America No Longer Has a Functioning Judicial System

The Separation of Powers Which Define Our Democracy Have Been Destroyed

The Department of Justice told a federal court this week that the NSA’s spying “cannot be challenged in a court of law”.

(This is especially dramatic given that numerous federal judges and legal scholars – including a former FISA judge – say that the FISA spying “court” is nothing but a kangaroo court.)

Also this week, the Department of Justice told a federal court that the courts cannot review the legality of the government’s assassination by drone of Americans abroad:

“‘Are you saying that a US citizen targeted by the United States in a foreign country has no constitutional rights?’ [the judge]  asked Brian Hauck, a deputy assistant attorney general. ‘How broadly are you asserting the right of the United States to target an American citizen? Where is the limit to this?’

“She provided her own answer: ‘The limit is the courthouse door’ . . . .

“‘Mr. Hauck acknowledged that Americans targeted overseas do have rights, but he said they could not be enforced in court either before or after the Americans were killed.'”

(Indeed, the Obama administration has previously claimed the power to be judge, jury and executioner in both drone and cyber-attacks.  This violates Anglo-Saxon laws which have been on the books in England and America for 800 years.)

The Executive Branch also presents “secret evidence” in many court cases … sometimes even hiding the evidence from the judge who is deciding the case.

Bush destroyed much of the separation of powers which made our country great.  But under Obama, it’s gotten worse.

For example, the agency which decides who should be killed by drone is the same agency which spies on all Americans.

Daniel Ellsberg notes that even the Founding Fathers didn’t have to deal with a government claiming that it could indefinitely detain Americanseven on American soil.

After Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Chris Hedges, journalist Naomi Wolf, Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg and others sued the government to enjoin the NDAA’s allowance of the indefinite detention of Americans – the judge asked the government attorneys 5 times whether journalists like Hedges could be indefinitely detained simply for interviewing and then writing about bad guys. The government refused to promise that journalists like Hedges won’t be thrown in a dungeon for the rest of their lives without any right to talk to a judge

The Department of Justice has also tapped Congressional phones, and a high-level NSA whistleblower says that including all 9 Supreme Court justices.

It’s not just the Executive Branch which has attacked the courts.  For example, Congress passed a bill stripping courts of the power to review issues related to genetically modified foods.

The Constitution is mortally mounded.  While the “war on terror” is commonly cited as the excuse, most of the attacks on our rights started before 9/11.  Indeed, the Founding Fathers warned 200 years ago that open-ended wars give the Executive an excuse to take away our liberties.

Two former U.S. Supreme Court Justices have warned that America is sliding into tyranny.   A former U.S. President, and many other high-level American officials agree.

In addition to attacks on the judiciary by the White House and Congress, judges are voluntarily gutting the justice system … and laying down in lapdog-obeisance to D.C.

For example, the Supreme Court ruled that if judges don’t like plaintiffs’ allegations of bad government actions, the judge can simply pre-judge and throw out the lawsuit before even allowing the party to conduct any discovery to prove their claims.   This guts 220 years of Constitutional law, and makes it extremely difficult to challenge harmful government action in court.

America has a “dual justice system … one for ordinary people and then one for people with money and enormous wealth and power”.

Indeed, most Americans have less access to justice than Botswanans … and are more abused by police than Kazakhstanis.

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  • Troy Ounce

    Prepare for civil war.

  • Johnny Shiloh

    So let’s quit refusing to acknowledge the fact that our government is
    now indeed step by step becoming Nazi like. It was divine Providence
    that opened up the New World as a refuge for the persecuted of Europe
    and other lands. Unrivaled mercies and blessing were bestowed on this
    land – the world marked with wonder the peace and prosperity of “a church without a pope, and a state without a king.”

    Those traitors, in and out of government, who are now
    rapidly dismantling the broad foundation of civil and religious liberty
    upon which our nation was founded are fighting against God Himself. It
    is He who gives to every man freedom to think, and to follow his own convictions.
    Those traitors at war with our liberties, our Constitution and our Bill
    of Rights are leading America down the path to national apostasy. God
    has the destiny of the United States in His hands. Adapting a sobering
    statement from Thomas Jefferson, “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.”

    • wunsacon

      >> It was divine Providence that opened up the New World as a refuge for the persecuted of Europe and other lands.

      Was it “divine providence” for these refugees to persecute the natives?

      • PuffyTheMagicDragon

        As I understand it certain religious sects left Europe to go to the New World not to escape persecution, but to continue to impose it.

        As Europe was going through an age of enlightenment when religious and political power was being challenged, with changes which threatened historical power bases, certain religious sects fled. In their own countries their ability to impose strict religious doctrine and prejudices were being curtailed. The new knowledge from science and philosophy was a direct challenge to sects who feared they would lose adherents, particularly youth. Their hold on their congregations was slipping, as books, ideas and scientific knowledge started to be more freely exchanged through the Europe and Britain, People started to not listen to the preachers.

        In the New World they were not impacted by new ideas and were able to continue to impose medieval practices and prejudices on their adherents and the Native Americans who got in their way. Women, the disabled, the mentally ill, the poor, the indigenous peoples: They all were subject to medieval religious persecution at the hands of religious sects which wanted to be free of any influence or laws that came out of the Age of Enlightenment in Europe.

        This is what happened, and it appears, not much has changed.

        • WhereDidMyLibertyGo?

          Dear God, is this what passes for learning in the Age of Moloch?

          Where do you people get your so-called information? Radio Moscow? MSNBC?


          The “oppressed” Indians were those LOSING Indian tribes that allied with the English against the Americans. The Indians on the American side INTEGRATED WITH THE AMERICANS.

          I ought to know: some of them are in my family tree.

          So bottom line, you ignoramuses are not only idiots, you spew propaganda you don’t even bother to confirm.

          Go to hell.

          • marxmarv

            Then explain what the Salem witch trials were, if not atrocities in the name of cultural and religious supremacy.

          • PuffyTheMagicDragon

            “Integrated with the Americans?” Hahahahaha. In there reservations, as the lowest caste in the nation? With their best land stolen, their buffalo massacred, themselves massacred. If you family came out on the Mayflower, they came to preserve their God-given right to persecute whomever they liked, not because they were persecuted. They were escaping Europe’s Age of Enlightenment, when science and critical thinking was forging ahead.
            This was not acceptable to religions who refused to adapt, and people in these sects set forth to find isolated places to practise their oppression of their own members and anyone who stood in their path.

            At least we recognise that we stole this land from the Aborignes, and caused many deaths and trauma, and our Prime Minister has publicly apologised for our appalling behaviour towards our First People. We are also not living under any illusion of settlements were made here.

