers. There’ a reason the “bread and circuses” iis associated with the Roman Republic – senators and dictators distributed, free of charge – loaves of bread and admission to the Colosseum events. The republican form of government devolved into dictatorship when the people were no longer interested in any kind of self-government participation.

      The United States government is neither a Democracy nor a Republic; it is a Constitutional Republic. Unfortunately, the Founders though American citizens would maintain virtuousness, integrity, and honesty to manage the institutions necessary for a well governed people. It seems, Americans are no longer interested in government except for what government can give them.

      • Eric H.

        I think Athenian democracy lasted for more like 160-180 years. Declaring democracy/sortition is a failure because Athenian democracy didn’t last is like declaring socialism is a failure because Cuba has a weak economy, without taking into account decades of economic warfare with the U.S. The Athenians had the Peloponnesian War, a plague, a disastrous campaign against Syracuse, along with other problems, before the oligarchs were able to take power. And even then democracy was restored until the advent of Philip II and Alexander of Macedon.

        Another thing to consider is how much of our current culture derives from Athens during the democratic era. Arts and sciences flourished. How much of our political thought has been shaped by Athenian thinkers?

        And the democratic Athenians were hardly pushovers. 5000 Athenians defeated 30,000 Persians at Marathon (of course in popular media we only hear about the oligarchic Spartans at Thermopylae; they lost). A democratic Athens had the foresight to use a financial windfall to build the fleet that defeated the Persians at Salamis.

        The execution of Socrates was not the high point of Athenian democracy but had he lived anywhere else, we probably would never have heard of him. He was a constant critic of the society that made it possible for him to express his criticisms. And the democratic principle that each person had the right to be heard was embodied by the Athenian constitution. It was said that you could praise the Spartan constitution in Athens, but not the other way around.

      • That’s not true at all. Democracy lasted in Athens for 200 years and only ended with the conquest by Philip of Macedon. Twice democracy was overthrown in Athens and twice it was re-instated by the people.

        >> The final straw came when Socrates was accused of teaching the youth of Athens they could think for themselves rather than follow the laws that were becoming evermore unreasonable and dictatorial.

        Again, not true. Socrates was an agitator and basically convicted of sedition. He promoted aristocracy in which philosophers like himself and his student, Plato, would posses political power. This was the basis of Plato’s republic. The Athenian people were very tolerant Socrates and Athens had free speech. It was only after the very bloody rebellion of the 30 Tyrants that Socrates was tried. It was a split decision, but he lost. After the democrats overthrew the 30 Tyrants, who had been supported by Sparta, they re-established democracy for the second time.

        >> Democracy in it’s original form is anarchy with rules, mob rule, tyranny by majority, ultimately dropping the pretense in favor of one man dictatorship.

        Wha?? Not true at all. The Athenians had a very deliberative legislative process. You are ignorant. Go to the link I posted above and read about Athenian democracy.

        >> The Roman Republic model doesn’t work, either, for similar reasons. The mob is replaced by elected officials who eventually gained permanent offices that were passed down through the family essentially negating any need for citizen participation.

        Not true again. Have you actually read any of this history? The Roman republic was a political system that evolved over hundreds of years. The separation of powers was along class lines. There was the Plebeian and Century assemblies and the Senate each with different powers and each representing different social classes. Rome had no “chief executive” like the American king-president but instead had two and sometimes three consuls with executive power. But even their powers were regulated.

        The Roman republic also had a very organized legislative and administrative processes. The reason the Roman republic failed was because it was based on classes and always under constant class struggle unlike Athens.

        Rome had nowhere to go but turn into an empire eventually. Also, the law was changed to allow Roman generals to pay their soldiers with conquered lands which turned the Roman military into rival mercenary armies under control of their respective general and not the government.

        >> The United States government is neither a Democracy nor a Republic; it is a Constitutional Republic.

        That’s ironic. It was Aristotle, under the classical democracy of Athens, who first formalized or at least documented the idea of a constitution and constitutional law. But Athens as well as many other Greek societies had their own constitutions. Rome had a common law tradition.

        But what does “constitutional” republic even mean when the law is not followed? The US constitution isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. The whole point of democracy (via sortition) is to maintain the integrity of the law. There are no political classes in democracy and laws are followed because they are maintained by the people – not politicians.

        • IndigoRed

          OH, YEAH! Well, Carter is still a big doo-doo head.

          Thanks for educating so many people here. Much good stuff in this thread.

        • David Zuniga

          Okay, Einstein…see your last sentence there? Apply it to the U.S. Constitution — let the People *enforce the law* — and it will be worth a great deal more than the paper that it is written on!

          If you maintain that it won’t work — that We The People are incapable of enforcing the U.S. Constitution — then you hoist your Athenian Utopia on its own petard.

          • Eh? You don’t understand me and I suppose you’re not interested to but I’ll try here again…

            To repeat, democracy is sortition. Look it up. The reason the USC is not enforceable by the People is because the People have no political power. And if you think elections are honest, I have some prime swamp land to sell to you. Our republic is based entirely on deception and lies.

            But imagine public offices held by regular people and not politicians. That regular people like yourself… doctors, engineers, school teachers, cab drivers, soccer moms, etc. have political power and not the politicreeps who lust for it or the crony capitalists who own them. This is what sortition is about. Without it there is no democracy.

