The Bombing Suspect Didn’t Engage In a Shootout with Police, Or Shoot Himself … He WASN’T EVEN ARMED When Hiding In the Boat


Officials said that Boston terror suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev engaged in a shootout with police and then may have tried to kill himself while he was trapped in the boat, before he surrendered to police.

For example, Newsday reported:

Authorities believe Tsarnaev may have tried to shoot himself before he was taken into custody Friday night because of the trajectory and location of the bullet wound in his neck, a source familiar with the investigation said Sunday.

And the Daily Mail wrote:

Tsarnaev is believed to have shoved his pistol in his own mouth and pulled the trigger in a failed suicide attempt as SWAT officers and federal agents closed in on his backyard hiding place. However, instead of killing him, the bullet simply tore through his neck.

However, the Washington Post reports today:

The suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing had no firearms when he came under a barrage of police gunfire that struck the boat where he was hiding, according to multiple federal law enforcement officials.

Authorities said they were desperate to capture Dzhokhar Tsarnaev so he could be questioned. The FBI, however, declined to discuss what prompted the gunfire.


In the immediate aftermath of Tsarnaev’s capture, police officials said he had fired from the boat and he was reported to have been captured with several weapons. There were also reports that the gunshot wound he suffered to the throat might have been an attempt to kill himself as police moved in.

The Post also reports that the barrage of gunfire by authorities may have occurred because of a single accidental shot by the police:

Law enforcement officials described the 30 minutes before the arrest of Tsarnaevas chaotic. One characterized it as “the fog of war” and said that in a highly charged atmosphere, one accidental shot could have caused what police call “contagious fire.”

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  • Tonto

    Imagine the nightmare of being a patsy on the run.

  • Boodiba

    People who are already attached to hating the media designated (and convicted) “terrorists” will refuse to really hear any of this.

  • martae

    The trigger happy, warrant-less search, contagious fire cops, are much more frightening than the terrorists, that the media go on about. I’m sure that people tell them this, in interviews, those interviews are never seen.

    • max

      Boston’s psycho cops were judge, jury and executioneer with the arrested alive Tamerlan — ran him over and shot him multiple times. Sick, just sick.

      • max

        Here’s the arrest of a naked but very alive and uninjured Tamerlane. from .

        This is beyond criminal. It’s insane. The FBI, the DOJ and the Boston PD need to all be arrested.

        If it was Watertown police chief, Ed Deveau, who insisted on
        arresting Dzhokar alive he needs to be protected. No accidents or
        sudden illnesses should be believed.

        • accretiondisc

          What is with you people? I don’t give a damn if they did kill him in cold blood. He was throwing bombs out of his car and shooting at the pursuing police. This after killing and maiming innocent people with his homemade bombs. At least now we don’t have to pay millions for his legal costs and incarceration.

      • accretiondisc

        No, sick is killing and wounding hundreds of people in the name of a peodophilic murderous supposed prophet and thinking it is the way to a heaven where 72 virgins just happen to be sitting around with nothing else to do but wait for you.

    • morleron

      Oh, please! The agents of the State are there to “protect” us all. Don’t you realize that without the unwarranted searches, etc. the “terrorists” may have escaped? How can you possibly think that the State would “want” to expand its power because of another “terrorist” attack? I mean, how many times have we heard State shills appear now lamenting and wringing their hands while telling us that we’ll have to accept the loss of more freedoms in order for the State (in its infinite benevolence) to “protect” us from further attacks of this sort?

      It’s the false choice we’re being offered – between loss of more liberty or lessening of public safety – which makes me sick. The best protection against this sort of thing is to disband the FBI’s “counter-terrorism” unit – seeing as how all it seems to do is drum up business for itself via entrapment operations of increasing scale and complexity. Personally, I’d love to see a “Million Person March” on Washington, D.C. by an armed citizenry (merely availing itself of its 2nd Amendment rights). No open provocation, but no surrender to those who would demand that arms be given up before entering some locale – active resistance only if required. It’s past time to weed out the over-blown Federal government – even if it means watering the tree of liberty with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

  • gozounlimited

    Video shows Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was hit in the throat with a flash bang grenade.

