NSA Official: “The Government Is Not Trying To Protect [Secrets About NSA Surveillance] from the Terrorists. It’s Trying to Protect Knowledge of that Program from the Citizens of the United States”

Embarrassment By People In Government Who Have Been Caught Breaking the Law – Not National Security – Is the Reason Politicians and Intelligence Agencies Are Going After Whistleblower

The former head of the National Security Agency’s global digital data gathering program – William Binney – confirms what Glenn Greenwald and other civil libertarians say: the disclosure of widespread spying on Americans doesn’t help terrorists or otherwise hurt national security, but is simply an embarrassment to people in government who have been caught breaking the law:

The terrorists have already known that we’ve been doing this for years, so there’s no surprise there. They’re not going to change the way they operate just because it comes out in the U.S. press. I mean, the point is, they already knew it, and they were operating the way they would operate anyway. So, the point is that they’re—we’re not—the government here is not trying to protect it from the terrorists; it’s trying to protect it, that knowledge of that program, from the citizens of the United States.

Remember, Obama has prosecuted more whistleblowers than all other presidents combined … even though many of those whistleblowers have helped national security by revealing wrongdoing by our government.

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  • gozounlimited

    Get Your Fire ….. The Tables have Turned
    Get Your Fire Your Going To Get Burned……

    ” The Natural Mystic”

  • juana dough

    someone believes beyond a doubt that buildings don’t fall at free fall
    speed into their own footprint thru the path of greatest resistance,
    then you really have to ask…..if prism has anything at all to do with
    catching bad guys !

  • hvaiallverden

    This may shock some people, but its the truth.

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    I know there will be unrest for a long time to come, becuase they have resantly just begunn on Africa.
    I am afrain Gaddafys words where right, Africa is loosing.

    My, as White is Fire.
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    The Black is Earth.
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    I dont for a second go for it.

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    Its not about race, collor or creed, its about Us, the Robbed and awakening to fight The RobberBarons.

    And since we are in the American land a band from the deep south:
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    • Ezra Pound

      Is it really the “black race” (which one? there are dozens) which is the “keaper” of “knowledge of the laws that governs [sic] lands and people” ?? OK, I’ll bite, but at least learn to speak and write english if you’re going to spout your black supremacy garbage. Just our curiosity, since the black “races” are the true repositories of civilization, how is that not a one of them has ever managed to build an advanced civilization? 5 generations ago almost all “black races” were at most one step removed from savages – wearing loin-cloths, engaging in cannibalism, bare subsistence living, etc. Whereas 20 and 30 and 40 generations ago, the “white” races were building lavish cathedrals, writing epic poetry and creating idealist philosophy. It would probably be best for everyone if you went back to “Mother Afrika” and disappeared into the jungle.