            What I say is not propaganda. I know it contradicts what you have been told since you were born, but it is accurate, none-the-less. I doubt you know anything about the socio-religous-poltical development of the European states and the impact of science and atheistic thought on that development. It was after all the underpinning of the French Revolution, which destroyed and banned religion in France. This free athiestic France helped you in your own Revolution, and sent you a big statue as a gift. That you have turned your backs on that gift celebrating freedom of thought and freedom to and from religion is very sad.

            I know it makes you angry, someone rocking the foundations of the beliefs you were brought up with tends to do that.

            You can always go out and fire off a few thousand rounds, that will probably make you feel better.

      • RattlerRider

        No that was a Papal Bull and I’ve yet to locate any truth in the Divinity of the authors claims allowing them the right to persecute anyone. Jesus said believers must walk away from non believers. He never said we can plunder them.

      • saddle up

        The natives persecuted other natives more than anyone else did, although the Spanish from what I’ve read were more brutal and avarice than the French when plundering villages. You’ve read the accounts of tribal warfare I’m sure: brutal torture of their enemies buring them alive; human sacrifice, slaughter of women and children, cannibalism of their victims and slavery for those left after battle. It’s been the same method of madness world wide throughout history enjoined with the age old struggle of good vs the evil. From what I’ve seen happening lately, evil seems to be winning

      • WhereDidMyLibertyGo?

        Ignorant baboons like you ought to shut their mouths.

      • Johnny Shiloh

        Many of those seeking relief and freedom from persecution in the Old World did not themselves fully understand the grand principle of religious freedom. Over one hundred years a go, one writer put it this way:

        “It was the desire for liberty of conscience that inspired the Pilgrims to brave the perils of the long journey across the sea, to endure the hardships and dangers of the wilderness, and with God’s blessing to lay, on the shores of America, the foundation of a mighty nation. Yet honest and God-fearing as they were, the Pilgrims did not yet comprehend the great principle of religious toleration. The freedom which they sacrificed so much to secure for themselves, they were not equally ready to grant to others. ‘Very few, even of the foremost thinkers and moralists of the seventeenth century, had any just conception of that grand principle, the outgrowth of the New Testament, which acknowledges God as the sole judge of human faith.’…The regulation was adopted by the colonists, that only church-members should have a voice in the civil government. A kind of State church was formed, all the people being required to contribute to the support of the clergy, and the magistrates being authorized to suppress heresy. Thus the secular power was in the hands of the church. It was not long before these measures led to the inevitable result– persecution.

        Eleven years after the planting of the first colony, Roger Williams came to the New World. Like the early Pilgrims, he came to enjoy religious freedom; but unlike them, he saw–what so few in his time had yet seen–that this freedom was the inalienable right of all, whatever might be their creed…Williams ‘was the first person in modern Christendom to assert, in its plenitude, the doctrine of the liberty of conscience, the equality of opinions before the law.’ He declared it to be the duty of the magistrate to restrain crime, but never to control the conscience. ‘The public or the magistrates may decide,’ he said, ‘what is due from men to men, but when they attempt to prescribe a man’s duty to God, they are out of place, and there can be no safety; for it is clear that if the magistrate has the power, he may decree one set of opinions or beliefs today and another tomorrow; as has been done in England by different kings and queens, and by the different popes and councils in the Roman Church; so that belief would become a heap of confusion.’ …As the tidings spread through the countries of Europe, of a land where every man might enjoy the fruit of his own labor, and obey the convictions of his conscience, thousands flocked to the shores of the New World.”

  • Eric H.
  • Matheus Grunt

    America was NEVER a democracy!!! Would people get it right! We are at least on paper still a Constitutional Republic! Whatever they’re doing now and whatever has been done in the last several decades to transform us into a democratic socialist/authoritarian state is ILLEGAL and IMMORAL. It is against the Constitution and our Declaration of Independence.

    • wunsacon

      The terms are not mutually exclusive. It’s a republic and a democracy, though both terms should be “quoted” at this point.

      • Matheus Grunt

        No, it was never a democracy, period. Our founder’s set up a system and a nation that was NOT democratic at all. We may have some of those tendencies like voting but that is hardly enough to make us both of what you claim.

        • wunsacon

          I guess Alexis de Tocqueville is an idiot, then. Probably many other people, too.

          We should all use your definitions. Maybe you should publish them somewhere.(E.g., “The word ‘democracy’ may not be used to describe anything other than a ‘direct democracy’, one in which citizens vote on everything directly. Anything else shall not be called such.”)

          • greg scott

            It wasn’t supposed to be a democracy as that system is nothing more than mob rule and in one the majority can do anything it wants to the minority. A constitutional republic based on the rule of law is supposed to protect the rights of all, from individuals and government.

          • usmcmailman

            EXACTLY CORRECT !

          • That was destroyed in the Federal government’s War Against the States.


          • greg scott

            Actually it happened long before that. How about the alien and sedition act and the Whiskey rebellion? And the blacks and indians had no rights either under the constitution. It was founded on force and as the years went by it used that force more and more openly and brazenly. And now everything begins with violence and or the threat of it.

          • wunsacon

            >> That was destroyed in the Federal government’s War Against the States.

            If you’re referring to federalism, the combination of (a) the “freedom of movement” clause and (b) technology (mobility, computing) greatly reduced its significance. It’s increasingly difficult for states to “go their own way” on policy, at least if that policy has anything to do with commerce.

          • marxmarv

            In practice, the only minority the powers that be are interested in protecting is the landed gentry. See Federalist #10.

          • greg scott

            Government is always co-opted by the rich elitists to implement their agenda.

          • marxmarv

            That’s as may be, but a system of representative democracy intrinsically favors such infiltration and, after a certain point, resists attempts at correction through regular order.

          • greg scott

            Democracy is an immoral system and a representative democracy even more so.
            No person or group of people have the right to vote away other peoples rights and property.

          • greg scott

            Government is always co-opted by the rich elitists to implement their agenda.

          • wunsacon

            >> It wasn’t supposed to be a democracy

            Two replies:

            – It “wasn’t supposed to be” free of slavery either. But, you live and learn. Right?

            – “A constitutional republic based on the rule of law is supposed to protect the rights of all, from individuals and government.” <– Other than slaves, it was "one person, one vote" to elect "representatives" who ostensibly are supposed to do the people's bidding. Refusing to acknowledge that it's "democracy" is ONE of the proper descriptors for it does not make it so. But, you can call it anything you like, if that makes you happy.