    • hurricanes

      There is no video posted at all.

    • URL of those photos and videos, please.

    • onetree

      What video are you referring to?

    • featherweight

      That is not Craft’s logo either by the way.

  • Rick Turner

    How can any rational person take any of this reporting seriously? It’s all anonymous sources, nameless “officials” and “authorities”. Not to mention the continual passive voice which is even more cryptic if not Kafkaesque eg “Tsarnaev is believed to have…” believed by whom? The media owe us better and we deserve better than this 3rd rate journalism.

    • And there’s a syndicated page 1 story EVERY SINGLE DAY after a false flag, in all local newspapers, pushing the “official story”, in case anyone hasn’t noticed.

  • HS

    I’ve wondered all along whether they were armed at all after their pictures were released.

  • 816ray

    so you people still believe what the media say is true lol yall some lost people

  • Teariing the lid off of this can of worms. The first thing I thought Sunday was how convenient that they catch him but he’s sedated in the Israel Bethesda hospital with a throat wound that won’t allow him to talk. Who is drinking this kookaid?!? I foresee a knock-it-the-fuck-off heard round the world to happen soon. When that comes we will end this war on terrorism long before its goal of endless war because we all realize it is really a war on ourselves, our morality, our sense of human decency, and in recent years it’s even a war on our US Constitution. So why don’t we knock-it-the-fuck-off.

    • morleron

      Because to do so would require that the vast majority of the sheeple who swallow the MSM (and I include Fox News in this category for this sort of event) “kookaid” (nice word, BTW) wake up and begin to care about civil liberties and the destruction of this nation’s Constitution. Unfortunately, the state-run “educational system” has rendered most citizens incapable of critical independent thinking. This makes the necessary critical mass of enraged citizenry difficult to achieve. I expect to see more use of city-wide “lock-downs” to take place whenever a “serious crime” is committed. I wonder if any of the folks whose homes were forcibly searched, without warrant, in Watertown thought once of telling the agents of darkness to go get their paperwork in order and then come back? There was no resistance to this unconstitutional action that I’ve heard of. Until people get the guts to insist that their civil liberties be respected – no matter the possible inconvenience to themselves – we will continue to see an uncontrolled expansion of the police power (actually para-military police power) in this once-great land. Sam Adams and other Boston-area patriots must be spinning in their graves over the abuses of governmental power that we’ve witnessed in the last couple of weeks. I expect the whirring sound to get louder.

  • “Fog of war” – what pretentious nonsense by a tax-fed faux-macho swaggering coptard.

    The pigs get off on trying to feel manly by pretending that 9000-to-2 is a ‘war’ in much the same way that the entire US political class gets off by trying to pretend that 300m-to-21m (US v Iraq) is a ‘war’. Both are simply organised slaughter by sociopaths.

    Pigs – the tax-fed swaggering high-school-dropout power-seekers – are so desperate to feel good about themselves that they frame their interaction with the public as quasi-military in nature – they call us ‘civilians’ and often refer to their doughnut-huffing colleagues as ‘troops’ and call their thugscrums ‘chalks’.

    Maybe we should also view them as little more than an occupation force of enforcers for the power cliques… especially given that the Supreme Court has held since 1856, in South v. Maryland, 59 U.S. (How.) 396) that the pigs have no positive duty to protect members of the public (and that decision is still canonical – see DeShaney v Winnebago County 489 US 189 [1989]).

    One of my chums on Twotter made the poignant – and entirely correct – observation that “anyone wearing an official insignia is an enemy of mankind”. WORD.


    • max

      Actually many police departments are reported to call citizens, the assholes. Anybody know what term the BPD or the NYPD call us?

      • morleron

        “Idiots” would be my guess. The agents of the State know full well that they’re no longer under any Constitutional restrictions at all. The biggest mistake our Founders made (and I love our Constitution) was to make the Supreme Court part of the Federal government. What we’ve ended up with is a system in which one part of the Federal government (the SC) tells other parts of the Federal government that it’s OK to ignore the plain intent of the Constitution because the “State has a compelling interest” to do so. That’s why your car is now a largely Constitution-free zone – LEOs can search your vehicle without warrant for anything their diseased little minds might conjure up as a potential criminal violation of law.

