Bush’s Invasion of Iraq was Criminal … Obama’s About to Do the Same Thing In Syria

Bush Launched the Iraq War For Oil … Obama Is Launching the Syrian War for Natural Gas

The former head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff – the highest ranking military officer in the United States – said that the Iraq war was “based on a series of lies”.

Many high-ranking military officials, top Republican leaders and key architects of the Iraq war said that the war was really about oil.  And yet the American people haven’t seen any benefit … top oil economists have said that the Iraq war substantially raised the price of oil.

The American government sold the Iraq war under false pretenses.

Indeed, the American government planned the Iraq war long before 9/11.  Former CIA director George Tenet said that the White House wanted to invade Iraq long before 9/11, and inserted “crap” in its justifications for invading Iraq.  Former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill – who sat on the National Security Council – also says that Bush planned the Iraq war before 9/11.  Top British officials say that the U.S. discussed Iraq regime change even before Bush took office. In 2000, Cheney said a Bush administration might “have to take military action to forcibly remove Saddam from power.” And see this and this. Indeed, neoconservatives planned regime change .

National security experts – including both hawks and doves – agree that waging war against Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries has weakened America’s national security and increased terrorism risks. See this, this, this, this, this, this, this and this.

In fact, there was no Al Qaeda in Iraq until the U.S. invaded in 2003:

Similarly, neoconservatives planned regime change .

And carrying out acts of violence and blaming it on the Syrian government as an excuse for regime change – i.e. false flag terror – was discussed over 50 years ago by British and American leaders.

And Western governments want regime change in Syria because of gas:

Syria is an integral partof the proposed 1,200km Arab Gas Pipeline:

Here are some additional graphics courtesy of Adam Curry:

A picture named arabGasPipeline.jpg

A picture named syria-turkey.jpg

A picture named levantprovince2.jpg


Syria’s central role in the Arab gas pipeline is … a key to why it is now being targeted.

Just as the Taliban was scheduled for removal after they demanded too much in return for the Unocal pipeline, Syria’s Assad is being targeted because he is not a reliable “player”.

Specifically, Turkey, Israel and their ally the U.S. want an assured flow of gas through Syria, and don’t want a Syrian regime which is not unquestionably loyal to those 3 countries to stand in the way of the pipeline … or which demands too big a cut of the profits.

A deal has also been inked to run a natural gas pipeline from Iran’s giant South Pars field through Iraq and Syria (with a possible extension to Lebanon).

And a deal to run petroleum from Iraq’s Kirkuk oil field to the Syrian port of Banias has also been approved:

Turkey and Israel would be cut out of these competing pipelines.

No wonder Turkey and Israel are both launching military strikes against Syria.

On the other hand, Russia’s giant natural gas industry would be threatened if Syria’s current regime is toppled … no wonder Israel and Russia are getting into it over Syria.

And the monarchies in Qatar and Saudi Arabia would also benefit as competitors in the gas market if Syria’s regime is taken out … so they’re backing the “rebels” as well.

And the U.S. is heavily backing backed Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria. (even the New York Times reports that virtually all of the rebel fighters are Al Qaeda terrorists.)

Indeed, the U.S. has been arming the Syrian opposition since 2006.

And the U.S. is now considering imposing a no-fly zone over Syria … which was also the opening move in the wars against Iraq and Libya.

Bush launched the Iraq war under false pretenses … similarly, the war in Syria is really being launched by Obama and natural gas players in the region who want to cut Syria and Russia out of the game.

Postscript: If the corporate media were reporting more accurately on Syria than they did on Iraq, the American people would realize that there is grave doubt about who is most responsible for the violence, and who really used chemical weapons in Syria.

Not that Assad is a saint, but he poses no danger to the United States, and shouldn’t be demonized and turned into a threat to American national security man any more than Saddam Hussein.

The Iraq war will end up with a final price tag of between $5-6 trillion dollars.  We simply can’t afford to get involved in another war … especially with Russia and Iran actively aligned against us.


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  • SK

    Sorry have to disagree with you on this one. Compared to Iraqi oil, this is insignificant. It certainly is not the top of the list of the reasons to invade or get involved.

    • It is significant if you throw in the fact that Hezbollah in Lebanon will suffer and the Syria’s Golan Heights will remain in Israel’s hands.. Also, these are only the announced pipelines.

  • HS

    A-fucking-finally. A story that actually cites the real reasons why the US and Russia are so interested in Syria.

