Stunning Photos of the Statue of Liberty Being Built in Paris

[Construction of the skeleton and plaster surface of the left arm and hand of the Statue of Liberty.]

[Men in a workshop hammering sheets of copper for the construction of the Statue of Liberty.]

[Scaffolding for the assemblage of the Statue of Liberty, of which the head is shown at left, in Paris.]
[View of the external area of the workshop in Paris, showing construction materials, the head of the Statue of Liberty, and a group of men gathered in front of the left foot of the statue.]

[Assemblage of the Statue of Liberty in Paris, showing the bottom half of the statue erect under scaffolding, the head and torch at its feet.]
[Assemblage of the Statue of Liberty in Paris.]

Photos via New York Public LibraryPtak Science Books and Retronaut.

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  • 5 dancing shlomos

    a shame.
    the statue, pointless, old, is occupying a profit center.

    • Merica

      Or a symbol of patriotism, a tourist attraction, iconic and historical. Your face is a shame pal.

    • John Aaron

      Pointless also because, unlike when Lady Liberty was built, today we no longer live in a free society.

  • Travis

    The pics with just the arm or head on display are actually in New York. At the time the statue was given to the city, it was in such financial and political disarray that it could not even afford land and a pedestal to assemble it properly! So it sat in pieces (the way it was shipped across the Atlantic) for nearly a decade (I believe was the time frame).

    • geobro

      the master mason who laid the foundation stone for the statue was one of my relations w.a brodie from scotland

  • NSA Troll

    We need to send the statue back to France ASAP. We do not value liberty at all in america, therefore, having a statue of liberty is a complete sham. Nothing could be more hypocritical than having a statue of ‘liberty’ in america. In fact, it’s embarrassing! What if children ask us daddy, what is ‘liberty’? What will you answer– ‘Something us cowards gave up long ago my child?’ My family fought in WW2, korea and vietnam against the nazis, the kamikazees and the communists. Send the statue back to france where it belongs.. and do it quickly before kids start asking questions you can’t answer!