            Regular people are far more likely to follow the law when in public office. The USC would actually have meaning again. So public office holders (mostly from the middle class) wouldn’t treat the Constitution with contempt but would actually try to follow it.

            Would they make mistakes? Sure. But so do politicreeps. Regular people would though make honest mistakes…

            To learn more about real democracy and sortition, watch (French with English subtitles)

          • David Zuniga

            Oh, I understand you perfectly sir/madam. I addressed your thesis, above.
            Let me reiterate the fundamental problem with it.

            First, it is naive with regard to human nature and the long record of public affairs (as I explained above).

            Secondly, it is hopelessly naive as to political reality; in other words, it will never happen, so the theory is moot.

            Third, and most importantly, it is no silver bullet to kill our evil Constitution and its representative order.

            Why? Because under the existing Constitution, We The People — your ‘common man’! — are ALREADY the ultimate sovereigns, yet have not done diddly-squat about D.C. organized crime.

            See my point? How do you propose that changing the mere *selection process* for federal servants will change human nature, or the entrenched D.C. criminal operations, now over a century old?

            We The People, having retained every power in human life except the 17 we delegated to our federal creature in the present Constitution — have not had the courage, common sense, wisdom, or what-have-you, to arrest the criminals.

            So how we elect our servants is immaterial; for 224 years, we the SOVEREIGNS haven’t done what needs to be done! Do you see my point?

            I get your thesis, really.

    • macmarine

      Try: Banana Republic!

    • Suomy Nona

      Dude dont be stupid, the point is we are no longer a constitutional republic, FYI a republic is a fr of democracy

  • Snowy Smith


    The American Government has been HIJACKED by the JEW CRIMINAL MAFIA New
    World Order, Communist Military Dictatorship.

    No it’s NOT the Globalists, Global Elite, media whores, etc etc


    I have always named the JEWS.

    the JEWS going to PAY WAR REPARATIONS?

    There is only ONE group of TERRORISTS in the World today and they are

    It’s time to outvote your TRAITOR JEW “PUPPET” Politicians.



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    When is the United Nations going to send Nuclear Bomb inspectors to

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    When is the United Nations going to place Sanctions on WAR MONGERING ISRAEL?

    When is the International Criminal Court in The Hague going to charge
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    every WAR in the last 100 years has been planned and orchestrated by the JEWS.


    OUR Leaders are already JEW One World Order “PUPPETS”.


    JEWS OWN the United Nations.

    JEWS OWN the Freemason International Criminal Court in The Hague.


    the JEWS going to PAY WAR REPARATIONS?

    Keep up the excellent Work to expose the Criminal JEWS..

    • govtrumbull

      This viewpoint of the Jews being the main problem for the worlds problems, is the same as Hitler’s. How is it possible that a tiny country, surrounded by its Islamic enemies, be responsible for all of the problems that are engulfing the World today? It cant, it’s impossible. Israel has all it can handle just to survive as a nation. The biggest concern that it has is the security and safety of its population. The largest expenditure of money is spent protecting itself, not taking over the World.

      • Micky Thered

        Your being disingenious, how many of your politicos have dual nationality ? who sold Israel all those fighter planes on the cheap ? where did the pentagon’s billions disappear to the day before 9.11 ?

        • govtrumbull

          Question 1. I don’t know. Enlighten me.
          Question 2. Obama set it up.
          Question 3. I don’t know. Enlighten me.
          Question 4: I would say Islamic, Fascist extremists and terrorists.
          Question 5. President George W. Bush on November 19, 2001. Originally part of the United States Department of Transportation, the TSA was moved to the Department of Homeland Security on March 9, 2003.

          • David Zuniga

            Excellent response, my anonymous friend. Perform your own due diligence on his question #3 and you will certify it. The timing of the Secy of Defense’s announcement of those “un-accounted-for” billions, is as suspect as Larry Silverstein’s (whoops…another Jew!) desire to have his white elephant buildings “pulled”, and collecting twice on the insurance claim for the buildings, citing two separate incidents.
            If it is not disingenuous, it is breathtakingly naive to dismiss the lopsided percentage of major American movie producers and banking moguls who are Jewish. The demonstrably illicit, unethical — indeed criminal — banking industry, and ubiquitous movie industry have profound estructive impact on the American life and psyche, for the sake of money.
            I have dedicated my life to busting D.C. organized crime — through which the evil bankers control our lives. Without the illicit, wicked legislation enabling them, the FED counterfeiting crime and the fraud of fractional reserve ‘loans’ would not exist, and ours would be a considerably better world. This is not Utopian; it is the world we had under rule of law, just 152 years ago.
            Let evil Jews (by that, I mean those Jews who *are* evil money-lovers, which is NOT all Jews) go ply their wares somewhere else; we intend to take our republic back…and hope to see thousands of branch bank buildings turned to productive new uses, or bulldozed.
            As for soul-destroying movies, the answer is simple: don’t watch them, and let those godless producers, Jewish or not, feel the pinch.
            How do we intend to take America back? See AmericaAgainNow dot com, and find out.

