Poll: Did They Catch the Boston Terrorists?


I’m interested to see what readers think about the Boston terror attacks:

(a) They got the bastards

(b) They got the right guys … but they must have had accomplices who haven’t been caught

(c) It was a false flag

(d) Unsure

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  • Jon

    When in doubt always pick C but i’m in no doubt about this C is the answer.

  • its looking more and more like C. nothing adds up about the kid still alive. nothing.

  • its looking more and more like C. nothing adds up about the kid still alive. nothing.

  • (d)

  • alice

    D because the dust needs to settle. Many elements don’t fit though, for example the finish line at the race was ladled with many security team from different sources and this event still took place. Curiouser and curiouser.

    • Alice

      New information has come to light since I wrote the above comment: The FBI interviewed the older brother a couple of years ago at the request of Russia when he visited for six months w/family and was observed having contact w/ Islamist militants. So they ran a profile on him and gave it back to Russia intel. They knew who he was and where he was.

      Two ringy dingy

  • Thom

    D, though you need a failed entrapment plot option.

    Something is obviously wrong: They killed an MIT cop! Whoops, no they didn’t. They robbed a 7-Eleven! Whoops, no they didn’t, they just happened to be at a 7-Eleven being robbed(????).

    The FBI had been in contact with the older one for five years, but the FBI asked for help identifying him — while Americans were ready to lynch the family of a missing Brown student?

    Something is very much amiss. But Boston is all set to cheer on a military dictatorship, having cheered on the 9,000 cops who shut their city down.

    • Stock

      This is the part that very much scares me… Americans welcomed, with open arms, a military style lock-down for this. We just gave an open invitation to Washington that we will accept this style of government now. It seems it is only a matter of time (and a short one at that) that Nazi America emerges from these events.

    • danbo

      Can you cite a source for the MIT cop/wrong suspect as you stated above? I know they got the wrong guys in the 7-11 robbery…

  • Stan Manfretti

    ( c ) None of this makes any sense. Specifically, why would the two, obviously somewhat intelligent brothers (one in med school), rob a convenience store in a city under total surveillance?

    • Thom

      They didn’t. Somehow they happened to be at the 7-Eleven while it was being robbed(?????).

      • PuncheonRun

        Stopped by a 7-11 to buy some (?candy? what?) carrying bombs and guns? Very inconsistent narrative there. 9000 cops can’t find a dieing kid trailing blood into a back yard and hiding under a boat? American exceptionalism at work. About as efficient and skillful as any bunch of banana republic goons or scared, overadrenalined kids in any country in the world. I think the lockdown was a good plan, because with 9000 overamped SWAT team wannabees tearing around town there was a high probability of “collateral damage” by accident, mis-identification or hotshot craziness.

  • Romulo

    (c) It was a false flag

    The REAL perpetrators of the Boston Marathon attack: CRAFT International acting on behalf of CIA, Mossad and MI6

  • rpdiplock

    (c) It was a false flag

    Gut feeling/Intuition. Until such time as it is proven beyond reasonable doubt.

  • Jazz122

    Ummmm I love the Internet wackos on here talking about choice c and d. I guess these guys were throwing bombs out of their car and strapping IED’S to their chest for the fun of it right? Wake up.

    • Thom

      And killing an MIT cop? And robbing a 7-Eleven? Neither of which turned out to be true.

    • par4

      How do you KNOW they were throwing bombs out of their car and strapping IED’s to their chests? Because you saw it on your TV?

      • Exactly! The “OFFICIAL STORY” this guy believes. As usual.

    • Jason Walker

      Yeah, those internet wackos….the ones that actually pay attention to the facts. Do politicians and agents of the U.S. government routinely lie to the American People? Do agents and paid proxies of the U.S. government, as a matter of covert policy, routinely kill innocent civilians in order to push its covert agendas? Does the U.S. government routinely whitewash investigations and completely fabricate evidence to support a false narrative of ‘terrorist attacks’ and assassinations?

      I totally agree. Wake up.

      I’ll choose (c) as most likely given the available evidence.

  • Tonto

    Dzhodar Tsarnaey is now quite conveniently dead. Who benefited from the Boston bomb attacks? Did some Chechan group benefit? Did some Muslim group benefit? Could have the Tsarnaey brothers possibly have gained anything?

    The only possible way to rule this out as not being a false flag terror attack, and to rule it out from being an elaborate hoax not nearly as elaborate as 9-11, but still elaborate enough still to have a script that simply reads -impossible to be anything but a false flag event-, would have been to capture one or both of the Tsarnaey brothers alive. Instead they have both been shot to death.

