Obama Makes More Empty Promises … Lays Groundwork for Expanded Warfare

Obama Is a Skilled Speaker … But He Doesn’t Fulfill His Promises

After many liberals – and constitutional experts – started saying that Obama is even worse than Nixon, Obama made a speech on foreign policy filled with soothing promises to try to reassure the country.

But as Glenn Greenwald notes:

McClatchy’s Leslie Clark and Jonathan Landay astutely noted that Obama’s formulation for when drone strikes should be used was broader than past government statements, which meant he “appeared to be laying groundwork for an expansion of the controversial targeted killings“.

The Brookings Institution’s Benjamin Wittes similarly observed that Obama’s speech seemed written to align the president “as publicly as possible with the critics of the positions his administration is taking without undermining his administration’s operational flexibility in actual fact.” In other words, said Wittes (summarizing the vintage Obama rhetorical device), “the president sought to rebuke his own administration for taking the positions it has — but also to make sure that it could continue to do so.” Slate’s national security writer Fred Kaplan observed this morning that “the speech heralded nothing new when it comes to drone strikes.” In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Jeremy Scahill argued this about the Obama speech:

[I]t really is sort of just a rebranding of the Bush era policies with some legalese that is very articulately delivered from our constitutional law professor, Nobel Peace Prize-winning president. But effectively, Obama has declared the world a battlefield and reserves the right to drone bomb countries in pursuit of people against whom we have no direct evidence or who we’re not seeking any indictment against.”

The national security reporter Michael Hastings said much the same thing on MSNBC over the weekend (“That speech to me was essentially agreeing with President Bush and Vice President Cheney that we’re in this neo-conservative paradigm, that we’re at war with a jihadist threat that actually is not a nuisance but the most important threat we’re facing today”), while Carnegie Mellon Professor Kiron Skinner on the same show said that “there was a lot of George W. Bush in that speech“, as Obama spoke as though we are in a “long-term ideological struggle in a way that he’s not talked about radical Islam before . .. where he’s going will take him away from his liberal base.”

Where’s the change?.

Until die-hard Obama supporters (I voted for Obama in 2008, but quickly became disillusioned as soon as he appointed cabinet members who were firmly in the status quo) realize that Obama is just a repackaged Bush, war – no matter what it’s called – will go on and on.

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  • The plan (not actually o’bama’s plan since he’s just a PUPPET) is to have a Nuclear War with Russia/China (he just had a meeting with Putin to aggravate that situation some more) so he can then “save humanity” what little is left (but that’s okay since fewer foul CO2 breathing beings on earth will be more “green”) with a New World Order where he’ll be allowed to PLAY world ruler.

  • Doug_Terpstra

    Greenwald is one of few semi-mainstream journalists who really get Obama, even after five years of his deceitful misdirection. I wonder how long The Guardian will hang on to him. He’s a rare public treasure.

    Greenwald on Obama: “[His public proclamations signal] nothing about what he actually will do. I’m genuinely amazed that there are still smart people who treat these speeches as though they do.”

    Indeed. Barack Obama is the quintessential politician who speaks eloquently out of both sides of his mouth at the same time with artfully ambiguous, self-cancelling rhetoric. He possesses a serpentine forked-tongue normally associated with palefaces, which combined with disarming body language and amiable bearing, gives him a rare (and dubious) aptitude for fooling most of the people most of the time (his public approval rating still tops 50%!). His entirely false persona is masterfully-crafted to convey nobility, integrity, and honor even while he is wholly dedicated to the service of evil. Either Lucifer has his best agent yet, or some very serious competition.

  • gozounlimited

    The Silent War – Max Igan
    May 25th, 2013…. see here: http://dprogram.net/2013/05/25/the-silent-war-max-igan/

  • Tonto

    Being an habitual liar and having been raised in two different cultures, each which vilify those who tell the truth as fools, both which praise the man who is a good liar, Barack Obama is hardly qualified as a skilled speaker.

    This is not so much a question of the skill of the speaker, as it is a question of the skill of the listeners.

    Barack Obama’s clearly stated target constituency is made up of liberal women, blacks and homosexuals. On average the three groups have no possible chance to choose an effective leader, let alone appreciate an effective speaker.

    He reads from the teleprompter, and he takes his orders from his CIA handlers. Barack Obama has no direction in mind other than survival for another day. The country is caught in the wake of his malaise. The thieving that is going on in his Administration is epic with no parallel unless we go back into the Roman Empire for examples. The destruction of the American way of life that has happened due to the collapse of our economy and wholesale degradation of our moral sense is astonishing.

    This chain-smoking, dope addict is the absolute worse thing that could have happened along at this time in our history, shortly after the foolishness of the globalization fad birth-spawned by Bill and Hillary Clinton.

    Behold the Death Star of the Global Banker Cyborgs, -you stinking worthless slaves!