Police Commissioner of Largest American City: “NSA Should Come Clean About Domestic Spying”

Top Cop Debunks Claim that Revealing the Program Harms Security

New York is the largest American city.

New York’s Police Commissioner  – Ray Kelly – blasted the secret NSA spying program today.

The New York Post reports:

I don’t think it [the spying program] ever should have been made secret ….

I think the American public can accept the fact if you tell them that every time you pick up the phone it’s going to be recorded and it goes to the government. I think the public can understand that. I see no reason why that program was placed in the secret category.

Secondly, I think if you listen to Snowden, he indicates that there’s some sort of malfeasance, people . . . sitting around and watching the data.  So I think the question is: What sort of oversight is there inside the [National Security Agency] NSA to prevent that abuse, if it’s taking place?


I think we can raise people’s comfort level if in fact information comes out as to that we have these controls and these protections inside the NSA ….

[Spying whistleblower Edward Snowden] tried to give the impression, it seems to me, that these system administrators had carte blanche to do what they wanted to do.  I think it’s a problem if that’s in fact what’s happening.

Kelly joins America’s top national security experts in saying that the spying program has gone too far … and that revealing the nature and scope of the spying program does not harm national security.

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  • marvin nubwaxer

    by come clean i would hope we could find out what a huge waste of resources are getting eaten up for a tiny return of useful intelligence that actually did any good.

  • Jay R.

    Hey new york police cheif don’t you have some unfinished business about 9/11 you need to do. The real criminals are laughing at us. Are you really a joke or is that how yall do business up there. It doesn’t sound like you give a damn about the people you protect.

  • wunsacon

    I presume Ray Kelly participated in the conspiracy to crack down on OWS and probably used intelligence un-Constitutionally, illegally obtained. So, I look at this skeptically.

    Surely, it’s getting time for a “limited hangout” or two. Maybe Ray is simultaneously setting one up and framing himself as a good guy. Maybe he’s grooming himself to run a “Kelly Committee” to *cough* investigate abuses.

    I’m particularly concerned that TPTB will pay lip service about reform and that the American people will accept that payment.

  • steven andresen

    This guy’s comment makes me think the situation is like if there was a program in the White House to gather up little boys and poke them in the butt. Wind of this program gets out and there, understandably was a big uproar. But this guy pipes up, saying, “Listen, I would understand it if there were no controls or restraints on how these little boys were treated there in the White House basement. From what we’re told some of these administrators are just pounding, pounding, pounding away. And, if that were true I would be upset myself. But, maybe if we were told some story that if there were restrictions on how long each boy was poked, or something, the American people would understand. They’d accept it….”

    I guess, given that they are accepting of all our illegal wars and the financial thievery, and so on, they just might accept the spying on everything, and even White House poking programs.

    • gozounlimited

      steven…..your a psychic….but didn’t know it. I have had the same horrific vision.

  • gozounlimited

    Gone too far? NSA Agent Caught SNOOPING on Video by Tom Mabe

  • Tonto

    Good cops and bad cops, is how the game is played. It’s our own personal Stockholm Syndrome being conjured- up and played-out in the alternative media. Does anyone here even remember who John Walker Lindh is? Do they remember when the American Taliban was all the rage in the alternative media?

    The U.S. government is back to dealing affectionately with the Taliban. And Lindh rots away in jail… If he ever really even existed. LoL

    Sugar-pie, honey-bunch… The Four Tops. Come on! Everybody sing along, now!