  • EllenBernal

    Carter is correct: America has morphed into a Fascist/Communist System under the Leadership of Obama. He promised change and change we got. America has been destroyed by him to the point that we will unable to defend America against large powerhouses as Russia and China. Obama was very helpful with that. He also empowers the EU and America is dwindling. Obama is removing ALL Nuclear devices and that will open us up to total vulnerability. Good Job, we like it.

    • Scott McClenaghan

      echo $ELLENBERNAL_BULLSHIT | sed ‘s/Obama/Bush/g’, feelsgood.jpg

    • govtrumbull

      Carter in a subverted way is correct, but he is still promoting the concept of total government under a “New World Order.” Read his statement again and look at it from a dictatorial viewpoint.

      • FireUrEngine

        Jimmy Carter was also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Our presidents are tool of the rich, when are Americans going to realize this?

      • EllenBernal

        I am German I lived there.

      • mike360000

        Gee govtrumbull. I already mentioned Carter’s NWO connection at the top of the comments, before I read this one from you. I’ve read several of your posts and I still agree with you 100% on every last word. I’ll just second whatever you write. But so people can hear it from another person, the short of it is, It is the *ELITE* Bankers that controls this country as well as most of the world today. They are composed, at the top are the Rothschilds, who is the world’s wealthiest family by far. Under then you have so many people they are too numerous to mention them all. Over 90% of your politicians have some type of connection with the elite bankers, both republicans and democrats. Obama, Biden, McCain, Rubio. Boehner, Boxer, Reid, Lindsey, Ryan and the list is endless. One can get a good idea of who is on the take by seeing which organizations they belong to. If anyone belongs tot he CFR(Council of Foreign Relations), TC(Trilateral Commission), Bilderbergs, Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, then you will know automatically they are part of the NWO in efforts to establish a One World Government. You can Google their lists and check most of the names, but not all of them will always appear.

        Michael– Deo Vindicabamur

    • I don’t think you know what communism is.

      • EllenBernal

        I am German I lived there and know how it works. Get some Education

        • People lie on the internet.

          • EllenBernal

            Amerikaner sind dumme Idioten und Du bis eine davon. Es ist mir gleich wie dumm Du bist and keine Ahn ung von Kommunismus hast. Ich schreibe das in Deutsch weil Du mir nicht glaubst. Du kannst jemanden finden der das uebersetzt.

          • Cool, you called me a “stupid idiot” in German. Surely this makes you an expert on communism now.

          • Jonny Agazao

            Maybe it isn’t the perfect version of Communism that you’ve read about, but it’s undeniable that America is becoming communistic. You have a 2 party state compared to China’s 1 party state. You have a complete crackdown on freedom. etc etc.

            Though it isn’t as Communist/Marxist as the UK.

          • David Zuniga

            Washington D.C. is definitively communist; read the above. I also recommend this article below and the article in the International Socialist Review, about the close connection between Abe Lincoln and Karl Marx. A third resource is the book ‘Lincoln’s Marxists’ by Benson and Kennedy.


            Boy howdy…the plain facts of history they don’t teach in American schools anymore! Another characteristic of communism. ;o)

          • David Zuniga

            Ellen, I agree that this government is communist — und es ist nicht einmal erforderlich, dass ich Deutscher sein!

            Were you aware of Karl Marx’s illustrious career in the employ of Horace Greeley’s New York Tribune, as its avant garde political and economic journalist? Had it not been for Greeley and his newspaper — and for Lincoln and his jackboot, totally unconstitutional “U.S. Army” — how different the history of communism might have been!

            Yes, the American people are idiots, but I am a proud Texan — and American, too. Although we are as idiotic as most Germans, Russians, Italians, Mexicans, or Frenchm…well, no, I guess I won’t go *that* far!…we have a unique Constitution that can make us the greatest country on earth once more.

            I do not tout the American people in a special way; I commend our faithful forefathers, and that Constitution, and the *real* forefathers before them, who planted the English colonies and our systems of Biblical belief and its application in law, culture, and economics — rather than those in the American colonies of Roman Catholic, monarchist Spain or France.

            People are loath to ascribe to Christ, and to His Way, the unique value due Him. But that’s the real nub of it: not ‘capitalism’ versus communism, but Christ and the New Testament, worked out on American soil for 182 years even before this present Constitution was ratified.

          • David Zuniga

            Anonymous ‘Leaf’, communism was defined in full by Karl Marx in his 1848 treatise, a Communist Manifesto. I suggest you do an online search and read his ten points to the Communist nirvana; arguably, at least eight of these had already become federal policy by Tom ‘Woodrow’ Wilson’s administration — or surely by FDR’s reign, where the third Lincolnite Progressive (after TR and Wilson) put communism on steroids.

            This is 6th grade civics for homeschoolers. Yes, people lie on the Internet (as in fact, people lie even off the Internet, wonder of wonders!) but I will take the leap of ascribing authority to Karl Marx, in the definition of communism.

            Washington D.C. has been functionally communist as well as definitively fascist (according to Mussolini’s definition) for about a century. I believe that Mr. Hussein Obama marks the kicking, screaming, messy *END* of American communism, not its beginning, as so many hyperventilating TEA Party folk like to paint it.

            So I believe you were lying on the Internet, when you claimed to be ‘educated’. Unless, of course, ‘educated’ has a new definition now, as well?

