Spying Whistleblower’s Girlfriend Is Hot

While Some Try to Use Bradley Manning’s Sexuality Against Him, Eric Snowden Is Apparently a Lady’s Man

Given that the powers-that-be are trying to smear whistleblower Bradley Manning as having a “confused sexual identity“, it should be noted that spying whistleblower Eric Snowden’s girlfriend is hot:

edward snowdeninsideedition.com/The Guardian



Postscript: The sexuality of the whistleblower shouldn’t matter. But Snowden’s sexuality is an angle that the powers-that-be can’t use against him.

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  • Boris badinov

    There is still a de minimus chance that this is a psyop to bring in “learned helplessness”. If so, this angle amplifies the story nicely. She IS hot. Nice distraction. What is this nerd doing with this photogenic Mossad hottie?

  • Rehmat

    Israel is welknown for its Sexpionage agents activities – pimping young Jewish women to foreign dignatories for political blackmail. Several of former KGB’s Jewish sexpionage agents, who immigrated to Israel after the demise of USSR in 1990s – now work for Israel’s intelligence outfits. The Institute of Technology in Haifa is believed to be the training ground for such Jewish sexpionage agents. Some of these sexpionage agents who became famous include Monica Lewinsky (Bill Clinton affair), Chandra Levi (Congressman Gary Condit affair), Christine Keeler (John Dennis Profumo, British defense secretary, affair), and Golan Cipel (Governor McGreevey affair).


  • Heywood Jablowmee

    She is OK. Hot? Not so much.