    If these immigrants are so dangerous, then why are the Congress and Obama so eager to legalize the 50 million illegal immigrants that are -right now- flooding over our borders? Corporate and fascist America are the only beneficiaries of this false flag event. The new world order of corporate-fascism is here now. The floodgates are being opened.

    9-11 heralded the new strong-arm anarchy of corporate-fascism. In America, the group that controls the day-to-day script, controls all. We get nothing but endless lies from the government now. There is no reason, other than a well-scripted chase scene played out in Boston, to believe these two brothers Bombed the Marathon event. And yet, they are both now dead.

  • (D) The pictures of the “seals” or pmc’s or whatever, and the interview with the cross country coach, give me the impression that it was a fbi patsy. Kind of like the underwear bomber, but maybe someone screwed up and gave them stuff that would explode, or maybe the two guys changed the plans at the last minute. But, at this point how could anyone have enough knowledge of this situation to say with certainty that they know for sure what happened?

  • The Reaper

    C. Surprise surprise! We are going to hear of their underground links to Iran! And then: Operation Take Tehran will have the blessings of the sheeple.

  • an

    there’s no more such a thing called chechens terrorrists than to the russians!!! This case is quite to similar i the way how the police acts to the one that happened in france with an islamist young guy named Merah,…

    I have serious reserves about those 2 brothers. Afer the Chyprus episode with an obvious attempt against russians interest, the Syria’s panorama, and mostly as an european I’m mostly incline to believe of a false flag attempt to instaure some terror in the american credule population.

  • Stock

    I have a very uneasy feeling about this whole thing. While I don’t mean to belittle the tragedy of the lives lost and injuries at the Boston Marathon, the approach to this has left me almost sick to my stomach.

    First, the individual is still a suspect in the bombings. It hasn’t been proven he was responsible for them yet and here we are, the great America, wanting lynch mob style justice – even without proof.

    Second, what terrified the citizens of Boston more? The actual bombing itself or the martial law style lock-down with military-armed police going door to door?

    Third, the talk of suspending his reading of his Miranda Rights does not mean, as an American citizen, his rights still do not exist. But this is now what our government wants us to believe – that if we don’t read you your rights than they no longer are applicable to you? Then they are no longer rights, but privileges we give you when we want to.

    Fourth, I have a very sinking feeling here, and it may just be my own personal worry, that this event was a grand experiment. How would citizens react to a martial law lock-down? The test was failed with flying colors by the American public. So, if by chance, in questioning this suspect law enforcement comes out and says suddenly there is a movement all across America of disgruntled medical students that may plant bombs anywhere is the entire US about to go into martial law like the last couple of days in Boston?

    • I agree with everything you’ve said.

    • Tom L

      Yes it was like an event to show us Americans what we are up against. All these police teams each with there particular uniforms/costumes. Bombs happen and yes we are less use to it here in America but the response was way over the top. Now we know more about the police than we do about the terrorist. It appeared that 2 young people were being pursued by thousands of armed individuals and I mean armed with assault rifles…. the same ones they want to take away from us..

    • I’m definitely on your wavelength. The whole thing reminded me of the scene in “Fahrenheit 451” when “Montag” was chased, then gunned down by authorities, while the real Montag watched it on TV. It all looked like a show.

  • Stock

    (d) Unsure.

    You should have an option that says we will wait to see what is proven in court, as our Constitutional Rights are still supposed to require that we are proven guilty by evidence instead of what the masses on twitter think.

  • FranklinBeenz

    my goodness, this site attracts delusional, out-of-touch-with-reality, there-never-was-a-conspiracy-I-didn’t-like, 2nd hand belief over facts, losers

    kind of like those COWARDLY-SPINELESS brothers who instead of demonstrating TRUE COURAGE by grinding out and through the ups & downs of life as a human being, like all other human beings, no exception; instead of dealing and coping with their challenges and grinding it out on a daily basis like we all must do, – they chose to blame others & spill blood , as has been done since time immemorial by all those who don’t choose the path of self-responsibility .. more blood has been spilled in the name of god-belief, idol-belief, sectarian, false-philosophical beliefs and the lack of self-responsibleness that goes hand in hand with turning ones life over to non-existent powers outside of ones selves.

    (b) sounds about right

    • Go back to sleep, Frank; you’re still drunk.

    • When you start with “delusional”, etc…mental stigma, that reeks of a SHILL. Shills use “nut”, “crazy”, “tin foil hat”, “alien”, etc… That is an age old tactic, using mental stigma and offering zero proof yourself. Besides saying phrases like: “Why would they do that?”, “You’re disrespecting the families of the dead”, etc…etc… To stop legitimate questions and using logic and intelligence to question farcical “official stories”. Blindly believing TV and “officials” reeks of blind belief in religion, even greater.

