Happy Birthday, Bob Dylan!

Insanely Good Artwork by AnthonyFreda.

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  • minadora

    Yes, definitely good one!

  • ralph27

    Dylan should be ashamed of his actions during his white house awards visit. He went out of his way to approve of obomba and fawn over him. Yuck… Dylan you are a real letdown, you have lost any credibility you ever had……. but Masters of War is a GREAT Song, especially sung by Tatiana Morotz

    • Calli Flanders

      Your comment is entirely out of line as Dylan behaved exactly opposite to what you’re describing here. He appeared subdued, even shy, and probably only accepted the award so as not to seem ungrateful. He possesses every bit of credibility (and more) than he ever had. Yes, Masters of War is great and he, not Tatiana Morotz (whoever that is) is the one who makes it great in every way and that certainly includes performance of same. How clueness can you get, man?!!

  • Garrett

    I am wondering why Bob Dylan’s shirts and other garb sold at his concerts (I have been a huge fan since the 60’s) recently have the Eye of Horus clad with a crown prominently set on the clothing?
    The Illuminati history is connected with the symbol, what’s Dylan’s connection?

    I’m thinking of putting a Celtic cross or something painted over it to reflect Dylan’s christian period; of several albums made promptly after his ‘Whore for Babylon Tour’ in the late 70’s! Dylan then wore white face paint with black around the eyes dripping down……………african female drummers beating intense beat. Great concert! After the christian period when LPs were hidden in the back of stores etc., -he then came out with an appropriate LP called ‘Infidels’. I trust Dylan stays out of the political scene. Look what happens to people who dare speak out! The IRS gestapo comes to git you or worse.