Everything You Wanted to Know about Spying … But Were Afraid to Ask

Spying: The Big Picture

If you’ve been too busy to keep up with the spying scandal, here’s an overview:

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  • wunsacon

    >> An NSA whistleblower says that the NSA is spying on – and blackmailing – top government officials and military officers (and see this)

    GW, I read that link and don’t see anything about a specific “blackmail” incident. Are there any?

    There’s that incident with a Swiss banker. So, I expect it goes on. But, although there’s the potential for massive blackmail, do you have a list of examples?

    One obvious problem is the chilling effect on speech. For instance, I’m a nobody and even I’m afraid to speak frankly on some issues and eliciting too much “interest” of the wrong kind. (Speaking of which, why do I have a Disqus follower named “Kir” and why is he following 66 other people? Although I’ve disagreed with him on some things, he seems like a fairly bright guy, which makes me more concerned… 😉 )

    • Aaron

      See Russ Tice interview by Sibel Emonds.

    • hp

      Perhaps Kir is one of those “some people”

    • Carroll Price

      I believe anyone could make a well founded assumption that Court Chief Justice John Roberts was obviously blackmailed due to his refusal to declare mandatory Obamacare being unconstitutional on it’s face. Which is a position anyone with even a slight understanding of constitutional principles would take for granted. When you come right down to it, there has probably never been a better way of controlling problematic politicians than by blackmailing them into submission. And now that the NSA knows virtually every hidden scandal and secret about everyone in positions of power, you can bet this knowledge will be increasingly used by the Lobby to achieve their ultimate goal which is complete enslavement of the American people.

  • Carroll Price

    Not included in the above list, is the fact that 9/11 was a false flag operation carried out for the sake of justifying endless wars of profit and for the sake of justifying a vast foreign and domestic spy network used to create new classes of criminals to serve as victims for the ever expanding police state.

    • wunsacon

      >> 9/11 was a false flag operation

      Do you count Pearl Harbor as a “false flag”? I think the attacks on Pearl Harbor and 911 should share a label but it should not be “false flag”.

      I suspect before 911 our leaders said something like:
      “Let’s not prevent this plot because: (a) it’s non-nuclear and (b) it’ll generate political will to fight the enemy much more aggressively”
      except that the plutocrats/MIC expanded the definitions of ‘enemy’ and ‘aggressively’ far wider than most Americans would approve of.

      • Carroll Price

        In a nutshell, the difference between Pearl Harbor and 9/11 is that while Japanese forces carried out the attack and were allowed to do so by FDR who knew when and where the attack would occur, the attacks on 9/11 (including the anthrax attacks) were all planned and carried out by domestic and Israeli paramilitary forces prior to and during the event itself. With bombs, control demolition charges and homing beacons (for aircraft guidance) having been installed in the buildings weeks and months prior to 9/11. Along with specific passenger plane’s flight controllers (computers) having been re-programmed (hacked) prior to the event, to allow these planes to be electronically hi-jacked and flown into specific buildings (the twin towers and the Pentagon) where they were guided by homing beacons (which had been installed weeks prior to the event) to their specific impact points. This is the same glide-path technology that has been in use for many years at every airport run-way in the world to guide approaching planes to precise, pin-point landings at designated run-ways. In case you’re wondering about Building #7, it was obviously the target of Flight 93, but whose pilots and/or flight engineer must have figured out what was going on and managed to, at least, partially defeat the electronic hi-jacking and re-gain control of the plane prior to Dick Cheney giving orders that it be shot down by US fighter jets, as is indicated by parts and debris from this plane having been found up to 8 miles from where what was left of it, eventually crashed near Shanksville, PA.

        • hp

          Wasn’t there once upon a time a comment made by the actual pilot (S.Dakota Guard?) who shot it down?