  • morrison1289

    C ………real event, not at all like newtown where all fake.

    Another patsy bites the dust

  • morrison1289

    here is your bombers


  • Gary


  • False Flag. The FBI has been behind every single “terrorist plot” since 911, as reported by independent media from left to right, from Amy Goodman to James Corbett, from David Swanson to Ben Swann, from SOTT to Judge Napolitano, and more. Just not the mainstream media.

    So, since this is true, why would we think they’re suddenly NOT behind this and telling the truth?

    Also, before they caught the guy, funny the “news” was saying “will they read him his Miranda rights”? Which is odd, since the news hasn’t pushed that even as recent as the Chris Dorner incident. Then, funny when they catch the guy, at the press conference, Shepard Smith asks if they read him his Miranda rights, and they say “NO”.

    Now isn’t that funny?

    Take a look at this great montage, everyone from left to right (except the mainstream media), about the FBI being behind every “terror plot” since 911:


    So let me ask you this: if the FBI is behind every single “terror plot” in the U.S. since 911, why would we believe them right now…EVEN IF THEY WERE TELLING THE TRUTH???

    My friend said this:

    Anthony Antonello

    11 hours ago

    I was waiting for one of those useless repeaters to ask the only question that mattered.. 10 minutes into the press conference Sheperd Smith helped move the narrative along and asked the question.. Was the suspect mirandized ? And guess what the answer was ? Nope !! National Security BLAH terrorism BLAH the war on terror BLAH has finally made it’s way home. That’s what this was all about. They don’t lock down a city like Boston and use over 9000 local, state and federal police and military for “MASS MURDERERS”, EVER, not to mention NOT supplying the public w/ ANY evidence, just take their word for it b/c you can trust them. This was to warm you up to the power of the state closing down an open society and psy op to boot. EVERYBODY is now a suspect of anything.. They want you afraid of everything from guns to book bags, from schools to movies theaters to recreational events, and they want you willing to put up w/ ANYTHING they tell you in the name of a false sense of security otherwise you are “Un-American”. NOTICE they won’t advise you to arm yourself though. Yezzzir, War has been declared on freedom.. This was just another move in the “grand chess board”.

    Pretty good thinking there IMO.

    Follow up question: if the city was in lockdown, everyone told to stay in their homes, how do these USA! USA! USA! flag waving government cheering crowds seem to assemble ahead of time, perfect for major TV live interviews? Why didn’t the NBC reporter ask, “What are you people doing out of your houses?”

  • C C C C C C C C C C C C C C

  • HS

    Knowing what I know about the media and government, I don’t have a fucking clue what really happened up there. I do believe that this was a test run of martial law–we saw the entire machine in action HS,FBI, and the media’s PR campaign selling it.

  • steven andresen

    I think D.
    We cannot be sure that these boys, one dead, and the other in custody, did any or very much that has been attributed to them. I don’t know about the evidence in photography that linked them to the bomb site. I don’t know if anyone has found where these bombs might have been made or where the materials were found.

    It is suspicious that the boys were followed or watched by the FBI for some period of time. Isn’t the point of watching these people and letting them know to intimidate them away from doing anything criminal? And yet, we are to believe these boys made and set of these bombs.

    I heard that they did not have a plan, they did not have any great political message or cause that motivated them, that they did not at first try to escape, and that fromn reports they looked like they thought they could continue to live in Boston even after they committed these murders. That their plans seem so at odds with what you would expect from bombers seems suspicious to me.

    I heard the survivor will be tried as a criminal and not as a combatant in some military court. If this is true, won’t the defense get to see all the photos and evidence that might show others looking suspiciously like they are planting bombs. Won’t there be a reasonable doubt if the case is based solely on some photo evidence?

    D as of today.

  • santorini

    (C) My gut feeling is that it was a false flag operation. All that circus around it and declaration of martial law in Boston suggest that it was staged,

  • Contrarianism

    d). Unsure. However …. If you needed to run a exercise to learn how fast you could shut down and gain control of an entire city; to confirm how willingly the population would knuckle under and comply with military rule; to determine how quickly you could get the sheeple to acquiesce and toss aside their rights and freedoms; to discover how fast you could subdue a large segment of the population and impose marshal law; to ascertain how effective you would be in controlling the media to find out if they would they be willing accomplices in your scheme and allies in your plan – in fact, would they help reinforce your messaging and narrative, or would they probe deeply, ask the hard questions, and be practitioners of investigative journalism? and finally, what would would the peoples response be to the military authorities be once marshal law was lifted, i.e. would indignation and civil unrest be their response, or would they line up in the streets and applaud the uniformed agents of the government and cheer this military action? … So, have to ask, if you were an agent of the government tasked with running this experiment, what would your plan be and how exactly how would you carry it out?