  • dan

    the evil minds of our leaders through out this countries history being put out in the open for all to see…problem is most still believe in the evil of a democracy…and they also have no idea of FREEDOM AND LIBERTY as envisioned by the founders…so these revelations will still go unnoticed by the sheeple….if we as a country want real change….END the FED..abolish the IRS….and repeal every federal law since 1959….imho

  • z-man

    I think he’s just trying to sell more peanuts.

  • futurelife

    This was a surprise but glad he has the guts to speak out but is it too late for America? It will be if more and more don’t stop this prez and his administration. Look at the map of America today and you can see that many more cities are now mostly muslims and they have taken over religion to which a Christian or non-christian has no rights anymore. We had better beware.

  • txlady706

    Carter is part of the Oligarchy. He is irrelevant now to the Oligarchs and is trying to buy favors by stirring the pot. He knows that this country is in the form of a Republic. By the way, you can’t make decisions based of what YOU think the country is right now, rather the LAW by which we have all agreed to. It’s irrelevant WHAT he thinks. What IS relevant is the LAWS by which WE THE PEOPLE have agreed to follow. Don’t get confused by the none essential rhetoric

  • wunsacon

    Some of you commenters seem to think this problem started under this administration. If you want to improve the situation and make your changes permanent, I encourage you to read a lot more (esp. but not limited to US history).

  • Carter is “ANTI-SEMETIC” for saying this! 🙂

    • Micky Thered

      Shorter Oxford English dictionary – Semite ” a person belonging to the race of mankind which includes most of the peoples mentioned in Gen. 10 as descended from Shem son of Noah, as the Hebrews, Arabs, Assyrians and Arameaans.

  • gozounlimited

    Open Letter to Senator Boxer:

    It was just a few scant weeks ago when I e-mailed your office with info and evidence of the genocidal, systematic airborne attack on Californians with chemtrails and weather mod activities. I asked you to reply to my concerns, but rather than receiving a written reply, it appeared you elected to state your message in the form of a newly clean, clear sky…..void of chemtrails.

    I can’t tell you how disappointed I am …. now…. knowing that the cessation of chemtrails in Cali was not your doing. The absence of your evil government activity has been attributed to the shuttering of Alaska’s High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) in June. The power has been turned off while HAARP waits for change in contractors to operate the facility, with hope that the facility will open and resume operations in mid-August with a sizable funding bloc from DARPA allocated for additional ionospheric research in the fall of 2013.

    Along with DARPA, the Central Intelligence Agency is funding a scientific study that will investigate whether humans could use geoengineering to alter Earth’s environment and stop climate change. The National Academy of Sciences will run the 21-month project, which is the first NAS geoengineering study financially supported by an intelligence agency. With the spooks’ money, scientists will study how humans might influence weather patterns, assess the potential dangers of messing with the climate, and investigate possible national security implications of geoengineering attempts.

    One proposed geoengineering method the study will look at is solar radiation management—a fancy term for (chemtrails) pumping particles into the stratosphere to reflect incoming sunlight away from the planet. In theory, solar radiation management could lead to a global cooling trend that might reverse, or at least slow down, global warming. The study will also investigate proposals for removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

    Studies already show pumping reflective heavy metals in the atmosphere heats rather than cools the planet, and that CO2 provides a cooling rather than heating affect. Removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere provides only one result…..the suffocation of life on earth. How appropriate it is that the CIA has now entered the picture to suffocate and poison us with heavy metals, virus, and radioactive particles under the guise of research.

    To show that I care more about you than you do me…. your constituent….. Ms.Boxer, be aware that genocide and suicide go hand in hand….I will be awaiting yours as you are awaiting mine.

    cc: Washington’s Blog, Senator Barbara Boxer

    • gozounlimited

      If you think the economy is simply going to collapse, think again. The
      bankers, the corporations, and the United Nations have got ecosystem accounting ready to rock and roll, and it’s set to change everything….

      … the plan is brilliant. You reduce the number from 7+ billion by at
      least 33% without firing one shot. You simply privatize all natural
      resources and then price access so that the bottom third of the globe’s
      population cannot afford it. And so, they die; it will be the biggest
      die-off of the Anthropocene epoch. From Papua New Guinea to Croatia,
      from Bolivia to Ghana, from Canada to Central America, from Scotland to
      Nigeria, from Australia to America, forests, water rights, mineral
      rights, arable land, national parks, and much more is being privatized
      with the usual outcomes: degradation, displacement of indigenous
      populations, higher costs, lack of access to necessary resources —
      starvation, death, social unrest and rebellion… (‘Natural Capital and the Real End Game’, Sandy Krolick) …..

      • Mary4freedom

        Yep, that’s the way I understand it. Good informative post!

    • gozounlimited

      Southwest U.S. Heatwave Cancelled. Reason? Too much Water Vapor …. (West Coast Chemtrails, HAARP Shut Down)………Good news! The 2013 Southwestern US heat wave has been cancelled because a deluge of water vapor has moved into the region and cooled everything down. (Notice lack of east Coast Hurricanes as well due to West Coast El Nino)

      Just two weeks ago we saw these dire warnings in the media:

      “Dangerous heat wave forecast in Southwest”

      – USA TODAY Cancelled

      “Scorching Southwest heat wave could challenge all-time records”

      – Washington Post Cancelled

      “Weekend heat wave to bake western US; temps in southwestern cities to near 120”

      – StarTribune Cancelled

      Why? The Southwestern USA has been inundated with water vapor, which doused the heat wave…….