          • Carroll Price

            I am not familiar with the quote to which you refer, but Dick Cheney has admitted (probably inadvertently) that Flight 93 was in fact shot down. And since he was running the show from the bunker beneath the White House, he would have been the person giving the order. Interestingly enough, the bumbling idiot George Bush also inadvertently admitted that he saw the first plane strike the South Tower (probably via a secure closed circuit video channel prior to entering Booker Elementary) long before the first recorded videos became available to the general public via the controlled news media. As to the flight recorders on the four planes being hacked and re-programmed prior to 9/11, it is a matter of public record that security at each of the airports from which these electronically hi-jacked planes departed was provided by an Israeli owned company known as ICTS. All of the above information can be confirmed via u-tube and by performing a Google search into who provided security at Boston, Newark and Washington International Airport on 9/11.

          • hp

            Where it was reported, I forget. I do remember this though.

            The S. Dakota National Guard pilots name and rank were given.

            In fact if you Google : “S. Dakota Guard pilot says he shot down flight 93”
            I’d bet you could find and read this.

          • inyerface

            ALL of your information above, and MORE, was meticulously documented in a chapter 3 simply titled “Israel,” in Michael C. Ruppert’s (The Truth and Lies of 9/11) 2004 best-selling book “Crossing The Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the end of the Age of Oil, a copy of which sits in the library of Harvard Business School, for providing documentation showing the trail of CIA drug-smuggling and money laundering. NONE of this is “fiction,” or “conspiracy theory,” or “propaganda,” and most of the documentation sources are actual government records or stories from main stream media sources…

            Why the HELL do we continue to allow that suck hole of resources, Isra-Hell, to run our security firms, telephone billing records, and their idiot holier-than-thou tribes people to hold public office while holding dual citizenship? No other nations get to do that. Just because they are JEWISH means they are entitled to dual citizenship and can take a pass on national security issues, because, as every “good” Israeli knows, the Jews OWN the United States.

        • DungeonMaster68

          Don’t you think that if everything you just said was true, between WikiLeaks and Snowden, and all the other whistle blowers out there, we would have seen some hard proof by now? We have not…this is all speculation and conjecture at this point.

          • wunsacon

            I don’t think that all state secrets have been or will ever be revealed by “whistleblowers” who were part of whatever it is they’re blowing the whistle on.

            In its peak year, the Manhattan Project supposedly 0.4% of GDP. No one spilled the beans on that.

            Not all projects involve the same number of people. And organizations hire/retain people who share their interests, beliefs, and goals. My guess is: You might end up with whistleblowers when the leader(s) change the goals in ways the people already on the team didn’t expect and can’t live with. ( E.g., read the stories of Binney and Kiriakou.) Other than that, if you hire/retain people who already share your goals, you can probably keep secrets.

  • hp

    “Some people” can also steal 2 trillion from the pentagon and get away with it.
    “Some people” waiting with cameras rolling, also danced and celebrated as the towers come down.
    “Some people” were already in place (see above) “to document the event.”

    Remind you of anybody?

  • robertsgt40

    Spying is a great tool for the few to control the many. It’s needed for further centralization of power in the hands of the special few.

  • Meremark

    GW, in his book “Dirty Work; CIA in Europe,” (1978), Philip Agee ex-CIA agent publishes the statements: END the CIA. ABOLISH the CIA.

    He lists their 5 ‘excuses’ for their murdering. All 5 are FALSE, he says, and the CIA KNOWS all of it’s FALSE since CIA made it up for politics. CIA &NSA, et al., KNOWS they are LYING.

    Here (pdf):

    Then enter page 13 of 165. (which is the book’s page number 18)

    Myth number ONE — The CIA is primarily engaged in gathering intelligence information against the Soviet Union. FALSE

    Myth number TWO — The major problem is lack of control; that is, the CIA is a “rogue elephant.” FALSE

    Myth number THREE — Weakening the CIA opens wider the door for Soviet expansion and eventual world domination. FALSE

    Myth number FOUR — Those who attack the CIA, especially those who have worked in the intelligence community, are traitors, turncoats, or agents of the KGB (‘enemy’) FALSE

    Myth number FIVE — Naming individual CIA officers does little to change the Agency, and is done only to expose innocent individuals to the threat of assassination. FALSE

    And Agee explains why these Myths are told and how they are all FALSE, in his experience inside the CIA (NSA, same thing) among those public employees laughing at, deriding and mocking USA constitutional law.