          • Matheus Grunt

            The truth is, we hold the real power, not them as collective bodies in government. Are we not governments made up of mere men? Are these collective bodies simply men who wear suits and often empty suits at that? If we the people ignore our duty to control them and hold them accountable (which we have indeed), then will they not grow fond of more corruption and tyranny? What they tell us is “democratic and fair” is not what our Founder’s espoused for us and not what I believe in for each of us. Liberty, freedom, justice, you know, the American way? I guess my point is that we hold the real power here and the time where we are going to just remove them all is coming closer by the days now so that we can rebuild our nation and government to represent us truly and return back to our roots as much as possible.

          • greg scott

            You can’t control them because they have rights and powers you don’t have. The founders were rulers also. They believed in using force against people as the basis of their rule. Rulers aren’t and never have been servants of the people they rule over. That is just propaganda.

          • greg scott

            You believe in a myth- authority. Just because people form a violent group like government doesn’t mean they magically receive new rights and powers. And in this supposed representative system the representatives can only legitimately be delegated rights and powers which their assignors had to give. And nobody ever has the moral or legitimate right to take away other peoples rights by force.
            A democracy is nothing more than group theft. Hence, mobocracy.

          • wunsacon

            “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.”

          • wunsacon

            >> It wasn’t supposed to be a democracy

            Two replies:

            – It “wasn’t supposed to be” free of slavery either. But, you live and learn. Right?

            – “A constitutional republic based on the rule of law is supposed to protect the rights of all, from individuals and government.” <– Other than slaves, it was "one person, one vote" to elect "representatives" who ostensibly are supposed to do the people's bidding. Refusing to acknowledge that it's "democracy" is ONE of the proper descriptors for it does not make it so. But, you can call it anything you like, if that makes you happy.

          • wunsacon

            >> It wasn’t supposed to be a democracy

            Two replies:

            – It “wasn’t supposed to be” free of slavery either. But, you live and learn. Right?

            – “A constitutional republic based on the rule of law is supposed to protect the rights of all, from individuals and government.” <– Other than slaves, it was "one person, one vote" to elect "representatives" who ostensibly are supposed to do the people's bidding. Refusing to acknowledge that it's "democracy" is ONE of the proper descriptors for it does not make it so. But, you can call it anything you like, if that makes you happy.

          • usmcmailman

            First of all you are an idiot if you think “voting” means anything in this Communist
            turd nation!
            “They” put anyone (Obama) in office, even when they don’t qualify as an American.
            The “Old” USA was founded as a Republic……nothing to do with democracy at

          • Greenguy

            The term republic is derived from the Latin “res publica” which translates as “public thing.” Historically, theories of republicanism were aimed at limiting hereditary rule, but some of the more radical republican theories did strive towards establishing local rule by either some form of elected officialdom or direct democracy. Classical republicanism tended to differentiate itself from democratic theories in that republicans believed citizens needed to be raised in a virtuous manner, in small mostly homogeneous communities where officials and citizens could meet and debate face-to-face, while classical theories of democracy did tend to mean direct democratic gatherings and may or may not have had a moral content. Classical republicanism (really Enlightenment republicanism to differentiate it from the Greek/Roman period) also saw mixed government and communal rule as a virtue with rule of law. Yet the US version of republicanism was also highly influenced by liberalism, for classical republicanism was strongly in favor of communal values and rule, while in the US the hybrid of liberalism and republicanism created a form of republicanism that was more concerned with individual, rather than communal liberty.

            Given the fluidity of the term republicanism and certainly of democracy, it is unhelpful to argue the point of republicanism vs. democracy because classical republicans often considered constitutional monarchies to be compatible with republican values (since a republic, in the classical definition, simply meant the state was a public thing and not owned by the monarch). Rather than belabor the point (which we can only argue if we have agreed-upon definitions of democracy and republic or else we are talking past each other) it seems more fruitful to discuss what class is in charge, which are excluded, and why. The capitalist class has been in charge since before the founding of the US state, and continues to be, though ~240 years have expanded the people allowed to be in the ruling class and those who have some form of civil liberties otherwise.

          • usmcmailman

            So what?

          • wunsacon

            Thank you.

            For such a well-written blog as GW, it’s disappointing to read so many some boneheaded replies.

          • dalepues

            Communist nation? (I’ll skip the turd, you may be on to something). Can you name me another communist nation and say that the U.S. is equally communist as that nation?

          • wunsacon

            >> First of all you are an idiot if you think “voting” means anything in this Communist turd nation!

            “Communist”? That’s what you call it when the top 1% owns nearly half the assets?

          • usmcmailman

            WAKE UP !………It is Communist!

          • wunsacon

            Significant, wide-ranging “central planning” is a feature of either plutocracy, fascism, or communism — depending on whom the profits are shared or concentrated. So, tell me: are the profits shared or concentrated?

          • WhereDidMyLibertyGo?

            Dear ignoranmus,

            Tocqueville (a distant relative) was a foreigner and an aristocrat. His use of the word “democracy” has little to do with the American experience being formed by continental democratic concepts that did not actually apply here. How would he know since his purpose in traveling to America was to study American polity?


            Furthermore, “Democracy in America” is not Tocqueville’s name for the book he produced. You can learn that for yourselves by actually reading it.

          • wunsacon

            Do you mean the book wasn’t titled “De la démocratie en Amérique”?

            Before it was published as a book by that name, he wrote a report with a longer name. Is that your point?

            He lived decades after the book was published. Did he try to change the name of the book?

          • Matheus Grunt

            Again, you fail. Try with some other schmuck who will buy into your Marxist crap.

          • wunsacon

            Matheus, I can’t tell which comment you’re replying to…and given your personal attacks I just as much don’t care to know.

      • WhereDidMyLibertyGo?

        wunsacon is the product of a government school. If he made it that far. Have pity on his unlettered brain.

        • wunsacon

          Dunning–Kruger effect in play here?

    • Charlie Primero

      That’s the thing about focusing on dusty pieces of paper instead of living human minds, paper is nothing if society says it’s not.

      • amerikagulag

        well said and the bible is confirmation of that assessment.

      • Matheus Grunt

        You are a fool.

    • Eric H.

      I agree we were never a democracy, but probably for different reasons. We are a republic but that only means we don’t have a monarch. It’s the Constitution itself that determines the actual structure of our government.

      According to Wikipedia, mainstream media, slimy politicians, and our 3rd grade teachers, we live in a representative democracy, because we vote to elect our public officials. However, Aristotle called representative democracy oligarchy, essentially the same as aristocracy but not hereditary.

      Aristotle and other Greek writers agreed that the only governments that were recognized as democratic incorporated some form of sortition, or electing public officials by lot. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that they were right, and that calling oligarchy “representative democracy” is just propaganda to appease the public.