  • mysticalfilmaker

    Jimmy Carter for President! Woohoo!

  • govtrumbull

    It is a fact that “Democracies” always degenerate into dictatorships, Oligarchies, Fascist States, or mob rule. Democracies are the worst form of government because they are easily corrupted by demagogues. The Founding Fathers recognized this and went to great lengths to set up a system of checks and balances in our constitution to prevent our new Republic from being subverted into this a democracy; small “d”.

    The problem with democracies are numerous, but the main problem is that everyone participates in making laws. In this system’s pure form, the people are supposed to vote on every proposed law. This can work in small groups, but in larger populations the system becomes “top heavy” and is easily manipulated by tyrants and demagogues. This happened in Ancient civilizations such as Rome and Greece, and more recently in history in Russia; the Bolshevik Revolution; and in Germany during Hitler’s rise to power; e.g., Fascism.

    Our constitution has been systematically dismantled to turn it from a “republican;” small r;” form of government with a system of checks and balances, that prevent tyrants from taking over the reigns of government, into a democracy; “small “d;” that allows tyrants to eventually rise, or a Oligarchy to form where a small percentage of people run the government with no checks and balances to prevent total government to rule the lives of the people.

    In a subverted way, Jimmy Carter is correct, “America is no longer a democracy,” but worse than that, America is no longer a republic either. Through the amending process, demagogues and special interests have made laws and amended the constitution to remove the checks and balances that the Founders put into place to prevent exactly what is happening to our country today.

    American politicians in all of our three Branches of government; the Executive, Legislative and Judicial; have removed the key components of the constitution that prevent a relatively small l number of people in proportion to the total population, to make statutes that take away the God-given rights and liberties.

  • mac12sam12

    I’m agreeing with Carter? Did a cow just fly by my window?

  • Macjammm

    The United States is so far gone all you can do is first laugh and then cry every day we are inundated with pure and highly refined political theater. There’s a flavor for just about every concern all designed to both outrage and then appease. Just enough in every direction to keep people believing that they have some control, while at the same time telling them you lost this round maybe next time you will be the winner. As the country and our standard of living slip further and further in to darkness. And our children are less and less informed about reality, as a curtains of propaganda is drawn completely distorting and manipulating all truth. With the technology available to our masters i shudder to think that this is just the beginning of there ability the control and manipulate the people of the world as they bring in a GLOBAL TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT to seal our fate as a planet of serfs and slaves serving our masters and happily thinking it was our idea.

    • Madmacsr

      I agree with you completely Mac

    • David Zuniga

      Anonymous ‘Macjamm’ says, “(w)ith the technology available to our masters i shudder to think that this is just the beginning…”. Where does he live, in a Somalian slave camp? I don’t have any masters; I am a free and productive Texan, with access to the same technology that ‘Macjamm’ thinks his ‘masters’ have.

      A Chicken Little attitude gets us nowhere, folks; stop running from boogeymen, and help end 151 years of D.C. organized crime. Join AmericaAgain! and pass the word to those you know. This isn’t a civil war; it is responsible, free Americans taking up our DUTY as sovereigns for the first time in history, to superintend our insane, lawless servants in government.

      Time for ZERO TOLERANCE for D.C. organized crime. Join us, and let’s get to work.

      • Macjamm

        Good luck Dumb$hit, you have no idea what you are talking about..
        You do Not have access to the same technology they have access to you Fking idiot
        And this thread is three months old, and no one has commented here for just about that long so you must be talking to me, Had you been a little more intelligent you might of gained a comrade in arms, but instead you antagonized what could of been a very powerful ally. And the organized crime you speak of is a World wide – Globalist Technocracy organisation Fool…..And a Civil War is fast becoming the only answers…

        • David Zuniga

          I was not “intelligent enough” to gain an anonymous, potty-mouth, tin-foil hat-wearing paranoid as a comrade in arms? Boy howdy…I’m devastated.

          • Macjamm

            You also have an audience of one Dumb$hit, so theirs no telling what your original intent was, but you appear to have failed on all fronts,, Ha ha….

          • Macjamm

            So you come along after the fact and edit your comment???
            Useless people will not help matters at all;
            So shut the Fk up…

            It was a free Country,, you have no idea how far gone it is,,
            You wallow in your ignorance, you little upstart,,
            And i am not a Tea Party person but condemning the Tea Party is Foolish, now is the time for all flavors of Conservatives to stand together against the establishment Republicans and Democrats
            They are all bought and paid for,, Fool…

          • Macjamm

            Try The Declaration of Independence,, FOOL

            Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. (!”!But!”! when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security!”!)……

          • Macjamm

            I see you have removed your reference to the Tea Party…
            Do you always spout off before you think? And then come back and edit…

          • David Zuniga

            Not always, but occasionally! ;o)

          • David Zuniga

            Always? No; but occasionally. ;o)

  • Eric H.

