Public banks are as important as public sewers; lack kills ~1 million/month

Public sewers:

  • keep concentrated that which should never be dispersed in society,
  • use appropriate technology to create a fertilizer for natural growth,
  • in absence results in toxicity to all economic and social activity.

Public banks:

  • keep dispersed that which should never be concentrated in society,
  • use appropriate technology to create a fertilizer for natural growth,
  • in absence results in toxicity to all economic and social activity.

The United States economy suffers from concentrated money of ~$30 trillion in off-shore tax havens by a 1% oligarchy pretending to be capitalism. This gluttony for oligarchs is the choice of US “leadership” while reneging on all promises to end poverty; the investment cost of which is 0.7% of US income over ~ten years for an estimated global total of $1 – $3 trillion. The human cost is ~one million children dying each month from preventable poverty in agonizing slow deaths. Importantly, ending poverty reduces birthrates in every historical case, while the CIA reports reducing child death rates as the best way to reduce global terrorism.

The US current condition of having private banks outside regulation and “covered” by complicit media, we have unnatural “growth” in gambling derivatives literally over $200 trillion. Our toxic economy suffers from Great Depression-like unemployment and under-employment, with our social lives similarly depressed from fear.

Public banking resolves all those problems. Public Banking Institute’s 2013 conference explains, documents, and proves these economic solutions:

Funding the end of poverty, domestically and globally, is as easy as creating either debt-free money or public bank credit on a computer-bank. Both would fund the work that would save a million children’s lives each month; the only difference is that money on the bank-computer would have a “+” sign next to the funding, while credit would have a “-” sign.

We the People do not have either solution, or leadership in government, economics, or media to clearly present this option to the 99%.


Because the 1% literally treat shit better than they regard the 99%.

What’s the solution?

Arrest “leadership” in government and media for the most obvious crimes in unlawful war, and in economics/banking for the more complicated financial crimes of massive fraud for representing our current system as “good” and “fair” for the 99% while it creates perpetual debt, loots trillions, harms billions of people, and kills millions of innocent human beings in tortuous suffering.

Public banking/monetary reform is one of perhaps 100 vital topics the 1% lie in omission and commission to conceal from the 99%. Earth’s inhabitants are at risk until we have full disclosure of Truth (explore here, here).


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  • Tonto

    The analogy is perfect, Herman.

    You want to educate everyone in world about the necessity of rationalizing making more room at the table for more human beings to create more and more human excrement to fertilize the fields that grow the food to feed and ever-more- ignorant and diseased stock of humanity?

    You are ignoring the infinite complexity of reality, Herman. More people, means more disease. more people means more wars. More people require more laws. More people requires less privacy, less freedom and less human dignity. Who are all these a-holes you want to make room for? Illegal immigrants? Let the world immigrate to the US of A-holes?

    Is that what you want?

    Your obsession with the humanitarian idea of creating greatest good for the greatest number of people, has led you to obsess about excrement. IF you and Ellen Brown are really so damned smart, then why don’t the two of you just go out, start a company, put everyone to work, make a trillion dollars and then buy everyone the free lunch you-two are so sure you can provide with the excrement of greater numbers of people and your public banking fruitcake-ideas?

    In this case, you are caught-up in the excrement of populist economic ideas, public banking and calling human shit, the great fertilizing answer to today’s problems. What are you talking about? Are you the genius farmer now too???? OMFG! For once, look in the mirror, Herman!

    Today’s problems are caused by too many people like you, people who think they are so smart, they ought to be given free-rein to run the world with schemes they dream up in their rat-brained heads.

    The analogy is perfect. Public shit for the public good.

    • Carl_Herman

      And, tonto, if I remember correctly your “better idea” is to do nothing, allow the system to collapse, and that was it, right? Please remind us, tonto.

      I’m happy for public consideration of all policy responses to compare with what we have.

      I’m also pleased with public opportunity to apply critical thinking skills for real-world issues to discern policy proposals, relevant facts, and fallacious arguments (distractions, distortions, etc.).

      Thank you for contributing to those areas.

  • Charlie Primero

    We currently have public banks.

    • Carl_Herman

      We have privately-owned banks designed to maximize their own profits. OBVIOUSLY, the benefits listed are not achieved under this system.

      You either have no interest in understanding the topic, or hope to distract the public. We all notice.

      Better choose your future carefully, pal; you’ll have what you work for.

      • Charlie Primero

        Wrong. Private banks do not receive public funds because they are private. Do your grammar before your rhetoric friend.

        • Carl_Herman

          The Federal Reserve is privately owned, and private banks currently receive public government deposits at state, county, and city levels, friend.

          And you miss the point of the problems and solutions worth trillions to the 99%.

          Go ahead and stick to grammar, if you really want that rather than solutions worth trillions, and saving a million lives a month.

          I’ll leave it to readers to choose what approach is most friendly to their interests.

          • Charlie Primero

            I assumed you were familiar with the ancient Trivium method of critical thinking. Definition of terms …Grammar, is the first part. Sorry.

            Private banks do not receive public funding. If they did, they would be Public.

            This is an example of a private bank: www freelakotabank com It receives no direct taxpayer subsidy like the owners of the Federal Reserve and IMF do.

            You cannot formulate solutions to a problem until you understand the basic facts of the problem. Misunderstanding what is a public versus truly private entity is pretty big failure of understanding the problem.

  • Clifford Johnson

    Truth in banking and money-and in government at large? Here’s one legal fight to follow.

    Re a relatively small amount of public debt ($50 billion), but re a highly significant monetary issue
    (advantages of real United States currency over Federal Reserve currency), truth in money is the central question in a lawsuit now pending in the Ninth Circuit. No. 12-16775. The Brief of Appellant is at

    For issue resumes, see the articles: Federal Court Affirms Sweeping ‘Bully Pulpit’ Government Right to Lie at; How The One-Dollar Coin Can Cure The Economy at; and Lincoln’s Buried Bank Note Veto Applies Today at