      Regardless, I don’t want to return to the realpolitik of any era. I want to learn from the lessons of the past and evolve to where all citizens equally share political power instead giving it to an elite group that will always turn against the people in the end. Not socialism, not anarchy, not mob rule, but true democracy.

      • Eric H.

        Representative democracy – a system in which the political elite make all the mistakes but get to blame the public for voting them into office.

        • Liam B.

          Although I agree with you about ancient Greek political policy, in a world such as ours (not city states like Athens, Sparta etc.) that has a huge number of people to provide for all divided along country and state lines, their system would no longer work. How could what you suggest be put into practice?

          • marxmarv

            We track voter rolls, don’t we? Much the same lines of communication used for tabulating votes could be used for choosing the President. Some of the aims of the endeavor are diametric opposites to representative elections, however: one seeks to make impartial choices through being immune to citizen influence rather than perfectly capturing (in the photography sense) and measuring citizen influence.

            The more interesting questions are what to do about an “elect” that goes rogue, whether the body to which these representative samples are appointed could be constructed to be effective for purpose yet encourage self-correction, and whether a people with deep anti-intellectual sentiments and well divided against itself (according to Federalist #10’s recipe) could keep such a system on the tracks for long.

          • Eric H.

            That’s something that people much smarter and better educated than me would have to work out.

            But I can imagine one small piece, on the level of a town council: Instead of an elected council that decides all issues (with decisions that are often opposed to a clear majority of the inhabitants), for each issue impanel a citizen “jury” that decides one issue at a time, with “attorneys” that present the viewpoints of the various interests and a “judge” (or referee) that makes sure that the proceedings are in order. If we don’t run our government like our justice system, don’t be surprised when we get no justice from our government.

            Here ( is a thesis that considers your question in depth.

          • Eric H.
      • Matheus Grunt

        Okay. Well, true democracy is inapplicable for our country and it is mob rule! Democracy in even a mild form puts restraints on individuals to compromise and allows for an authoritarian government/police state to exist where the liberties of the people are stripped away, piece by piece. We are in fact living through this RIGHT NOW and have been for many decades and it has simply gotten awful now. The majority ARE ruling us now and the minority are suffering for the many who vote for the traitors. Our voting system is non-compliant and is being used against us and everyone is allowed to vote which further destroys our ability to protect liberty from a tyranny. Our Constitutional Republic is the BEST there is and the best that has ever existed in man’s recent history of the last several centuries at the very least.

        • Matheus Grunt

          People who thumb down what I spoke about are fools. There is nowhere else to go to. If you born here, you have a DUTY to secure our liberty and to defend it from enemies foreign and domestic. But those who refuse their duty are cowards. Those who work to subvert our rule of law and pervert the historical facts about the making of America and what we really are founded on are traitors to their own people. I mean, this is not an issue up for debate. This is merely an issue that many have either purposefully ignored or have been lied to by educators from the government schools and are simply drones who go their whole lives believing whatever the government does is how it is to be. You want democracy, well, you got it here now. It’s not proper and it’s mob rule as even our Founder’s spoke of. We are a Constitutional Republic and that is what we will fight to return to no matter what anyone else says. That is America & that is how we survive.

    • ronb28135

      Oh but it is a democracy. Just ask Woodrow Wilson, or any number of political hacks. Tying the Electoral College votes to the popular vote was one step. The constitutional implementation was the 17th amendment. With the election of Senators by popular vote rather than appointment by their state legislators the Republic died, and, democracy came to America.

      I don’t like it any more than any other freedom lover, but it is true.

  • The Pretty Lie

    Thanks for posting this article. We have started a blog about local judicial coruuption up here in Northern Michigan. It is turning out to be a popular stop on people’s visits through cyberspace and every day we have hits from more than 10 other countries< and more than fifty countries total.( I can only see the top 10)with more than 6,600 hits in four months.I have linked to the above article and appreciate others who are not afraid to speak truth to power before it's too late.

  • jimmyt

    Poor people have known this for a long time.

  • Bill Stephens

    In case you didn’t know this.

  • usmcmailman

    The rogue Department of JUST-US has nothing to do with justice !

  • Michael Ian Wright

    Well, this is what happens when you allow the offspring of the scum that were running things in the Kremlin, to run your government now.

    • marxmarv

      The Constitution was intentionally defective and powerful people are using undisclosed exploits against it. (Conway’s Law: an organization that creates systems is constrained to produce systems whose forms replicate the communication structures of the organization.)

      A bit like Windows XP, that.

      As in both cases, perhaps an OS patch would be called for, if the system were still supported…

  • Charlie Primero

    Well said.

  • Paul Paver Jr. III

    If everyone would think and do like me, and make it very costly to indefinitely detain, kill with a drone or all the other “threats” that our tyrannical government likes to propagate. I WILL NOT lay down and take it, and I will definite be killed for the cause, eventually, I will make it so costly for them that when they send contractors to the next house,, they will be saying to themselves, self, do I want to go through this or do I want to leave right now, so I ca go home to my family before I die for my cause. See how it works? put the fear that they may be giving their life also and it turn into a whole different game. The only difference between me and him is that I have the constitution on my side (as it was written) and he has unlawful orders that are unconstitutional orders. Always remember, EVERYTHING Hitler did was LAWFUL, Think People, before it’s too late. Paul Paver Jr. III

    • marxmarv

      That’s exactly why the US military is obsessed with being #1 in exercising action from a distance. The laughable scenario of jackbooted thugs going from door to door and getting within spitting range of potentially hostile people to find their objectives is so Koch family. “Surgically” targeting pre-identified objectives from a distance and defining collateral damage out of existence is how it’s done today. Might want to update your threat model…

    • marxmarv

      That’s exactly why the US military is obsessed with being #1 in exercising action from a distance. The laughable scenario of jackbooted thugs going from door to door and getting within spitting range of potentially hostile people to find their objectives is so Koch family. “Surgically” targeting pre-identified objectives from a distance and defining collateral damage out of existence is how it’s done today. Might want to update your threat model…

  • dog1

    Representative Republic

  • gozounlimited

    They’re Back……..Apparently the courts cannot review the legality of the government’s assassination by chemtrails of Americans …… by their own government at home.

    How much more bogus can this “HAARP shutdown” story get? Dutchsinse has the budget for 2013-2014.. showing HAARP is paid for until the end of NEXT year. The story that described the diesel used in the Alaskan facility functioning in violation of California’s Air Resources Board was bogus. Obviously the ARB has no jurisdiction over events taking place in Alaska and it was recently revealed that the facility is powered by gas.

    Climate Theory Fail: Carbon Dioxide Levels Rising but Temperatures Falling…..

    Ontario, Quebec, and Saskatchewan experience extreme weather – Is geo-engineering the culprit?