    Even today’s most vocal detractors of the government’s abuses keep calling for a return to democracy. But doesn’t that mean a return to the conditions that led us to where we are now? Even if we could return to the halcyon days of yore, our freedom would still be defined as the freedom to choose one of two people, who are pre-selected by their respective party leadership that persists between elections, has no accountability to the public, and has an agenda that doesn’t differ materially from the other party except on hot-button populist issues.

    Are we so jealous of our neighbors that we would rather give away our political power than share it with them? Is that why we so easily buy into the argument that the world would go to hell if we took part in ordering our own affairs?

    We have the Bill of Rights because the critics of the Constitution foresaw the abuses that were likely to occur under the form of government it declared. Instead of lamenting a time that probably only seemed to exist because abuses were easier to hide, shouldn’t more people be considering alternatives?

  • Terry Fidler

    This what happens to a country when they are more concerned with I-phones, Nintendo and all the electronic toys the globalists manufacture to keep your eye off the ball. And the American public is too stupid to see what these monsters are up. RIP U.S.A.

  • That’s the case in the UK, too, but no-one is speaking out.

  • Mike Lashewitz

    Hmmm . . and he would be correct. When an illegal alien as PROVEN in a US Court of law is allowed to remain as a US President when the facts prove he is not even legally an American, and who has committed thousands of war crimes through an illegal drone program. AND who lies regularly to the people about transparency in government and whose wife alone is a laughing stock and her actions would have had him impeached 20 years ago. Whom both were disbarred years ago from practicing law because of criminal activities. And whose supposed years at Columbia University remain in question by the very professors of Columbia University and the list goes on and on and on . . . . . .
    Well when these things are allowed by the US Congress, condoned by the very people who are paid to uphold the US Constitution and existing laws which they do not, at what point IS this a Democracy?
    For the idiots who object, “Do you know what VETTED means? And can you explain why Barack Obama / Barry Sotero wasn’t vetted?

  • MartinTimothy

    Edward Snowden nuthin’, his stuff re state eavesdropping has been common knowledge for twenty years, he is a figment of the Jew media machine, that wants to divert attention, from the ongoing and Jew inspired genocide and false revolution in Egypt and Syria.

    No less than Jew guilt for 911! Just like Julian Assange a Zionist plant wanted for rape in Sweden, and Bradley Manning who appears to be a figment of the Canada/Greenburg false flag machine, which provided false witness the Harley Shirt Guy on 911.

    It would be difficult to find a more cynical treasonist that ex President Jimmy Carter, whose administration came in the wake of the disastrous Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford tenures. Both of whom remain tainted with the November 22, 1963, murder of President Kennedy. Iinsofar as Nixon was in Dallas, Texas, the morning of that fateful day, while Ford signed the Warren Commission
    Report into John Kennedy’s assassination.

    Written by Arlen Specter who was to become US Senator for Pennsylvania, which says Lee
    Harvey Oswald acting alone, fired on the President from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository. That neglects the Moorman shot clearly showing Martin Luther & Coretta King, and black Secret Serviceman Abraham Bolden, standing with shooters including the CIA’s E Howard Hunt and Dallas cop Joe Smith, on the Grassy Knoll!

    Carter’s foreign adventurism was fiasco in April 1980, in response to the blatantly obvious False Flag assault on the US Embassy in Teheran, Iran, allegedly by elements within Iranian society who had an ax to bear with the US Government, for still unspecified wrongs. Carter’s Iranian affairs paved the way for the next President Ronald Reagan, under whose tutelage the Iran situ spun out of control!

    While then Iraq President and CIA plant Saddam Hussein, annexed the marshes that lie between Iran and Iraq, whose residents were citizens of both countries, at the behest of hostile CIA / Zionist elements were pulling his strings. Precipitating the genocidal 1980–88 Iran / Iraq war .. after that in 1990 Hussein similarly annexed Kuwaiti oilfields, which led to the 1991 First Gulf War, under the Presidential direction of fellow Kennedy assassination conspirator GHW Bush.

    Then read Iran / Contra, and about how Ronald Reagan was disporting with pretty boys at the White House, while genocidal military ops against the indigenous populations in Central America, were happening under CIA thence Israeli tutelage, and cocaine production became franchised by the CIA throughout the region, while illegal arms sales to both sides of the Iran / Iraq War made billions for Israeli weapons manufacturers.

    911 was a Zionist sponsored inside job, Carter cares little about that either! During his Presidency Jimmy Carter made much of his claim to be a “Born Again Christian,” in which case he would be aware of the following of Jesus’ teachings, “rejoice and be exceeding glad when men shall revile
    you, and say all manner of evil against you falsely, for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.”

    Carter’s born again-ness never compelled him to utter one single syllable of truth, in response to any of the aforesaid matters, in which case he must be confident his past of toothy good will, will enable him to escape Hell in any case! Else he anticipates his own entry into that place, like the
    chanting Satanists who turned up at the Capital Building in Austin Texas, to voice their displeasure at the move to prevent killers access to unborn children.

    • Don

      Slow down on the Meth Martin.

