Public Banking Conference good news: all solutions already here for deficits, debt, full-employment

Public Banking Institute’s 2013 conference explains, documents, and proves that economic solutions for deficits, debt, and full-employment are structurally:

  • easy to understand and self-evident upon inspection
  • easy to implement
  • would improve our economy amazingly quickly and thoroughly


The conference link contains a complete schedule for access to each speaker’s contributions. The details on any one issue are many, and available at one’s interest to look.

What’s missing for the implementation of these solutions is that our 1% “leaders” will not and can not implement solutions without becoming visible in criminal culpability for having the current system that parasitically transfers literal trillions from the 99%.

Matt Taibbi: “If the public isn’t educated quickly, we won’t have a chance. The current system (of banking and finance) is completely corrupt.”

The solution to this problem is also obvious: prosecute obvious criminals in “leadership” in government, economics, and corporate media for fundamental fraud by lying to the 99% that debt is “money,” and lying in omission by failing to inform that public credit and money would solve all current economic issues. The public costs of this fraud are trillions of dollars, and needed-to-be-estimated harm to millions of Americans and significant totals of deaths. An alternative to criminal prosecution is Truth and Reconciliation.

Please remember: for 18 years I worked with both parties’ “leadership” to end poverty that had full academic agreement, full political agreement on paper, and two UN Summits. The 1990 World Summit for Children was the largest meeting of heads of state in world history, yet even the political organization at that level has been thwarted in policy realization. Poverty continues because the 1% use “leadership” in government and media to take no action and keep their inaction quiet from public attention.

Therefore, while I welcome anyone and everyone to learn whatever details of interest in public banking and monetary reform, I lived the intense learning and work to have appreciable command of the facts inclusive in the areas of ending poverty, I lived the work to help organized political agreement and meetings at the highest levels on the planet, and lived the life-changing defeat of all that work through political, economic, and media interest in competing areas. The 1% destroy democratic civic participation by removing choices from public consideration through their silence, despite obvious public enthusiasm when informed of the facts.

That said, the 100 million families who’ve received microcredit and worked their way out of poverty are surely appreciative of our work. These benefits saved ~100 million human lives, reduces population growth, and according to the CIA reduces the sole statistic most linked to global terrorism (infant mortality).

I see no policy realization in public banking without removal of our criminal 1% with competing interests in living off parasitic debt (full explanation here).

One of the ways to achieve that result is certainly through broad public education, providing choice to legislators of whether they wish to reclaim their hearts with public solutions, and local media and community outreach.

The solutions are here, with only parasites between humanity and their realization.

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  • Tonto

    These people are talking about “public-banking” hyperinflation as a remedy to the problems with today’s convoluted central banking system. Giving state governments the power to print money guarantees hyperinflation. This is no different from the current scheme where the central bank has the power to print money. These populists are not describing a debt-free monetary existence. This is yet another bunch of damned fool “economists” demanding to run another money-printing sideshow.

    The current problems are not so easily solved as it is being rhetorically hyped here. These people are just pretenders to the money-printing throne of our current central banking scheme. Their credentials are laughable. Their populist jargon belies a vague and delusional ideology. They have no ground to stand upon, and no credibility to back up their intentionally sensational claims. They have but a faint hope of revolution and a power-void that comes searching for delusional hustlers to fill that void.

    Who are they? Are they elected? No. Are their academic pedigrees compelling? No. They organize quack “public banking” conferences, and no one shows up. And then they proclaim economic omniscience! They say, “Trust me! I am a genius! And I will solve all the worlds problems, if you just let ME print the money.”

    In tough times, there is a delusional madman shouting at the wind on every street corner.

    • Carl Herman

      Thanks for the “hyperinflation” conclusion without any factual basis, tonto, to lead with your strawman argument for public consideration.

      Your comments speak loudly; readers can compare your conclusions to the documentation provided for this policy worth trillions of our dollars.

      • Tonto

        Your circular-argument rhetoric are laughable, Carl.

        Carl says, his argument is stronger because his “documentation” speaks for itself. There is absolutely nothing of any substance in the article you have written , Carl. The article you have written is again just full of promises of omniscience, salvation and deliverance from some fruitlessly imagined and absurdly conjured great satanic evil that is causing this depression. The only great evil is people like you who promise the world everything, and yet they clearly haven’t got a clue.

        Carl is talking about the ponderous weight of his hyping of Ellen Brown and the “public banking” forum, as if his endless pamphleteering about “public banking” would somehow create a preponderance of evidence in a question he has phrased for himself. That question is, Is Ellen Brown the genius messiah, the Einstein of money-printing, the Crick and Watson of a debt-based economy, or the Michael Jordan of economic theory jumping higher than anyone jumped before her to save the world from bad banking fashion statement?

        If gobbledygook-hype tips the balance of truth -then God save us all from these maniacs that stand endlessly on a street corner screaming absurdities at the wind and passers-by. It’s not the rock guitarist Eric Clapton who’s God. Why, it’s Ellen Brown, of course!

        Your search for truth started in the wrong place, Carl. Show everyone where you or Ellen Brown ever actually ran a profitable business, if you want to convince me or anyone else of the value of your ideas about the economy. How do the two of you support this one tutu, one elephant circus act?

        Are you on welfare?

        • gozounlimited

          Tonto….are you on welfare?….. Your esoteric collapse has not enriched the conversation…. your focus went south when your defenses obstructed the frontal lobe. Critical thinking is your forte…..use it.

          • gozounlimited

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            The deadly tornado that plowed through an area near Oklahoma City last week was even larger and more powerful than previously estimated — a record 2.6 miles wide with winds that reached nearly 300 mph, just shy of the strongest winds ever measured……

          • wunsacon

            Agree with you gozo. Tonto’s peppers his comment(s) with ad hominem attacks that detract from the thread.

          • gozounlimited

            I just don’t want to see him sabotage his gift……

  • gozounlimited

    An excellent topic for David Ickes’ newly Launched Global Multimedia News Channel…..

  • wunsacon

    Is this a reasonably good way to highlight the absurdity of our current system?


    In the current scheme, taxpayers effectively pay middlemen an exorbitant vig to borrow the taxpayers’ OWN money.


    – Taxpayers — via the government– guarantee Wall Street profits on most loans (homes, cars, college).

    – It’s only partially correct to refer to those middlemen as “financiers” or “lenders”, because the principal they lend out isn’t theirs. First, much of the money comes from taxpayers themselves in the form of deposits. Second, each year, the USG spends more money than it collects, with some other part of the government (the Fed, since 1913) always picking up some part of the difference. That means these middlemen are more like “brokers”. Indeed, we can see they have “no real skin of their own in the game” because the taxpayer bails them out whenever the brokers make huge losses for the taxpayer.

    – Adding injury to injury, for all that work of lending out the taxpayers’ own money, during the boom years the brokers pay a lower tax rate (15%) on their fictitious gains than the taxpayers who lent themselves the money and now have to work to pay off the loan.


  • kozak

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