    • jo6pac

      Thanks for the link

  • billgoode

    Using the Freedom of Information Act, many people have tried to find out from NSA what information the NSA has on them. You get about one guess how successful these people have been – zilch – zero. The NSA pleads that such information cannot be revealed, ie the fact of whether or not the NSA has your phone number, call content or the content of your emails is classified.

    Much of mainstream media and sheeple (people that simply believe whatever the government does is best) plead that “If you have done nothing wrong, then you have nothing to worry about.” Well, this viewpoint could easily be turned on the government regarding its desire to arrest Edward Snowden. If the government has done nothing wrong, what does it have to worry about?

    If the government has done nothing wrong, why would they not release information about whose phone numbers, email addresses, and what phone and email content they possess? What does the government fear from Edward Snowden? He has released no information that puts any American in peril. He said he has the ability, as well as the rest of NSA, to do that, but he hasn’t. Again, if the government has done nothing wrong, what does it have to fear from Edward Snowden?

  • Blair T. Longley

    For the nth time, it should be repeated that the OLDEST book on the Art of War begins by saying that “success in war in based on deceit,” and ends by saying that “spies are the most important soldiers.” Nothing has changed in the history of militarism for several thousand years, EXCEPT the technologies have become trillions of times more powerful and capable.

    TRULY, “The Big Picture” revolves around radical ways to change political science, and its supreme ideology, militarism. At the centre of human ecology are the death controls. There are no ways to avoid that, although our entire civilization is based on denial of that basic facts as much as possible.

    AGAIN, see the first principle of successful warfare, which is that that depends on deceits!

    The DEEP problem is that thousands of years of history of Neolithic Civilization has produced a totally psychotic society, almost completely controlled by the best professional liars, and immaculate hypocrites, through and through … Furthermore, the basic energy laws indicate why that MUST have become be case, as consistent with the social facts, that that IS the case.

    Although I greatly admire the scholarship that George Washington’s blog brings to these articles, with their replete links to comprehensive background material, to back up every assertion, I continue to regard them as more of the classic reactionary revolutionaries’ response. Or, to be more metaphorical, the basic attitude presented in the background is always the Black Sheep position, which protests against the actual activities of the Vicious Wolves in the ruling classes, by implicitly presenting the view that the “solutions” are that we should all be better Sheep.

    Of course, I appreciate that my Fringe Cubed position may well seem quite irrelevant, given the degree to which enough of us still act like Zombie Sheeple, as well as enough of us are willing to act as the more Domesticated Dogs, working for the Vicious Wolves, or the pyramidion people, the top carnivores in the human ecology, who are at the top of the social pyramid systems, so that those Dogs are willing and able to be paid to enforce the legalized lies, with legalized violence, to make sure that enough of the Zombie Sheeple continue to be sufficiently ignorant and afraid, so that the entire social pyramid system can continue to develop its Huge Lies, backed by Lots of Violence, towards its own final failure from too much “success” at running civilization in that fashion.

    Our entire civilization has ALWAYS been based on deceits, backed by destruction. Our society has ALWAYS been organized systems of lies, operating organized robberies. However, the only thing that the Black Sheep, or reactionary revolutionaries, do in response is repeat the same old false fundamental dichotomies, in order to promote the same old impossible ideals, which always backfire in the real world, and thus, cause the opposite to happen.

    Spying has ALWAYS been the most important activity throughout the history of warfare. Warfare is the best develop social science, BUT, warfare is based on being the best at being dishonest. That is why our society keeps on going around and around in spiral of exponential growth, powered by technologies which are trillions of times GREATER, but thereby, are driving us to become trillions of times more mad, and therefore, towards destroying ourselves, by causing our civilization to collapse into chaos.