    • Joey D’Fixer

      Uh, if you actually studied Presidential history and the men behind them, youd know that Kissenger, Nelson and David Cockefucker, and Zbigniew Brzezinski ran Carter and undermined him left and right, and Brzezinski was the one who virtually put him in office and ran what became al-CIA-duh, with good ole Tim Osman (Osama) at the helm. Both Carter and Reagan werent ‘evil zionist agents involved in all the secret cabals’, and tried to be actual presidents as best they could, but had a hellish order of evil under them, so much so, that it was impossible for them to get anything done. When Reagan tried to (pushing the SDI at the behest of Lyndon LaRouche, and the Grace Commission), good ole Skull and Bones Bush had his family friend, Hinckley try and kill him. The only real complaints about Carter and Reagan is they were TOO NICE and TOO NAIVE at times. Both of them came from a different era than we live in now, and actually believed in values and morals long forgotten by many today, and which werent adhered too much at all even during their rise into politics and then into the WH. They were also not part of the secret societies and other satanic garbage. In fact, Reagan was being coached quite a bit by the JBS on what was going on and really wanted to fight all of that…but he couldnt, and he knew he couldnt after they tried killing him. We havent had a president since then, just NWO sock puppets.

      Carter has been railing against all of this shit and wrote several op-eds about all the corruption, the constitution being crapped on, drone strikes, and even spoke out about the Trayvon race pimping media sideshow and even agreed with the verdict. You wont see that show on MSNBC, or ABC, that’s for sure. A former Dem President, agreeing with self defense and defending the 2nd amendment? Yep, you wont see that today from a real liberal, because they dont exist anymore. Carter may not have been a perfect President in his time, but he wasnt an evil rat like the trash we have now. Far from it, and at his age now, he would make a 1000x times better president than the sh!tstain currently there.

  • Don

    After reading most of these comments I have come to the conclusion that most of you don’t know what in the hell you are talking about. This is probably the most accurate comment you will read on this story.

    • David Zuniga

      (Note the date of this cynic’s comment; I had not found this story yet. My comments above are much newer, are accurate *and* constructive. That beats Don’s sneering cynicism by a mile.)

  • jadan

    The fact that Carter’s remarks are not reported anywhere else I’ve looked is evidence our system, however you want to describe it, has ceased to function as it once did. This is news, and I’ve only seen it here. Good work, GW!

  • WrenchMonkey

    In my personal opinion, anyone who can still summon even the faintest belief that there is any beneficial “choice” to be made from the wholly owned corporatist servant party is either delusional or in denial, which I suppose, like the ostensible “parties”, are just two sides of the same coin.

    There is no recourse for the general population to be found within the “system”. There is no government in america with which to seek redress of grievances. There are no laws to be invoked to stop the criminal psychopaths who now control virtually all Earth’s vital resources. The “laws” now in force were written by them, for them.

    We have come to the moment when the ruling class is about ready to stop pretending it is something other than the ruling class and blatantly declare they are masters of the world. The pretense of “democracy” and “freedom” will soon be dropped completely. The effort to disguise the reality of the totalitarian plutocracy will end and america will become a bona fide third world country.

    The pathocracy is becoming so confident of success that they are allowing the charade of civil society to dissolve. Their contempt for the People is becoming more evident every day and their true intent more clear.

    The control of america and, in fact, of most nations of the world, has been completely surrendered to the money power. There is no “american empire”. There is the global empire of the international banking cartel. The united states of america is simply the “superpower” du jour, now an unmitigated rogue state, being used as both the sharp end of the stick, to back everyone into a corner,
    and a blunt instrument to beat them into submission.

    The “new world order”, which most people apparently consider just another wacko “conspiracy theory”, seems to be shaping up quite nicely.

    The once sovereign nations of Earth are being steadily reduced to “third world” status.

    The rapidly accelerating effects of global warming will soon render much of the planet increasingly hostile to human habitation.

    Over the next few decades, I think many major cities and population centers will begin to experience massive infrastructure failures. These collapsed essential systems will not be repaired or replaced and the cities will be left to rot. The general populations will be thrust into increasing poverty and chaos.

    The ruling class will retire to select locations, walled fortress cities, guarded by privatised armies and served by private providers. From these castellated control centers they will administer a single world
    government and a single all electronic global currency and economy, all of which will be enforced and protected by a single privatised world military.

    Earth, for a while, will become a third world planet.

    Just my opinion.

  • wunsacon

    Dear NRA and NRA members reading this site:

    Thank you from keeping us safe from tyranny. Thanks to the 2nd amendment, which is the amendment that guarantees all the rest, we can rest assured knowing that:

    – The Federal Reserve, bankers, and politicians can’t take away your purchasing power (your wealth) and give it to themselves.

    – The government can’t spy on everything you write or read, in violation of the 4th amendment, and use it to crack down on your protests against the bankers who rule the country.

    – Plutocrat-financed politicians can’t disenfranchise voters thru gerrymandering, the practice of intentionally making elections non-competitive.

    – Businesses can’t pollute the air, land, and sea in ways to inhibit your life or obstruct your pursuit of happiness.