  • Paul Barbara

    The police etc, had been staking the boat out for a long time; they had a helicopter hovering over it taking thermal images.
    The real-time police communications were being transmitted by a website that was scanning the police frequencies; the police controller actually announced over the police radios after a while that the police communications were going out live on the internet; shortly after that, the source dried up (I believe another agency commandeered the police frequencies) and only returned to the internet to say they had captured him, and thanking everyone involved.
    With so many marksmen surrounding the boat, they had to shoot volleys into it?
    I suggest you all watch ‘Waco-Rules of Engagement’.
    Regarding his older brother, reported to have died after a gun battle with police, and then being run over by his brother, the brothers Aunt (that’s their mother’s sister) said she was positive that the picture of the naked guy being walked to the police car was the elder brother.
    Check out Canadian Press for Truth + Boston bombings.
    Total, unadulterated lies from the ‘Authorities’ and their puppet MSM.
    Who set off the bombs? Go figure.

    • changling

      I would suggest looking over the National Defense Authorization Act. It makes the USA a Kill Zone. Where our rights are still up for grabs despite what they tell us now. Be warned the Plutocrats want it all.

  • hp

    “Officer safety” is the new national security.
    We were skeeeeeeeered..

  • hp

    We the people are rapidly becoming acutely aware we have far more in common with Chris Dorner than with any so-called authorities.

  • hurricanes

    FACT…..the teen climbed out of the boat with his LEFT SIDE of the face showing, as he stepped out of the boat. It was not bloody. There was NO gun in his hands. IF there had been a weapon, he would have been killed on the spot, guaranteed. Next thing, he’s down on the ground UNCONSCIOUS with blood all over his LEFT SIDE of his face.

    What I want to know is this—WHO IS RESPONSIBLE for injuring this defenseless boy?? POLICE CHIEF needs to ARREST SOMEBODY—-no sh–t Sherlock! Duh. No doubt, it was an FBI ASSASSIN.

    • changling

      You will find that many govt officials are college graduates.

    • hymie porkenstein

      do you think that defenseless boy asked the 200 people he hurt or killed their names, or warned them? seems to was an eye for an eye sort of thingy..2013 styple

      • hummingbird

        You seem to believe everything you are told. I hope you are not too old to begin thinking for yourself and ask some common sense questions.

      • morleron

        The Constitution, maybe you’ve heard of it, requires that the State make every effort to capture potential criminals alive and unhurt (if possible) – no matter the nature of their alleged crime(s) – in order for them to stand a public trial. Of course, there will be no trial in this case because the Federal “defense team” will see to it that a plea-bargain is made. The public will be told that the deal was made to “spare the life of the young defendant” on condition that he tell everything he knows about other “terrorists” to the FBI, CIA, etc. He will disappear into a Federal super-max somewhere, never to be heard from again – held in solitary confinement for the rest of his life. Yup, “justice” will be accomplished and the power of the State will continue to increase because the majority of the sheeple will accept the result and the loss of liberties which will be justified because of it. How much do you want to bet some more “sleeper cells” will be disclosed because of interrogation following the deal?

  • hurricanes

    If I were MARTIN RICHARD’s parents, The LAST person I’d be after is that boy….I’d be after The County Sheriff to go after these criminals in our rogue FBI.


    WILL WE the public ….EVER learn the TRUTH?!
    Bottom Line: The federal government along with mainstream national media have LOST CREDIBILITY with anyone of mediocre intelligence!!!

  • Engagement Rules Indeed

    Maybe it was Lon Horiuchi? He’s got experience with this sort of thing.

  • Mike

    Now they admit the MBTA cop that almost died was hit by “friendly fire”. Some friends these bozos are; 250 rounds (by the spent cartridge count and they couldn’t hit the guy they were gunning for. All those costumed clowns did was spray bullets everywhere like the OK Coral without any regard for what they might hit. I live in Boston and the sheeples adulation of these criminals makes me want to puke, will they be singing “God Bles Amerika” when these same thugs march them into the camps?

    • I’m always reminded of the first, old school Red Dawn. After the Wolverines kill the 3 Russians at Arapaho, the brother’s dads (as well as other noncombatants) are lined up for the firing line. They begin singing that very song.