    • marxmarv

      Ah, the “Behold a Pale Horse” version of current events…

      First: workers are making plenty of growth. There is a readily available graph of productivity vs. wages over the past several decades out there, made from publicly available data. Productivity per worker has doubled since 1970 but the purchasing power of their wages has remained flat.

      Second: debt is nothing more than a framework for pulling future purchasing power into the present. It is not a blood pact, not a sacred bond, not a special covenant, and not even remotely Biblical where there is usury involved. Debt is only a common understanding between a debtor, a creditor, *and the public* whom are being asked to support and enforce such a system of understanding. If any such understanding, or that system altogether, damages the public interest on net, it is the public’s duty to support and enforce it *only* insofar as the public interest is served by it. The public is in debt bondage solely because they recognize debt.

      Third: at least you named the one use for a gun in a long emergency.

      Fourth: Partisanship is counterproductive, and that’s the point of it. Four hundred years and a dozen generations of aristocratic dynasty running the joint suggests that they know this and use it to their effect. Those less prone to exceptionalism recognize that fomenting factionalism is the go-to tool against popular power in the history of the British Empire (of which we may have become independent, but of which we are no less a product) and was even spoken of highly by James Madison in Federalist #10, as a means of protecting the only minority the Founders would in fact lift a finger for: the landed gentry, themselves.

  • amerikagulag

    If it can’t be challenged in a ‘court of law’, how about with a pair of ‘wire cutters’?

  • Arizona

    FIRST OFF,theres no point in argueing about something thats LONG GONE,the US constutition,bill of rights,THE government is doing what ever they feel like,HAVE any of you noticed the swat teams kicking in doors,throwing FIRE BOMBS into childrens bedrooms and burning them alive?YOU HAVE TERRORISTS,pretending to be police,but are really demons from hell,IF YOU THINK FOR ONE SECOND,their going to stop on their own,YOU BETTER QUIT DRINKING,AMERICA HAS A BIG PROBLEM,your government is GONE,its been replaced WITH TERRORISTS,and they DO INTEND TO KILL YOU AND YOUR FAMILY,NOW what are you going to do about it,STOP DREAMING ABOUT THE PAST….AND WAKEUP….your country is gone and and the government is about TO ATTACK YOU,you think all these foreign troops are HERE TO HELP,..WAKEUP….they PLAN TO TAKE OVER,and NOT IN A NICE WAY,…RED DAWN,is coming to your neighborhood,happy today,WAR tomorrow,GET READY AND STOP DREAMING,your going to cause your own death……THIS is going to be a BLOODBATH,beyond belief,YOU’LL FIGHT OR DIE,get close to the LORD,he’s going to be your ONLY PROTECTION,from these demons,when your under attack,CALL ON HIS NAME FOR HELP,or YOU WON’T HAVE ANY…………………………..

    • Lisa Peterson

      And what have you been smoking Arizona??

      • straightstreet1

        Ok, Lisa. If you think Arizona is off his (her?) rocker, then ask yourself this. If FEMA has camps supposedly to help people during a crisis, then how come none of the people were relocated there after Hurricane Sandy? I’ve never heard of any people being relocated there after any crisis. Why then did they import “hot food, toiletries, baby supplies, cleaning materials, warm clothing and medications for New Yorkers.” Wouldn’t it have been better to just bus them to the FEMA camps so they could take showers, go to the cafeteria, let their children play on the swing sets? Ask yourself another question, “Why are Russian troops on US soil?” “Why is Obama backing Syrian rebels who are linked to al Queda (who are killing Christians)?” “Why is the Homeland Security Department buying 1.6 billion rounds of ammo and has already bought 360,000 rounds of hollow point bullets and 1.5 billion rounds in 2012?” When you really start investigating you’ll find our government is not your friend.

        • Lisa Peterson

          Ok, straightstreet1. You I can relate to a little. Arizona’s comments are a little wacky to me. People have a misconception on what FEMA does. This is a little bit of what they do.
          The National Preparedness Goal organizes the core capabilities into the five mission areas:

          Prevention. Prevent, avoid or stop an imminent, threatened or actual act of terrorism.
          Protection. Protect our citizens, residents, visitors, and assets against the greatest threats and hazards in a manner that allows our interests, aspirations, and way of life to thrive.
          Mitigation. Reduce the loss of life and property by lessening the impact of future disasters.
          Response. Respond quickly to save lives, protect property and the environment, and meet basic human needs in the aftermath of a catastrophic incident.
          Recovery. Recover through a focus on the timely restoration, strengthening and revitalization of infrastructure, housing and a sustainable economy, as well as the health, social, cultural, historic and environmental fabric of communities affected by a catastrophic incident

          They respond to disasters and help with saving lives, the national guard provides security for the area affected and provide assistance through local organizations such as the Red Cross. They provide food, clothing, locate a local location for those that lost everything to temporarily stay until they can get on their feet. They bring in volunteers to assist in the cleanup. They issue a certain amount of money to residents according to the damage they sustained and how many people in the family. However, a lot of people were spending their money on strippers, buying big screen TV’s, etc. instead of trying to find a place to stay until their houses were rebuilt or they found a new location to live. For more long term help they have been known to provide trailers for people to live in temporarily. They give the city affected a certain amount of money to help rebuild the cities. It takes a lot of time for a city to recover after a disaster. It may take 2-3 years for a city to be totally restored. When people are provided trailers for example, they are supposed to only be used until you get on their feet. However a lot of people just figure, oh well I have a free roof over my head so I am not even going to bother trying to find work to try and move on. People are still living in trailers from the big hurricane that hit Florida many years ago. Also a lot of people in New Orleans with hurricane Rita just are happy to live on the governments money forever and will never help themselves to move on. FEMA can’t support people for the rest of their lives. They provide short term relief during crisis, not permanent help for the rest of their lives. Many people abuse FEMA’s help. Also they have no place where they can set up tent cities and bus everyone to their location. Where FEMA is located all they have are a few buildings to train police and fire fighters. I hope this lets you know a little on what FEMA does.
          I will answer your other questions in my next comment.

        • Lisa Peterson

          As far as Russian troops in America, we are a country that lets anyone and their dogs into our country. Now this I have a problem with. They should never allow anyone in the country that they themselves or have family members associated with radical extremist groups, but we do. Someone in the F.BI clearly failed to do their job and didn’t get back to Russia to find out that the one brother involved in the Boston bombing left the country to attended a radical/Hate USA camp for six months. They shouldn’t have let him enter the country ever again. Their whole family hates the US. Obama team screw-up.

          The Benghazi incident – Obama team screw up.

          Wasn’t aware Obama was backing Syrian leaders. I thought we were backing Israel from Syria.