  • dusel1

    Obama’s just the puppet; he’s just an ignorant bastard community organizer who gets his kicks running around the world on tax-payers’ dimes, doing drugs, and doing Larry Sinclair. I’d like to see the military cut his strings and clean house of the DC puppeteers.

  • amerikagulag

    Bush’s invasion of Afghanstan was criminal also. Neither country threatened the US. Neither did Pakistan or Yemeni, or Libya et al. Criminal wars for criminal PROFIT. But YOU must stop at the stop signs.

  • gozounlimited

    The only Iraq war monger I was aware of who believed the war was about oil, was Bill Mahr…… it’s always about the money….and everything it represents…..(Mahr thought death for oil was an excellent idea)

    Lets take the current (money) fraud in California. UPDATE ON CAP AND TRADE FRAUD…….

    Our Governor (The Brownman) has decided to hijack cap and trade funds leaving the state’s citizens disappointed and angry. Gov. Jerry Brown proposed borrowing $500 million from the fund generated
    by carbon auctions — more money than the auctions have yet raised — for the state general fund.

    The state law that laid the groundwork for the program, AB 32, specified that money raised from fees on polluters must be used to carry out the purposes of the law — i.e. cutting climate-changing
    greenhouse gas emissions, reducing pollution and promoting clean energy…..
    read more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/preeti-vissa/battle-brewing-in-california_b_3349168.html?utm_hp_ref=san-francisco&ir=San%20Francisco

    The Brownman got NASA’s memo proving CO2 cools the planet instead of warming it……so that certainly justifies killing green projects and sucking millions of fraudulently highjacked funds into the general fund.

    This is going on while weather modification is burning up the state (to prove CO2 is causing it) forcing the need for carbon taxes and resulting in rising PG&E costs for residents only. The Iraqi’s are not going to pay the 500 million rip-off… Cali residents are….after they are burned out of house and home.



    • wunsacon

      Do you have a link to a video about Maher from 2003? I’d like to see what he said back then. (There’s a lot of noise in my first set of search results.) Thanks.

      • gozounlimited

        I tried…..he has removed all youtube material before 2005…… this will help……
        Bill Maher Real Time – DEFENDS Iraq War & Bush…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcNVFF1xLIo

        • wunsacon

          Are you saying mean Bill pressed the History Eraser button from Ren & Stimpy??



        • wunsacon

          gozo, I just watched that clip. Maher’s playing devil’s advocate there and trying to find the silver lining. He doesn’t “DEFEND” Iraq War & Bush the way your statement implies.

          • gozounlimited

            wunsacon……alwaysacon? Guess youmissedmahr’s pre 2005 broadcasts…. call HBO.

          • wunsacon

            gozo, sorry to disappoint you. But, I hope your memory and interpretation of his pre-2005 videos is better than your interpretation of the video you posted.

            Please re-read your post and re-watch the video you yourself linked to:

            >> I tried…..he has removed all youtube material before 2005…… this will help……Bill Maher Real Time – DEFENDS Iraq War & Bush…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcNVFF1xLIo

            Really, how does that video “help” your earlier claim? *Maybe* you’re right about pre-2005. But, from my observation, you’re misinterpreting Maher’s remarks in the video you posted.

            In any case, I’ll keep what you said in mind. I don’t normally care about what some particular TV personality says or believes. But, I do like Maher. And you’ve made me curious now. If I stumble across a video someday that proves (or disproves) your point, I’ll try to remember to post it here…

            Ciao for now.

          • gozounlimited

            Mahr is in control of what he places on and removes from youtube…. what you saw was his selection on the topic….. how ‘HE’ wants to be perceived… which frankly my dear is a joke….. of course.

    • gordon strickland

      I look back fondly on the good ol’ days when bad weather was just….bad weather (or any natural disaster for that matter)

      What is with this irrational need to attach a conspiracy to tornadoes or earthquakes or any other natural or manmade disaster? The EVIL O-antichrist-HAARP caused the Moore OK disaster, the Fukushima meltdown, as well as the BP Horizon rig explosion you say? Well, I say the blame for the O-HAARP-antichrist lies squarely with the CERN lab causing rifts in space-time with their “dark-matter” production….Sounds just about as plausible don’t ya think??!!?

      JEEESH….you make a few decent points about poiliticians like Jerry Brown who will always be doing shady things in their on best interests, but your claims of geo-engineering make this whole website seem like a joke….or maybe that is the point?

      • gordon strickland

        I just wanted to add: while you are waking up the “sheeple” and spreading the good word, I really hope you wake up from your own deluded fantasy….