      I always think it will be US citizens singing the exact same thing when the line of angry police are bashing their heads in for protesting the lack of food after the economic collapse occurs.

  • greg scott

    So the pigs just opened fire on an unarmed person who they couldn’t even see or identify, hidden in a boat, destroying the boat in the process. I don’t see a problem here.

    • changling

      What the U.S. does over seas is training for what they will do here.

      • Handsome James

        Nice. And exactly right.

  • Jaczar

    I’m sorry, things are not as stated over this whole episde. !000 cops couuldn’t apprehend 2 guys, one of whom presumably had a gun (and it wasn’t a semi-auto rifle), without killing one and shooting the second, who was probably unarmed? I’d get me a new crew. From every media report about almost every incident, the lawmen are incompetent. In a firefight, they shoot each other, fire 100 rounds at someone and miss, or somehow screw up one way or another. Law enforcement should hire only ex-military elites, like Seals, Green Berets, Marine combat veterans. I guess they fear these folks would not carry out the stupid orders and directions they put out. Or they don’t want to pay a truly competent person. God save us all.

    • changling

      Too many highly trained veterans go to the private security rout. They get paid quite a bit more and are free to do just about anything the police and military can’t. (Though how often is a soldier of the USA and police officer get in trouble?)

    • morleron

      Well, when you consider that the U.S. Army studies in WWII showed that it took roughly 50K rds. of small-arms ammo per enemy KIA a 100 – 1 ratio ain’t bad. Not that I disagree with the general tenor of your statement. The real problem comes back to our “education” system. The LEOs likely never read the Constitution – merely follow orders like good little soldiers. The uneducated being led by the power-hungry about describes today’s police forces.

  • charles davis

    “Fog of war”….gimme a break. Let’s see, that’s about 9000 donut eating tax feeders armed to the teeth, with full body armor and FULLY automatic assault weapons…not like the semi auto peashooters with limited capacity magazines they allow us untermenschen to keep. Those poor heroes musta been really scared of that big bad 19 year old kid, who most likely wasn’t even armed. War is hell!!!

    • changling

      Selective fire weapons can’t be owned unless you have a Federal license. Not since 1934 that is. So the “assault rifles” talked about (Germans made the first ones in the 1940’s) so it is just appearance. That an the magazine clip sizes. Remove the large clips and it won’t be so fashionable for the murderers to look cool using just like in the movies.

  • noleader

    We really need to disband this militarized police force we have. They seem to have less stringent rules of engagement then we do in actual warzones. Add to that none are ever held to answer when things go wrong (which is ever more common).

    • morleron

      Small chance of that since Federal funds have made it possible for most police departments to put M4 carbines and 500 rds. of ammo in the trunk of every squad car. The police of this nation are armed like this in order to ensure that they have fire-superiority over any person or group who might object to their criminal warrant-less searches, no-knock warrants, etc. Expect no mercy from the agents of the State should there be sizeable civil disturbances anywhere in this nation. However, as Winston S. Churchill so sagely observed during WWII – “You can always take one with you.”

  • changling

    With all the other anomalies floating around we are still in a fog. What is real and what isn’t? Who is lying here? If he was armed and started the subsequent barrage why wasn’t he riddled and torn to bloody pieces then?

    I won’t posit a conspiracy hypothesis (it is never a theory) at this point. But police, FBI and the military are known for lying when it is convenient.

  • Paul Barbara

    Boston Bombing in pictures;
    Tres interesant, n’est pas?

  • John Howard

    What is called “news” is merely entertainment, the main purpose of which is to keep the TV watchers watching through the next commercial. Otherwise its only other purpose is to make sure the watchers see and hear only what the parasites called government want them to see and hear.

    It is amazing how many of the watchers have big opinions about what happened and what it all means. The simple truth is that they know nothing and never will. They can know that bombs went off and people were hurt. End of story. Every other detail is theater which the watchers can never confirm.

    Apparently saying “how would I know?” is too painful for most people – or not enough fun.

  • tward3

    What concerns me is all of the talk about attacking gun grabbing cops and legislators at home and killing their kids. Pray that it does not come to that. They better leave gun owners alone because they are getting fed up.