          Homeland Security buys ammunition for ALL airports in the country which included the Virgin Islands, and that is why so much ammo. There are a lot of airport police in the United States which also includes the Air Marshalls and officers from Interpol. Also, because I think we will need all the ammo that was purchased because our borders are open and the terrorists have had time to enter the country and established roots here.

          I know there are problems with the country and current president. I didn’t vote for Obama because I didn’t feel he had enough experience for the position and it is now showing.

          But as far as SWAT teams throwing firebombs into people’s houses I have no idea where Arizona came up with that from? Our local police do what they can to help citizens in their communities. It is only those that break the laws that have problems. Also law enforcement carry high caliber weapons because suspects these days are doing the same thing. If we were to have more terrorist attacks I’m glad local police officers will have the same high profile weapons to greet them. I know the national guards eventually come in and take over but it is the local police who have been there to provide immediate help. For example, 911 pulling out people and dying, it was local law enforcement. It wasn’t the national guards, it was the local fire/police personnel. The police are not terrorists! They are hard working people doing their job and trying to support their families on a low paying job. They love helping people but also have to deal with those people who break the laws and that is when everyone jumps on all police and say they violated their Constitutional rights. All they do is enforce the laws.
          Arizona’s comment was just way off base.

          I agree there are problems with the government right now. We are TOO nice and let anyone in the country. But if they don’t, then Americans bitch that we are a country of freedom and diversity and should allow anybody including their relatives from another country to come here. It is a catch 22 on that issue.

        • stablepar

          germans troops are at holloman afb in alamogordo new mexico. i watched them raise their flag on the news one night about ten years ago. the clip was cut a little short as if someone saw what was happening. the day after i couldn’t find anything in the news anywhere about the incidence.

    • Matheus Grunt

      Arizona, try not to type in capital letters all the time but other than that, I agree with you mostly.

  • Arizona

    HERES the TRUTH,most of the mountain roads are blocked off,the mountains were given to FOREIGN military,they know the mountains are the safest place in a WAR,if you go to the mountains,BE AWARE the russians are there waiting for you,they will shut off everything to drive you into their FEMA DEATH CAMPS,don’t even think about it,THE RUSSIANS are burning all the forests so you’ll have to go right where they are waiting at,BE VERY CAREFUL,and don’t forget they have KILLED most of the wildlife,FOOD,WATER,AND THE BIG ONE “AMMO” will be your best chance of surviving,if your in the city,LEAVE NOW,their going to nuke the big cities,POISON GAS is a favorite thing of terrorists,NOTICE THE POLICE GANGS use it?your government has SOLD you out,if they work for the government,DON’T TRUST THEM,remember they sold you out,get ready for war,its coming and YOU can’t stop it,BUT YOU CAN BE READY…your family is counting on you………………..

  • snoebay88

    Think It’s time for the US to start all over again.

    • stablepar

      you sound like obama

  • Some Guy

    Revolution never come with a warning. Revolution never send you an Omen.

    • marxmarv

      We know not the hour or the day, perhaps, but one who’s paying attention and intellectually open to anything can usually call it to plus or minus 50%. (But since the Administration kneecapped all the prediction markets, it’s hard to get information rather than manure…)

      I’m guessing, just based on current events, that there will be a turning point in late 2017 that significantly limits the ability for those on US soil to opt out of the dynasties and regimes presently in power. What then? I can’t even predict the economic system that will be in use by then, but it will unquestionably be rigged in favor of the “ownership class” (W’s polite term for the aristocracy).

      • Some Guy

        I think the point is that it can’t be predicted. Revolution just happens when you wake up in the morning. When people decide that enough is enough and start putting real change into action.

        Sure you can sense that there will be one, or even the conditions for one are present… but its still up to the individuals that wake up in the morning to take that course of action forward.

  • MountainHome

    Our government is meshed from three separate branches into one blob with the support of our members of the congress and senate. It’s just wrong!
    Finally! Someone is stepping into the streets. There are 2 veterans (1 is a 65 yr. old combat, Vietnam veteran & other is a Gulf War vet) walking across America, from San Dego to D.C. in support of the U.S. Constitution.
    They are carrying the American flag with each step & passing out U.S. Constitution pamphlets, but they need our support. We see in Egypt/Turkey people stepping into the streets against their governments & now we have these 2 veterans. Once again, it’s veterans defending our freedoms so I support them.

  • gozounlimited
  • Steve

    What is truly bizarre is the media’s reaction to crime and punishment in ‘enemy’ countries like Russia when anyone can point at numerous examples of worse government abuse in the US.

  • EarlyMedievalSerf

    We are more akin to an imperial power where the executive branch holds all the power and the congress and courts are merely perfunctory like the roman senate. Except our emperor is elected 4 four years. Just as the roman senate crowned emperors. Unfortunately there is no real difference between one emperor to the next. This is the Bush-Obama legacy that the history books will remember. It was not a foreign war, or an invasion, that caused the transformation but, It was merely a whimper that changed us forever. Maybe 1,500 years from now a playwright will dramatize the transformation just as Shakespeare did for Julius, but until then, its just a footnote in history as the republic loses all the respect of dignity.

  • deliaruhe

    Reading this comment thread is even more depressing than the article it supposedly relates to. Is it any wonder that the US is an empire in steep decline?

    • wunsacon

      LOL. Do you mean you’re not inspired by the personal attacks? Or are you bothered by people denigrating “democracy” and defining it so perversely as to conflict with its use by Churchill or de Tocqueville?

    • Matheus Grunt

      The U.S. isn’t an empire on paper but it’s already turned into a federalized authoritarian powerhouse.

      • wunsacon

        “Isn’t an empire on paper”? Given that the US started with a vision of “manifest destiny” to wipe out all non-Europeans from the face of the continent and acquire, thru war or acquisition (ideally after war) the lands still held under European rule, I’d say your statement is not only irrelevant to delia’s comment but incredibly myopic.

        Just like your obsession with rejecting that the US, for all its problems, is and started as a representative democracy.

  • Gung ho don

    I always thought people who followed “laws” constructed by a power elite, or government were shells of humans, some zombie-like creature meant to move along to the sounds of country music or some horrid lyrical rap song. Laws are only meant for this new slavish creature that masquerades as humans on this Brave New World.
    Wanna awaken into a world filled with choice and individuality?

  • Gung ho don

    I always thought people who followed “laws” constructed by a power elite, or government were shells of humans, some zombie-like creature meant to move along to the sounds of country music or some horrid lyrical rap song. Laws are only meant for this new slavish creature that masquerades as humans on this Brave New World.
    Wanna awaken into a world filled with choice and individuality?

