The Secrets Behind Intelligence Gathering

Preface from Washington’s Blog: We like this graphic, but think that it only shows the tip of the iceberg. What do you think?

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The Secrets Behind Intelligence GatheringThe Secrets Behind Intelligence Gathering Infographic via North American Investigators

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  • You’re leaving out a point: what if the people in charge of security are the terrorists? And they’re doing false flags to make you think others are the terrorists? And the real goal of their “security” is total control and profits and NOT keeping you secure?

    • SupernaturalCat

      That sums it up succinctly …which is why they’re illegally monitoring the US citizenry (to keep their finger on the pulse of the collective, to measure whose organizing protests, strikes, et al, and to keep a database of potential patsies for future False Flags) who are the so called ‘terrorists’ in the eyes of the REAL terrorists behind every big terror related events starting in the 1990s, the US govt, its numerous alphabet intel orgs, and the corp paymasters they’re beholden to. The Congressional hearings of the late 80s re Iran/Contra revealed REX 84, whereby these corp/state fascists began laying the groundwork for suspending the US Constitution by way of the threat of terrorism. They realized it couldn’t be done overnight, especially yrs back, before so many of the internal checks/balances were fully gamed and managed as they now are. The entire Police State infrastructure is exclusively geared toward suppressing the US populace, and has ZERO to do with finding terrorists.

  • IFoughtPirhanas

    with all this spying and not a single conviction of those responsible for the realestate crash?

  • inyerface

    nobody gives a damn what we actually think… as if most of us even were actually capable of thought.