        • gozounlimited

          I can guarantee you my fantasy doesn’t include you…..poof

      • gozounlimited

        No big deal….. until YOU are affected….Mr.Narcissist…..

        • GORDON

          I live in the (sometimes great) city of New Orleans buddy, EVERYTHING affects us, I have been thru the wringer personally in my time here (admittedly probably not as much as your average Iraqi or Syrian, but more than your average American, excepting maybe you Californians with your wildfires and earthquakes who can feel our broken levees, broken government and encroaching toxic oil). This HAARP stuff you continue to harp on (see what I did there?) is about as silly as Niburu/Planet X, 12/21/2012, the US Navy sinking a French submarine off the Gulf Coast, and the FEMA underground complex below Denver all rolled into one….So yeah I’ve always felt this was a pretty reputable place, so leave the HAARP at GEE-ELL-PEEEEEEE

          • gozounlimited

            It’s about as silly as brain damage from sucking up COREXIT going on about what 5 years now? You can move…… Look at Washington State for a life buddy……

  • 12 trees

    The gas that transits Syria in the Arab Pipeline “pipe dream” would originate near the Strait of Hormuz, in a gasfield that is shared by Qatar and Iran. Qatar has provided major financial backing for the mercenaries who are trying to overthrow the Syrian government. Europe wants the Qatar-Syria pipeline so that it is less dependent on Russian gas. Russia has a large interest in blocking development of this alternate supply route for Europe, hence its intense support for Syria.

    Iran is now finalizing plans to complete a pipeline from the same shared gas field to Pakistan, from which it would probably be transferred to China and quite possibly India. The hub for this is the non-country of Balochistan, which spans the border nexus of Iran/Pakistan/Afghanistan, where coincidentally the drone wars began.

    It is quite likely that the party with the best distribution system (pipeline, LNG) will be able to remove the majority of gas in this shared field. If Qatar gains distribution supremacy, all of this gas will be traded in dollars, supporting the petrodollar supremacy of the US. If instead Iran successfully completes the connection through Pakistan to China and India, transactions will be conducted in local currencies and/or gold, further marginalizing the now-frail petrodollar system, which is all that prevents collapse of the US empire.

    We have a tale of two pipelines, one propping up the old NATO and GCC power axis, the other strengthening the largest BRIC countries, now on the rise and on the verge of breaking out from control by the old financial monopolies. Syria is indeed a proxy war, and gas is proxy rapine. What is really at stake is financial monopoly. By creating a ponzi scheme the current but fading great powers are backed into a corner of their own making, which happens, for the moment, to be called Syria.

    More here from Pepe Escobar, the leading authority:



  • amerikagulag

    There’s another aspect of all this criminality which is also a BIG part of this picture and that’s “The Greater Israel”. Look at the map – you’ll see what’s going on.

  • Tonto

    If one were to go looking for -criminality- on the part of the Obama Administration, one need not look any further than the drug trade.

    Obama is directly responsible for-

    1) more Afghan and Mexican heroin coming into the country

    2) more Big Pharma synthetic heroin being sold on the streets (this is the drug of choice among our at-risk youth in this country -thanks to Obama and Big Pharma)

    3) more Columbia cocaine coming into the country

    The drug trade has flourished under Obama, who is a CIA President. Now, go ahead, and ask yourself how Obama got his start in -mean- Chicago as a community organizer. And don’t be naive.

    • Tonto

      Obama. Dope. War. Oil. CIA. — And this man talks about gay
      marriage, ObamaCare, raising the debt ceiling, uncooperative
      Republicans, and he visits tornado alley. This dope addict shouldn’t even be driving, let alone POTUS.

      • gozounlimited

        Tonto….. your too smart for the viewer. While you have been evolving…. they have been devolving….. called separation of goats and sheeple……

  • FranklinBeenz

    Catchy title but only someone incapable of thinking for themselves could come up with such a moronic and far from the truth analogy. Neither Russia, nor the US, nor Israel need any nat gas found in Syria.