  • Gung ho don

    I always thought people who followed “laws” constructed by a power elite, or government were shells of humans, some zombie-like creature meant to move along to the sounds of country music or some horrid lyrical rap song. Laws are only meant for this new slavish creature that masquerades as humans on this Brave New World.
    Wanna awaken into a world filled with choice and individuality?

  • Gung ho don

    I always thought people who followed “laws” constructed by a power elite, or government were shells of humans, some zombie-like creature meant to move along to the sounds of country music or some horrid lyrical rap song. Laws are only meant for this new slavish creature that masquerades as humans on this Brave New World.
    Wanna awaken into a world filled with choice and individuality?

  • Skye Bowen

    Looks like there is only one solution left.

    • Matheus Grunt

      Right on. Look to the Founder’s for guidance and the Lord for help too. I know not everyone believes but those that do, ask for help and guidance as well. History repeats itself often enough that we should’ve been able to avoid our country’s problems now but instead, the government of the last several decades has been utilizing multiple tactics from the playbooks of Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini & Marx to make us weak.

  • amerikagulag

    It’s functioning just fine if you’re invested in the privatized prison industry!

  • MAN

    Just to add. The Supreme Court rewrote Obamacare and declared the individual mandate to be a tax. The Supreme Court has no business rewriting law. It should have marked up the legislation and sent it back to Congress for revision. If they had done that, we wouldn’t have Obamacare today because the weasels in Congress would not have voted for a tax increase.

  • Richard

    How I detest being right about some things. My nation which I proudly served since 1944 thru 1987 has now caused me to decide that a few evil men have degraded my way of life , and future . I cant have much time left , but certainly felt I will enjoy what I have lived and worked for most of my 85 years , without being burdened with a government which is now more oppressive than many totalitarian regimes . Those folks who have never had the privilege of seeing this nation as it was only a brief 60 or 70 years ago , just cannot envision what Freedom is all about. ”Great Depression”—-yes ! during which most folks reveled in family unity , accepting necessary sacrifices , and placing value on the aspects of life which were important to family and country. Detestable and crooked political varmints then , yes , always were some of those jackasses around. But the worst of that kind , were much preferred over the low lifes we are dealing with today —- scum who have sold their souls to the satanic forces which have sworn to destroy my nation and our people. About this I claim Truth , we live (exist) in a perilous period. Try to enjoy what freedoms you can , they are quickly being eroded by some ungodly horrendous people. Good grief , griz had no intentions of expounding all this TRUTH in this format. But , NO apologies for truth —and I do remember how often we had only beans for our daily meal—and thankful them. Be Blessed ! !

  • frund1968

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  • Terance Healy

    The information is clear. Everywhere you see and hear people pointing at politicians and judges indicating the failure to follow the Constitution. Even the politicians and judges themselves are doing it to each other. When you remove the blame and negativity of the labels used in remarks, it all boils down to the same issue – across all of the manufactured segments of American society… Something is wrong.

    What if ‘The American Government has already collapsed’ and public officials no longer feel any responsibility to follow the Constitution. Is it possible that our elected officials are IGNORING the Constitution with the deliberate purpose being to expose a problem which they have not lawfully been permitted to expose and address?

    Are they anticipating the public realization while demonstrating that the Constitution can be ignored without consequence. The judiciary has been undermined, lost their independence and lacks jurisdiction to conduct any proceedings.

    After being involved in constant litigation since 2007 where the judges failed to adhere to Rule of Law and Procedure, with Due Process and the US Constitution being IGNORED and every level of law enforcement and government within the state and federally failing to address the injustice, corruption and denial of rights.

    Where issues, evidence and supporting law was presented to the court, and neglected and ignored by opposing counsel, the judge additionally neglected and ignored the issues, the evidence and the law in rulings and opinions.

    It became necessary to find why EVERYONE believed it appropriate to ignore my situation.

    I found the issue which undermined the state and federal judiciary in July 2013 and filed with the Federal Courts. A pre-emptive Constitutional Challenge was served upon every state Attorney General, fifty six (56) public officials, the problem was a national issue.

    A law had collaterally caused the complete denial of rights with no protection of the law to litigants who were affected by judicial misconduct and injustice within the courts. Where the affected litigant would present the issue to the court for resolution/correction, the judges and lawyers would not address it. The deliberate silence caused the injustice and corruption to persist affecting every subsequent proceeding.

    The SILENCE was explained by Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information of the Rules of Professional Conduct. An aggressively enforce mandate of silence/confidentiality which affects all lawyers and judges, district attorneys and attorneys general, and law enforcement at state and federal levels.

    Their silence ignored the rule of law, due process and procedure, and rights protected by the state Constitution and the US Constitution. The silence caused the my rights to be ignored, denied, obstructed and prevented.

    Copies were electronically transmitted and hand delivered to the news media which failed to carry the story and inform the American Public.

    Copies were sent to every Governor.
    Copies were sent to every state Senator nationwide.
    Copies were sent to the entire US Congress – Senate and House of Representatives.
    Copies were sent to the US Attorney General Eric Holder.
    Copies were sent to every US Attorney nationwide.
    Copies were sent to the President.
    Copies were sent to every member of the Pennsylvania Legislature – Senate and House of Representatives.
    Copies were sent to every county Sheriff in Pennsylvania.

    Updated communications were additionally sent when necessary to explain developments and document new examples.

    Documents were hand delivered to state senators and representatives local Bucks and Montgomery County offices with a request to meet to discuss the issue.

    We met with US Senator Pat Toomey’s staff in Philadelphia. NON-lawyer.
    We met with Pennsylvania Senator Chuck McIlhinney multiple times. NON-lawyer.
    We met with Pennsylvania Representative Kathy Watson. NON-lawyer.
    We met with Pennsylvania representative Marguerite Quinn. NON-lawyer.
    Multiple requests to assemble the local state legislators were IGNORED. NON-lawyers and lawyers alike.

    State and Federal officials are aware and informed, yet they have failed to take any action to address an issue which has undermined the state and federal governments.

    Preserve, Protect, Defend, Enforce, Support,… the Constitution.
    These are the types of words found in the oath of public office for members of government and public office. Why is the government IGNORING the Constitution?

    Rule 1.6 Confidentiality directly applies to lawyers, judges, state and federal law enforcement and federal lawyers.

    Where Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information does NOT apply to all public officials.
    Why are the non-lawyers IGNORING the issue and their sworn responsibility to preserve, protect, defend, enforce, and support the Constitution?

    RULE 1.6 has been demonstrated to cause a loss of substantive rights of litigants. Therefore, the state supreme court lacked the authority to enact the law.

    UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Improperly enacted without authority. No authority under the state constitution. Repugnant to the US Constitution – the Supreme Law of the Land. A NULLITY.

    AS A NULLITY, Lawyers have had the discretion to act – to expose, suspend and remove the ‘unconstitutional law’ without risk of being disciplined for ‘adversely affecting the integrity of the judiciary, revealing the misconduct of their office, exposing individual liability, or adversely affecting any of their clients; where clients for government attorneys may include the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Governor, the Attorney General’s office, various branches of the government, their agencies and their officers. YET, LAWYERS FAILED TO ACT.

    All Lawyers have a MANDATE to act under the Rules of Professional Conduct to expose misconduct and injustice within the court. YET, LAWYERS FAILED TO ACT.

    The Judiciary additionally had a MANDATE to act under the Judicial Canons to protect the integrity of the judiciary. YET, JUDGES FAILED TO ACT.

    The Lawyers and Judges neglected their responsibility to act to protect the integrity of the judiciary; failed to preserve, protect, defend, support, or enforce the constitutional; and ignored the rights of the People.

    WHY? Because, THIS. IS. HUGE.

    The SILENCE of the lawyer/public officials concealed their complicity. The Lawyers/Public Officials were members of the organization responsible for the constitutional crisis nationwide.

    The American Bar Association (ABA)
    – was responsible for presenting and providing the Rules of Professional Conduct to each state supreme court to enact into law;
    – no information has been provided to explain what necessitated every state supreme court to act;
    – no information has been provided to explain why it was done over 25 years from 1984 (New Jersey) to 2009 (Maine)
    – had provided its membership with (CLE) training to conceal, misrepresent, obstruct and deny people’s constitutional rights;
    – created Affiliated Organizations at every level of the state and federal government which enabled and concealed membership interference with the administration of justice.
    – had effectively influenced and undermined the authority of the judiciary within the state and federally.
    – had effectively undermined the law and the integrity of the judiciary within the state and federally.
    – having witnessed the affect on the rights of millions of American People was undeterred by conscience or constitution, the ABA sedition continued to roll-out until it involved every state government.
    – failed to take any effort to prevent the federal judiciary from incorporating the Rules of Professional Conduct (specifically Rule 1.6) within the ‘Local Rules’ for District Courts and Circuit Courts of Appeals which further prevented the federal courts from addressing the denial of constitutional protections to a litigant.
    – failed to take any effort to prevent the US Congress from enacting the McDade-Murtha Amendment which prevented federal government attorneys from investigating and prosecuting the denial of constitutional rights by members of the state judiciary – an unconstitutional abuse of power under color of law by the US Congress.
    – influenced and interfered with process and procedure, the US Constitution, the state Constitutions and the Rule of Law which secretly undermined the independence of the judiciary – an essential element for the jurisdiction of the courts to conduct proceedings on any matter.
    – by leveraging the judiciary to act without proper jurisdiction and without judicial independence, the judicial immunity granted to the court is undone. Immunity was provided to assure and protect judicial independence. The court lacked any independence where exposure of the corruption and extreme violation of the public trust could be used as leverage against judges at every level of the state and federal judiciary.
    – caused the courts to have no lawful jurisdiction/authority to hear cases. The courts, unable to revealing they had been undermined and corrupted, continued without authority and the protections of actions within jurisdiction.
    – where the ABA act of sedition has caused the judicial branch of state and federal government to become completely UNDONE:

    requiring judges to sacrifice their personal integrity;
    causing an extreme abuse of the public trust;
    obstructing and denying justice, denying and preventing civil rights and human rights;
    preventing affected litigants from any lawful and just resolution within the courts; and
    perpetrating a fraud upon the People for the past 25 years.

    – continued the conspiracy between the judiciary and the ABA organization/affiliates making a mockery of justice and trust which lacked respect for the law, the people or the government.
    – compelled the necessity for the appearance of judicial integrity by the court enabled the courts to be leveraged, manipulated and controlled improperly extending the authority of the court and usurping the authority of the Legislative branch, the Executive branch, and the People.

    An Organization whose efforts had brought about the damaging actions above clearly would never have hesitated to intimidate and threaten it’s own membership.

    However, the lawyers in the legislatures of state governments who could have prevented or acted to address and resolve the issue cannot be excused from their negligence to their oath, the People, and the Constitution.

    The Rules of Professional Conduct is a ‘minimal ethical standard’ for the legal profession. The failure within the legal profession to properly differentiate between JUSTICE and CORRUPTION demonstrates a complete failure of ethics, even minimal ethics. Minimal ethics is no ethics at all.

    What good is it to say that one values justice, the rule of law, the Constitution, honesty, and above all, the truth, if one is either doing or supporting the exact opposite?

    How does a profession advance the cause for good governance and social justice, while supporting the exact opposite? while supporting unethical behavior? corruption? and lawlessness? while trampling the Constitution? while acting without mercy?

    Honesty, ethics, principles, morality, compassion, justice, and empathy are societal factors which are learned over time. When you consider the failure of those human principles within the legal profession, it was necessary to determine the motivation of the people involved AND the level of participation. Where the aggressively enforced SILENCE required by Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information may explain the failure of the entire profession, it does not necessarily excuse it.

    When truth-telling is suppressed, when those who seek to speak the truth are persecuted and maligned, it damages the whole country. We must stand together and demand that the truth be spoken, that corruption and malfeasance are exposed. The shameful SILENCE of those lawyers who failed to stand up to corruption, to lies, to abuses of power, to profiteering, while following the ABA’s false policy of ethics has caused incomprehensible irreparable loss to the victims.

    EXPOSE IT! IT WILL BE GONE… and the Constitution REBOOTED.

    The Founding Fathers were aware of a loophole in the US Constitution where the trusted judiciary was left unchecked and could potentially seize power. Alternately, they likely never imagined that a single rule of confidentiality enacted in every state could undermine the state and federal judiciary and usurp the power of the state governments under the permissive negligence of federal government while people observed and accepted the loss of constitutionally protected rights.

    Abraham Lincoln indicated “Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves; and, under a just God, can not long retain it.”

    Lincoln also suggested that America would only fall from it’s own undoing… “If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher.”

    With Rule 1.6 an unconstitutional nullity and removed, the US Constitution is rebooted and no longer trumped in the silence of a state law. Prepare America. The injustice and corruption of the last 25 years which has been concealed and ignored can now be prosecuted.

    A Constitutional Amendment which prevents the judiciary from over-reaching their authority and usurping power and removes the authority to enact law would appropriate at this time. Logically speaking, there are toilets in the courthouses yet the court is not permitted to enact a code of conduct for plumbers. The courts authority to enact laws for the business of the courts should never have extended to include every aspect of the legal profession.