    Further, we define “tyranny” as “rule by a tyrant”. So, although the wealthy are:
    – a “community of interest”

    – that contributes to the same “think tanks”

    – that inform the “lobbying groups”

    – that take our “elected representatives” and their aides

    – for lunch, dinners, and weekends of “educational conferences”
    – to learn about policies they should sell to their constituents (because it’s in the constituents’ interest to support policies that accidentally maintain and extend the exorbitant privileges the wealthy COI already obtained),

    this arrangement does not qualify as tyranny. That’s because a “community of interest” is, by definition, not “a tyrant”, even if it feels the same to the people yoked underneath.

    • Matheus Grunt

      OWS is full of socialists and commies. STFU please. Oh, and I’m not NRA member either, just some dumb redneck Patriot.

      • On the contrary. OWS is CIA.
        Dissent is patriotic but never when it is done by astrotufers,
        Grassroots movements are rare in history and in most of the countries.
        Commies? Do you fear commies?
        Those days are over. You should fear America government: NDAA, 9/11, Connecticut school shooting, imprisonment of people for no reason… OMG! It is sad to see Americans living in a totalitarian state.
        I lived under dictatorship because America imposed it. US government is doing all it’s effort to implement it again because they want more money.
        Greed is the real enemy.

  • joepotato

    According to legend we’re supposed to be a republic which is a little different than straight up democracy… What I see now looks more like the 4th Reich… I would like to be wrong but if the present course isn’t reversed post haste, it’s guaranteed to get ugly very soon…

    • Eric H.

      I think that even among the most sober people the actions of Western governments are looking increasingly desperate. The Fed is pumping trillions of worthless dollars into the financial system so that not only will the banks look solvent, the media can run phony stories about how they’re making record profits.

      If the banks fail, it would likely mean not so much the end of the Fed, but the end of the political system that enabled the financial sector to make incredibly stupid bets with the public’s money, because politicians were conned into believing that risk could be eliminated. A universally broke and unemployed public, not to mention bankrupt state and local governments, are not likely to be content to simply vote in a new round of rascals.

      However, what’s worrisome is that while, in the past, our politicians might have thrown us a bone until the crisis blew over, this time around they’re demanding that we hand over any bones we might have buried. There’s been ample time to enact legislative reforms and prosecute the worst offenders; instead they’ve been tightening the screws while blaming our extremely modest social programs, rather than themselves.

      I hope this is just a temporary obstinacy before the politicians and their patrons finally admit that their policies were catastrophically flawed, although it would seem a waste if they relent but are allowed to remain in power. I hope there isn’t a concerted plan to take their power to the next level and make the world over in their own image. I doubt it would work but I don’t doubt there would be a lot of suffering before we found out.

      If things do come crashing down though, we need to start preparing now to prevent the same mistakes.

      • Mary4freedom

        I hope and pray you’re right! In 1913, a plan was put in place. to take our money without our approval…taxes & evil men who got The Federal Reserve Act passed. Combine that with The World Bank, International Monetary Fund & plans the U.N. has for the world that they are trying to pass off as a Utopia and I really don’t see much hope for America’s sovereignty without divine intervention.

        • David Zuniga

          Mary, God does not ‘intervene’ to make us do what He has already commanded us to do. His justice is always perfect — including punishment for very evil Big Men, as well as very evil small ones.

          As Eric said above, there are hard times ahead. No avoiding them, I’m afraid; and it will span the entire globe. In the monograph linked below, I offer a simple, rational explanation behind federal government purchasing those billions of rounds of ammunition — and even the rational explanation for internment camps, when things get very ugly.

          What lies in store for us will be nothing like the first Great Depression; that was a relatively innocent, unarmed age compared to present-day America with its millions of goths, punks, thugs, gang-bangers, (self-styled) ‘militias’. etc.

          [I don’t mean the actual Militias of the Several States as stipulated in the Constitution; we must restore them…and that means ALL of us able-bodied Americans have a duty to serve!]

  • msbetz

    America was NEVER a “democracy” America is a “Republic” and there is no “democratic-Republic”
    that’s an “oxymoron”!

    • Funny because US presidents never stop remembering how democratic America is and they are always helping other countries to be democratic by destroying them and killing their inocent civilians.

      Always in the name of “democracy” and “humanitarian aid”.

  • Matheus Grunt

    We were NEVER a freaking democracy to begin with!!!!! Constitutional Republic dumba@@es.

  • Dietzman

    it is REALLY SAD to me that NO ONE in GOVERNMENT knows that OUR COUNTRY was NEVER MENT to be or EVER was a Democracy… and to have an ex President state that we are no longer ONE … that is just NOT RIGHT .. he should of NEVER been President … WE ARE a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC …. EVEN the NEWS PEOPLE need to UNDERSTAND this …. if they do not .. or you do not know what it is … here is a SITE to help you learn …

  • Joshua

    Wow, Carter is all over the place. Zimmerman’s Trial Jury made the right call, we’re no longer a Democracy (we weren’t one to begin with) and giving Snowden the big thumbs up. Holy smokes!

    • David Zuniga

      All over the place? Sounds like he’s right, three for three. Probably the first and last time in his miserable communist life, but better than never.

  • Brooks Fenton

    Might be the only time I have ever agreed with Carter, what a shame. Where is the protector
    of last resort for America? The MEDIA AWOL.

  • Steve

    “democracy”????….. Jimmy Carter must have never said the following… “I pledge allegiance…. and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands”….

  • davidfulton3