    • Ragnar_NY

      What are you talking about?

    • morleron

      Leave the kids alone – that would simply lower the opposition to the same level as the oppressors. Those of us who urge resistance to power-grabs by the State have the moral, ethical, and legal high ground if we play our cards right. As I’ve mentioned before, a “Million Person Armed Marched on Washington” could bring things to a head. We go peacefully, but prepared to resist any attempt to deny us our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms and our 1st Amendment right to peacefully assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances. If something like this doesn’t happen soon we’ll no longer have the means as firearms will slowly be confiscated (under various pretexts) and ammo will be made impossible to obtain.

  • They (the FBI) tried to kill him because they anticipated what will be his (to the American public) chilling defense in court, viz. “My brother told me that we were working for the CIA, and I believed him.” That defense, along with a “guilty” plea, will save his life in capital punishment-phobic Massachusetts, but, whether it will be the truth or not (and the brother is not alive to contradict it), it will alert the public to everything that is being said here. Right now, I’m actually afraid that the kid will not live to see his day in court, when he can utter those words. And I’m sure that, if he does not get to utter them in a crowded Massachusetts court room, it will mean either that he is has been trained and paid to remain silent by the Feds, or that a secret plea-bargaining agreement will have been made, to allow him to get out of prison in a decade or two. In any case, his defense attorney would be insane if he didn’t prompt the kid to say exactly what I am suggesting.

    • Ragnar_NY

      This trial (like Waco) will be federal and there will be NO REPORTING (like Waco)

    • morleron

      There will, most likely, be no public trial. There will be a plea-bargain made. The defendant will plead guilty to some crime he didn’t commit in return for a life-sentence and undergoing FBI interrogation about any other “terrorist” activities he may know about. He’ll disappear into a Federal super-max somewhere and never see the light of day again. Saves a lot of fuss and muss that way, don’t you know.

  • Ragnar_NY

    LOL I can tell you who the terrorist is – it is your government. The people should ahve given those cops the Koresh treatment when forced out of their homes at GUNPOINT. WTF, this ain’t free people!

  • Packard_Plant

    Originally I was happy the authorities acted professionally and took this kid alive….I assumed he had a gun and fired at police. Now we find out he was unarmed so why were police unloading on the boat? The kid shot himself….with no gun? I am not one to believe in stupid conspiracies but I want answers.

    • max

      If a conspiracy was proven would it still be “stupid”? What is wrong with you? Follow the truth, period. Who cares about terms?

  • mike

    Who gives a shit… He is a terrorist people… Bet the 8 yr old boy wouldn’t have a problem he was handled..

    • cecilia FXX

      i suspect the 8 year old boy would be kinder than most adults. But the only thing that matters at this point is Justice.

      • onetree

        I’d say the main thing that matters at this point is getting at the truth so that everyone knows the truth. If the younger brother is freed, he should be safe from mindless morons who believed the original lies.

  • WisenCynical

    Remember.. in every case in history, governments do not relinquish control, they build it, and then invariably use it. The process is slow, and almost unperceivable enabling typical residents to become accustomed to the changes. The war on terror is the perfect “war” for this enablement. All the pieces are there for the USA to change the fading constitution now. As a relatively reasonably rational citizen of the USA, I would recommend some action to prepare for when America is changes into the police style state it is heading for. First, those who are not US citizens should hurry up and get your citizenship. Those with citizenship who do not want to live through or fight in the inevitable civil war should start planning their affairs to leave the US within the next 20 years to escape what this country is going to become. Those who will fight to protect the constitution should be well on the way to carefully organize. The laws are being changed.. the US Government has unlimited power to control the social civil structure now, but they haven’t yet revealed what they are going to do with it. Now is the time to start planning for your family’s future safety. Think about how much it has changed in the last 20 years, then imagine what it is going to be like in 20-30 years and ask yourself; do you really want your great grandchildren to live in that world?? My wife grew up in China, and she thinks it is great here.

  • How convenient he couldnt talk. Smelled a rat in this whole thing.

  • How convenient he couldnt talk. Smelled a rat in this whole thing.