  • gozounlimited

    You know what I think….. So this is how I understand it. The two suspects approach area at finish line with a black backpack on first suspect, and a tan backpack on second suspect (younger brother). Younger suspect is wearing $900.00 shoes and acting all cool (like he’s an insider with the big tough boys), while bigger brother appears more serious. The tan backpack ends up on the street in front of the fence separating spectators at the finish line. Right after suspects leave the fence area, the tan backpack is quickly moved behind the fence in front of the spectators by who-knows-who. The bomb that explodes is two to three feet behind the tan backpack close to where the suspects are standing. Authorities stated that the younger brothers tan backpack was the bomb…..and the black backpack on the first suspect (older brother) did not explode as it was still on his back.

  • Losing my optimisim

    I am suspicious that these two brothers may be scapegoats. All I saw a video of is two young guys walking down the sidewalk. Did imiss the footage that shows them planting a bomb? I just can’t buy into their guilt that easily, especially when the label terrorist is thrown out constantly by the media. Even PBS disappoints me.

  • IronCandy

    (c) because the bombers have no demands claim responsibility whatsoever… it’s just chaos blood and explosions… perfect for the simple minded average US-american to match his/her idea of evil… you could say the bombings follow a Hollywood logic… same as 9/11 btw.

  • Yes or No:

    Are you buying that the suspect brothers in the Boston Marathon bombing hijacked a car, rode around with the victim to ATM’s, and said to the owner of the car (quote): “WE DID THE BOSTON MARATHON BOMBING AND WE KILLED A POLICE OFFICER”?

    Then let him go, after spilling the beans on every aspect of what happened?

    Also, the article said they ended up in TWO vehicles when there was the “shootout”. How and why did they end up in separate vehicles?

    How was the younger brother, in a separate vehicle, able to drive while gravely wounded from the shootout?

    If the brothers were in two separate vehicles, were they shooting and “hurling explosives” from different spots? Why were they not together? If they were in the explosive hurling shootout together, how is it they left in separate vehicles?

    If they were two vehicles, how did the one brother run over the other one? Apparently the one brother was not in a vehicle, or he couldn’t have gotten run over. Then why did they say they had two separate vehicles?

    U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!


    • Why would they be “hanging around Boston”, let alone hijacking a car and spilling the entire beans to some bozo and then let him go? I mean…….COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!

      That is so ludicrous, you have to be a naive moron to believe that.

  • Why are all the papers only quoting the Boston Marathon bombing suspects’ Uncle who appears to be on the “OFFICIAL STORY” side, and not the mother, father, and aunt who think the suspects were set up?


  • sam

    It was a false flag… no doubt! They ALWAYS run a “drill” on the set-ups. This time was no different. The time to get out of America is passing. Get out while you can!!!

  • ShankyS


  • David

    While I am also investigating whether this was a false flag attack, I will give the government benefit of the doubt until clear evidence is found to the contrary. For now my answer is D.

  • licksick

    I certainly believe it was a test. Will Americans accept martial law and the suspension of the Bill of RIghts (definitely the 4th amendment, probably others as well)? Can the elite lame-stream media convince the public that the official narrative is dogma with so many witnesses to the actual event (not to mention photo and video)? In many of the events used to frighten the public, access to “ground zero” is typically limited to government agents, but in this case there were lots of witnesses and photos and videos taken. Even if we believe the official story, it is important to remember that within our own government there are those who would eagerly use any tragedy as opportunity to diminish those pesky Unalienable Rights. The Constitution and The Bill of Rights are impediments to their unchecked power, and this is the excuse they have been waiting for to push forward with their agenda. They have legislation sitting in their file cabinet for just such a day. They can pull it out, dust it off, polish it up, and BOOM, new bills introduced to censor the internet, increase illegal surveillance, increase gun control, restrict our rights, etc.

    I also wonder what else was happening in the news (or lack thereof) while everyone in America was glued to CNN watching a small platoon chase two college kids around Boston. (For all we know these brothers could be CIA and FBI assets being put out to pasture). If I were in charge, it would be great to have Americans distracted and afraid due to a tragedy…. it draws attention away from other events… like blatant manipulation of the gold and silver (paper/ETF) markets perhaps? Just a thought…. like if I wanted to crash the gold and silver (paper markets to