  • Seen

    Lets also not forget that since Pakistan possesses the full backing of China when it’s leadership stated it will defend Pakistan as if it was China itself or an attack upon Pakistan as an attack on itself; the only route to enable the US and NATO forces to topple Iran using a pincer or attacking from two-three points designed to pinch military and civilian assets that Syria must fall first. To understand this, Syrian-Iran possess a defensive treaty in which an attack on one turns into an attack on the other by treaty or more or less a mutual protection pact; this pact presents a counter pincer to US and Western interests in the region and its desired pincer maneuver. In simple terms, pincer maneuvers are meant to overwhelm/outflank an enemy/opponent’s defensive or positional posture. Of the two between Pakistan and Syria, Syria is the most vulnerable, and it is far more destabilized by its civil war compared to Pakistan, which has an interesting situation of its own. Iran also possesses the backing of Russo-Sino interests, and Syria is the gateway from the west to Iran largely the last remaining sovereignty largely openly opposed to Western hegemony particularly the US.
    Lets recap since fairly recently Kissinger discussed his desire to see Sino-US relations to be far more cooperative, which is a yeah right with Western physical and projective posturing:
    1. The US and the West possess military bases/troops and other military assets in Europe along Western Russia, Georgia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the Persian Gulf, Taiwan, Kyrgyzstan (along with Russia), South Korea, and Japan.
    2. US has interests/influence/support South Sudan, Chechnya, the Middle East particularly US Dollar world’s reserve currency OPEC. Remember Kony 2012? Kony’s range borders Sudan and South Sudan heavily. The alleged Boston Bombers were immigrants from Chechnya, which is particularly vital to Russian access to the Black Sea and Med in addition to river systems enabling barges and other such craft like gun boats that connects to the Black Sea and Caspian Sea.
    3. Not only does Syria sit on a pipeline, it is the most vulnerable gateway to Iran. Globalization’s initiated shift in balance of power from West to East can only be halted or reverted rapidly by use of force, which is central to the whole argument war is good for the economy and etc, Iran must fall to revert the global balance of power.

    Inevitably, both President’s are continuing a path that it’s sole purpose leads to war if not

  • Casper

    There’s no need for these elaborate pipeline conspiracy theories. American wars are basically about feeding the war machine. Its a no-brainer. Any excuse will do.

  • mabel

    No he won’t. No more American boys and girls will be sent to Israeli slaughter houses. No more wars for Israel. No more U.S. blood for Israel. Does he want to be impeached?

    Kissinger thinks the American fighting men (and women) are just dumb animals. Does he think the same?

  • 6120

    NATURAL GAS…riiiiiiiiight.

    You folks need to use thicker gauge tinfoil for your tinfoil hats!

  • Fox stomper

    Comparing Bush with Obama is the height of insanity as any reasonable person can plainly prove!
    Need to read anymore dribble from rabies infected President haters! So save your simpleton,non evidenced diatribes for the 3rd fake Tea Party! Everyone else is sick of and bored with these silly speculations!

  • Fred Mrozek

    Oil was probably just a plausible excuse floated amidst the propaganda about “peak oil”. The real reason was likely the desire of Israel to use their super-power puppet to wage war on their list of regional enemies – which is everyone in the region with a government and a desire for independence. Google the document on Israeli regional strategy written by Oded Yinon and translated by Israel Shahak. See “Clean Break: A Strategy for Securing the Realm.” Then look carefully at Mossad involvement in 9/11 and especially at the statements of the Mossad crew who arrested in Manhattan on 9/11. Their statement, in my opinion, explains what 9/11 was all about – creating the rage and revenge-lust of the American public and misdirecting it upon those countries on Israel’s list of target states to be crushed. It was a successful attempt to initiate a “clash of civilizations” per the neocon fantasy. One should look at that Oded Yinon paper and then view Wesley Clark’s Youtube video on “Seven wars in five years.” Even Seymour Hersh and Carl Bernstein have admitted that the USA was “hijacked by a cult” consisting not merely of neocons but, to quote Bernstein, “Jewish neocons.” Every minute the USA permit’s it’s foreign policy to be controlled by Zionists is another minute of shame, dishonor, crimes, war-crimes and bad karma. We need a real investigation into 9/11 – one that levels with the US public about every scrap of evidence of foreknowledge and an investigation based on the precept that foreknowledge without an attempt to inform authorities makes one an accessory to the crime. This could be the start of something that could restore something like American leadership. No such action and we just continue to follow the decay path of every other dead empire.

  • Robert Barsocchini

    It’s very easy to show that the reason for wanting to invade Syria is not because of US allegations that they used chemical weapons.

    If the US was against chemical weapons, there are hundreds of war criminals living in the US who could easily be prosecuted.

    But that’s not what’s done.

    Here’s a list of Obama’s record of supporting chemical and other illegal weapons attacks against civilians: http://empireslayer.blogspot.com/2013/11/obama-supports-chemical-weapons-use.html

  • DoctorFeelgoodMD

    What a bunch of BS. The US did not obtain any Iraqi oil and there is more natural gas in the US than in Syria. The writer is mentally ill with ridiculous conclusions. Only fools believe blogs that have no proof of their wild accusations.