    Theoretically, we ought to adapt to weapons of mass destruction. Theoretically, we ought to adapt to computerized surveillance becoming similar to weapons of mass destruction, in that those are so many orders of magnitude greater in their capabilities, that nothing in previously known human history compares with those.

    What I keep on suggesting (although I know that it is so totally unpopular as to be pointless), is that we should go through profound paradigm shifts in political science, requiring radical changes in militarism. Basically, we should democratize our death controls. That is, our society ought to admit that there MUST be some systematic death controls, and then work towards evolving better dynamic equilibria between the different systems of organized lies, operating organized robberies, that different groups of human beings are promoting. We need a quantum leap up, to make a greater use of information, as a higher consciousness, which enables us all to become better Wolves.

    Of course, the kinds of revolutions in the philosophy of science that I am recommending are things which the overwhelming vast majority of people, including both the ruling classes, as well as the masses, do not appear to have the slightest clue about, regarding how clueless they are. Instead, we keep on rushing towards the point where our abilities to be deceitful and destructive continue being amplified by more and more orders of magnitude, by advances in basic sciences, which are then primarily applied according to ancient militarism, i.e. to become even more deceitful, and to employ spies even more!

    What we need is a deeply different way to understand ourselves, and the PURPOSES OF DEATH CONTROLS, because we need to radically change the ways that we think about the death controls, and the murder systems, which back up the money system, and debt controls. Neolithic civilization can not survive, unless it adapts … It surely will be forced to adapt, because it is driving itself mad at an exponential rate, towards a series of psychotic breakdowns, due the paradoxical ways that controlling society through triumphant Lies, backed by violence which can never make those Lies become true, which all continues to get worse, faster!

    As I said the big picture about spying is that it was absolutely crucial to the history of death controls in human civilizations, which as been the de facto controls over everything that Neolithic civilizations have been doing for thousands of years. The story about spying in the USA, and around the world, is the story about the abilities to do that becoming amplified to much more astronomical sizes than we can imagine. Furthermore, the continuing advance of technologies indicates that those capacities are going to continue to become many orders of magnitude greater within the foreseeable future. Therefore, just like the existence of atomic bombs, et alia, forces us to attempt to think differently about militarism, so too, the existence of computerized surveillance forces us to think differently about spying, within the overall context of the social death control systems.

    In my opinion, there are no ways to put those technological genies back in their bottles! We are going to be forced to go through the psychotic breakdowns of the established social pyramid systems, due to the paradoxes which will be caused by them becoming too “successful.” I have the vain hope that we might be prepared to adapt to those events, IF we began to think in profoundly different ways about the death control systems, and the necessary purposes of those systems. However, the big picture problem is that BOTH the ruling classes, as well as the masses, continue to believe in false fundamental dichotomies, and therefore, to promote impossible ideals as the “solutions,” which always must necessarily continue to cause the opposite things to happen in the real world.

    • wunsacon

      Agree w/ most of your explanations, FWIW… 😉

  • fallingman

    Good grief. Will nobody give the folks behind Washington’s Blog some props? It took a lot of work to put together this excellent list.

    Well done. Much appreciated, even if it is somewhat depressing to see.

  • inyerface

    “Every Breath You Take:” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMOGaugKpzs I’ll be watching YOOOOUUU!

  • travis690

    Take note also of the use of the word, “secure.” This is usually the word used to describe the activities of the National Spy Agency.

    When do government agencies typically use this word? Here are some examples:

    “We need to secure this crime scene.”

    “Maximum security prison.”

    There is a MAJOR difference between safe and secure. They do not mean the same thing. Yet the criminals in charge of the government talk of them like they mean the same thing when putting out their public-relations spin stories. There are only two instances I could find in our Constitution where the word “secure” is used:

    The preamble says, in part: “To secure the blessings of liberty, for ourselves and our posterity…”

    The Fourth Amendment says that citizens have the right to be “secure of their homes and personal belongings” from government intrusion.

    The meaning of “security” has certainly evolved over the past 230 years.

  • Robert Barsocchini

    As George Carlin said, fascism in the USA wears a smiley-face shirt and Nikes.